Best Clothes Drying Rack Reviews 2022

Do you need a clothes drying rack you can use indoors or outdoors on the balcony? Clothes drying racks come in various types, designs and with a myriad of features to help you dry your laundry. Since picking the right rack can be difficult, we’ve researched top five clothes drying rack brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you pick the right drying rack.
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Our Top Choice
Leifheit Standing Pegasus Drying Racks
Leifheit is comprised of a group of companies that have been manufacturing household products for more than five decades.
Rustproof, easy to use and store. Foldable & mobile. Fits through narrow doors. Stable & can accommodate many clothes. 5 years guarantee.
Its plastic parts aren’t replaceable
Standard clothes dryer
22 x 34.2 x 62 inches; 3.6 pounds
49 feet/two laundry loads
Best Value
Whitmor Folding Clothes Drying Rack
Whitmor is a family-owned business founded in 1946 and a leading supplier of organizers, storage containers, clothing care and laundry accessories.
Dries gently. Folds flat for storage. Affordable & waterproof. Lightweight for either indoor or outdoor use. Requires no assembly.
Rack can’t hold large bed sheets.
Standard folding clothes dryer
14.5 x 30 x 42 inches; 4.1 pounds
Epoxy-coated steel, iron, plastic
18.5 feet/11 bars
Honey-Can-Do Gull Wing Clothes Drying Rack
Honey-Can-Do is a company of great integrity that was founded to offer customers stylish organization and storage solutions at affordable costs.
Steel frame for durable and sturdy use. Affordable, foldable and versatile. Offers enough drying space for your clothes. Polymer-coating makes it corrosion-proof.
The supports for the wings sometimes fall out of position.
Standard gullwing dryer
23.5 x 42 x 64 inches; 8.5 pounds
46 feet
Household Essentials Tripod Drying Rack
Household Essentials, just as the name suggests, manufactures various household products to keep homes organized and simplify daily chores.
Collapsible, stable & folding. Usable outdoors & indoors. Adjustable & strong. Offers plenty of drying space. Easy to assemble.
Rack isn’t ideal for drying heavy garments.
Tripod clothes drying rack
5 x 7 x 42 inches; 5.7 pounds
Stainless steel
Silver and blue
72 garments
Polder Accordion Wall Mount Drying Rack
Polder has been offering homeowners premium products in elegant designs for the last four decades to ease their daily chores around the house.
Affordable, versatile and comes with two placement bracket options. Sturdy, strong & durable. Mounts on any wall.
Assembly instructions are hard to figure out
Wall mount clothes drying rack
18 x 18 x 21 inches; 2.7 pounds
Stainless steel
12.25 feet

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What is the Best Clothes Drying Rack?

Choose a clothes drying rack of the right drying capacity to hold your laundry. Also make sure it’s sturdy and strong to support the weight of your clothes. Find out if one of our recommended clothes drying racks is what you need by reading on below.
Our Top Choice
The Leifheit Standing Pegasus Drying Rack is built in a solid, slim and compact design for indoor or outdoor use. With up to 49 feet of drying space, this is the rack you need to hang all your clothes. If you prefer a wall-mounted drying rack, opt for the Leifheit Telegant 70 Mounted Clothes Dryer. Built with stainless steel rods and ABS plastic in a sleek, telescopic design, this clothes dryer has five rails and retractable wires with a capacity of 14 feet to hold all your clothes.

Leifheit Standing Pegasus 150 Clothes Drying Racks with Folding Wings & Parallel Legs

Leifheit has been manufacturing products for laundry care, cleaning, kitchen and consumers’ general well-being throughout the European continent. Renowned for its pioneering designs, innovative products and top quality, Leifheit is one of the most popular brands in Germany. With at least 1000 employees, the company distributes its products to more than eighty companies worldwide.

The Leifheit Standing Pegasus 150 Clothes Drying Rack is what you need to dry your clothes indoors on cool winter days or outside during summer. It’s designed for comfortable and practical use with an appealing look. Whether you just want to hang some T-shirts small or full-sized dresses, or both, the rack has you covered. You may also use the two holder clips to hang your hankies, underwear and socks, among other odds and ends.

The 21-inch width means you can easily slip this clothes drying rack outside or indoors without dismantling it. Whether you decide to use this rack indoors, in your garden or on your balcony, the two sturdy, parallel and non-slip legs offer the support your clothes need even against winds. If you have longer clothes to dry, simply expand the two side wings to 41 inches high and hang your clothes.

