Best Coat Hanger Reviews 2023

The ideal coat hanger is one that can hold heavy fabrics, does not allow clothes to slip off, does not leave hanger marks on clothes, and is functional. Choosing the best coat hanger for your needs can be very tedious with the number of coat hangers out there. We have come up with a list of five of the best coat hanger brands out there. We know that each chosen brand has a lineup of other products, but we’ve decided to pick one hanger per brand as our featured product. If you have the time, do check out the other hangers from these brands.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
J.S. Hanger Extra Wide Hanger
J.S. Hanger is committed to bringing hangers of the best quality and design to its customers.
This extra-wide coat hanger is able to hold heavy coats. The wide rounded shoulders prevent hanger marks on clothes.
The hanger’s cross bar is attached to the shoulders with staples instead of glue or screws.
18.1 x 2 x 10.2 inches
Brown/walnut finish
Extra wide rounded shoulders
Best Value
Mainstay Standard Plastic Adult Hangers
Mainstay used its experience in manufacturing different household items in creating this pack of coat hangers with the customer’s wardrobe space in mind.
Notches for gown straps. Slim nature maximizes closet space.
May not be sturdy enough to take heavy leather jackets.
16 x 10.5 x 4 inches
Notches for straps
LOHAS Home Wooden Suit Hangers
LOHAS Home is a renowned maker of household items for better organization, convenience and comfort.
Pant clips make it easier to hang your pants, and the walnut finish has an aesthetic advantage to it.
The pant clips may snag on clothes if not handled with care.
17.5 x 0.5 x 10.5 inches
Theaceae wood
Brown/glossy walnut finish
Adjustable pant clips
Household Essentials Cedar Hanger with Fixed Bar
Household Essentials is renowned for high-quality coat hanger made from red cedar for homes, offices, or wherever you need to hang your clothes.
Its wood is an insect repellent, and it has a natural fragrance that freshens up your closet. It also has notches to hang straps.
It has sawdust residue that can stain your clothes; this is easily handled by wiping it before use.
17.6 x 0.2 x 9.5 inches
Cedar wood
Brown/natural finish
Contoured angles
IPOW Heavy Duty Non-Slip Hangers
IPOW takes advantage of technological advancements in the manufacture of high-quality coat hangers that also add color to your closet.
The slim sturdy design makes them convenient to use. They don't take up much space and can hold other clothing accessories.
Not suitable for very heavy clothing.
16.7 x 9.2 x 2.5 inches
Anti-slip S shape top design

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What is the Best Coat Hanger?

Before you choose coat hangers, decide what you need from them, and also consider your budget. Your ideal coat hanger should have most or all of the features you need. When you find one like that, it is the best coat hanger for you.
Our Top Choice
With its rich walnut finish, the J.S. Hanger Extra Wide Rounded Shoulder Wooden Coat Hanger is a combination of quality, durability and beauty. Trust it for everything you need in a long-lasting coat hanger. If you prefer a satin-padded finish hanger, take a look at the J.S. Hanger Colorful Satin Padded Coat Hanger, which is also extra-wide.

J.S. Hanger Extra Wide Rounded Shoulder Wooden Coat Hangers with No-Slip Bar, 3 Pack – Available in 3 Colors

The J.S. Hanger line of hangers for coats, belts, and scarves offers some of the best wardrobe and closet hangers you can get in the market. J.S. Hanger builds quality, durable hangers, and its reputation as a top-notch brand cannot be eroded, thanks to its products.

The J.S. Hanger Extra Wide Rounded Shoulder Wooden Coat Hanger ($49.99 - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) has a sturdy design that is perfect even for heavy coats. It provides convenient storage for coordinating suits and comes with extra-wide rounded shoulders that prevent hanger marks.

Other features include:
  • Sturdy hanging hook with chrome finish
  • Walnut finishing for a great design
  • Round bar for hanging pants
  • Swivels in hanging hooks to allow for rotations
Best Value
The Mainstay Plastic Adult Hangers are versatile coat hangers that work for coats, other types of clothing and accessories. If you'd rather have white hangers instead, the Mainstay 18-Pack Standard Plastic Hangers, White come recommended.

Mainstay Standard Plastic Adult Hangers, Black, 18 Count – Available in 6 Pack Sizes

Mainstay is an experienced manufacturer that has been in the business of making household items for years. The household items credited to it include shelves, bookcases, desks, and electric irons. By getting feedback from its customers, it understands them better and provides solutions that are both functional and versatile. It has incorporated this feedback into the manufacture of quality products like the Standard Plastic Adult hangers.

