Best Coat Stand Reviews 2023

The doorbell rings, you go to answer it and welcome your guest into your home, offering them shelter from the pouring rain. Now, where to hang their jacket? Well, we know the answer to that, a coat stand! This useful piece of furniture is as popular as ever, and those of us who live in small apartments appreciate its space-saving function but might get bogged down in the many options available. This is why we’ve brought you the top five makers of the best coat stands, and a favorite coat stand of ours from each, after a thorough search of the market. Enjoy the review and if you’d like more options, there are more coat stands from these brands for your consideration. Note also that we have another review for best coat racks if you’d like even more options -
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Our Top Choice
Acme Hubert Espresso Coat Rack
Quality products, competitive prices and superb services, these are the core values that have guided Acme through three decades of growth.
Multiple hooks to accommodate lots of coats, hats, scarves etc. Head spins for easy access to all hooks. Kids can reach the lower hooks easily.
It has a somewhat alarming warning sticker due to materials that may cause cancer if ingested.
3-tier; circular base
22 x 14 x 5”; 20 pounds
Iron tube/wood
16 hooks
Best Value
Songmics Free Standing Coat Rack
Songmics prides itself on providing great quality at modest prices. The creativity and practicality that it displays in its product design is the cherry on the cake.
Elegantly designed. Assembly easy and doesn’t take long. Durable. Waterproof. Sturdy. Ends of all hooks and feet are capped to prevent tears and scratches.
There are a few complaints about its manual being incorrect.
3-tier; Tripod base
17 x 17 x 71.6”; 5 pounds
12 hooks
MyGift Spiral Coat Hanger
MyGift’s specialty is bringing great, reasonably-priced products straight off the line and directly to your doorstep, kind of like freshly-baked bread from the oven.
Classy. Has plenty of hanging spaces. Coated metal body protects both the stand and your clothes from damage. Easy to put together.
It may not carry weighty stuff.
3-tier; spiral
17.5 x 17.5 x 70”; 4.8 pounds
14 hooks
Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack
Frenchi Home Furnishing is a maker of a wide range of high quality furniture for your home. Every one of its products is a great blend of taste and practicality and offered at competitive prices.
Easy to assemble and can be done in a short space of time. Sturdy. Stable. With a regal look to it.
There are isolated reports of a shifty center pole.
2-tier; with umbrella stand
17.5 x 17.5 x 70”; 10 pounds
12 hooks
Coaster Home Satin Coat Rack
Coaster Home Furnishings is on a mission to be the best; it has its sights set on exceeding its customer’s expectations and setting the standard in the industry.
Designed for long lasting stability. Doesn’t take up much room, great for small spaces. Comes in a well wrapped package.
The balls for the hooks may need to be glued on.
2-tier; 4-prod base
20 x 20 x 73”; 6 pounds
Metal tubing/plastic feet
12 hooks

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What is the Best Coat Stand?

Another popular saying goes “a word is enough for the wise” and you, no doubt, are now wiser about coat stands – if you read our buying guide. It’s time to put all that knowledge to use as you go through our review and find the best coat stand for you.
Our Top Choice
Acme’s Espresso Coat Rack, a stylish piece of furniture with a rich, dark color and clean lines that blends nicely with any décor, has a heavy base that sturdily bears the heavy weight of coats without tipping over. “Dark and rich” may not be what you’re looking for; if you'd rather have a light and lively stand bearing your coats and all your other hangable stuff, check out the Acme Hubert Coat Rack Stand in Natural Finish.

Acme Hubert Coat Rack with Espresso Finish

Three decades and two years, that’s exactly how long Acme has been in business and in all that time, it has developed relationships with a number of select factories in Asia and South America, relationships that ensure it creates products that are competitively-priced in its industry. Quality is a big deal for this company and in order to ensure that only products that meet its highest standard get to the market, it has its quality control team in each country it does business in. Speaking of countries and business, Acme boasts of six branches across the United States, showrooms and a fully-stocked warehouse where its products are shipped out within 48 hours of their being ordered.

The Acme Espresso Coat Rack comes in a ready-to-assemble package with all its components included. There’s no need to worry about the process of setting up this baby as we've found it to be real easy. The Espresso Coat Rack is a well-crafted beauty, it has a design and a dark, earthy hue that’ll work beautifully in any living space whether it’s traditional or modern, home or workplace.

