Best Climbing Chalk Bag Reviews 2022

If you need sticky fingers for a spider-like grip, then sweaty hands are your worst enemy. No worries, chalk is your best friend when it comes to great hand-holds, and we’ve got some terrific vessels for your chalk to choose from. When the heat and the pressure is giving you a slippery grip, just grab one of these chalk buckets or strap on a chalk bag to instantly improve your performance. It’s a must-have for climbers, gymnasts, powerlifters, or anyone who needs a secure hand-hold. So get a good grip and check out our top picks from some of the best chalk bag brands available in the market.
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Our Top Choice
prAna Bucket Chalk Bag
prAna uses sustainable manufacturing practices, expert designers, and has a great reputation in the industry.
Large-sized. Easy-to-carry handles. Storage pocket. Double drawstring cord. Fleece lining.
Meant to sit on the ground and not for wearing.
Bucket w/ carry handles
Fleece lining
Large Pocket
Best Value
Elite Sportz Chalk Bag
Elite focuses on solving problems for sports enthusiasts. They have an excellent customer support team, and offer a lifetime money back guarantee.
Quality drawstrings. Fits all hand sizes. Strong and durable. Includes 2 chalk balls. Lifetime replacement warranty.
The zip pocket will not fit a large cell phone.
Drawstring bag w/belt
Includes chalk balls
Arcteryx C80 Chalk Bag
Arc’teryx provides high-performance equipment for those who are looking for the best in outerwear and adventure gear.
Easy-access stiff outer rim. Stretch fabric. Zippered pocket. Includes a bottle opener and brush holder.
You’ll have to shell out a few extra bucks, but it’s well worth it.
Stiff rim w/drawstring
Double weave stretch fabric
Brush holder
Evolv Knitted Chalk Bag
Evolv is mainly known for their performance-based, high-friction climbing shoes, but they also have other cool equipment such as their chalk bag line.
Stylish design. Comes with a Velcro belt. Drawstring cord and belt. Large enough for big hands.
The drawstring enclosure doesn’t always hold up to wear and tear.
Knit bag w/drawstring
Partial fleece lining
Belt included
Edelrid Trifid Chalk Bag
With 100+ years of manufacturing experience in developing top quality ropes and climbing gear, Edelrid’s good reputation precedes them.
Unique twist enclosure. Comes with a brush holder. Lightweight and fleece-lined.
Although they advertise “100% dustproof", there is some leakage.
Twist enclosure
Fleece lining
Brush holder

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What is the Best Climbing Chalk Bag?

When it comes to choosing the right chalk bag for you, size matters. Go for one with a little extra room if you have large hands, or a giant bucket if you want to boulder for a few hours with your friends. Buckets also work great for gymnast teams, or any situation where you don’t need to keep refreshing your chalk supply from a new location (i.e. multi-pitch climbs). Style can also bring a smile, so you should check out a few of our fresh picks in chalk bags that have a little punch and pizzazz when it comes to design.
Our Top Choice
Choose this prAna Chalk Bucket to provide enough chalk for all your friends to use. Easy to carry with a bonus pocket and drawstring enclosure, this chalk bucket comes in a variety of attractive colors. If you want a wearable chalk bag, check out prAna’s Women's Chalk Bag with a belt that is made with recycled materials in a petite size.

prAna Bucket Chalk Bag with Double Drawstring Closure – Available in Multiple Colors

As a company that values integrity, prAna goes the distance when it comes to sustainability practices for their expansive line of adventure gear. prAna pays lots of attention to every detail with products that are designed by climbers, yogis, and global travel experts who bring their knowledge and experience to all their designs.

The company uses ethical practices in their manufacturing processes. A few of their notable sustainable practices include polybag reduction, responsible Down use, traceability of the origins of all product materials, and using recycled materials and organic cotton.

If you want easy access to a lot of chalk, this giant prAna chalk bucket will make it easy to keep your hands in the perfect condition for climbing or gymnastic moves. It comes with an easy-to-carry handle, looks great, and secures nicely with a double drawstring cord.

Share your chalk with all your friends with this prAna chalk bucket that comes with an internal fleece lining to help keep things tidy. Select from classic colors such as black or charcoal, or add a pop of color by choosing one of the brilliant citrus, turquoise, indigo, or hibiscus options.
Best Value
Get a great bang for your buck with this Elite Sportz chalk bag and belt that includes two chalk balls. It’s a must-have for rock climbers and gymnasts. Another great tool for climbers and gymnasts is the Elite Adjustable Hand Gripper. It offers a resistance range of 22-88 lbs and includes 3 Hand Grip Balls to strengthen your grip.

