Best Classic Board Game Reviews 2023

Classic board games are of different varieties and types. Some are card-based while others are dice-based. Selecting a classic board game to purchase may be cumbersome as there are so many options to choose from. In light of this, we decided to carry out some research and we came up with five of the best classic board game brands with some of the best games. We touched on one product from each of these brands, although these brands have a lot of other amazing classic board games which you’re free to check out.
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Our Top Choice
Mattel Blokus Classic Board Game
Mattel is a worldwide learning, entertainment, and game company determined to spur the next generation of children to greater heights in a challenging and fun manner.
Uncomplicated game play. Easy to learn to play. Large board with raised valleys which help to keep the pieces in place and increase convenience. Develops skills. Short game time.
Might get a bit boring and drag on for long periods when played by only two players.
5 years and up
2 to 4 players
Place all your tiles
84 pieces
Best Value
Winning Moves Games Chutes and Ladders
Winning Moves Games is a global leading creator and producer of board games and other game forms designed to provide users with happiness and long-lasting fun.
Has a vintage style. Colorful and highly attractive artwork. Designed to keep you interested. Math-oriented game play. Increases addition and counting skills. Folds twice.
Has a tendency to drag on for long periods of time.
4 years and up
2 to 4 players
Race to the end
7 pieces
Winning Solutions Scrabble Game
Winning Solutions has a pledge to consistently deliver stylish high-end products which encompass the true heritage of globally loved and cherished classic board games.
Has a rotating board which increases usability and convenience for multiple players. Durable and beautiful mahogany finish. Enlarged letters. Valleys and grooves.
Gold lettering might be hard to see under certain lighting conditions.
8 years and up
2 to 4 players
Get the highest score
Info not provided
Gigamic Quoridor Classic Game
Gigamic is dedicated to providing targeted answers to the needs of time-conscious and budget-sensitive families while providing wholesome family entertainment.
Fully detailed and graphic instructions. Easy to learn. Attractive wooden finish. Unrivalled durability. Short playing time.
The size of the playing board is small when compared to the size of its pawns.
8 years and up
2 or 4 players
Race to the end
26 pieces
Hasbro Candy Land Game
Hasbro knows that fun is an important part of the development process and is committed to helping that process along by providing a loved and world-famous play experience.
Cards made of the highest possible quality. Cards do not damage easily. Short average game time. Designed to keep you on your toes while playing. Instructive gameplay.
Can be a bit boring after repeated plays due to its having only one outcome.
3 years and up
2 to 4 players
Race to the end
50 pieces

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What is the Best Classic Board Game?

Classic board games come outfitted with a myriad of features which you should put into consideration when attempting to get one. Having read the entirety of our buying guide, you should be well-informed on what features to look out for. To ensure that you select the best classic board game for yourself and your kids, go through our reviewed products and select the one that’s best-suited to your needs and your budget.
Our Top Choice
The Mattel Deluxe Blokus Game develops your mind and thinking capabilities as it combines elements of strategy, math, and geometry in a fun package. Its thirty-minute average playing time is ideal for a short attention span. If you would like to play the classic blokus game on a hexagonal-shaped board, which gives you countless moves, then check out the Mattel Blokus Trigon Game.

Mattel Deluxe Blokus Game

Mattel is a global company which has its focus on the entertainment, play, learning, and development of the leaders of tomorrow. It is dedicated to inventing and producing systems of play geared at keeping kids and even older users engaged. Further, it aims to unlock the full potential of consumers by pushing them to think and strategize in a playful yet challenging situation. You or your kids won’t just be having fun, but also using those brains with this brand. It has pioneered iconic brands such as Barbie, a great example of how every one of its offerings is guaranteed to keep users occupied and entertained.

