Best Coffee Substitute Reviews 2023

Ever thought of how life would be without caffeine? Slow, right? Wrong! With the growing evidence against caffeine as detrimental to your health, it’s about time you dropped coffee from your everyday life and substituted it with natural beverages. In this review, we’ve compiled a number of quality products from some of the best coffee substitute brands that’ll help you transition from Ol' Joe! And for those of you who still want the caffeine, but don't like coffee - we even included a great high energy tea alternative.
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Pack Size
Our Top Choice
Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee
Teeccino was founded in 1995 out of its founder’s desire and dedication to bring the world fine herbal beverages.
Acid free; Caffeine free; Made using herbal ingredients; Gluten free; One gram of fibre/serving; Comes in 3-pack
A bit pricey
11 ounce
20+ servings
100% caffeine free
Chicory, figs, dates, etc.
Best Value
Cafix All Natural Instant Beverage
Cafix is a beverage company that specializes in making richly flavored caffeine free drinks with numerous health benefits.
Made under high hygienic standard; Instant beverage; No artificial additives; Cholesterol free; Airtight tin
May not taste as coffee does
Tin instant beverage
7.05 ounce
20+ servings
100% caffeine free
Crio Bru Ecuador Cocoa Beans Coffee Alternative
Founded in 2010, Crio Inc. seeks to bestow the world with the gift of brewed roasted cocoa beans as a delicious substitute to coffee.
Magnesium rich; Enriched with antioxidants to enhance immunity system; Contains theobromine that helps lose weight
Dark chocolate taste may need sweeteners
10 ounce
20+ servings
99% caffeine free
Ground cocoa beans
Zest Tea Earl Grey Black Energy Tea
Zest tea was started about 3 years ago out of its founders’ passion to provide consumers with deliciously healthy tea.
Loaded with healthy amino acids; Richly flavored tea; Vegan friendly; Contains as much natural energy as ordinary coffee
May leave an after taste
Loose leaf tea bag
1.76 ounce
20 sachets
155mg caffeine in each cup
South Indian black tea & bergamot
Pero All Natural Coffee Substitute
Pero is a leading provider of high quality natural beverages that offer much needed relief from caffeine.
Low acidity; Caffeine free coffee alternative; Free from stimulants thus good for your heart
Requires a lot of powder per cup.
Tin instant beverage
7 ounce
20+ servings
100% caffeine free
Malted barley, chicory, rye

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What is the Best Coffee Substitute?

Natural ingredients and low acidity are some of the factors you may want to have in mind as you shop for coffee alternatives. Is that all? No. We continue with some of the other features that’ll help you settle for a good coffee substitute.
Our Top Choice
The Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee is an acid free organic beverage that contains unique, masterly-roasted ingredients that give it a velvety taste and unmatched aroma. Is this coffee alternative a bit too costly for you? Then check out the Teeccino Coffee Alternative Variety Pack, which comes with a number of great flavors and might save you a buck or two!

Teeccino Vanilla Nut 11 Ounce Caffeine-Free Chicory 75% Organic Coffee Substitute

Caroline MacDougall, founder of Teeccino (Tee-Chee-No), is on a mission to provide the world with herbal coffee alternatives which came about as a result of her sensitivity to caffeine. Having trotted the globe for close to 35 years, Caroline and her team at Teeccino have gathered some unique organic ingredients which are sure to send your taste buds into a frenzy! As a female-owned company, Teeccino’s story is one of passion, dedication and hard work aimed at encouraging healthy living.

True to its mission of creating caffeine-free beverages, Teeccino’s Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee is loved by consumers around the world due to its unrivalled aroma and tantalizing Mediterranean flavor. A freshly brewed mug of this Vanilla Nut goodness will leave you refreshed without the intense acidity that comes with taking caffeinated drinks. If you’re trying to wean yourself off of coffee, then this herbal caffeine alternative is a great choice!

Here are some more features of this boldly flavored herbal drink:
  • Contains chicory — a French roasted root known for its immense digestive health benefits
  • Compatible with any type of coffee maker/coffee grinder/espresso machine
  • Boosts energy naturally without using stimulants
  • Low calorie beverage that can be taken hot or iced
  • Can be used as a carbohydrate base when making smoothies
  • Made using sustainable and planet friendly ingredients
  • When brewed, the coffee substitute is gluten free
  • Contains antioxidants such as figs, almonds and carob
  • Every serving contains a gram of fiber
  • Kids can also enjoy this delicious healthy drink
Best Value
The Cafix All Natural Instant Drink is made using 100% natural ingredients with zero cholesterol to give you a caffeine free drink in a matter of seconds! Not digging the tin and prefer a sleek looking jar? We believe the Cafix Coffee Substitute Crystals Jar, which comes with about 7 ounces, is a perfect match.