The Standard Plastic Adult Hangers ($12.52 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) are sturdy but maximize space, being compact enough to allow you to have more items in your closet or wardrobe. They come with notches in the hanger, making room for other items like gowns, scarves, and accessories. The shiny plastic finish adds a form of beauty to your closet too.
If what you need is a multifunctional and elegant suit hanger, look no further, because you have it in the LOHAS Home Solid Walnut Finish Wooden Suit Hangers. If you need less expensive coat hangers of similar quality, go for the LOHAS Home 3-Pack Beech Wood Wide Shoulder Coat Hangers.

LOHAS Home Solid Walnut Finish Wooden Suit Hangers with Anti-Rust Pant Clips, Pack of 10

LOHAS Home is known for its expertise in making household items like umbrellas, mops, grinders, and fabric drawers. Its fabric drawers remain one of the bestselling closet items in America. If you are looking for hangers and similar household items that are made with the customer’s satisfaction in mind, you simply can’t go wrong with LOHAS Home.

The Solid Walnut Finish Wooden Suit Hangers ($70.64 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) are multipurpose hangers. They're made of theaceae wood and work with a wide range of shapes and styles of coats, pants, shirts, scarves, and belts.

Some of their other features include:
  • Anti-rust hook and two adjustable clips
  • 360-degree swivel hooks for easy access
  • Lined safety grip to protect delicate garments
  • Made of Gugertree’s natural wood grain
  • Walnut finish
  • Notched shoulders
    The Household Essentials CedarFresh Red Cedar Wood Clothes Hanger is made from cedar wood, which has bug-repellent properties and also adds a natural fragrance to your clothes space. If all you need is a single great-quality hanger, try the Deluxe Cedar Coat Hanger with Fixed Bar.

    Household Essentials CedarFresh Red Cedar Wood Clothes Hanger with Fixed Bar and Swivel Hook, Set of 4

    When it comes to houseware, Household Essentials is a brand to reckon with. As its name implies, that is its specialty. Since 1986, this brand has consistently provided solutions for most household needs, both indoors and outdoors. Another great thing about this brand is that it ensures that its manufacturing processes don’t harm the environment.

    The Household Essentials CedarFresh Red Cedar Wood Clothes Hanger (set of 4) ($11.99 -- MSRP) is made from naturally aromatic red cedar, which keeps your closet smelling fresh. This insect-repelling wood also resists mustiness and moisture, which keeps your clothing safe and fresh for long periods.

    Here are some other features of this hanger:
    • The wood makes these hangers useable indoors and outdoors
    • Notches that keep straps on hangers
    • The swivel head can rotate 360o
    • The cedar used naturally repels insects
    • Ergonomically shaped to hold clothes without pulling and stretching
    • Has crossbar to hold accessories
    This hanger is well-suited for use wherever you need your clothes hanged.
    The IPOW Heavy Duty Non-Slip Hangers are made from heavy-duty material, which guarantees their strength and durability. Would you prefer a hanger for suits only? Consider the 5-pack IPOW Cascading Plastic Suits Coat Hanger, which is of the same great quality.

    IPOW New ABS Material Non-Slip Clothes Hanger Organizer Hook Various Colors – 10 Pack

    IPOW is a company dedicated to manufacturing premium quality and high performance products. It produces a wide range of products that cuts across different categories, from housewares to car mounts, office, and sports. It stays abreast of market conditions and adopts the latest technology in creating solutions that meet its customers’ needs.

    The IPOW Heavy Duty Non-Slip Hangers ($14.99 -- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) are made from heavy-duty material that stays strong despite its slim design. These hangers are multifunctional, and have extra loops and crossbars to hold your other clothing accessories like dress pants, scarves, and ties. They're ergonomically designed to mimic the human shoulders to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. The compact design maximizes space to allow you to keep more clothing in your closet. The hanger shoulders have non-slip material to prevent your clothes from slipping off. The hangers are available in colors that beautify your clothes area.

    How Do I Choose the Best Coat Hanger?

    A woman has just moved into a new apartment and, like most people, she forgot a few things at her previous place. Among these were her coat hangers. Upon realization, she shrugs and decides that she can do without them for a little while. For the next few weeks she tries to go through her usual routine with her clothes, but without her hangers. This doesn’t go too well. Some days she makes her clothes all nice and neat, but then she wakes the following morning to find them rumpled and on the floor. Other days she’ll spend hours unable to find one particular piece of clothing and, when she finally does, it is buried under a pile of equally rumpled clothes. As a result, some days she wears marginally neat clothes, and on others she wears clothes that are worn-out because that’s all she can find. This isn’t a good way to live. She needs some coat hangers.

