Best Cocktail Dress Reviews 2022

When it comes to getting the perfect dress for the occasion, ladies, you know that you’ve got only one chance to get it right. As it is said, “wear a beautiful dress and they remember the dress; wear an ugly one and they remember the woman.” You wouldn’t want to be called “that lady that wore that hideous gown…” now, would you? We don’t think so. But hey, don’t panic. That’s why we’re here. You’re about to get dazzled with some of the best cocktail dresses in the market right now (five of them, actually) all made by, you know it, leading brands. What’s important is that whatever you choose, you slay!
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Our Top Choice
PattyBoutik One Shoulder Cocktail Dress
PattyBoutik understands your desire to be classy yet comfortable, and is committed to creating just the right kind of designs that will enable you to step out looking your best.
Well-made. Simple but classy. Hides imperfections. Fits well. Comfortable. Doesn’t creep up. Flatters your curves. Skin-friendly fabric. Easy to wash.
It does not offer a lot of color options.
One shoulder
XS, S, M, L, XL
5 colors
Best Value
Zeagoo Backless Lace Halter Neck Dress
Zeagoo believes that to be a woman is to be sexy, and therefore stocks up on only the trendiest and most fashionable items, from formal to casual, to show off the sexy you.
Sexy sheer lace hollow-out top and leather-like polyester bottom. Open back for a sexier look. Body con slim fit accentuates your figure. Suitable for cocktail, party, clubs.
Open bust area might not be comfortable for some.
Backless; halter neck
S, M, L, XL
Black; red
Miusol Retro 1950’s Cocktail Dress
For about a decade now, Miusol has maintained the standard as a leading online retail store that provides high-class fashion items for women of all sizes and ages.
Made with figure-fitting materials. Elegant V-neck design. Vintage 1950s style. Easy, hidden zipper behind. Knee-length, swing dress. Suitable for office and casual outings.
Not a budget dress.
S, M, L, XL, XXL
Purple; navy blue; black
Ever Pretty ¾ Sleeve V-Neck Dress
With over 12 years of experience, Ever Pretty sure knows its stuff when it comes to giving females that exceptional look for each defining moment in life, from prom to wedding day.
Comes in a simple, versatile design to accommodate individual personalities. Can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories. Soft, stretchy fabric. ¾ sleeves. Knee-length.
Might not be comfortable for those who don’t like to show cleavage.
2 – 18 plus
15 colors
Fantaist Deep V Neck Floral Pencil Dress
Fantaist is a well-known brand famous for its tasteful yet highly affordable dresses that will get any woman looking stunning, stylish, and confident in a heartbeat.
Beautiful floral pattern with contrast panels. Smooth, firm fabric drapes flatteringly. Sleeveless mini pencil dress with neck split. Great for any occasion. Great for summer.
Dress might run a little small.
; Pencil; sleeveless
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
11 colors

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What is the Best Cocktail Dress?

So, was figuring out the best cocktail dress for you so difficult? Surprised, aren’t you? We’re glad our guide could be of help. Now come with us quickly and let’s check out our top five hottest cocktail dresses right now!
Our Top Choice
The PattyBoutik Women’s One Shoulder Cocktail Dress is a uniquely designed outfit specially made for you to get all the attention. Everyone wants to meet the stunner in the one-shouldered piece across the room, don’t they? Would you prefer an off-shoulder dress? Check out the PattyBoutik Women’s Off Shoulder Twin Set Floral Lace Dress.

PattyBoutik Women's One Shoulder Cocktail Dress – Available in Multiple Sizes & 4 Colors

A good part of a woman's confidence comes from being fashionable and stylish. PattyBoutik understands this and also believes that no woman should have to sacrifice comfort for style, which is why it’s dedicated to creating designs that are stylish yet comfortable. It offers a variety of neckline cuts that provide you with options, with each very much capable of making you look exquisite and outstanding. Get a PattyBoutik today and find that rare blend of warmth and chic that is absolutely irresistible, giving you the confidence to step up and be all you want to be. With a PattyBoutik, you can hardly ever go wrong.

Being distinct is an asset, but not everyone can pull it off. Even those who can pull it off require some help—the kind of help the PattyBoutik One Shoulder Cocktail Dress is designed to offer. Being one-shouldered, it is unique and stands you out in a room full of two-shouldered wearers by offering you a great opportunity to subtly flaunt that well-toned shoulder.

Aside from this, it embraces your curves and highlights them in a subtle but alluring way, and with its ruched design, you don’t have to constantly hold in your breath in an attempt to keep those slight bulges in. The ruched design does a good job of concealing them, leaving you free to breathe freely.