This coat stand has four tiers of hooks: the first two tiers make up its head and the hooks on these tiers have little wooden knobs that are to be attached to their ends; the third tier is a set of four sturdy dowels and the last set, the lowest ones, are short and solid metal rods. You'll notice from this description that this coat stand features a metal-wood combination and trust us when we say that this combo has never looked better or felt sturdier. Its base is its heaviest component and is basically the reason you can hang as many items as it has hooks for without fear of its tipping over.

Depending on how you decide to set it up, the head of this coat stand can be spun around for easier access to its hooks, especially if you’ll be placing it in a corner or against a wall. Included in this package is a step-by-step diagrammatic instruction on how to put this piece together. Pictures are worth a thousand words and Acme agrees; the guide has each component clearly labelled and with its help you’re sure to have this rack up and ready in minutes.

Lest we forget, you’ll find glue in the package, which can be used to give the wooden knobs a more permanent fit, but you may find that everything fits so tightly that you may not need it after all.
Best Value
The Songmics Free Standing Coat Rack boasts a long-lasting construction and a baking tube varnish that protects the rack (and therefore your clothes). Its capped ends protect clothes and floors from tears and scratches. If a coat stand with an adjustable height and rotating hooks interests you, we suggest you take a look at Songmics’ Coat Rack with 14 Swivel Hooks.

Songmics Metal Coat and Hat Rack Free Standing Display, Espresso

Songmics was created with one purpose in mind: to make your life at home, office and outdoors easier by providing classic-looking storage solutions that make being an organized person a very inviting prospect. This is a brand that’s aware of the role an organized living space plays in our overall wellbeing; it's also very much conscious of the fact that, with everyday life demanding our complete attention, one may hardly get around to creating an orderly living space, which is why it sees to it that all of its products are aesthetically appealing while being practical, reliable and affordable.

The Songmics Free Standing Coat Rack is a metallic, 71.6-inch-tall stand with wooden balls capping the ends of each hook and those of the rack's feet. Its hooks are arranged in a set of three tiers with each tier having four hooks, bringing the total number to twelve hooks. The well-designed lines on this coat stand and its dark color means it’s going to stand unobtrusively by your entry and exit doors, in your hallways, in your office space and even your bathroom, while it also adds a touch of class not just to your space, but to your person as well.

One sweet feature it has is its easy-to-assemble nature; it ships ready to assemble with a manual that has the components labelled, a step-by-step guide and an Allen key – the only tool you'll be needing for this task. While we cannot stop gushing about how simple and quick to set up this coat stand is, we’d also like you to know that it's just as effective and here’s why: it’s made with durable metal tubes that have been finished with stoving varnish. What all this translates into is an enduring coat stand that’s able to stand tall (literally) even when it's fully loaded. It's also one that’s resistant to damage from moisture so you'll be able to confidently hang your wet towels, coats, scarves and whatever else is wet and hangable without ruining either your cloth or the stand.

Let’s not overlook a discussion on its stability; apart from the sturdy material in its construction, there’s also its design which has bequeathed this stand with evenly-spaced, tripod legs that give it balance. The caps on its legs also enhance its grip on the floor while preventing scratches to it.

A swift-response customer service team is readily available to answer questions and make sure you enjoy this coat stand.
The MyGift Spiral Coat Hanger, an intricately designed coat stand with trim lines and curves that’ll add a touch of understated class to your space. This coat stand can be dissembled into 3 pieces for convenient storage. If what you’re looking for is a coat stand with a more conventional style, MyGift has got you covered. Check out the MyGift Modern Black Metal Freestanding 16-Hook Coat Tree.

MyGift Elegant Spiral Metal 14 Hook Coat Hanger - Black

Features is the virtual direct factory outlet and exclusively owned division of MyGift Enterprise LLC, an internet and direct marketing company. For many years now, this company has garnered for itself goodwill from its growing consumer base, and this can be attributed to its commitment to providing a wide selection of top-grade products at astoundingly pocket-friendly prices. MyGift is able to achieve this by partnering with the manufacturers – the cream of the crop, no doubt – to supply home and office décor, furniture, fashion and electronic accessories, lifestyle products and more directly to the customer (that’s you of course), no middleman and no retailer. It also promises to be there for its customers, to answer any questions and fix any problems encountered in the course of your business with it.

MyGift’s Spiral Coat Hanger is crafted in a way that brings one word to mind – fantasy. Its delicate looking curves and lines are made entirely of metal that’s been gracefully sculpted. There’s a total of 14 hooks along the length of the spiraling portion, each about 4 inches apart and both ends of the spiral end in pretty looking curves from which necklaces can be hung. The hooks on this stand end in balls which aren’t separate from the stand but are one and the same piece.

