Best CO2 Regulator Reviews 2022

There are a lot of situations where it is important to control and maintain the flow of CO2. A CO2 regulator can be a brewer's or gardener’s best friend. However, finding a suitable CO2 regulator for your beer or your plants might prove difficult. To make it easier for you, we have found some of the best CO2 regulators, choosing one from each for this review. However, if the ones we chose aren’t to your liking, please check out other options from these companies.
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Outlet Type
Our Top Choice
Titan Controls CO2 Regulator
Titan Controls specializes in lighting, environmental, and CO2 control for indoor gardens. Its products are made with components of the best quality.
Solid construction. Top-quality materials. Easy to install and adjust. Easy-to-understand instructions.
There are some complaints that the gauge reads lower than actual CO2 amount left in the can.
Grow room
Single gauge
1800 PSI MAX
.Solenoid valve
2 pounds
Best Value
Taprite T742 Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator
Taprite has a history of quality and innovation. It's a long-running supplier of reliable products to renowned beer and soft drink producers around the world.
Easy to use. Does not leak. Corrosion-resistant materials. Freeze-up resistant. Adjustment knob. Dual gauge.
The gauge label sometime interferes with the reading.
Dual gauge
0- 50 PSI
5/16” barb outlet2
.6 pounds
Aquatek Deluxe CO2 Regulator
Aquatek of California produces a range of hydroponics tools, aquarium accessories, and CO2 regulators.
High quality. Durable construction. Easy to set up. Superb accuracy. Precise flow rate control. Universal power design. 16 feet of CO2 tubing.
The float ball meter requires a lot of pressure to react.
Double gauge
Solenoid valve3
.4 pounds
Interstate Pneumatics WRFCO2-S CO2 Flowmeter Regulator
Interstate Pneumatics is dedicated to serving its widely varying customer base by providing products with exceptional performance.
Durable construction. Increases plant metabolic rate. Reliable pressure gauge. Tank empty indicator. Auto on and off of CO2 flow.
No major reported issues regarding this product, however protective gear is recommended when handling Co2.
Grow rooms/greenhouses
Single gauge
3000 PSI MAX
Solenoid valve
2 pounds
Kegco Single Gauge Beer Regulator
Kegco produces a variety of high-quality beer dispensing and storage products, which are all intelligently designed to be aesthetically pleasing and high-functioning.
Sturdily built. Quality materials. Easy to set up. Easy to manually adjust. Affordable.
Some customers have complained of difficulty in swapping the barbed fitting.
Single gauge
0- 80 PSI
5/16" barb outlet
2.5 pounds

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What is the Best CO2 Regulator?

In deciding on the best CO2 regulator, you have to consider your own needs and goals. For example, people trying to preserve beer will have different needs from people raising plants in a greenhouse. There are different regulators for different needs. Once you’re sure of all your CO2 regulator needs, you will be able to find the best CO2 regulator.
Our Top Choice
The Titan Controls CO2 Regulator is highly functional and durable, with a tough solenoid valve and a quality pressure gauge that uses no oil. This regulator will ensure precise flow, putting it all under your control. Do you need a more versatile regulator? Try the Titan Controls Atlas 2 Preset Carbon Dioxide Gas Monitor and Controller.

Titan Controls CO2 Regulator For 120-Volt Controllers and Timers

Titan Controls makes items for use in lighting, environmental, wireless, timing, ventilation, CO2 control and power requirements for indoor gardens. Its products are easy and safe to use, come with precise instructions, and are backed by a truly awesome warranty program. On top of all this, Titan Controls ensures you also get the best possible technical support.

The Titan Controls CO2 Regulator has a solenoid valve made of heavy-duty material, and a top-quality pressure gauge that doesn't require oil. With the quality of the solenoid valve, you can be sure that the control of the CO2’s critical flow will always be functional. This regulator puts the flow under your control. Its other features include:
  • Brass construction for durability
  • 12-inch gas line for easy connection
  • Flow accuracy of 0.5 SCFH to 15 SCFH (standard cubic feet per hour) for precise reading
  • 120 Volt power requirement
  • Six-foot grounded power cable for secure connection
  • CO2 chart for grow room for easy monitoring
  • Compatibility with 120V CO2 timers and controllers
  • One-year warranty
Best Value
The Taprite T742 Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator lets you change tanks easily with its highly adjustable polycarbonate bonnet. It also lets you know the output pressure and remaining CO2 with its dual pressure gauges. Are you looking for a high-pressure, mixed gas regulator? Get the Taprite T742HP Primary High Pressure Double Gauge Mixed Gas Regulator.

Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator – High Performance

Taprite is a subsidiary of one of the world’s biggest supplier of CO2 regulators, and it has continued its parent company's history of quality and innovation. This is reflected in all its products. Taprite has long supplied highly reliable products to renowned beer and soft drink producers worldwide, and it continues to retain their patronage by sustaining and improving the quality of its products.