Wait! There’s more. You know those great legs of yours? You get to show them off, too. Tada! With this beauty, every part of your body compliments the other. None detracts from the other. You appear completely stunning, with only you knowing your imperfections (which is how it should be).

Now this dress is so comfortable that you can have all the fun you want with it. You may even be tempted to sleep in it (maybe you would). That’s how comfortable it is. It’s also versatile and can be worn to any number of events, including (but not limited to) gala events, cocktails, weddings, dinners, and more.

Truth be said, every woman should own this one-shouldered piece. You can get this in your size as it is offered in x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. You’re sure to find that perfect fit. More so, the material is a bit stretchy so finding a great fit shouldn’t be difficult.

As for the colors, it comes in four amazing colors so you can either get one that suits you best, or a couple so you can switch the colors according to your mood and occasion.

It’s time to step out to that well-deserved applause. Get ready to mesmerize the world in this PattyBoutik One Shoulder Cocktail Dress. It doesn’t get any better than this.
Best Value
The Zeagoo Backless Sheer Lace Halter Neck Cocktail Dress is a hot number that flatters your curves in all the enviable ways possible. From its hollow-out top to its open back, you’re going to step out looking hot hot! Not quite your thing? Check out this sophisticated dress, with a floral pattern, ¾ flare sleeves, and A-line design: The Zeagoo ¾ Flare Sleeve Floral A-Line Cocktail Dress.

Zeagoo Backless Sheer Lace Halter Neck Cocktail Dress – Available in Multiple Sizes & in Red or Black

“To be a woman is to be sexy.” Those words clearly define what the Zeagoo brand is all about. From all kinds of clothing to accessories, it stocks up only the most tasteful and the hottest items that are guaranteed to get you to turn heads wherever you go. Since its inception several years back, Zeagoo has done more than granted women all over the world the express permission to unleash the sexy them; it has also provided fashion advice and support for its various customers through the help of its amiable customer support team, whom, if we might add, are high-class fashionistas too. This brand is definitely every woman’s friend!

For all our girls that love to look hot, this is the way to go: The Zeagoo Backless Sheer Lace Halter Neck Cocktail Dress. It’s every shade of hotness, custom-made to flatter your curves and turn all eyes on you as you walk into the room.

So, let’s examine the features:

It comes as a halter neck dress with a hollow-out top that flatters your bust area nicely. Beware though, it might not work if you aren’t particularly busty, or if you are but don’t care to show some skin—this isn’t for you. But for those who love to flaunt it cos they got it, this dress works. Plus, the top is made of sheer lace that just adds that soft sexy look.

Also, this dress comes with a fashion open back to show off your lovely skin and add to the overall sexy look and charm.

Again, the lower part is made of a leather-like material with a bodycon slim fit that hugs your frame and accentuates your hips. And since it’s a mini dress, this hottie literally helps you put your best foot forward. Now the only question you have to ask is: alluring black or sexy red? Take your pick from its two great color options.

Whatever occasion you’re going for, you sure can’t go wrong in this. From a cocktail, to a party, to the club, this dress checks all the boxes. And if you’re the lady to play it wild, hot, and sexy, then you can’t afford to miss the Zeagoo Backless Sheer Lace Halter Neck Cocktail Dress. It matches your style like few other dresses can. Order!
Going for that elite, sophisticated, vintage look? Then you’ve got to snag the Miusol Retro V Neck Cap Sleeve 1950’s Cocktail Dress now. It’s a great blend of tasteful fashion and elegant formality you must have. Or perhaps something more slim-fit? See this slim-fit mini dress with long sleeves and a beautiful wine color: the Miusol Retro Floral Lace Long Sleeve Slim Cocktail Mini Dress.

Miusol Retro V Neck Cap Sleeve 1950’s Evening Cocktail Swing Dress – Available in Different Sizes & Colors

When it comes to top-quality and trendy women fashion, Miusol is a name you can trust, as so many others have come to agree. Beginning in 2007, this brand has maintained a steady pace as one of the leading global retail stores that makes and supplies some of the best clothes and accessories in the market right now. Women of all sizes and ages are guaranteed to find flattering dresses that will accentuate their figures and work out their feminine charm effortlessly. And to make the package even more enticing, this brand boasts a fantastic customer support team and has enjoyed massive plaudits from several customers across different retail platforms.

So, you love that vintage look with all the silent elegance that comes with it? Then look no further than the Miusol Retro V Neck Cap Sleeve 1950s Cocktail dress. It’s got everything you’re looking for in a vintage dress, no doubt.