Cafix 100% Natural Caffeine Free Instant Beverage, Comes in 7.05 Oz Tin

Cafix is your go to brand for natural caffeine free healthy drinks. Its products are packed in airtight tins or stylish see- through jars that beg you to take them off the shelves. Cafix is dedicated to providing consumers with high quality and affordable natural drinks that’ll leave them with a savory taste in their mouths. More so, Cafix adheres to world class safety and hygiene standards during production in a quest to bring you nothing but the best!

The Cafix All Natural Instant Beverage is a tasty coffee alternative that’s made using natural ingredients to ensure that you stay energized and refreshed. Being an instant beverage, all you have to do to enjoy a fresh cup of a caffeine-free drink is pour some hot water into it and voila! You have a richly flavored beverage.

Made under high hygienic standards, this natural drink comes in a 7.05 ounce tin which contains no artificial additives and is cholesterol free.
The Crio Bru Equador Ground Cocoa Beans Coffee Alternative is a magnesium-rich drink made from roasted criollo beans sourced from the finest Cacao plantations. Are you looking for a drink that’s both caffeine and gluten-free? Then go for Crio Bru Ghana French Roast Organic Coffee Alternative!

Crio Bru Ecuador 100% Ground Cocoa Beans (Formerly Coca River) Coffee Alternative

Back in 2010, Crio’s founder, Eric Durtschi introduced the world to a tasty coffee alternative made using roasted cocoa beans. Dr Durtschi got his inspiration from the Incas, an indigenous tribe from South America who brewed ground criollo beans for their kings. Crio is constantly revamping and reinventing its brewing process to ensure that its beverage remains luxurious and loved by consumers everywhere. Driven by passion to ensure that a cup of Crio is like no other, Dr Durtschi has invented a one of a kind grinder to optimize the way the beverage is brewed. Once you go Crio, you won’t ever want to taste coffee again!

That said, the Crio Bru Ecuador Cocoa Beans Coffee Alternative comes in a fancy-looking foil packaging that attracts you to its healthy contents. Made of 100% cocoa beans, this coffee substitute that was formerly called Coca River will be sure boost your energy in a non-stimulant manner.

Here are some incredible features of this drink that was once reserved for kings:
  • Contains antioxidants of up to 10,620 Ul/serving
  • Sugar free drink with about ten calories in each serving
  • 99% caffeine-free which is less than decaf coffee
  • The cocoa beans are sourced from the finest cacao plantations
  • Has a complex and savory flavor
  • Cacao, the main ingredient, supports brain function and the body’s chemical reactions
  • Has Theo bromine that gives you natural jitter free energy
The Earl Grey Black Energy Tea is richly-flavored and packed with healthy amino acids and gives you 3 times the energy of the regular caffeine contained in coffee. If you’d like to try a different flavor, we believe that you’ll love the Pomegranate Mojito Green Energy Tea, which offers 50 servings.

Zest Tea Earl Grey Black Natural Tea Healthy Coffee Alternative - Contains as Much Caffeine as a Cup of Coffee

Ok, so this coffee alternative is definitely NOT for people making the switch from coffee to avoid caffeine. James and Ricky formed Zest Tea out of their insatiable love for tea and a hunger to transform the way people make their tea. At first, the two were strapped of capital, but through crowdfunding they were able to make their first shipment in January 2014. People around the world highly praise their products which are not only affordable but come in impressive, well-designed packages.

Its Earl Grey Black Tea is loved the world over due to its tantalizing taste that often makes you want a second cup. The secret: blending exquisite Nilgiri Indian Tea with bergamot oil! Who would’ve thought that blending the two would result in such awesome tea finesse? No wonder Zest Tea boasts of providing a tea product that has the energy characteristics of coffee.

So what can you look forward to as you sip this great coffee substitute? Here are some features:
  • Bold flavors that make it an ideal coffee substitute
  • Contains about 150 mg of caffeine per cup
  • Packed with L-Theanine, an amino acid associated with enhanced cognitive function
  • Comes in a fancy biodegradable sachet
  • Vegan-friendly since it doesn’t require milk or sugar
  • Gives you 3 times more energy than regular caffeinated drinks
The Pero All Natural Coffee Substitute is 100% free from caffeine and tastes like coffee due to its carefully selected natural ingredients, making it an ideal alternative to coffee. Do you prefer an instant drink that comes in a jar rather than a tin? Then the Pero Instant Drink in Jar is a perfect choice!

Pero Instant All Natural 7 Ounce Tin Coffee Substitute

Pero focuses on providing consumers with healthy beverages made out of natural ingredients. Its instant drinks are quick to prepare and have a sweet aroma that draws you in, making you want more. Pero has managed to provide affordable beverages without compromising on quality.

The Pero All Natural Coffee Substitute is 100% free from caffeine which allows you to naturally wean yourself off coffee. Caffeine contains stimulants which may blow your heart rate/blood pressure off the roof, but since this instant beverage contains natural ingredients such as malted barley, rye and chicory, you’re sure to not get any jitters or artificial energy boosts.