The Taprite Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator is a multifunctional regulator. You can make tank changes easily with its highly adjustable polycarbonate bonnet. Given the tough quality of the bonnet, you also know it won’t break, fade or chip. In addition, this regulator gives you simultaneous readings of the output pressure and remaining CO2 with its dual pressure gauges. This product’s features include:
  • Corrosion-resistant brass body that keeps it in great shape for longer
  • Corrosion-resistant bonnet that gives you longer service
  • Easy-to-use 5/16 barb outlet for stress-free connection
  • Freeze-resistant high volumetric flow for unhindered flow
  • PSI range of 0-50 for the right amount of pressure
  • ”Check valve” for backflow prevention, ensuring flowrate maintenance
  • Duck-bill shutoff that prevents contamination
  • CGA320 inlet for connection
The Aquatek Deluxe CO2 Regulator is an effective way to encourage plant growth. It lets you inject precise amounts of CO2 using its needle valve, while its flowmeter gives the exact amounts of its flow rate. Need a regulator that gives you access to multiple tanks simultaneously? Check out the AQUATEK SplitPro CO2 Splitter today!

Aquatek Deluxe CO2 Regulator with Integrated Solenoid for Hydroponics and Indoor Garden

Since 2005, Aquatek of California has produced quality aquarium accessories, hydroponics items, and CO2 regulators, making it quite popular in the market. Its deep knowledge of the effects of CO2 on plant growth helps it design regulators that deliver optimally. This company is motivated by the belief that "all life is priceless."

The Aquatek Deluxe CO2 Regulator is great for encouraging plant growth within indoor gardens and hydroponics setups. This amazing product gives you complete control by giving you the ability to inject precise amounts of CO2 using its needle valve. You can also monitor the exact flow rate with its flowmeter. This product’s other features include:
  • Industrial solenoid model lets you operate it electrically
  • 16-foot CO2-proof tubing gives lets you reach further. It is detachable so you can easily choose to go without it
  • Increased durability with brass body
  • Pressure adjustment knobs are precise for safe and exact rates of pressure release
  • 140 PSI max pressure gives you just enough pressure to support plant life without harm
  • Flowmeter measurements of 0.5 – 15SCF per hour gives accurate flowrate and maintains CO2 balance
The Interstate Pneumatics WRFCO2-S CO2 Flowmeter Regulator is made from brass for enhanced durability. The electric solenoid valve helps optimize CO2 use by automatically turning the flow on or off as needed. If you’re looking for a regulator that comes with a full coupler kit, check out the Interstate Pneumatics WRCO2-K1 CO2 Regulator.

Interstate Pneumatics CO2 Flowmeter Regulator with Solenoid Valve

Interstate Pneumatics is a producer of top-quality pneumatic gadgets and other related items. It serves its widely varying customer base by consistently surpassing their expectations. It does this by providing its customers with products of exceptional quality and performance. This has made it the brand of choice for many.

The Interstate Pneumatics WRFCO2-S CO2 Flowmeter Regulator is an efficient way to measure, refill, and maintain CO2 whenever you need it. It is made of brass for durability. The solenoid valve also offers full automation, letting you open and shut it by connecting it to an electric timer. This makes for increased convenience, as you can go about other activities knowing the CO2 regulator is doing its job.

This regulator also has:
  • Flow tube that self-centers maintaining balance
  • Regulator for precision in measurement
  • 1.5 inch pressure gauge that is easy to read
  • 3-prong 110V outlet for balanced connection
  • Safety device for pressure release
  • Tank empty indicator
  • Supports CGA320 Inlet only
  • 17-foot, 1/4-inch black tubing for more reach
  • Two extra plastic white washers for easy replacement
The Kegco Commercial Grade Single Gauge Beer Regulator gives you control through its adjustable T-style valve and pressure release valve. Both of these are conveniently located and can be accessed without using tools. If a single gauge regulator isn’t what you want, consider the Kegco Premium Pro Series Dual Gauge Co2 Draft Beer Regulator.

Kegco Commercial Grade Single Gauge Beer Regulator, Chrome

Kegco, a brand under Cydea, Inc. produces outstanding beer dispensing and storage products. It's a respected leader in the industry, and its products are both aesthetically pleasing and high-performing. Every Kegco product aims to present users with the best experience.

The Kegco Commercial Grade Single Gauge Beer Regulator is a highly consistent way to regulate CO2 in your beer. It gives you a great amount of control through its adjustable T-style valve and pressure release valve. Both of these are conveniently located and can be accessed without the use of tools. Other great characteristics of this regulator include:
  • Pressure release valve on the regulator’s body for ease of access
  • Commercial grade construction to withstand harsh environments
  • Left-hand female threads on high pressure ports for more secure lock
  • Standard CO2 pressure gauge that's simple to use
  • Barb end for tubing is more secure
  • Sintered control filter for metal flow in inlet nipple that prevents particles and dirt from damaging the regulator
  • Nylon seal permanently inserted in inlet nipple prevents leaks for longer
  • Supports 5/16-inch I.D. pressure tubing

How Do I Choose the Best CO2 Regulator?

