Best Clothes Steamer Reviews 2022

A steamer is one powerful ironing device you don't want to mess with. Once turned on by an unsuspecting human it will start making your clothes straight and go on a killing spree against bacteria and germs with a tenacity of seven unholy badgers! Until it has completely run out of steam, of course. If you've been thinking about admitting one of these into your home (steamers - NOT badgers), we invite you to consult our top five list of the best clothes steamers so that you can make a confident, informed choice. It's one steaming hot brand after another! And if you decide that you want something other than what we’ve featured, feel free to pick any other steamer from any of these trusted brands.
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Heat Up Time
Steam Time
Our Top Choice
PurSteam Garment Steamer
Coming from a company that’s enthusiastic about sharing their steam infatuation with the world, the PurSteam garment streamer’s toughness and stamina makes it a great contender.
A company producing top-notch steam-based appliances. A compact upright design.
The assembly can be a bit complicated.
Not specified
61-ounce Water Tank
45 to 60 Seconds
60 Minutes
Best Value
Pure Enrichment PureSteam (White)
Coming across as a futuristic tea kettle with a vacuum cleaner attachment on top, Pure Enrichment’s fabric steamer is an efficient means of straightening clothes effortlessly!
A well-known healthy-lifestyle-promoting company. A curious, elegant design. New nozzle design.
The water tank could have been a bit larger.
Portable- Handheld
700 Watts
Not specified
2 Minutes
10 Minutes
Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer
As a product from one of the oldest steam-related companies out there, the Jiffy Steamer offers an efficient and reliable performance you'll grow to love!
A steam-related business with a long tradition. Solid brass heating element. High-impact outer housing.
Not exactly the prettiest steamer around, but it is functional.
1300 Watts
3/4 Gallon Water Reservoir
2 Minutes
1.5 Hours
Rowenta Master Valet Garment Steamer IS6300
Efficient and powerful, this Rowenta garment steamer is a great solution for a busy person in need of a reliable means for de-wrinkling their clothes.
A world-renowned home appliance company. Powerful heating element. A built-in hanger.
The hose is quite soft and can tangle itself, preventing the steam flow.
1550 Watts
81-ounce Water Tank
Less Than 60 Seconds
1 Hour
URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer
Coming from an up and coming home appliance company, this URPOWER garment steamer is one compact yet powerful contraption you don't want to miss out on!
A company dealing in home improvement appliances. A compact, travel-friendly design. An automatic shut-off function.
Limited tank capacity due to its small size.
Portable- Handheld
110 Volts
130-milliliter Water Tank
2 Minutes
7-10 Minutes

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What is the Best Clothes Steamer?

Has our guide helped you iron out the confusing issues you had about what steamer to pick? Pretty sure it has. What’s next? We told you, it’s one steaming hot brand after another! Come check out our reviews to help you pick the right one for you!
Our Top Choice
Featuring an upright design with a long hose that can reach every nook 'n' cranny of your special clothing item in question, this garment steamer has compactness and working tenacity written all over it! If you need a portable, travel-worthy version, then the PurSteam Fast-Heat Fabric Steamer might suit you better. It comes with a travel pouch, too!

PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer with Fabric Brush and Garment Hanger, Quick Heat-up time

The PurSteam crew is one lot that loves steam. Approach them wielding an old-fashioned ironing appliance of yore, and they will show you a person badly in need of a steam-based modern alternative.

“Steam is for every room! Steam is for every task!” is their motto, and motivates them to improve with one steam-themed appliance after another, yielding great success with their customer base. After a long day's work, the PurSteam team lets off their steam by gathering around and enjoying a hot cup of tea while reminiscing about their steam-powered engines, the steam-punk cultural scene, and the rampant ineffectiveness of non-steam irons.

As for the heavy-duty garment steamer in question, it sports a tough, compact body resembling the head of a Japanese robot, and a long hose sticking out of it, enabling you to approach your hanging garment from every angle. The heat-up process takes just a small portion of your time, and the ensuing powerful steam flow will surely make it worth your while!