First, it’s 1950s-style which will be a breath of fresh air as most women will be going more modern. You will definitely stand out in this dress. And although it’s vintage, it still comes with a simple yet hard-to-forget design.

There’s an elegant V-neck design up top. And not to worry, this dress was made with the conservatives in mind so it doesn’t show too much. There’s just enough to hint at your femininity, but not too much to be overboard.

When worn, this dress will stop at your knee or slightly above, depending on your height, and it even comes with a swing. Chill, it won’t blow with the wind; the fabric is pretty firm and has some bulk to it. So, on that score, you’re safe.

Also, this dress comes with a zipper behind but it’s hidden so it’s not “in-your-face.” Plus, it’s super easy to zip and unzip, quite unlike most zippers you find in the market today.

What could possibly make this dress even better? The fact that it has three classy colors to choose from: purple, black, or navy—so take your pick!

Finally, this dress works wonders for cocktails but will also work without a glitch for evening clubs, a casual outing, or even work. We thought you’d have ordered by now—are you still here?
Here’s a really comfy dress that you’ll love: the Ever Pretty ¾ Sleeve Ruched Waist V-Neck Casual Cocktail Dress. With its versatile design, whether you choose to dress up or dress down, you can never go wrong in this. Or you could also check out this stunning long dress that’s great for a ball or a day out at the beach. See the Ever Pretty Double V-Neck Ruched Waist Long Evening Dress.

Ever Pretty ¾ Sleeve Ruched Waist V-Neck Casual Cocktail Dress – Available in Different Sizes & Colors

With over 12 years of being in the business, Ever Pretty is not a novice to the woman’s inner desire to be the belle of the ball. And that’s why it has made it a point to make sure that every deciding moment in your life doesn’t come without its own awesome dress. From prom to weddings, to date night, to your first job, all occasions must be graced with a befitting dress and Ever Pretty has made that easily possible. And with a superbly functioning online store, it cuts the brouhaha of rummaging different hangers, from store to store, checking for the perfect dress (we know right). With fast shipping and a customer team that’s A-class, the affordability of its dresses just ties the bow neatly on the totally awesome package that this brand offers.

It hardly gets simpler and more versatile than the Ever Pretty ¾ Sleeve Ruched Waist V-Neck Cocktail Dress. This dress is so simple and that’s why it’s terrific.

Because of its simplicity and versatility, you can call the shots on how you look. This is not a dress that will box you into a stereotypic look against your will; it instead allows your individuality to shine through while still maintaining a terrific appeal, of course.

Made for your comfort, this dress is made out of fabric that’s soft and stretchy, giving your curves and body the chance to breathe. Who says you must be uptight to look good?! The stretchy fabric also works as it accentuates your curves, flattering your female figure.

Plus, with the ruched waist, you don’t have to be too bothered about your midriff anymore as it successfully disguises your midsection and makes your tummy look trimmer. And yes, you no longer have to keep sucking in your belly till you’re red in the face.

This dress is a knee-length dress that will show off your legs nicely, and it comes with ¾ sleeves that are also ruched, which adds an interesting and lovely touch to this otherwise simple dress.

Wouldn’t you like a dress that makes you look stunning without detracting from the individuality that makes you, you? And with 15 smashing colors for you to choose from? Then order this dress now!
Looking for a classy yet sexy summer dress? The Fantaist Sleeveless Deep V Neck Floral Print Cocktail Pencil Dress is it! With its knee-length pencil design, you look appropriate without losing your feminine charm. Or you could check out this beautiful, asymmetrical wrap dress that goes for a more affordable price: the Fantaist Wrap V Neck Ruched Asymmetrical Floral Cocktail Mini Dress.

Fantaist Sleeveless Deep V Neck Floral Print Cocktail Pencil Dress – Available in Different Sizes & Colors

You only need to look at its lineup of dresses to see what the Fantaist brand is all about: comfort, confidence, and style. There’s no woman who wouldn’t turn heads when dressed in any of its dresses. All clothes are made with comfort and style in mind for all kinds of women. With the diverse collections at Fantaist, you won’t need to go out of your way and personal style to look fashionable. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank, either. All items are super affordable! Not forgetting the fact that customer service here is awesome, you’d have to agree that it hardly gets better than this.

This summer, few dresses will give you the “hotter-than-summer-heat” look like the Fantaist Sleeveless Deep V Neck Floral Print Cocktail Pencil Dress. It’s simply a must-have, and guess what? It’s super affordable!

Now, let’s start with the fabric. It’s smooth and firm and drapes around your body in the most flattering manner, giving your curves some love and showing them off in the best way possible.

