Best Coat Rack Reviews 2023

Coat racks are necessary in every household for keeping your coats, hats, scarves and even umbrellas safe. If you entertain a lot and have visitors over on a regular basis, you might need a large coat rack for your guests to hang their clothes on. We created this review to recommend to you five excellent racks from some of the best coat rack brands on the market. These accessories don’t only have practical purposes, but are decorative as well!
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Our Top Choice
Liberty Hook Rail with 5 Flared Top Hooks
Liberty Hardware makes home hardware and is dedicated to bringing quality and style into its clients’ homes.
It has five tri hooks that offer plenty of space for coats and accessories, and can hold a maximum weight of 35 pounds.
One complaint that it is too big for bedrooms.
Wall coat rack
Zinc die cast
5 hooks
4 colors available
27.5 x 6 x 3.5 inches
Best Value
Spectrum Diversified Tweet Wall Mount 5-Hook Rack
Spectrum Diversified has made innovative storage and organizing products since 1985. Its design team is dedicated to creating fashionable, pleasant designs.
It is black and made of steel, so it fits any room decor. There is enough space to store your coat and other accessories because of its five hooks.
One complaint that it can’t hold really heavy items.
Wall coat rack
5 hooks
Black metallic finish
2.5 x 18.5 x 6.5 inches
Crown Mark Set2043 Hall TREE Coat Rack
Crown Mark makes furniture and is proud to say that its number one objective is to offer quality products, reasonable prices and unbeatable service.
It has a 360-degree swivel top and a modern, stylish shape.
One complaint that the top doesn’t twist in all directions.
Freestanding rack
6 hooks
Black finish
19.4 x 17 x 71.3 inches
Songmics Coat Rack Stand 
Songmics manufactures organizers that are meant not just to make order in people’s houses, but to bring beauty and style into them.
It has 12 hooks, so there's plenty of room for the entire family to hang coats and accessories. It has wood caps at the end of each hook to protect clothes.
One complaint that the images in the instructions are placed in the wrong order.
Freestanding rack
12 hooks
Black metallic finish
19.2 x 19.2 x 69.2 inches
Deco Brothers Over Door Coat Rack
Deco Brothers provides organizers to its customers in order to make their lives easier and keep their things in order and handy.
It is simple to install because it is placed on the door. It has six silver hooks for enough storage space.
One complaint that the hooks are a little narrow.
Over-the-door rack
11 hooks
Chrome finish
11.25 x 17 x 4.25 inches

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What is the Best Coat Rack?

If you have a large family and a large house, it is only natural to go for a large coat rack, or possibly two of them, to accommodate all the jackets of your family members and visitors. You’ve just read a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to shopping for coat racks, now let's go ahead and see the actual products we recommend.
Our Top Choice
The Liberty Hook Rail with 5 Flared Top Hooks is ideal for your hall. It comes with five tri hooks, and you can choose from two different available colors when purchasing it. If you want something with a more classical touch, check out the brown Liberty 141787 18-Inch Contempo Pilltop Hook Rail. This coat rack features 3 separate double hooks. Both of these racks are great for hangin coats, purses, bags and even hats.

Liberty Hook Rail/Coat Rack with 5 Flared Tri Hooks, 27-Inch, Available in 2 Colors

Liberty Hardware is dedicated to providing its customers with quality decorative home hardware. This company has more than 7000 products available for its clients on Amazon, from organizers to clothes and shoes.

The Liberty Hook Rail with 5 Flared Top Hooks makes organization simple and also offers a stylish touch to your home décor. Its design fits very well in your hall and is also very practical. It has five hooks, and each one has three ends available.

Let’s see its other characteristics:
  • It can hold up to 35 pounds
  • Available in two different colors
  • Its white and satin finish fits any room décor
  • Brings organizing space and a fashionable touch to your home
Best Value
The Spectrum Diversified Tweet Wall Mount 5-Hook Rack is what you need to store your coat, hat, bag and anything else. It has five hooks and comes with a pleasant black perched bird design. If you’re a fan of bird design but need something smaller, or don’t want to mount your rack on the wall, the Spectrum Diversified Over-The-Door Tweet Double Hook rack is available with you choice of two or three bird hook.