Elite Sportz Chalk Bag with 2x Chalk Balls & Quick-Clip Belt – Available in 3 Colors

Elite Sportz Equipment is a company that focuses on solving problems for athletes and sports enthusiasts. They have an excellent customer support team, and offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on all of their products. They have everything from chalk bags to injury-reducing gear and hand-grip strengtheners in their line-up.

A sure win for rock climbers and gym enthusiasts, the Elite Sportz Chalk Bag is a great economical choice. It is made of sturdy nylon, and comes with two chalk balls, plus a belt, so you’ll be ready-to-go as soon as you open the package.

This chalk bag comes with a secure drawstring enclosure to keep the chalk neatly contained, and features a small zippered pocket. Select from blue, pink, or gray.
This popular C80 chalk bag by Arc’teryx has a large, stiff outer rim with a drawstring enclosure to keep your chalk-dust from flying around. It also features a convenient brush holder, bottle opener, and zippered pocket. Another hot item by Arcteryx is their Aperture Chalk Bag, with an unusual twist/snap enclosure. The short and wide design adds to the uniqueness.

Arcteryx C80 Large Chalk Bag with Stiff Rim & Drawstring Cord – Available in 5 Colors

Arc’teryx runs their operation off the Canadian coast, where they develop the latest in high-performance gear for outdoor enthusiasts. With an eye for incorporating hot new technology in their equipment, they stand out as a top-notch company with gear that is trendy and highly functional.

If you’re looking for the latest in cool gear that has some hi-tech components, look no further than Arc’teryx. Their popular C80 chalk bag has a stiff outer rim that provides easy access to your chalk, with a drawstring cord to keep your chalk secure when not in use.

The C80 chalk bag by Arc’teryx is large enough for big guys, and the injection molded belt offers a secure fit around the waist. The double-weave stretch fabric makes it quite user-friendly, and it even has a bottle opener feature.

Those who like to brush their hand holds will appreciate the brush-holder feature, plus there is a zippered pocket for extra storage. All-in-all this is a terrific choice if you want a top-of-the-line chalk bag.

This chalk bag comes in several color options, including orange, blue, green, citrus, and black.
A fan favorite by Evolve is this Knit Chalk Bag with vibrant colors. It comes in 5 different design options with plenty of room for big hands, and includes a drawstring cord and belt. Another unique style by Evolv is the Andes Chalk Bag. It is hand-woven and comes in several color patterns that will take you to high-altitude in style.

Evolv Polyester & Nylon Knit Chalkbag wth Belt Included – Available in Multiple Colors

Evolv specializes in developing high friction rock climbing shoes, plus they dabble in other performance climbing gear such as chalk bags. Based in Southern California, they consider themselves a humble bunch with a passion for developing great climbing gear.

How cool is this chalk bag by Evolv?

Whether you’re a rock climber, gymnast, or power lifter you can sport your stuff in style with the sweet designs offered by Evolv. Some examples of their knit chalk bag designs include Rasta, with traditional jamaican colors, the cool blues and purples of Iris, or the vibrant orange/red/blue of Harvest. Evolv also has a more subtle knit chalk bag called Sherpa if you prefer earthy tones.

If you like your gear with a little pop and pizzazz, you will appreciate the unique design of Evolv’s chalk bags. They come with a velcro belt and drawstring enclosure, and have generous proportions for chalking your hands.
A fashionable chalk bag with a unique twist enclosure that greatly reduces chalk dust, the Edelrid Trifid Twist Chalk Bag is stylish and functional. Lightweight and fleece-lined, the generous chalk reservoir offers easy access. If you’re looking for a chalk bag for tiny hands, the Bandit Kids' Chalk Bag by Edelrid is the perfect size for younger children.

Edelrid Trifid Twist Chalk Bag with Brush Holder and Dustproof Twist Enclosure – Available in 2 Colors

Edelrid is a well-known climbing company that began their foray into developing top-of-the-line gear by manufacturing advanced climbing ropes. Over the decades they have expanded into a wide variety of gear — from helmets, to shoes, to chalk bags. With over one hundred years of manufacturing experience in the biz, this popular company’s good reputation precedes them.