Next, it has this lovely floral design contrasted with dark panels by the side, giving you that charming and welcoming look. You know few patterns say “sexy” and “sweet” at the same time like the floral pattern; and with the contrasting dark panels to complement, you got yourself a stunning dress.

This dress also comes with a neck split that just hints at your bust area without giving too much away, so it’s always going to be appropriate for whatever company you find yourself in.

And it’s a mini pencil dress, so it’s just short enough to highlight your hot legs and still be work-appropriate. Also, because it’s pencil, you can imagine the kind of loving your figure is going to receive. We need not say much.

To ensure your personality gets as much loving as your figure, this dress is available in an array of unique prints and colors—from floral, to leopard, and even to gray and black contrast. Take your pick!

And lastly, you can make this dress into a dress for whatever occasion you’re going for. With killer heels, a clutch, and some nice simple jewelry, you’re ready for work, for party, or for bridal shower. There’s no boxing this thing!

So why not place your order now?! Dresses this stunning and at such an affordable price hardly stay long on the racks, so hurry!

How Do I Choose the Best Cocktail Dress?

Picking the perfect dress just has to be a science, and why do we say so? Duh… because you need to do a bit of study to understand what dress goes for what occasion, for what body shape, for what accessories, for what shoes, for what err… for what pretty much anything.

So, you see, it is a science! In fact, if red-carpet fails are anything to go by, even the pros don’t get it right every time. We know, you’re probably thinking, “so what’s the assurance that I won’t get it wrong too?” Relax, it’s why we’re here. We have outlined the basics to help you make a choice, and if you add that to your invaluable womanly instincts, then you would almost always achieve “knock’em dead” status.

But come to think of it, women are pretty interesting creatures and differ greatly and widely from men. A man wants to go to a wedding, tux. A man wants to go to a funeral, suit. Prom, tux. Work, suit. Okay, maybe some shorts and polos for golf, and some denim for casuals. That’s it basically.

Women on the other hand? There never seems to be a perfect dress, even if their closets are larger than some wholesale boutiques. And men are completely clueless as to this concept. Like every occasion has its own dress, and let’s not forget that we cannot repeat the same dress for two different occasions.

So, there’s the prom dress, different from bridesmaid dress, different from dress for work, of course different from wedding dress, which is different from wedding guest dress and different from date night dress, and different from red carpet dress. Yes, “whew!” is the word.

So you can see why picking the right dress can quickly turn nightmarish if proper help isn’t gotten. Picking a cocktail dress is not really different from picking a normal dress. And depending on how you choose to accessorize, most can double as party dresses, work dresses, or even beach wear.

Our guide will put you through the things you need to know in order to select a great cocktail dress that will get people talking (positively, of course) for a long time. Stay with us and you’ll find out all the tips and tricks.
Cocktail dresses come in a wide range of prices. You can get a really lovely dress for as low as $15, and of course you know that they can go for as high as a million dollars if you’re Bey or Riri. But since we’re just everyday folks, you can cap off the price range at about $200 plus. The major factors that determine price are the brand that carries the dress, and the design of the dress. Of course, you know that if you’re going to get a designer dress you won’t be spending the same amount as someone who is getting a regular, albeit lovely dress.

And then there are cheap cocktail dresses. No, no, no. Don’t even think about it. You don’t want to look cheap. Before we even get to the part about durability and quality, appearance is foremost. Remember what they say, “an ugly dress and they remember the woman.” And you know these things don’t get etched out of people’s memories easily. Or have you forgotten some epic red-carpet fails yourself? Be wise.
Getting a cocktail dress isn’t too difficult, but a number of factors must be considered in order to get something that fits and puts your body in the best light. Here are some of the features to consider:
  • Types
  • Fabric
  • Length
  • Problem areas/assets
  • Body shape
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
When it comes down to the construction and design of your new cocktail dress, the three things to consider above all else are: type, the fabric it’s made from, and how long it is. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect now!


You know keeping women satisfied when it comes to dresses is a herculean task, so even though there’s a plethora of different types of dresses, some ladies might still find it hard to choose. Anyway, we will list the basic types of cocktail dresses there are, and fingers crossed, you’ll see something you like.

Of course, there’s the Little Black Dress which every lady must own at least one of. A little black dress always works and is usually pretty simple, yet elegant and sexy. And let’s not forget that it’s also quite an easy wear which makes it an obvious go-to when at a loss.

One-shoulder dresses are another type of cocktail dress, and the straps can go from really simple to really bold depending on how you like it. There are some others, too, that work by tying a strap in place at the shoulder, as there isn’t necessarily a shoulder cut.