The Mattel Deluxe Blokus Game is so highly rated that it received a Vuoden Peli Family Game of the Year award. It has been endorsed by professionals and experts, as well. This classic board game is appropriate for users aged six and above and has a short playing time of thirty minutes. This means that users’ attentions are always kept on the game as it doesn’t drag on unnecessarily for long periods. It also has a simple-to-learn yet challenging game play that has a mixture of strategy, geometry, and mathematics guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

The Mattel Deluxe Blokus Game is ingenious in its manufacturing, as it has raised valleys and grooves which keep your pieces from moving around or falling off while playing the game. Its pieces are made of high-quality and long-lasting material designed for long-time use. Lastly, this unique board game is portable, offering you ease of movement and even easier storage.

Other classic board games by Mattel include:
  • Mattel Bounce Off Game which has a tilting board for an added challenge and difficulty
  • Mattel Apples to Appleswhich is a game for a hilarious, vocabulary-building experience
Best Value
The Winning Moves Games Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Game keeps you interested with its picture-based interface which is easy to learn and master. Its gameplay encourages basic addition, math, and counting skills. If you would prefer an amazing Monopoly experience, check out the Winning Moves Games Monopoly Board Game.

Winning Moves Games Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Founded over 20 years ago by highly-respected game experts, Winning Moves Games has a mandate to provide users with happiness and relaxation by offering classic, vintage, and engaging games that are perfect for use by friends and family. Its products are geared to foster connection between friends and family as they are usually multiple-player games. It has pioneered established products such as the world-famous Rubik’s cube, therefore you can know you’re associating with a brand that knows your gaming needs and how to fulfill them.

The Winning Moves Games Chutes and Ladders game has a picture-based interface, which makes it easy to play for players who can’t read. The attractiveness of this picture-based interface will definitely hold your attention and your interest. There is no fear of redundancy with this product, either. This unique classic board game has a gameplay which improves basic skills such as addition and counting.

It also has a durable heavy-set game board that can take hits and falls repeatedly without a decline in quality, therefore guaranteeing you extended use. The board folds twice to give you an unparalleled ease of storage. With its suitability for multiple players and it being all-age-appropriate, you’re certified hours of entertainment for you, your friends, and your family.

Other classic board games by Winning Moves Games include:
  • Winning Moves Games Candy Land Classic Edition which features classic components from the early beginnings of the game
  • Winning Moves Games Aggravation which has the added benefit of being able to be played by up to six players
The Winning Solutions Scrabble Luxury Wooden Edition game has the letterings on its tiles enlarged for easier reading. This classic board game also has a beautiful, durable mahogany finish worthy of a collector’s item. If you would like to play Scrabble using an even larger board and tiles, then check out the Winning Solutions Deluxe Giant Scrabble Game.

Winning Solutions Scrabble Luxury Wooden Edition

Winning Solutions Games was created some seventeen years ago by two gaming aficionados with a vision to make classic games more stylish, engaging, and accessible. Its main aim is to encompass the original tradition of the world’s most-loved games in a modern package. Its offerings are always stylish, high-end, and crafted with the best of materials to ensure that you’re getting a product that you will enjoy and cherish for a long time.

The Winning Solutions Scrabble Game has a gameplay specially designed to increase and enhance the vocabulary of its users. With its large lettering, you will definitely be able to read what’s on its tiles, even without the aid of glasses. This amazing classic board game is outfitted with a rotating board, which means that you don’t need to move the board itself around unnecessarily when playing with multiple players. This same board is fitted with specially-designed raised valleys and grooves to ensure that your pieces are always in place while in play.

The Winning Solutions Scrabble Game has a built-in storage underneath the board. This helps to keep your game tiles in pristine condition without losing any of them. It also has a beautiful, artistic, and durable mahogany finish. With this feature, the entirety of your board and tiles are certified to last long and have that beautiful look which is worthy of a collector’s item. Lastly, this product includes a sand timer to ensure that your game doesn’t drag on unnecessarily.

