Best Cloth Diaper Reviews 2023

Are you tired of your baby throwing tantrums because he/she is uncomfortable? Are you tired of changing your baby’s diapers every hour? Are disposable diapers just too expensive? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you should try cloth diapers. They’ll definitely reduce your stress levels. When you begin your search for one, you’ll find there are many different types. We’ve made it easier for you by putting together a list of the best cloth diaper brands out there. Though we only feature five cloth diapers, the featured brands have many other ones for you to choose from – so don’t sweat it.
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Our Top Choice
GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell
GroVia’s purpose is to give parents everywhere the tools they need to provide their children comfort, and this cloth diaper does just that.
Small and trim. Durable.
Prone to leakage.
Waterproof fabric
Hook and loop
One size
Best Value
Coquí Baby Original Hero Pocket Diaper
Coquí Baby has been producing quality cloth diapers for many years now. Its products, like the Original Hero Pocket Diaper with 2 microfiber inserts, are durable and efficient.
Affordable. Very soft. Fits well. Dries quickly.
Prone to leakage.
Active wick/polar fleece w/PUL
2 microfiber
One size(4 sizes in one)
Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper
Rumparooz is known for its durable cloth diapers which come in a range of sizes in just one diaper! The Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper has four sizes in one.
Easy to use. Four sizes in one. Highly absorbent. Soft.
Hard to clean.
Info NOT Provided
Microfiber 6r soaker
One size(4 sizes in one)
Ecoable All-in-one Cloth Diaper
If you need a diaper that is highly efficient, try Ecoable. Its products are of high quality and come with beautiful patterns just like the Ecoable All-in-one Cloth Diaper.
Soft and lush. Beautiful patterns. Highly absorbent.
Bad Velcro quality.
All in one
Rayon w/PUL
Bamboo fleece
Hook and loop
One size
Alva Printed Re-usable Cloth Diaper
Alva has been producing diapers for a long time, and its cloth diapers are very easy to maintain and eco-friendly. The Alva Printed Reusable Cloth Diaper embodies these.
Affordable. Adjustable straps. Easy maintenance.
Prone to leakage.
All in one
Waterproof PUL
Suede cloth
One size

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What is the Best Cloth Diaper?

By now, you probably found a cloth diaper that fits your needs. In case you haven’t though, these same brands have plenty of other products to choose from. Don’t despair – we’ve ensured you have the know-how to pick the best one for you.
Our Top Choice
If you are looking for a cloth diaper that will fit your baby snugly and is easy to use and maintain, you should check out GroVia. The GroVia’s Hybrid Diaper Shell has all these characteristics and many more. Not exactly what you want? You should try GroVia Newborn Cloth Diapers which are all-in-ones and are designed specifically for newborn babies.

GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper- Hook and Loop - One Size – Available in 16 Colors

GroVia has been making diapers for years and is the leading brand for cloth diapers with remarkable designs and comfortable materials. Its diapers are beautiful, functional and made with a modern diapering system that will suit your needs as exemplified in the GroVia Newborn Cloth Diaper.

The GroVia Newborn Cloth Diaper is a competitively priced cloth diaper which fits your baby snugly. Its features include the following…
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Reusable, positively impacting both your wallet and the environment
  • Easy to wear, wash and maintain
  • Waterproof backing on soakers to keep hands clean
Best Value
Looking for a diaper that is absorbent, easy to wash, leaves no stains, is very trim and fits snugly? The brand for you is Coquí Baby. The Coquí Baby Original Hero Pocket Diaper has a beautiful design and is very soft and comfortable for your baby. If you fancy a 2 pocket diaper instead, you should check out Hero Pocket Diaper with Performance Bamboo Insert.

Coquí Baby Hero Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Microfiber Inserts – Available in 13 Colors

Coquí Baby has a comprehensive range of cloth diapers and has been manufacturing products of very high quality for many years.