Attach the two holders on the side of the racks and clamp your small clothes to dry. Fold the rack after use for compact storage in tight spaces such as closets. In addition to the 49 feet of drying line offered, this clothes drying rack is rustproof for prolonged use. It also comes with a 5-year warranty for protection from factory defects.

Here are a few other Leifheit clothes drying racks you might like:
  • Leifheit Classic 340 Tower Dryer
  • Leifheit Linolift 600 Quickstart Rotary Dryer
  • Leifheit Roma 150 Tripod Clothes Drying Rack — blue and white
Best Value
The Whitmor Folding Clothes Drying Rack is made from light materials in a folding design for use in your laundry room or outside the house. Use the eleven bars to hang your clothes and, when done, easily fold them up for storage. If you want a similar clothes drying rack that’s made from bamboo for a cozier, more natural look, opt for the Whitmor Bamboo Folding Drying Rack. It’s durable, lightweight and can also fold for easy portability and storage.

Whitmor Folding Clothes Drying Rack with 11 Hanging Bars

Based in Southaven, Mississippi, Whitmor is dedicated to offering its customers innovative, valuable and quality products aimed at enhancing and simplifying the quality of their lives. It also offers exceptional customer services and products made to meet the highest ethical standards in the industry. The customer care representatives are always on standby to talk to customers and answer their questions.

The Whitmor Folding Clothes Drying Rack is your go-to rack for drying your clothes indoors, on your balcony or in your garden. Measuring 14.5 x 29.5 x 41.8 inches, the rack has up to eleven bars to hold most of your delicate clothes, if not all of them. It weighs only 4.1 pounds so you can easily carry it around, take it outside on the rooftop, garden or patio to dry your clothes in the sun, or just place it in a strategic place in your laundry room to dry your clothes indoors.

Since this rack doesn’t use power, you get to save energy and your clothes wear out slower to last longer. You don’t have to worry about your clothes getting stained with mildew and rust because the rack is coated with epoxy for waterproof properties. With the accordion steel frame, your clothes won’t just hang on a stable rack, but it’ll last years of use.

When not in use, quickly fold your rack for compact storage without taking up so much space. Available in white and chrome finishes, choose what’s preferable to you. You might want a clothes drying rack that matches your washing machine’s finish. It requires no installation and comes ready for use out of the box.

Here are a few other Whitmor clothes drying racks you might like:
  • Whitmor Garment Clothes Drying Rack — tripod design, more cost-effective
  • Whitmor Collapsible Drying Rack — white
  • Whitmor Over The Door Drying Rack
The Honey-Can-Do Gull Wing Clothes Drying Rack is built with six position wings to offer you hanging space for heavy clothes. Use the four protrusions on both sides of the rack’s legs to hang your shoes. Do you prefer a 3-tier drying rack for maximum drying in a compact space? Opt for the Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Mesh Top Clothes Drying Rack. It has a coated steel frame to prevent rust, folds easily and offers up to 48 feet of drying space.

Honey-Can-Do Heavy Duty Gull Wing Clothes Drying Rack — Available in 5 Styles

Honey-Can-Do believes that even with a small budget you can still make your home organized and attractive. The company uses sustainable processes and materials to manufacture ethical and eco-friendly products. It uses feedback from customers to design premium quality and stylish products. The products are fun, trendy and available in many colors to suit various personal preferences and décor themes.

The Honey-Can-Do Gull Wing Clothes Drying Rack is made from steel to support heavy duty use for hanging heavy clothes such as sweaters. Built in a foldable compact design, this clothes drying rack takes up less space during storage and use as it folds flat to three inches. The hanging rack is pre-assembled ready for use and has a capacity of up to forty six feet of hanging lines.

Featuring a sweater shelf, hanging space and a shoe rack, this clothes drying rack has enough space to hold your laundry, including sports shoes and lingerie. You can extend the width of your drying rack up to 64 inches wide to accommodate more clothes. The weight of the rack doesn’t limit you to any specific place to dry your clothes as it weighs only 8.5 pounds. Without using your electric dryer, you don’t just save energy but also lengthen your clothes’ lifespan.

Here are a few other Honey-Can-Do clothes drying racks to consider:
  • Honey-Can-Do X-Frame Folding Clothes Drying Rack — white
  • Honey-Can-Do Folding Clothes Drying Rack — 45 inches tall
  • Honey-Can-Do Commercial Clothes Drying Rack — chrome
The Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack is built for use in the laundry room to dry clothes or in the guest room to offer extra storage for clothes. Occasionally take it outside to hang your clothes in the sun. Do you want a collapsible rack with a larger drying space for your laundry? Opt for the Household Essentials Collapsible Gullwing Clothes Drying Rack. It features 25 steel rods and drying space of up to 44 feet for clothes, sweaters and shoes.

Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack with Redesigned Arms — Available in 2 Styles

Household Essentials uses premium materials such as stainless steel and hardwood to manufacture various items for use around the home. It uses modern technologies to design state-of-the-art products in various styles and finishes to suit different homeowners. The company has been in business long enough to know what customers look for in their everyday products. The company also offers exceptional customer support services.

The Household Essentials Tripod Clothes Drying Rack is a perfect alternative to electric dryer, effectively and conveniently drying clothes. Built with six strong arms, this clothes drying rack is what you need to hang your delicate tops, blouses and dresses for air drying. With a capacity of up to 72 garments, use the hooks to hang many clothes on hangers.

Easily adjust the top telescoping arm to create more drying space for your laundry. Made from stainless steel, the pole of this clothes drying rack is sturdy and durable for long-term use. The arms and legs, on the other hand, are made from plastic for an upright, balanced and lightweight rack you can easily move around when need be. The drying rack is easy to set up and folds for compact storage or easy transportation.

When you need to hang your clothes indoors, on the patio, porch or balcony, this rack comes in handy for outdoor and indoor use. The rack has dimensions of 5 x 7 x 42 inches and weighs 5.7 pounds for easy portability. The rack is also available in a one-tier design if you want a similar drying rack at a more cost-effective rate.

Here are a few other Household Essentials clothes drying racks to consider:
  • Household Essentials Folding Wood Clothes Drying Rack — new, pre-assembled
  • Household Essentials Mega Fir Wood clothes Drying Rack — holds large clothes
  • Household Essentials Outdoor Parallel Style Clothes Drying Rack — steel arms, 30 lines
The Polder Accordion Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack can be mounted on any wall indoors, be it your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. If you want a portable drying rack for your laundry with up to twenty nine feet of drying space, opt for the Polder Deluxe Clothes Drying Rack. It’s lightweight, folds and has non-skid legs for extra support.

Polder Accordion Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack with Seven 21” Steel Rods & 2 Sets of Placement Brackets

Polder provides home solutions for everyday use. The products are made in user-centric designs to meet the needs of homeowners. The company also ensures that each product isn’t just functional, but also eye-catching for attractive and useful interior spaces. Ranging from waste and recycling to laundry and ironing, Polder has a large product portfolio to meet every homeowner’s daily needs.

The Polder Accordion Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack is built from steel and features seven twenty one-inch rods for hanging your clothes. It offers drying space of up to 12.25 feet and can be mounted on any wall indoors. You can use it in the bathroom or bedroom to hang your underwear and towels. In the kitchen, this rack can easily hold your kitchen towels and table cloths.

Although the frame measures eighteen inches, you can adjust it to up to twenty four inches to hold more laundry. It comes with sets of two brackets, giving you two placement options to choose from. The rack also has a maximum capacity of twenty two pounds.

Here are a few other Polder clothes drying racks to consider:
  • Polder 2-Tier Clothes Drying Rack — with mesh for garment drying
  • Polder Ultralight Clothes Drying Rack — lightweight stand
  • Polder Countertop Clothes Drying Rack

How Do I Choose the Best Clothes Drying Rack?

Designed for home or commercial use, clothes drying racks are a necessity in every home. After emptying your washing machine of all your laundry, there’s the need to dry it all. Also known as a clothes horse or a clothes rack, clothes drying racks are designed to simplify the modern consumer’s life with the racks being functional either in both hot and cold seasons.

Although traditional clothes lines have been in use since time immemorial, clothes drying racks are versatile for use indoors or outdoors. When the weather changes or during the cold season, simply bring the rack indoors or set it up to dry your clothes indoors. If your ground clothes lines are full, but you need additional drying space for your laundry, simply take your racks out for drying in the sun.

In the modern era, electric dryers have become the norm in order to meet the modern consumer’s busy lifestyle. Although these dryers are reliable, they’re only as good as having power. An electrical failure would mean you can’t use your machine because there’s no power. In such instances, a clothes drying rack will come in handy. Moreover, the racks save energy as they don’t use power to operate.

Living in a flat or an apartment also comes with many inconveniences such as having to go to the rooftop or downstairs to hang your clothes on the drying lines. In some flats, hanging lines are built in such a way that units on the top floors inconvenience those on the lower floors. With clothes drying racks, you can easily dry your clothes in your laundry room, on the porch or even on the balcony.