This coat stand is quite easy to assemble, so easy, in fact, that no tool is required. It comes as a 3-part stand that when put together at the joints, results in this fantastic piece of furniture. This feature also makes it a less bulky item to transport and store. It’s coated in black finish that lends it an air of class and also serves the more practical purpose of keeping the stand from rusting.

The base of the Spiral Coat Hanger is designed for stability as it incorporates a tripod-style base with each legs doubly connected to each other. One more thing, a complementary multipurpose towel is included in the package, a gift from to you.
The Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack is a metallic 2-tiered,12-hook rack. At its base is a roomy umbrella rack for holding multiple umbrellas at once. These combine to make it quite the coat stand. If all you're in the market for is a good old coat stand without any extras, we suggest you look at the minimalistic Frenchi Furniture Black Metal Coat Rack.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack with Umbrella Stand, Black, 70 inches tall

It’s usually a great comfort to find a brand that knows its job well because it’s only then that one will be able to shop in total confidence. Frenchi Home Furnishing is a brand with products so good that one immediately understands that this company knows its onions. Its product offerings include vanity sets, mirror stands, storage racks, tables, side stools and more, which are all so beautifully and ingeniously built that there will be no resisting the invitation to shop.

The Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack brings two words to mind: old faithful. This is probably due to the fact that it has a regal yet comely feel to it or its imposing size resulting from the diameter of its constituent tubes. It has 2 levels of hooks, with each level having 6 hooks. A thick center pole passes through the coat stand's umbrella rack – one that’s spacious enough to hold a good number of umbrella (whether they are large, medium or small sized) at a time.

This coat stand has a tripod-style leg that gives it stability that will keep it upright and standing with its head held high even when its load is unevenly distributed.

Its hooks end in balls so that nothing snags on their ends, and every part of it is coated in a shiny black finish that not only protects the metal body from moisture's damaging effects, but adds to its appeal as well. Its construction is a solid one and this makes it one sturdy coat stand and you won’t have to burn calories wondering if its hooks will give under the flimsiest of weights – good judgement still applies as to how much weight will be too much weight though.

It comes ready to assemble and, with the aid of the included guide (which is well done and easy to understand, by the way), you should be able to get this stand ready for use in a matter of minutes. All the necessary hardware including an Allen wrench have been helpfully included by the manufacturer for your assembling convenience.
The Coaster Satin Coat Rack has a metal construction with a protective yet attractive finish to keep it safe from the corrosive effects of humidity and use. A total of 12 hooks makes for plenty of hanging spaces on this piece. If a more traditional looking coat stand is more trustworthy to you, we'd like you to have a look at Coaster’s Coat Rack in Solid Wood, which comes in a stylish oak finish.

Coaster Home Furnishings Satin Finish Coat Rack, Black, 73 Inches Tall

The active quest for excellence, superior customer service and regard for individuals have guided Coaster Home Furnishings through its two decades of existence and have seen it rise to earn a place as one of the top National Furniture Distributors in the US. With seven branches spread across the nation and more than 3000 products for its customers’ choosing pleasure, it has set itself on a path to becoming a brand synonymous with excellent furniture. Its desire to add quality to the lives of people and communities around it has seen it sponsor semiannual blood drives, establish a relief fund for Haiti, participate in charity runs/walk organized by Revlon and other humanitarian activities.

The Coaster Satin Coat Rack is triple-tiered, all-metal coat stand with a total of 12 hooks. It’s made with high quality metal and, at a height of about 6 feet, it has an attractive appearance that’s enhanced by the intriguing finial at its top. Its satiny black finish will complement any home or office décor. What’s more, kids can reach the lower hooks and hang their cute little coats, hoodies, backpacks and whatever else.

This Coaster coat stand requires home assembly, which isn’t a problem as it can be put together quite easily, and quickly too. For its assembly, all the necessary parts are included and an Allen wrench too so you don’t have to go shopping for any extra hardware. It comes with ball caps that are to be placed over the hooks and caps that go under each foot as well; in this way, your garments are protected from possible tears that the bare ends of the hooks can cause and your flooring doesn’t get scratches on it.

The four legs on this coat stand give it more stability and keeps it from toppling over when fully loaded, especially when all the weight isn’t on one side but is as evenly distributed as possible. Its fine, shiny finish keeps it moisture-proof and appealing so you get to use it in confidence and not worry about rust, whether it’s winter or highly humid.

How Do I Choose the Best Coat Stand?