Pero’s coffee alternative has low acidity which is music to your stomach since, regardless of the hour you take your drink, you won’t worry about upsetting your tummy! Better yet, you can mix up Pero’s coffee substitute with a few other ingredients that you like to spice up your caffeine-free beverage. With nil cholesterol and free from any trans-fat, this coffee alternative is just the drink you need in your life!

How Do I Choose the Best Coffee Substitute?

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed? Make a cup of coffee. What’s the first thing you do before you begin work? Make a cup of coffee. What do you do during your 10 o’clock break in the office? Make a cup of coffee. Clearly that’s a lot of coffee considering that you’re not even halfway through your day. For years you’ve wanted to quit caffeine, especially since the readings on your heart rate monitor are far from impressive. Well, it’s about time you got a substitute for your cup of coffee.

Research over the years has shown that taking too much caffeine is detrimental to your health, which is the dominant reason why coffee substitutes have gained popularity. Weaning yourself off of coffee isn’t easy, which is why you need something that tastes like coffee without the caffeine. The best coffee substitute should be made from natural ingredients and have distinct rich flavors.

Did you know that there are coffee alternatives that are compatible with your espresso machine? Better yet there are those that allow you to pour them on your coffee grinder and the result is a natural caffeine free drink. Coffee alternatives give you similar energy that you derive from coffee minus the jitters and increased heart rates due to the stimulants. Dropping caffeine from your lifestyle and embracing coffee substitutes is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Or maybe you are simply someone who doesn't like coffee, but you still want the caffeine? Believe it or not, there are teas out there with just as much if watching your intake is not a concern for you.
Dropping caffeine from your lifestyle is fairly inexpensive. With between $10 and $90 you can find good coffee alternatives that’ll help you abandon caffeine painlessly. One key factor that brings a variance in prices is the ingredients that are used to make the coffee substitute. You may have to pay a little extra for coffee alternatives whose ingredients have an extra rich flavor.

Even when you’re on a tight budget, stay away from cheap coffee substitutes that may indeed contain caffeine, if that's the thing you are trying to drop! Moreover, these cheap products may mislead you by claiming to be all natural yet may have some artificial additives.
With so many brands claiming to sell natural and organic coffee substitutes, you can get overwhelmed and even settle for something that won’t help you in your caffeine free journey.

Here are some essential features to look out for before adding that coffee substitute to your cart:
  • Type — Is the coffee substitute in the form of tea, ground cocoa beans or natural ingredients? Does it come in a tin, jar, pouch or sachet? Also, if caffeine intake is your concern, watch the fine print because not all substitutes are caffeine free - some are just reduced.
  • Flavor — Most of the coffee substitutes are flavored using various ingredients in order to enrich the taste and entice the consumer.
  • Servings — It’s important to consider how many servings you require per cup in order to know the quantity you need to purchase.
  • Ingredients — Most of the coffee alternatives are made using carefully selected natural ingredients such as chicory and figs which have immense health benefits.
Construction and Design
One of the things that stand out in the design of coffee substitutes is the type of packaging that contains the drink. You may find some that come in a tin while others are contained in a pouch. The contents of the drink may also come in a biodegradable sachet with a loose leaf which you dip in water to enjoy your drink.

The ingredients used to make coffee alternatives may vary from brand to brand, but one particularly popular ingredient is chicory, which is loved for its invaluable flavor. Some coffee substitutes may be made using roasted cocoa beans collected from cacao plantations. And of course there is the entire category of herbal and traditional teas.

All in all the best coffee substitutes should contain natural ingredients without any artificial additives.
Performance and Ease of Use
Obviously, if your reason for the switch is due to caffeine content, coffee substitutes should be caffeine-free since the essence of drinking them is to wean yourself from coffee. Instant natural coffee alternatives are the easiest to use since all you require is hot water in a cup. You may find coffee substitutes that need brewing which is a similar process to that of making coffee.

Lack of stimulants improves the performance of coffee alternative since the product should give your body the same energy as that brought about by coffee, minus the jitters and increased heart rates. You’ll be satisfied by the health benefits that come with embracing coffee substitutes, and it gets better when you maintain this lifestyle.

Get the Best Coffee Substitute of 2023!

Having made it to the end of this review, we hope that you were able to identify the best coffee substitute to help you eliminate caffeine from your lifestyle. In the event that you didn’t find a product to satisfy your needs, please explore more coffee substitutes from these credible brands; their selection is pretty impressive!

Our Top Choice
Teeccino Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee
Best Value
Cafix All Natural Instant Beverage
Crio Bru Ecuador Cocoa Beans Coffee Alternative
Zest Tea Earl Grey Black Energy Tea
Pero All Natural Coffee Substitute