With an adjustable clothes rack, you can also let your children hang their own clothes to dry. Moreover, some drying racks come built with shoe racks for hanging shoes. Some also come with sections for drying sweaters to prevent them from stretching. Clothes drying racks also find use in hostels, hotels, and other commercial settings. What’s more, a rack in the right finish can add some elegance to your interior space.

When shopping for clothes drying racks, first decide on the type you want, which may be standard, tripod, umbrella, gullwing, etc. You might also want a clothes drying rack in a finish that matches your laundry baskets. This is a review of various types of clothes drying racks. We hope that it can help you make an informed buying decision.
Clothes drying racks vary in price based on size, drying capacity, material used and quality. Small clothes drying racks with minimal drying capacity to hold a few clothes can cost anything from $3 to $8 depending on the quality. Portable racks with slightly advanced features range in price from $6 to $12. Wall-mount drying racks usually cost around $15.

Versatile clothes drying racks with enough capacity to hold one to two washings can cost $20 to $80. Complex designs with even larger drying capacities to hold various clothes from light to heavy garments can cost $100 or more. Buy a rack built from a durable material and ensure it can support the weight of your clothes.

Cheap clothes drying racks can break easily as they’re made from fragile materials such as plastics. Avoid these and go for racks you can use for many years.
Built to hold wet clothes indoors or outdoors, clothes drying racks feature varying drying capacities depending on the amount of clothing to be dried. The racks can also be installed on walls and behind doors for indoor use. Folding designs support compact storage and easy portability if there’s the need to use them outside. Whichever type of rack you want, you need the right features for optimal functionality.

Here are the important features to look for in a clothes drying rack:
  • Type such as tripod, gull wing, standard, etc.
  • Collapsible or folding design for easy storage and portability
  • The right size of rack to fit in your available space
  • Materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • A preferred color based on existing décor and personal preference
  • Shoe and sweater rack if needed
  • The right drying capacity to fit your clothes
With the right features and qualities, a good clothes drying rack is strong and sturdy to support regular use for many years.
Construction and Design
Shopping for a clothes drying rack? Consider the following factors to help you choose the best rack:

Type — Clothes drying racks come in various types to choose from such as tripod, gull wing, etc. Opt for compact designs if you don’t have space for large racks. Folding designs are ideal for portable use outdoors or indoors. Tripods are mostly used indoors and double as clothes storage points using hangers. Collapsible and folding designs also support compact storage in tight spaces when not in use.

Size — The larger the drying rack, the higher its drying capacity. With the available space in mind, buy a rack with the right capacity to hold your laundry.

Material — Clothes drying racks can be made from plastic, wood or metal. Although metal racks are strong and sturdy, pick one that’s resistant to rust to prevent your clothes from getting stained. Plastic racks are rigid, come in various colors and are easy to clean. They’re also free from stains such as rust. However, they usually have low drying capacities.

Racks made from hardwood are strong and durable. Choose folding models for added convenience and a natural touch.

Color — Choose a finish that doesn’t fade if you intend to use your rack in the sun. Make sure the color goes well with your interior décor for an appealing look.

Drying Capacity — Choose the right capacity to accommodate your laundry. The more clothes you usually wash, the larger the capacity you need for your rack.
Performance and Ease of Use
Since clothes drying racks are meant for hanging wet clothes to dry, pick one that has enough space between the rods for increased efficiency. You don’t want your clothes to get crumpled against each other as this can increase the time your clothes take to dry. Choose a rack with an appealing finish and smooth edges to not only enhance the look of your property, but also to protect you from injuries and your clothes from tearing.

Check for strong and flexible joints in a foldable design for easy setup, ease of use and compact storage, ensuring that your rack lasts a long time. Choose a material that offers a strong and sturdy frame. Also look out for an installation manual for easy assembly and disassembly of your chosen clothes drying rack. The need for the right drying capacity to hang your laundry goes without saying, not that we haven’t already!

Get the Best Clothes Drying Rack of 2022!

Whether you want a wall drying rack to use in your bathroom, a rack that can fit in your laundry room or one that you can easily fold and take outside, there’s one out there to meet your drying needs. We hope that this review of some of the best clothes drying racks was helpful and you were able to find a suitable drying rack for your laundry. In case you need something different, check out our other dryer reviews.

Our Top Choice
Leifheit Standing Pegasus Drying Racks
Best Value
Whitmor Folding Clothes Drying Rack
Honey-Can-Do Gull Wing Clothes Drying Rack
Household Essentials Tripod Drying Rack
Polder Accordion Wall Mount Drying Rack