You know how they say that charity begins at home? Well, we believe that hospitality begins from your very doorstep and many things can make your guests comfortable at the door, even before they step in. It’s for this reason (and probably some other personal ones) that we invest in items such as welcome mats, potted plants, name and address plaques, monograms and, wait for it, coat stands. You probably didn’t think of that last one but, unless you have a butler who’ll answer the door and receive your caller’s coat, scarf and whatnots, you should be familiar with at least the concept of a coat stand!

No one wants to have drops of water trailing behind them, their loved ones or their guests as they make their way into their home or office on a rainy day and have such water ruin their beautiful rug, and neither does anyone want a living space that’s littered with jackets, coats, bags and other such items, especially when it’s a small apartment with little or no closet space. The coat stand might be just what you need to make such situations go away as it’s created for the sole purpose of keeping your space organized by holding your garments, hats, umbrellas, bags etc. when they aren’t in use.

Coat stands are available in a variety of styles, colors, materials and sizes, so whatever your preference, you’re sure to find one that’ll work for you, and if you’re feeling a tad more creative, you can also have a custom-made coat stand.

Let’s take a short detour and discuss the styles of coat racks available, shall we?
  • Traditional: This refers to coat stands with conventional designs, that is, coat stands that are designed in the normal, regular fashion. Traditional coat stands are simple, straightforward and functional pieces with uncomplicated designs
  • Contemporary: This can also be regarded as modern style and it features clean lines with pretty interesting shapes. Coat stands in this style are generally not bulky (as today’s individual is quite space conscious). You’ll find on contemporary pieces a beautiful contrast of neutral and bold elements and colors as well as an appealing blend of geometric patterns
  • Casual: Warm, fun, playful and inviting, these are the words that casual pieces call to mind. Casual-style coat stands have simple details combined with softer finishes that produce a cozy atmosphere. They may also have accents such as buttons, pleats, ruffles and stuff like that
  • Cottage: Coat stands in this style are loved for the vintage look and the romantic feel to them. They usually feature filigrees, lattices, elegant or dainty curves and create an overall charming and cushy effect
There’s the freestanding coat stand which, well, stands; there’s also the wall-mounted coat racks that don’t require any floor space. We also have coat stand trees that are more like composite units usually having places for coats, boots, umbrellas and hats. This type resembles a portable closet in its functionality.

We realize that you’re the boss of you and have the final say, one that we don’t intend to overrule which is why we call this a guide. However, when you’re deciding on a coat stand, you should know that its use isn’t restricted to your entryway or hallways alone. It can also find purpose in your bathroom, bedroom and some other interesting places. Also bear in mind that it’ll be carrying some weight so it’s a wise thing to invest the necessary number of greenbacks (within your budget of course) in the best coat stand for you.
When it comes to the matter of price, we advise that you keep this in mind: the more elaborate the design and material of the coat stand, the pricier it’ll be. Okay, let’s say we have a beefy, ornately carved oaken coat stand with an umbrella-rack and plenty of finely curved hooks on one hand and a trim, wrought-iron piece with clean lines and a down-to-earth design on the other hand (both of the highest quality construction); you wouldn’t expect both to go for the same price, do you?

Generally, when shopping for a coat stand, expect a price range of $20 - $200 with anything above that probably being custom-made hall trees. When you find that, somehow, your heart has managed to get fixated on a particular coat rack, it’s good you ask yourself these questions and answer honestly; am I liking this because it’s surprisingly cheap? Will this be safe in a family with little kids and small pets? What are the odds that I’ll come in one day and place my stuff on this stand only to hear distressing creaking or cracking sounds and find a hook or the central pole broken?

Our final word on this matter: cheaper isn’t always better, and cheap coat stands can become a source of frustration (try constantly lifting a fallen stand or having to be careful when you want to hang or retrieve an item) in the long run.
So, you may ask, what makes a great coat stand? Well, there are key features to look out for in a coat stand and we’re going to tell you a few. A coat rack adds style and personality to a room or space but it’s imperative that you’re choosing something that’s practical and functional as well. While color and finish are important things to consider, you’ll agree with us that a variation in these may not contribute to the stability and sturdiness of a coat rack, and these two are really important things for a coat rack.

These are factors you need to consider when shopping for coat stands:
  • The material it’s made with
  • The style and design of the coat stand
  • If assembly is required and how easily it can be done
  • The size of the coat stand in relation to the space it’ll be used in
With the proper understanding of these factors, balancing them with your budget should come easily.
Construction and Design
Wood, metal, plastic, stone; these are the materials commonly used in the construction of coat stands. Many coat stands are actually made with a combination of two or more of these materials. Coat stands have been around for a very long time; for hundreds of years as a matter of fact and they were usually hand-crafted from wood but with the introduction of mechanized furniture-making, they’re more readily available and at less expensive prices too. Wooden coat stands can be made from bamboo, oak, mahogany, fir, etc. and finished in any choice of wood tones. A clear topcoat may be added to protect the finish and give it a lasting appearance.