Spectrum Diversified Tweet Wall Coat Rack, 5 Hook, Stainless Steel Construction

Spectrum Diversified Designs is located in Ohio. It was founded in 1985, and has been dedicating its work to providing innovative storage and organizing products ever since. Its design team is known for creating fashionable and functional products to satisfy customers’ needs. Spectrum Diversified has over 3000 products available on Amazon, and is renowned as an outstanding vendor partner that always ships items on time and complete.

Spectrum Diversified's Tweet Wall Mount 5-Hook Rack is ideal for storing your coats, hats, bags or any other accessories. It will also add a decorative touch to your home with its perched bird design for each of its five hooks. Its original design makes it not just a functional storage piece, but a lovely and useful rack.

Check out its characteristics:
  • Five single hooks
  • Made of sturdy steel
  • Functional and also stylish
The Crown Mark Set2043 Hall TREE Coat Rack is great for hanging coats and accessories. It has a 360-degree swivel top and a fashionable look ideal for any home. If you’re not a fan of the modern look or want more hanging space, we recommend the Crown Mark 6ft Cherry Coat Rack Hall Tree. Sporting a classical design in a stylish espresso, this coat tree features multiple hooks at four different heights. The lower ones are great for kids and umbrellas.

Crown Mark Hall Tree Rack with 6 Sturdy Hooks, Made from Rubberwood, Lightweight Construction

Crown Mark was founded in 1983 and has been growing ever since. Crown Mark's furniture offers pleasant designs, great quality, competitive pricing and unbeatable service. It has plenty of products available on Amazon, including a brown mirror best seller.

In every house, there is a place for people’s coats. It’s even better when you can hang them on a modern, stylish rack that gives your home a decorative touch. The Crown Mark Set2043 Hall TREE Coat Rack has a nice shape, comes in black, and would look terrific in your hall.

Let’s find out more about it:
  • 360-degree swivel top
  • Made of rubberwood
  • Can hold heavy items with ease
  • Neutral, minimalistic design that fits well anywhere
The Songmics Coat Rack Stand has 12 hooks to store your coats and accessories. It comes with wood caps at the end of each hook to protect your clothes. If you also need a place to store your shoes, try the SONGMICS Entryway Coat Rack that features a shoe storage bench to help keep your front entrance nice and organized.

Songmics Coat Rack Stand Entryway Hat Purse Display Hall Tree Metal, Easy to Assemble

Songmics is an exclusive brand owned by Wuppessen, Inc. which mainly manufactures organizers for jewelry, shoes and coats. Its products are meant not just to organize people’s houses, but also to offer them nice décor. The company is a trustworthy seller on Amazon and has lots of products available there.

You are looking for a rack where you can hang your coat, and maybe also your hat, after coming home from work. You will be delighted to see the Songmics Coat Rack Stand in your hall, giving it a beautiful touch and also offering you a place to leave your items.

Its features include:
  • 12 hooks that provide plenty of room for the entire family’s coats
  • Wood caps at the end of each hook so your clothes won’t be scratched
  • Adds a touch of style to any room
  • Easy to assemble and comes with an Allan key
The Deco Brothers Over Door Coat Rack is ideal for easy storage. It has eleven hooks, and is easy to install because you place it right on your door. Don't need as many hooks, check out the DecoBros Over The Door 6 Hook Organizer Rack. Like the larger rack, it can be hung over the the front of your door for easy access, or on the inside to keep things out of sight.

Deco Brothers Supreme Over The Door 11 Hook Organizer Rack, Easy to Assemble, Amazon Best Seller

Deco Brothers was founded in 2012 and provides organizers to simplify people’s lives at home or at their offices. It has a great range of products on Amazon, including office items, kitchen organizers, racks, and mirrors.

The Deco Brothers Over Door Coat Rack offers a place to store your clothes without needing to make room in the hall or somewhere else in the house for it. It is placed over the door, so it’s easy to install. This way you can use space that wasn’t going to be used anyway.

Its other features include:
  • Flexible bracket that fits doors up to four inches thick
  • Simple installation
  • Six silver hooks

How Do I Choose the Best Coat Rack?

It is great to have a lot of clothes and possibly wear a different outfit each day, but in this case, you also need a large walk-in closet and many, many coat hangers! If your clothes are made of sensitive materials, such as silk or velvet, you might need to invest in a set of velvet coat hangers, as these items don’t affect the quality of the material. Finally, don’t forget to get a durable clothes drying rack and, more importantly, a spacious coat rack so that your guests have a place to put their outerwear when they pay you a visit.