Strapless dresses: The fear of many women with strapless dresses is that their busts could spill out if they aren’t careful, but this need not happen if you get your size. Also, many of these strapless gowns come with a bra built-in and are held up under their bust with an elastic band, so there shouldn’t be any fears as long as it’s your size and you’re comfortable in it.

A-line dresses: These look like the letter “A”, hence their name. They fit snug around the hips but gradually widen as they get to the hem. They became really popular in the 1950s and ‘60s and still remain a classic today. A-line dresses can come strapless or with a halter-neck neckline.

Shift dresses: These are about some of the simplest dresses you’ll find. Mostly sleeveless, they come with a cut usually above the knee with a straight skirt or an A-line skirt.

Maternity cocktail dresses: Like you probably already know, these are made for women who are preggie, to accommodate their growing belly in a comfy manner. And no, it doesn’t have to be dull and drab. With the unique styles available these days, maternity cocktail dresses are a lot more tasteful than you might normally expect.


Next, we will look briefly at the different fabrics a cocktail dress can come in.

The fabric options for cocktail dresses are large and diverse. You can find cotton, silk, denim, polyester, rayon, nylon, etc. So, whether you prefer natural fabric or man-made, there’s definitely a dress for you.


Lastly in this section, we will look at dress lengths…

Cocktail dresses can be pretty short or floor-length long. For a regular look, most women go for something in-between, but to ingrain an entrance into people’s minds forever, some women either go really short or really long. Another factor you should consider when choosing length is how confident you are about your legs. If you aren’t too confident, then a long dress is your best bet.
Performance and Ease of Use
We all want to rock our chosen cocktail dress, and there are two big things you need to think about to make that happen: your body shape and your problem areas. We’ll take a look at both below, so you can know how to dress for your shape and how to accentuate the best parts of your body.

Body Shape

To pick a dress that flatters your figure, you need to know your body shape, and there are five types. Please bear in mind that a dress that looks good on a mannequin or on a particular model doesn’t mean it will look good on you. You must know your shape and what fits it best. Find out from our list.

The Pear Shape: This shape is characterized by a smaller upper body and a wider lower body. Women with this shape should get dresses that emphasize their upper body more: that is the stomach, torso, and shoulders.

The Strawberry Shape: This is the opposite of the pear. The upper half of the body is wider than the lower half of the body. If you have this shape, look for dresses that, of course, emphasize your lower body more.

The Rectangle Shape: The rectangle-shaped woman has her shoulders and hips at about the same width. Women of this shape should try to get dresses that draw attention to their arms and legs to balance out the shape.

The Apple Shape: Apple-shaped bodies have shoulders, ribs, and backs that are a bit wider than the rest of the body. To balance this out, get a dress that focuses on your mid-section.

The Hourglass Shape: Here, the shoulders and hips are of similar measurements while the waist is comparatively tinier. Your dress should accentuate your curves if this is your body shape.

Problem Areas and Assets

Next, let’s talk about your problem areas and how we can work around that.

Belly: Go for an empire waistline dress. It will draw the attention away from your midsection and to your bust, so you can rest easy.

Hips: If your hips are too large or too small, an A-line dress will work. A-line dresses can give the illusion of wider hips where the hips are small, and can equally make your hips look smaller if you think they are too wide, so far as they are properly fitted.

Chest: For smaller busts, you might want to go for an empire waistline as it will flatter your bust area and make it look a little larger. If you want to downplay your bust size though, then you’d want a shift dress as they usually come with higher necklines.

Legs: Of course, the Little Black Dress and other mini dresses are the perfect way to show off your hot legs. But if you aren’t too confident about your legs, then go for a maxi dress, or strapless long dress which will take the attention away from your legs and to your face.

Arms: Now, there are different parts of the arms that a lady might want to disguise: it could be the upper arm or the lower arm. You already know that a ¾ sleeve or a full long sleeve will keep your arms hidden.

But if it’s just your upper arms that bother you, then cap sleeves will work. They should be made with either lace or an opaque material to draw attention away from that part of your arm.

Get the Best Cocktail Dress of 2022!

We’re pretty sure you’ve found the one, so why not go ahead and order? And if our choices don’t do justice to your tastes, you’re totally welcome to check other dresses by your favorite brand.

Our Top Choice
PattyBoutik One Shoulder Cocktail Dress
Best Value
Zeagoo Backless Lace Halter Neck Dress
Miusol Retro 1950’s Cocktail Dress
Ever Pretty ¾ Sleeve V-Neck Dress
Fantaist Deep V Neck Floral Pencil Dress