The Coquí Baby Original Hero Pocket Diaper is very soft and durable and is also competitively priced and very efficient. Some of its other features include:
  • Super-soft, stay-dry fluffy inner liner so the baby is comfortable
  • Pocket opening makes for easy custom-stuffing for mix and match ease
  • Can be used for babies that are a range of sizes as it is made to adjust to the size of the baby
  • Very trim and well-fitting
Is it getting harder to find the right size of diapers for your baby? Rumparooz is the brand for you. This cloth diaper is four sizes in one diaper and fits most babies as it is designed to grow with your baby. Not exactly what you’re looking for? You should try the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover Snap, Nautical which has no pocket.

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Snap – Available in 2 Styles & 27 Colors

Rumparooz started as a family business in 2006 because the founder’s daughter was allergic to disposable diapers. Now it is a full-blown business with the best hypoallergenic materials to prevent allergic reactions in the babies who use it. Its cloth diapers are quality products with beautiful patterns and designs that are appealing. The biggest feature is the fact that these diapers, like the Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper, can fit almost all babies.

The Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper is a very efficient cloth diaper, easy to use and comfortable for babies. It is hypoallergenic, which makes it safe for use and comes with snap closure for ease of wear. More so, it has a patented double inner gusset to prevent leakage.
Ecoable diapers are very easy to use and made of highly soft material. Its Ecoable All-in-one Cloth Diaper is one of the best in its collection. If this doesn’t suit your need, you could also try the Night Fitted Cloth Diaper Hemp which has stay-dry charcoal bamboo lining to absorb moisture away from your baby’s bum.

Ecoable Charcoal Bamboo AIO All-In-One Cloth Diaper with Pocket, Hook-and-Loop – Available in 16 Colors

Ecoable is a brand that has been producing quality diapers for many years. Its cloth diapers are known to have materials which will prevent allergies and leave your baby feeling dry.

The Ecoable All-in-one Cloth Diaper is a highly absorbent cloth diaper with an intricate design. it is one of the easiest diapers to use. Following are some of its other features…
  • Lined with soft charcoal bamboo rayon material that keeps baby’s skin dry and comfortable
  • Pocket opening for additional cloth diaper inserts
  • Made of soft material that keeps the baby comfortable
  • No diaper covering required for easy maintenance
Alva has gone to great lengths to make very comfortable cloth diapers for babies. The Alva Printed Reusable Cloth Diaper with adjustable straps gives your baby what he/she needs: comfort. If you’re not quite sure that it’s the type you want, you can check out the Alva Baby Fitted Pocket Washable Cloth Diaper which is also adjustable and has a pocket.

Alva Baby New Design Reuseable Washable Pocket Cloth Diaper Nappy & 2 Inserts – Available in 4 Colors

Alva is a top producer of very affordable diapers. But not only are they affordable, they are also one of the best quality cloth diapers you will find. Alva cloth diapers are designed specifically for easy use and maintenance.

The Alva Printed Reusable Cloth Diaper is a unique diaper embossed with a beautiful design and made of the best quality materials. You will have a hard time getting any other high quality cloth diaper at this price, so seize the opportunity while you’ve got it. The waterproof outside makes it easy to maintain and it has a double row of snaps for easy adjustment. This diaper comes in an all-in-one size which reduces cost.

How Do I Choose the Best Cloth Diaper?

If you have an infant, then you understand the hassle of buying diapers daily. It’s not only expensive, but time consuming too. That’s why you should switch over to cloth diapers. They eliminate this problem because you can reuse them as long as you wish!

The best cloth diapers are designed to strap well on your baby. This comfort will guarantee that once your lovely munchkin lies on their baby crib, they will sleep for longer. This gives you time to relax and engage in other activities that you would otherwise not have time to do.

Cloth diapers are also waterproof outside, ensuring that your baby changing table is never smelly from urine. You’ll also love the fact that they’re very absorbent and keep your baby’s skin dry at all times. Your baby’s skin will stay nice and smooth, provided you apply baby oil on it to prevent it from cracking.