Picking the right coat rack is not that easy these days, as these accessories come in various shapes and sizes, and can be made of different materials. They also need to fit in with the actual interior décor you might have in your house. Still, if you know a couple of tips and tricks, not only will you get the right coat rack, but it might even add to the visual appeal of your entryway – all of that without spending a fortune on this product.

We created this guide to help you choose the right coat rack and to ensure that you are satisfied with your decision for years to come. Go ahead and keep reading to learn more about their styles, prices and decorative purposes!
First of all, let's start with the price of a good coat rack, and you will be pleasantly impressed to learn that these items are not that expensive. For example, you can get a high-quality rack from a prestigious manufacturer for a price between $15 and $30-$35. This is the price range for most racks, but obviously, there are extremes on each side of the scale. For example, excessively cheap coat racks might cost around five to ten bucks, but they are usually made of poor-quality materials and, yes, you guessed it, they might not be able to hold a heavy winter coat.

Similarly, there are also pricier coat racks out there, which can go up to 100 dollars, and these ones are not only stunning to look at and spacious, but they might also incorporate exotic materials like gold-plated hooks and so on. What you have to do is decide on the correct budget, to avoid overspending or underspending. The price of a coat rack is also influenced by other factors, not only materials. For example, racks that have 12 hooks or more can be more expensive, as are standing coat racks that can accommodate purses and even umbrellas.
By now, you have a better idea of what's on the market when it comes to coat racks, and you probably already know what to go for. Still, keep reading to find out several more important aspects related to coat racks.
  • Type - Some racks can be hung over the door (so no need for drilling holes in walls); others are freestanding coat racks, while another type of coat rack can be fixed to doors or walls at any height you wish.
  • Materials - Apart from metal, coat racks can also be made of durable plastic and wood.
  • Number of Hooks - Big family? Choose one with multiple hooks, maybe eight or ten.
  • Color/Finish - Some racks have a beautiful chrome finish, while others might come with a stunning cherry wood finish.
Before picking the right coat rack, it is also a good idea to measure the size of your hall or entryway and to make sure your preferred one will fit. For example, if you have a rather spacious entryway, you might want to buy a freestanding coat rack, which also adds to the interior décor. On the other hand, if interior space is scarce, a regular coat rack will do, as long as you can drill a couple of holes in the wall to install it safely.
Construction and Design
When shopping for coat racks, you have to make sure they are made of durable materials. Keep in mind that a fully loaded rack might contain several winter coats, a couple of hats, maybe an umbrella, and if the weather is bad, the coats might be wet, therefore heavier. A flimsy coat rack will not be able to support this amount of weight and, in no time, you'll be cussing and picking your clothes up off the floor. To avoid this, go for a rack that has metallic hooks.

It is also recommended to pick the racks that have the highest number of hooks, if possible. That’s because, if you have guests and multiple hooks available, each of them can hang his or her coat on a single hook instead of piling a few on a single hook. As a result, the weight is evenly distributed and the likelihood of the rack breaking is slim.

Not only can today's racks be made of wood, metal or durable plastic, but some freestanding racks can also swivel 360 degrees, offering you easier access to your clothes. Although these models might be a little bit more expensive, it is money well spent! Lastly, when choosing a coat rack, make sure its finish and color match or complement the color of your walls in the entryway or hall, to create a seamless, harmonious interior design.
Performance and Ease of Use
Remember that coat racks are not only for coats. They can also be used for hanging umbrellas of all sizes, scarves, hats, caps, jackets and pretty much any type of clothing you might have. They are functional and decorative; that's why it is important to make a good decision when getting one. Before wrapping it up, make sure that you check if the manufacturer offers warranty periods, as these can be useful in the long run!

Get the Best Coat Rack of 2023!

Some of the best coat racks out there are eye-catching, practical, durable and can improve your interior décor. We hope you liked our review, and now you are ready to accessorize your entryway with a beautiful coat rack from a reputable manufacturer!

Our Top Choice
Liberty Hook Rail with 5 Flared Top Hooks
Best Value
Spectrum Diversified Tweet Wall Mount 5-Hook Rack
Crown Mark Set2043 Hall TREE Coat Rack
Songmics Coat Rack Stand 
Deco Brothers Over Door Coat Rack