There once was a man with a heart for beer. One day, this man decided to take his passion for beer to the next level. He was tired of simply drinking everyone else’s beer and was set on making his own. First, he decided to go through every brand and version of beer he could get his hands on. After spending a few days sampling, he settled on the type of beer he wanted. Over the next few days he acquired a brew kettle, sieves, steeping bags, the necessary ingredients, and even a kegerator.

He soaked, boiled, added more ingredients, boiled some more, and then finally put the resulting brew in an aging barrel. The next two weeks were torturous, made even worse because he swore off beer till his was out. Finally the day arrived and his wonderful brew was ready. Happily, he dipped his cup inside and had the very first taste. He was disappointed. Good as the beer was, it was quite clearly flat. He tried several more times, but every effort turned out the same as the last – the beer came out flat. One day, tired of the disappointment, he complained to a friend. A stranger overheard and casually mentioned that if his beer was flat, then it probably wasn’t getting enough CO2. The man's mind was blown, then very quickly reassembled, and focused. One moment he was thanking the stranger excitedly, and the next he was running down the street. A month later, his beer was the toast of his town.

CO2 is a vital ingredient in beer making and preservation. It might seem strange, but that particular gas has a lot to do with beer’s taste. A CO2 regulator is a way to ensure that there is always an adequate presence of CO2 in your brews.

Of course, a CO2 regulator is useful for more than just beer. Plants require CO2 for photosynthesis. For anyone with an indoor garden or hydroponic garden, a CO2 regulator is one way to ensure your plants stay healthy.

Finding the right CO2 regulator can be a bit tricky, especially for people new to these fields. This is why we have provided detailed information in this guide, so you won’t just find a good regulator, but the best CO2 regulator for you.
Price, as always, is a major consideration factor when buying a CO2 regulator. It’s a given that these regulators have different features and prices. However, from our research, we found that you can get a good CO2 regulator for between $45 and $160.

A CO2 regulator’s price is usually determined by factors such as its brand, the number of gauges, and the type of outlet among other factors. Based on these, there are regulators that are priced outside of the price range above. Some of these are more expensive, while some cost less. While you may certainly get a more expensive one if it offers the value you seek, we will advise you to stay away from cheap CO2 regulators, as they are likely to be a big disappointment.
There are certain features that should be considered before a CO2 regulator is purchased. By examining these features, you should be able to determine what CO2 regulator is the best for you. Some of the important features to check for include:
  • Type
  • Design
  • Pressure Range
  • Outlet Type
  • Timer Compatibility
  • Knobs and Adjustability
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Split
Let’s explain these further.
Construction and Design
There are several types of CO2 regulators on the market. What you intend to use one for will determine which one is best for you. Some CO2 regulators are chiefly meant for plants and aquariums. These regulators are used to inject CO2 directly into the tanks. They are usually of a smaller sort and generally have less pressure. The other main type of CO2 regulator is mostly used for beer and has higher pressures.

The gauge is the portion of the regulator that you take readings from. CO2 gauges can be single gauge or double gauge. Single gauge regulators are usually only able to measure the CO2 flow rate. Double gauge regulators have two gauges. One measures the flow rate, while the other measures the remaining quantity of CO2 in the tank.

For CO2 to be pumped, there must be some pressure. Different CO2 regulators can handle varying levels of pressure. Low CO2 regulators can usually handle pressures of between 15-30 PSI (pressure per square inch). CO2 regulators with high pressure gauges will have a capability of 1000 PSI and above. It is important to maintain the right pressure, as too much pressure can often be harmful, especially to plants. Too little pressure will just be ineffectual.

A CO2 regulator’s outlet is another important feature that must be taken into consideration. There are two main outlet types on CO2 regulators: the Barb shutoff and the Solenoid valve. The Barb shutoff is a simple rubber valve that is entirely manually operated. Solenoid valves usually use some measure of electricity. This makes them very convenient to use, because they can be connected with timers. By plugging these valves into timers, it is possible to automate when they are switched on and switched off. This means that with solenoid valves, you have less continuous work to do.
Performance and Ease of Use
The flow rate of a CO2 regulator will sometimes need to be lessened and increased. This control can sometimes require tools such as screwdrivers to access. However, some CO2 regulators have knobs and dials that let you control them without the use of a tool.

Pressure release valves, on the other hand, only let you reduce the pressure output of the CO2 regulators. This is usually done by opening the pressure valve. However, different valves let you do this with different levels of control. Some valves let you control the pressure release, while other valves only let you open and shut them.

A CO2 regulator can sometimes be split into multiple outlets. Each of these outlets will be able to perform its own task independently of the others. In this case, the CO2 regulator is connected to one tank, but has multiple outlets, making it potentially able to do the work of multiple regulators with incredible accuracy.

Get the Best CO2 Regulator of 2022!

After seeing our review, we do hope you found it useful. A CO2 regulator might just be the missing link you’ve been searching for. Go and order one now, if you haven't done so already!

Our Top Choice
Titan Controls CO2 Regulator
Best Value
Taprite T742 Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator
Aquatek Deluxe CO2 Regulator
Interstate Pneumatics WRFCO2-S CO2 Flowmeter Regulator
Kegco Single Gauge Beer Regulator