Other classic board games by Winning Solutions include:
  • Winning Solutions Games Clue Luxury Edition for an action-packed and intriguing board game
  • Winning Solutions Games Monopoly Luxury Edition which takes your Monopoly experience to an exciting new level
The Gigamic Quoridor Classic Game has simple rules and an uncomplicated gameplay that’s perfect for kids. With its short playing time, a game doesn’t drag on and players’ attention levels are kept at an optimum. For an even shorter game time, check out the Gigamic Quarto Classic Game.

Gigamic Quoridor Classic Game

Gigamic was founded in 1911 by three brothers who loved to play games. Its main aim as a game-producing brand is to make games which require little to no explanation and offer an extremely short playing time. This brand understands that over a long playing period, attention and productivity levels can drop; therefore, it seeks to provide you with a fast-paced and challenging yet fun gaming experience. It’s a major player in the international marketplace as its products are tested, trusted, and loved all around the globe. Its offerings are made of carefully-selected, high-quality materials which will stand the test of time and are carefully crafted with attention to even the most inconsequential details—all of which combine for a truly remarkable gaming experience.

The Gigamic Quoridor Game has a groundbreaking gameplay which won it a USA Game of the Year award. It incorporates elements of abstract strategy without being complicated, and enhances child development as it increases spatial reasoning and promotes analytical and logical thinking. Its rules are simple to learn and easy to master.

This classic board game has a short playing duration of twenty minutes, designed to provide you with optimum, attention-grabbing fun. Its construction material is highly durable and primarily of heavy wood; this makes it less vulnerable to damage, giving you extended use. It comes with a fully illustrated and detailed instruction manual which is perfect for kids and beginners of all ages, and with its protective pouch, your classic board game is protected from dust and other elements while making it easy to move about.

Other classic board games from Gigamic include:
  • Gigamic Quixo Classic Game which offers you a challenging tic-tac-toe experience
  • Gigamic Pylos Classic Game which is a unique strategy game designed to keep you guessing till the end
The Hasbro Candy Land The World of Sweets Game has a highly-attractive storyline which will keep you immersed, making it perfect for kids. With its highly-instructive gameplay your kids are taught basic gaming principles needed by beginners. If you would prefer a more-advanced strategy board game, then the Hasbro Battleship Board Game is one you should check out.

Hasbro Candy Land The World of Sweets Game – Available in 2 Configurations

Hasbro is a worldwide play and development company. This brand recognizes having fun as an integral part of your kids’ developmental process and is dedicated to helping that process along by providing you with entertaining yet engaging game experiences. It’s a versatile game company that has its hands in other entertainment niches such as toys, video games, etc., and is committed to improving consumer and user experiences to the highest possible level. Its products are made from high-quality materials and are carefully assembled to ensure that users are safe and entertained. Your kids are entirely safe with products from Hasbro.

The Hasbro Candy Land Game features an attractive storyline which will keep users of all ages occupied, interested, and immersed in the game. Its gameplay is designed to improve the communication and listening skills of the user, and is also highly-instructive and perfect for teaching gaming beginners basic gaming principles and rules. This game is also easy to learn and elegant in its simplicity.

This unique classic board game has a short game time of about fifteen minutes, offering you an opportunity for repeated plays over extended periods. With this feature, this game doesn’t become tedious as each game quickly ends and a new one can begin. Its cards are also made of high-quality materials which a young child will find hard to damage and will endure over long periods without a decline in quality.

Other classic board games by Hasbro include:
  • Hasbro Jenga Classic Game which provides you with a vintage-style Jenga experience
  • Hasbro Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition with computerized features for a relaxed banking experience while playing Monopoly

How Do I Choose the Best Classic Board Game?

Are your kids making an uncontrollable racket with their karaoke machines? Maybe you’re tired of the constant mess they make with their kids’ art tables? Perhaps you’re considering something a little more involved than a play table which will make sure everyone is involved in the whole play process? Then, look no further than a classic board game. This is capable of keeping the whole family entertained and is made for multiple players, ensuring that no one is left out of the fun. An engaging and challenging game play ensures that your kids’ cognitive thinking abilities along with many other important skills are developed while having fun.