Metal coat stands can be made from wrought-iron, brass, stainless steel, etc. Wrought-iron pieces have a romantic quality to their aesthetics and are also popular for their durability. Stainless steel is a popular material in coat stands because of its resistance to rust and corrosion from moisture and other elements in Mother Nature’s arsenal.

High-Impact Molded Polystyrene (that’s the fancy name for plastic) is used in the making of many modern coat stands. The plastic is hardened for strength and stands made with this material are usually more affordable when compared with those made with other materials. For coat stands made with this material, you’ll have to go light and let mother wit be your guide.

We’re yet to find a coat stand that’s made completely of stone, but a lot of them have this material incorporated into their design. Thanks to their weight, stones are beautifully cut and used as the base for coat stands. This will increase the stand’s stability so that it doesn’t tip over under the weight of its charge. Marble is a commonly used stone for this purpose; the result is truly a beauty.

When it comes to design, there’s really no end to what’s available; we’ve got regular coat stands with regular hooks arranged in tiers around the central pole. Halt! Why don’t we take a moment to briefly look at the parts of a basic coat rack?

Okay, there are basically 3 parts to a coat stand. We have the hooks, the pole (or poles – it’s all up to the maker) and the base. The hooks of course are those projections jutting out of the stand where you hang your stuff; the pole is to the coat stand what the trunk is to the tree, while the base is (well, we won’t use the tree analogy here seeing as it’s generally not buried or anchored to the ground in any way) more like the feet of the coat stand.

Now, where were we? Yes, back to the description of the coat stand designs available. There are some with the hooks in no particular order and still others with hooks arranged on opposite sides of the pole. There are coat stands with two or more poles; there are coat stands with spinning heads for easier access especially when it’s placed in a corner or next to a wall.

The base of a coat stand can be round, tripod-styled or x-styled. The round base coat stands have solid circle of stainless steel, wood or stone, the tripod-style base has 3 feet that are evenly spaced to carry the weight of the stand’s weight while the x-style base has four feet.

Worthy of mention is the hall tree; this isn’t your regular coat stand, it has some extras added to it which may include shelves, a small bench, mirrors, umbrella racks etc. These generally cost more than the regular coat stands and take up more space but add a definite touch of class and sophistication that cannot be ignored.
Performance and Ease of Use
Nearly all coat stands need to assembled by the buyer before use. They usually come in a ready-to-assemble package with the necessary hardware and a manual. While they’re generally easy to put together, requiring no special skill set or any sort of prior training, it isn’t strange to come across a few of them that seemed to have been made like a puzzle for geniuses to figure out. If you haven’t got the patience for such, there are many great stands that make for a simple and fast assembly.

You should pay attention to the size of a coat stand, its height, weight and the span of its hooks from the farthest point to the other. This will help you determine whether it’s going to be the right fit for the space you have in mind or not.

Now for an interior design tip: when you’re placing your coat stand, it’s important that the fit isn’t tight for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Here’s the practical reason: it’s not going to be convenient having to squeeze between the stand and the wall when you want to reach a hook and neither is it going to be nice to have the hooks rubbing against your wall.

The aesthetic reason: this one is simple; it just wouldn’t look good.

Another reason to consider size is when you’re a family person with kids who’ll be using the coat stand too; you’ll want one with hooks that your kids can reach.

There are coat stands with additions such as an umbrella stand, casters for mobility, a boot shelf, a hat shelf and whatever addition the manufacturer has in mind; some stands may have all these incorporated in them. If a coat stand has got an umbrella rack, it should also have a drip tray to catch water as it drops.

There’s also the issue of finishes and plating; a good finish adds to the beauty and life span of the coat stand. The finish also adds to the protection of the stand from damage due to exposure to moisture and use.

Get the Best Coat Stand of 2023!

So we’re here, at the end of this review, and we really hope you found that perfect coat stand. If you’ve succeeded, great! It’s time to go and make it yours.

Our Top Choice
Acme Hubert Espresso Coat Rack
Best Value
Songmics Free Standing Coat Rack
MyGift Spiral Coat Hanger
Frenchi Home Furnishing Coat Rack
Coaster Home Satin Coat Rack