A favorite with customers, the Edelrid Trifid Twist Chalk Bag has a unique design that is meant to keep chalk dust to a minimum. The twist enclosure seals the top nicely, and the generous reservoir provides easy access and comes with a fleece lining.

If you like to clean your holds, then you’ll also appreciate the loops for a cleaning brush on this Trifid Twist Chalk Bag. Choose from a couple of designs, each equally stylish: the Denim Sahara with orange accents, or Oasis/Icemint in a vibrant green with bright blue accents.

How Do I Choose the Best Climbing Chalk Bag?

What are your plans for the weekend? If you’re hitting the uneven parallel bars or doing a little bouldering out at the crag, then all you need to do is grab your gym bag or climbing shoes, then hit the scene. Oh wait! One more thing you’re going to need — a chalk bucket for those steel-grip hand-holds.

Now for those of you who do multi-pitch rock climbing, your favorite accessory will be a wearable chalk bag if you don’t want to free-fall due to sweaty palms (a helmet is helpful too). If you need a wearable chalk bag then you’ll want something small and portable, like a few of our top selections from our favorite manufacturers. Let’s check out our picks for buckets and chalk bags to find one that suits your lifestyle, right after we go over what features to look for.
The best chalk bag might be the cheapest chalk bag if you’re on a tight budget, but they really aren’t that expensive so splurging a little won’t break the bank. The cost for a chalk bag will run you from $12-$50, depending on the manufacturer and special attention to details in the design.

Little features like adding a place for a brush to clean your holds, pockets, stitching, and cool designs will run you more money. If you need to cut costs then you can definitely get away with an inexpensive chalk bag, but a few of those chalk bags and chalk buckets that come in around $40 are really excellent, have great reviews, and are more user-friendly.

So whether you go economical or top-of-the-line, you’ll be glad you have some chalk handy when it’s time to get a grip!
Chalk bags are pretty simple when it comes to design, but there are a few factors you should take into consideration.

Here are the import features to look for when selecting the right chalk bag for you:
  • Wearable chalk bags for traveling
  • Community buckets for the whole group to share
  • Zippered pockets for things like money, ipods, or small cell phones
  • Funky designs if you’re stylish
  • Does it come with a belt?
  • Fleece lining to minimize chalk dust
  • Type of enclosure, i.e. drawstring or twist-top
  • Size of the chalk bag
  • Bonus features like whether the chalk is included
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of chalk bags, the main concern is keeping the chalk dust from flying everywhere. One factor that really makes a difference in containing your chalk is fleece lining. Fleece lining can really help to keep your chalk where you want it, in your bag and on your hands as opposed to all over your other equipment.

If you like to brush your holds, make sure you get a chalk bag with a place to carry your brush. A zippered pocket can help if you like to travel light, and want a place for your car keys or some cash.

When it comes to a tight seal, the reviews vary. A drawstring cord is pretty standard, but some people swear by the type with a twist enclosure that snaps shut. Either way you’re not likely to get a 100% dust-proof seal on your chalk bag, but some bags definitely do a better job than others.

Other than that it pretty much comes down to style. Do you like simple and plain, a pop of color, or super cool designs? Either way we have selected chalk bags that cover the full range of styles, so you are sure to find one that is right for you in this review.
Performance and Ease of Use
The most important feature when it comes to performance is easy access to the chalk without much fuss and muss. If you have small hands, this shouldn’t be a problem, but those with larger hands should make sure they buy a bag with a little extra girth.

If you like to get chalky regularly, like say a rock climber who frequents Joshua Tree or another hot spot, then check out a chalk bag with a stiff outer rim that will hold the “flute” open easily when you’re working your way up through a chimney.

For those who chalk-up in a gym, a chalk bucket is a good way to go. It won’t get in your way and you can easily place it on the floor so everyone else can take a dip and get a good grip.

Well that’s about it! Now on to our favorite picks in chalk bags and buckets…

Get the Best Climbing Chalk Bag of 2022!

Chalk bags are a must if you need to get a firm grip on a hand-hold, so bite the bullet and pick your favorite one now. We’ve sifted through the market to find some of the best chalk bags that will suit pretty much any lifestyle, so all you have to do is select your favorite color!

Our Top Choice
prAna Bucket Chalk Bag
Best Value
Elite Sportz Chalk Bag
Arcteryx C80 Chalk Bag
Evolv Knitted Chalk Bag
Edelrid Trifid Chalk Bag