Here's a list of features for this PurSteam garment steamer:
  • Job specific attachments
  • An adjustable hanger to hold multiple garments of varying size
  • Handheld steam board with crease attachments helps keep clothes well-polished and wrinkle-free
  • Clips for securing your garments
  • Plastic steam nozzle
  • Aluminum heating element
All in all, a powerful and reliable steam-based appliance. The sizeable tank combined with an ongoing steam flow will allow you to get the job done in one go, even if your clothes collection is a massive one. Also, the 5-year warranty issued by the manufacturer is another reassuring aspect of owning one of these tough and rugged PurSteam utensils!
Best Value
Compactly built and with a quick heat up time, this Pure Enrichment garment steamer can be an excellent addition to your clothes collection, especially if you tend to travel often and want to stay sharp. If you prefer an upright steaming solution, this PureSteam XL model can be your weapon of choice.

Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric Steamer - White, New Nozzle Design, Heats Quickly

The Pure Enrichment steamer is a compact and efficient home utensil you'll prefer several times over your iron! And it's such a pretty little apparatus you'd wish to buy it even if you've already got one.

The squad responsible for the impressive design is a group of healthy-lifestyle enthusiasts with a burning desire to share their ideas and views with everyone interested. To build a large and stable customer base, Pure Enrichment put up their products to be judged according to the highest industry standards, and as a token of their quality, the company issues hefty warranties to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The PureSteam handheld steamer possesses a number of curiously designed features. The innovative steam nozzle, for example, is made to be wide and distribute steam evenly with a powerful push. It heats up quickly, too, meaning that you'll be minutes away for straightening your clothes at any given moment!

Here's a list of other features of note:
  • 8-foot-long built-in prong power cable.
  • Perfect for traveling.
  • Auto shut-off safety protection ensures the heating element won’t damage the machine or start a fire when the water is gone.
  • Heats up in under 2 minutes.
  • Safe to use on all kinds of fabric.
  • 2-year warranty.
Coming equipped with a small, but plucky heater and an innovative nozzle enabling a solid, evened-out spread, this garment streamer from Pure Enrichment will do the job quickly and efficiently every time. The travel-friendly size and the manufacturer's warranty are the cherry on top!
Compact and somehow reminiscent of Mr. Bean, this powerful little steamer from the Jiffy Steamer company will buzz about busily once turned on, and do its job – dare we say it? – in a jiffy! If you want to take the steamer into your own hands, then this portable handheld model they cheekily call ESTEAM might sound like a better solution to you!

Jiffy J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head, 120 Volt, 5.5-foot hose

This Jiffy steamer has got two important qualities in common with a random mini European car from the seventies: 1) It looks like one, and 2) It heats up pretty fast! (mind you - that's a good thing for a steamer) This crucial coincidence aside, though, the Jiffy steamer possesses a number of other interesting characteristics you'll get fond of as you start getting used to its charming steamy ways!

Now, a couple of words about the team behind this magnificent little home appliance: From the time when the first ever Model J-1 steamer was invented, back in 1940, the Jiffy company, who was responsible for this historic breakthrough, went on to perfect its design and add a number of useful features to its build. This proved to be a lengthy and tough process, however, and it would take their designers 23 years to stick a hose on their initial wonder-product and make it even better.

As for the star of the evening itself, it features a powerful 1300 Watt heating element, providing enough steam to power up a smaller hydroelectric power plant AND straighten up your clothes for good measure! The heat-up time is also quick, meaning you will have plenty of steam to work with - in no time!
Here's a list of features of this Jiffy Steamer:
  • 1.5 hours of steaming per filling.
  • 6-inch steam head.
  • 2-minute heat up time.
  • Durable plastic housing.
  • 3- year warranty.
All things considered, if powerful, retro-looking home appliances tend to be your kind of thing, we would warmly recommend you get yourself one of these Jiffy Steamers. They're durable, reliable, and, most importantly, pack a powerful steaming punch!
This Rowenta steamer is as versatile as it is powerful! (and good-looking, too) If you would like to get yourself a handheld version, then the Rowenta X-Cel Powerful Fabric Steamer might pique your interest.

Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer with Roll and Press Support, 1550-Watt

Founded way back in the year of 1909 in Germany, the Rowenta company has been producing high-end home appliances ever since, making sure that they follow the highest international quality standards as thoroughly as possible.
As the technology progressed, so did the production processes at Rowenta, and in the light of the new eco-awareness that took the modern world by storm, they've introduced a new line of products as their contribution to that cause.

Regardless of their most recent eco-friendly manufacturing adventures, however, the Rowenta team has always followed the work philosophy they adopted early on in their business undertakings. The illustrious goal that all of their products should meet amounts to: unrivalled technological performance, refined design, and high-level of user-friendliness!

The proof that they've actually been following through with the lofty goals they'd set for themselves is evident in every new product they release, and the Rowenta Master Valet Garment Steamer is no exception. It's powered up by a heavy-duty 1550-watt heating element offering about one hour of continuous steaming! Also, the roll-and-press vertical support will be a lifesaver when it comes to holding your clothing items in place.

The Rowenta Garment Steamer includes:
  • A Built-in hanger with garment clips.
  • Stay-cool handle.
  • Flexible fabric hose.
  • Large steam head with wide diffusion and a steam bonnet.
  • Extra-large water tank.
  • Fabric Brush.
  • Lint Pad.
All in all, Garment Valet Steamer is a versatile steaming device with a plethora of convenient additions to make straightening your clothes a job you'll be looking forward to. Also, the powerful 1550-Watt heater will enable you to finish all of your steaming in one go. It even scores highly in the looks department! With all these features and its price tag, what's not to love?
If you like small devices that, despite their size, pack a powerful punch, you're going to love this URPOWER garment steamer! It’s compact, reliable and does its job quickly. If you like the company’s approach to making petite products, then this Ultrasonic diffuser and humidifier may be another great addition to your home-improvement arsenal!

URPOWER Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer, Fast Heat-up with Travel Pouch Included

Producing a range of home-improvement products, the URPOWER company has amassed quite a following among their sizeable customer base, all thanks to the reliability and durability of their products. Also a great advantage of an URPOWER product over many other competitors is its budget-friendly price, for which you get a set of features that are comparable to some much more expensive models.

The URPOWER garment streamer features a solid compact design enabling a quick heating process, so you can save yourself a ton of time by straightening up your clothes promptly and without hassle. Of course, the smaller size does mean that the water tank will last for a shorter period, but if you have to go through only a couple of your clothing items, this small solution will work out very well.

The specialized steam-emitting top will cover large patches of fabric in one go, and eliminate annoying wrinkles and smaller imperfections in little time.

The URPOWER garment streamer’s features include:
  • Automatic safety shut-off and overheating protection.
  • Provides 10 minutes of continuous steam flow.
  • Heats up in two minutes.
  • Electric leakage protection.
  • High-quality power cord.
  • High temperature resistant material.
All things considered, if you're a busy bee type of person, this URPOWER model can serve very well as your new steaming companion! Not only is it a better alternative to ironing, which requires meticulous work, and often takes ages, but it's also much safer than a typical iron, and better looking, if we're honest!

How Do I Choose the Best Clothes Steamer?

It is often said that you should dress the way you want to be addressed, and we are tempted to believe that truer words have never been spoken. This is not entirely true, but the fact still remains that there’s no reason whatsoever to appear dirty and scruffy and making your clothes look neat is hardly difficult.

Today, we have lots of different kinds of machines and appliances that can get our clothes looking sharp and nice in minutes while we do next to nothing. From washing machines that equally double as dryers to irons to steamers, you name it! Most everything is available to ensure that you keep looking your best.

Today, we will be focusing on getting the wrinkles out of your clothes so that you look your best. Fact: no matter how clean your clothes are, if they’ve got wrinkles, you automatically look unkempt.

Now, it isn’t just about looking neat and getting the wrinkles out, it’s about germs and bacteria too. Washing doesn’t exactly take out bacteria. It really only takes out the dirt. And even laundry soaps with antimicrobial can only succeed in taking some of the bacteria out, not all of them.

Quick science class: there are some classes of bacteria that do not respond to any chemical or anything other than extreme temperatures. Aha! So you get it. You need something real hot like a steamer or an iron. But now that we have two options, which is the absolute best? You probably think we are going to say the steamer because that’s what’s under review. But this is not necessarily the case.