A board game is essentially any game played on a flat surface which involves moving pieces around on a board while adhering to a set of rules. Most board games are simple and easy to play, yet challenging enough to engage players’ mind. There are different types of classic board games out there, as well. There are some which use dice, making them solely based on luck. Some are based on player skills, while others combine elements of the two. Usually board games are made with the intention of developing a special skill in mind. Some, such as Scrabble, are designed to enhance reading and vocabulary skills, while others are focused on skills such as math and counting.

Determining the reasons for getting a classic board game isn’t all there is to getting one. To make an ideal choice, you should have knowledge of features such as the type of classic board game, the game time, and others as they all combine to affect the performance of your product. Keep reading as we discuss these features.
When selecting a classic board game, there are different varieties even among the same product category, and they vary in type, game length, and material. The prices of these classic board games also vary according to the factors mentioned earlier and you will just have to carefully select a product that falls in line with your budget and needs—as long as it meets the necessary requirements in entertainment, safety, and interest.

The classic board games we have selected for review range in price from $12 to $100 and they cover both luxury and budget products. You can rest assured that no matter which one you pick, you will be getting maximum value and entertainment. Of course, we came across some insanely cheap classic board games in the course of our research, but we have left them off our list as they don’t hold up to the requisite standard in safety, durability, and entertainment.
Selecting and buying a classic board game can be a lot less tedious if you know what features to take into consideration. Here are some of these features which will help you in your quest for an amazing classic board game:
  • Type
  • Age
  • Game time
  • Material
  • Size
  • Pieces
Construction and Design

Classic board games are made from different materials, which may be either plastic or wood. Both materials are highly functional, although they each have their benefits. Wooden classic board games usually come with an artistic finish that make them beautiful and worthy of a collector’s item. They are usually durable and made to endure use over an extended period of time. The only downside is that they may be a bit on the heavy side, thereby making them difficult to lug around. Plastic classic board games are extremely easy to carry around and store, although they may not be as durable and resilient as their wooden counterparts.


The size of your classic board game will determine the amount of convenience and efficiency you will get from your game. Depending on the number of players, a larger-sized board will be more preferable for an increased number of players, although it may be a little bit more difficult to store. Smaller-sized boards, on the other hand, are more compact and give you more portability.


Another important feature to look out for is the number of pieces your board game has. The higher the number of pieces involved, the likelier it is that a piece will get misplaced. An increased number of pieces also brings up the issue of storing and taking care of your pieces. You should also consider if the pieces have replacement options when procuring a classic board game.
Performance and Ease of Use

The performance and ease of use of a classic board game depends on the type. Some may be picture-based, making them attractive and easy to use. Such board games are easier to master, especially for beginners. Board games may also be based on elements of luck such as rolling dice or picking cards, while some utilize cognitive abilities such as vocabulary skills, reasoning skills, and counting skills.


Before selecting a classic board game, you should actively consider the recommended age group of users. It follows that a more age-advanced game group will be better served by a game with a more-sophisticated game play. Sophisticated game plays will, however, be less advantageous for the lesser age groups. They will benefit more from a simple and easy-to-play game system which allows them to progress at their own pace.

Game Time

The average length of play time per game will affect the overall performance of players. You should therefore look out for the estimated game time before purchase. Longer game times might be great for keeping kids occupied for long periods of time, but can become boring and tedious over time. Shorter game times might not hold their interests for a long period of time, but are more likely to retain that element of interest and intrigue.

Get the Best Classic Board Game of 2023!

We appreciate your taking the time to read to the end of this detailed review. With this, you are well-versed on the subject and can confidently pick a classic board game for your use. Go ahead and place that order today.

Our Top Choice
Mattel Blokus Classic Board Game
Best Value
Winning Moves Games Chutes and Ladders
Winning Solutions Scrabble Game
Gigamic Quoridor Classic Game
Hasbro Candy Land Game