Get a cloth diaper today and enjoy the convenience and happiness it brings into your life.
For such a long-lasting product, a cloth diaper is relatively low-priced. They go for between around $5 and $30. That’s quite inexpensive when compared to buying disposable diapers on a daily basis. The price difference between cloth diapers comes from their quality. The more expensive packages have more than one size. This makes them cost effective since you don’t have to keep buying new ones as the baby grows bigger. They also come in a wide variety of colors, giving you different choices. No one wants their lovely baby to wear one or two boring colors all the time! You should avoid cheap cloth diapers as their straps are weak, making them vulnerable to leaks. Saving a few bucks isn’t worth hurting your beautiful baby.
While the convenience of not having to buy disposable diapers all the time may be your primary motivation for buying a cloth diaper, there are other factors you should consider.

Here are some other key features you should look at out for when seeking to buy a cloth diaper.
  • Type – They come in hybrids, pockets, and what’s known as an “all-in-one diaper”
  • Cover – The covers are either waterproof fabric, polar fleece, or water proof PUL
  • Diaper Inserts – Cloth diaper inserts come in different materials like bio soakers and suede cloth
  • Closure – You can either close a cloth diaper with a snap or a hook and loop
  • Size – They come in one size or 4 sizes-in-one
Construction and Design
If you have an infant that keeps soiling himself constantly, then it’s best to get either hybrid diapers or pocket diapers. Hybrid diapers are easy to use on infants since all you have to do is remove the soaker. You have the flexibility of using them two to three times before washing. Alternatively, pocket diapers keep your baby warm while protecting against leaks. However, if your baby is one to two years old and is ready for daycare, then an all-in-one diaper may work best for you. These diapers are both absorbent and very convenient to use.

The cover you choose should be determined by your budget. For maximum comfort for your baby, pick a cloth diaper that is either made of waterproof fabric or polar fleece. These are designed to keep the baby warm, while at the same time protecting against leaks. In case your budget doesn’t allow you to buy any of these two, then one with a waterproof PUL cover would be great for you. These are breathable, keeping your baby comfortable and protects against leaks.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, then it’d be best to go for inserts made of bio soakers. These are very absorbent and keep your baby dry, but are also biodegradable. You can rest easy knowing that you’re both keeping your baby comfortable and taking care of the environment. If you’re operating on a shoe-string budget, then you might choose an insert made of suede cloth. They absorb quite well, but you need to make sure your baby’s skin is compatible with these inserts. Last thing you want are some allergic reactions. If your baby is a heavy wetter, it’d be best for you to go for inserts made of microfiber. They are very thin, allowing you to stuff in two or more inserts. That’ll be one comfortable baby.
Performance and Ease of Use
For infants under 6 months, you’ll want to purchase snap cloth diapers. These are very easy to put together and hold up better when it comes to leak protection. They can be hard to fix on wriggly babies, though. That’s why babies over 6 months should use a hook and loop cloth diaper. The only downside is that you might hurt your fingers trying to hook the diaper, but it’ll get easier with time.

Depending on your budget, you’ll choose between a cloth diaper that has one size or one that includes 4 sizes in one. The 4 sizes in one diapers are convenient since you don’t have to keep buying new one as the baby grows. However, if you are operating on a tight budget, you might go for the single size. They serve the same purpose, but you’ll have to keep buying more as the baby grows.

300x300 Super Soft

Considering an eco-friendly alternative other than cloth diapers?

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Get the Best Cloth Diaper of 2023!

We trust our reviews were detailed enough to help you in your search for good cloth diapers. You can now head over to Amazon to pick the best cloth diaper that suits your baby’s needs.

Our Top Choice
GroVia Hybrid Diaper Shell
Best Value
Coquí Baby Original Hero Pocket Diaper
Rumparooz Cloth Pocket Diaper
Ecoable All-in-one Cloth Diaper
Alva Printed Re-usable Cloth Diaper