    Coat hangers are great for neatness and organization, but they are more than just that. Coat hangers can also be a sign of class. This can be seen in movies – a man or woman walks into an extensive closet where rows and rows of beautiful clothes are hung, shoes sit on their racks, and watches rest in their watch boxes. The man or woman slides his or her hand across each suit, dress, or shirt until the right one is found. It is then taken out and held by the hanger against the person as he or she admires the way the clothing looks on them in the mirror.

    Obviously, this image would have been ruined if the clothes had been randomly strewn all over the closet. The effect would have also been lessened if the clothes had been folded. When clothes are hung, apart from the fact that they stay straight, they are also displayed better. In addition to all of the above, a coat hanger also helps you economize space.

    With all of these reasons, it should be clear that whether it’s a shirt, jacket, down coat, or even trousers, a coat hanger is indispensable.

    Coat hangers are common and finding any random type or shape is easy enough. However, for those who want more than just any hanger, we have written this guide. Here, we have provided the information that we hope will help you find the best coat hanger for you.
    Price is an essential factor in all purchases. In order to ensure you get the best deal we have thoroughly researched the merchandise. We’ve discovered that a good pack of coat hangers can be purchased from around $10 to $70.

    The price of any coat hanger depends on factors such as brand, pack size, and material. You can actually get some that are more expensive than the range we mentioned above, just as you can find cheaper ones. We, however, advise against cheap coat hangers as these are usually of a low quality and not durable.
    Often, the best way to examine an item is by reviewing its features. To help you through the process of finding the perfect coat hanger, we have listed and explained some features you should look out for. By reading and considering these features, we believe you will be able to discover the best coat hanger for you. Here are some of the features for your consideration:
    • Pack Size
    • Hanger Size
    • Material
    • Color
    • Shape
    • Hook
    • Notches
    • Pant Clips
    • Bar
    Let’s explain these further.
    Construction and Design
    Coat hangers are rarely sold individually; they are usually sold in packs. These packs can contain three, four, ten, thirty, or even more hangers. The number of hangers in a pack can be used to directly measure the cost of each hanger. A set of hangers should be bought according to the number you need – obviously, people who have more clothes should go for larger sets. However, it must be mentioned that a pack’s size does not determine its quality. Whatever the quantity of coat hangers in a pack, it is the quality of the individual hangers that matter.

    A coat hanger’s size is always important to consider. This is particularly important if you need smaller hangers that conserve space, or if you need larger, bulkier hangers for their implied ability to carry heavier clothing. However, a coat hanger’s durability is determined by more than its size and weight. Small hangers can be stronger than they look just as their heavier counterparts can be big and not necessary durable.

    A coat hanger’s material makeup is yet another feature that will determine its durability. Coat hangers can be made of various types of plastic, wood, and metal. They often have various parts made of different materials. These combinations of materials will determine how well the coat hanger can handle clothing without breaking or bending.

    A coat hanger’s shape is essential to consider in terms of its effectiveness. Coat hangers are usually designed in the way that best allows them to hold on to the clothes hanging on them. Some coat hangers are further designed to emulate the curves of a human shoulder in order to make them more effective at holding clothes, and to do so without any wrinkling or folding.

    The hook is the part of the coat hanger that holds on to the bar or rack. The hook is a vital part of the coat hanger – without it, no hanging can be done. It is important to make sure the hook of the hanger is securely attached to the rest of the hanger, and that it is shaped in a way that it doesn’t fall off the bar.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    A coat hanger can have notches in order to better hold on to additional pieces of clothing. These notches can be found at each end of the coat hanger. They are very effective at holding lighter items of clothing, like scarves, and clothes that have straps, like gowns. Similarly, some coat hangers will have clips for pants. Pant clips are two clips attached to the coat hanger, and are used to hold trousers by the waistband. These two features aren’t always present in hangers, but you should look out for them as they can be very convenient.

    The bar is the bottom portion of the coat hanger. It is usually a straight piece that goes from one end of the coat hanger to the other. This bar can be very useful as it can be used to hang various accessories and other articles of clothing. However, this bar is not always present in coat hangers, so if you need one you must make sure the hanger of your choice has it.

    Get the Best Coat Hanger of 2023!

    After reading this review of the top brands of coat hangers, you should now have sufficient information to make an informed purchase. You can now buy your coat hangers with confidence.

    Our Top Choice
    J.S. Hanger Extra Wide Hanger
    Best Value
    Mainstay Standard Plastic Adult Hangers
    LOHAS Home Wooden Suit Hangers
    Household Essentials Cedar Hanger with Fixed Bar
    IPOW Heavy Duty Non-Slip Hangers