Actually, the answer is that both appliances are useful for different things. The iron does a wonderful job of straightening clothes to form creases primarily, while a steamer will not. It will straighten your clothes, yes. It will take the wrinkles out, yes. But will it form a crease? No.

Now, finally a clothes steamer is quite different from a steam cleaner. Clothes steamers do not take stains out; they just straighten clothes. If you need something to take out the stains, then go for a steam cleaner. There’s a lot more to discover about clothes steamers but you have to keep reading to find out. Keep scrolling!
The price of clothes steamers varies due to a number of factors. For instance, a portable one that could be used for travel will cost less than a full-sized unit. Also, the capacity of the water reservoir could equally cause a variance in price. But normally, it shouldn’t exceed the confines of about $25 to about $200 plus. Cheap clothes steamers exist but they shouldn’t even be considered by you. The construction of your steamer is quite important as it determines the durability and performance of the product. If your steamer is poorly constructed, you’d hardly get a good use out of it before it packs up. So, you’d be better off investing in a quality steamer.
All steamers might look the same but not all of them boast the same unique features that make for an effective appliance. So what are those unique features? We get down to them in a bit:
  • A Good Reach
  • Water Capacity
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Weight and Wheels
  • Size: small (handheld) or large?
  • Hangers and Racks
  • Removable Water Tank
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
So first things first, we will address the reach of a steamer.

Even though it’s called a clothes steamer, these appliances are also used for curtains and draperies, so you should be thinking of a steamer whose hose reaches a ways. You wouldn’t want to be stretching like a giraffe or climbing precariously atop a stool just to steam your curtain. The struggle is never that real. So make sure that the hose of your steamer is a pretty long one.

If you’re getting a handheld steamer, then think of adding an extension cord for this purpose.

Two, make sure that the capacity of your water tank is a large one, else you’d have to replace the unit with water every five minutes, literally. The steamer should be able to let out steam non-stop for ten minutes at the very least. Anything less than that is worthless garbage. Return it.

Next, size matters. There are large steamers and not so large ones, and even handheld ones. We will discuss this further in the next section but for now, this is what we will tell you: if you decide to go for the large or full-sized ones, then think of getting something with wheels so that it can make movement easier for you.

Lastly, some of the best steamers come with hangers or racks already built-in with a hook as well to hold the hanger. Having this feature helps you to be able to access all sides of your clothes easily and without stress. You should get this type also for convenience.
Performance and Ease of Use
Yeah, we said we were going to talk a little more about size in this section, and this is us fulfilling our promise. Now, different people do different intensities of steaming and will therefore require different sizes of steamers.

If you’re a light steamer, that is you just steam occasionally and only light fabrics, then a handheld steamer might be best for you.
On the other hand, if you steam heavy, that is heavy fabrics almost regularly, then you’ll need a full-sized steamer.

Now, for travel, you’ll, of course, be better off with a handheld steamer. Something small and lightweight that can easily stay in your suitcase without increasing bulk significantly should be your target.

While steamers are a great idea for clothes that develop creases from staying folded in a suitcase for a while, it might be advisable to search for a type that doesn’t leave water spots because that will need a lot of time to dry. Remember all those 8 am appointments? You wouldn’t want to run late for them.

Also, if you would be traveling out of the country, then get a steamer that’s dual voltage or something that comes with a voltage converter. This way, whatever the voltage requirement, you won’t be stranded, and your steamer will still be useful to you.

Lastly, for safety reasons choose a steamer that automatically shuts off when not in use. This prevents the motor of the steam from burning out in the eventuality that the unit runs dry. Also, with an auto-shut off feature, even if you walk away from the steamer to attend to another business and probably get carried away, the steamer will safely shut off and cancel the risk of an electrical fire.

Get the Best Clothes Steamer of 2022!

You have found the one, haven’t you? Your smile says it all. Now go ahead and place that order.

Our Top Choice
PurSteam Garment Steamer
Best Value
Pure Enrichment PureSteam (White)
Jiffy Personal Clothing Steamer
Rowenta Master Valet Garment Steamer IS6300
URPOWER Portable Garment Steamer