Best Coin Sorter Reviews 2023

Do you feel that sorting through lots of coins manually is no easy task? A coin sorter could make what can be a highly inaccurate and daunting ordeal a whole lot easier! Some machines will even stack coins in the appropriate wrappers and give you those final numbers, so you know how much you’re dealing with before you hit the bank. Buying the best coin sorter can be tricky given the many options available. But we’ve done the homework, and presented you with five of the best coin sorter brands on the market.
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Sorter Type
Coin Type
Our Top Choice
Royal Sovereign Manual Crank Coin Sorter
Royal Sovereign is one of the leading suppliers of office products, appliances and graphics solutions.
Massive hopper capacity of 200 coins. Lightweight yet sturdy design. Requires no batteries or electricity. Can sort quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.
Does not clearly mark the number of coins deposited into the plastic collection tubes.
Pennies to quarters
200 coins
Precise sorting
Hand crank, removable tubes
Best Value
Cassida Coin Sorter, Counter and Roller Set
The Cassida Corporation is one of the prestigious names when it comes to advanced money handling products.
Whopping 200-coin hopper capacity. 900-coin bin capacity. Designed to sort all 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and $1 coins. 300-coin-per-minute sorting rate.
Coins may get jammed at times, but can be easily removed.
Pennies to dollars
2000 coins
Counting, adding, batching mode
LCD display, wrapping attachment
Semacon Electric or Manual Coin Counter
Semacon was founded in 1998 and has since grown to be one of the world’s leading makers of quality coin counters, currency counters and other money handling equipment.
Electric and manual operation. Can process coins at the rate of 1200 per minute. Class-leading mechanical counting system. Offsort function.
A little pricey for home use.
Adjustable thickness and diameter
1000 coins
Counting, packaging, offsorting
Handcrank and bag attachment
Ribao CS-100 Coin Sorter and Counter
Ribao Technology is a trusted supplier of a wide range of cash handling products, including currency detectors, coin counters, and exchange rate display boards.
LCD display. Can count and sort mixed coins into different drawers. Large 350-400 coin hopper capacity. Robust counting speed of 216 coins per minute.
Limited to US currency, but Canadian models available.
Pennies to quarters
350-400 coins
Sorting and counting
LCD screen
MMF Industries Speed Sort Coin Sorting Trays
MMF Industries ranks high when it comes to office, banking, retail and healthcare products such as cash drawers and components, organizers and security pens.
Total of four coin sorting trays. Color-coded to meet Federal Reserve/ABA standards for coin denominations. Made of durable high-impact plastic.
These coin sorting trays are a cost-efficient way of sorting coins, but you have to be patient as coins may get stuck in the holes.
Pennies to quarters
As much as you can fill
4 color-coded trays

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What is the Best Coin Sorter?

As you can see from our guide, when shopping for coin sorters, you’ve got two options to choose from: manual and electric machines, both with their own set of advantages. Let’s now get right to our top five selections, so you can expediently sort through your stash!
Our Top Choice
The Royal Sovereign QS-1 Manual Coin Sorter has a hopper capacity of 200 coins, and requires no batteries or electricity for operation. If you’ve got several hundred coins to sort and time is of the essence, the Royal Sovereign Fast Sort is probably a better option for you. This electric two-row digital coin sorter has a hopper capacity of 400 coins, and can sort roughly an impressive 312 coins per minute.

Royal Sovereign Manual Hand Crank 1-Row Coin Sorter, Black

Royal Sovereign is a premium supplier of office products, graphics solutions, and appliances. Headquartered in Rockleigh, New Jersey, the company supports customers in more than 100 countries and offers a massive range of highly innovative products such as portable air conditioners, heaters, water dispensers, banner welders, roll laminators and textile trimmers.

The Royal Sovereign QS-1 Manual Coin Sorter has a rather large hopper capacity of 200 coins. It is fairly easy to operate. You simply add the coins to the hopper, turn the hand crank gently, and watch your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters get sorted into their respective tubes.

This coin sorter is worthy of our #1 spot for several reasons, including:
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Accurate sorting thanks to precise internal sorting design
  • Weighs less than three pounds, making it easy to haul around
  • Hand crank can be detached to save space when storing
  • Preformed coin wrappers fit into the plastic collection tubes perfectly for easy coin wrapping and rolling
  • Plastic tubes can also be removed, to pull out the coin-filled wrappers to be rolled and crimped
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty
Best Value
The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller is a high-speed machine that delivers an impressive performance in terms of speed and capacity. If you need to sort a large number of coins quickly, the Cassida C500 Compact & Portable Coin Counter\/Off-Sorter is worth a second look. It can accommodate a massive 4000 coins in its hopper, and count them at the rate of an unmatched 2000 coins per minute. It also sorts all U.S., Canadian, and Mexican coins.

Cassida Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller Set - Available in 3 Styles (U.S., CAN, MEX)

Cassida designs and manufactures a wide range of money handling products. It uses the latest technology and information in cash processing, resulting in efficient and reliable solutions at affordable prices. Today the company offers an expansive lineup of products, such as coin sorters, currency counters and counterfeit detectors.

The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller is outfitted with three different modes: counting, adding and batching. It is designed to count all US coin denominations, from pennies to dollar coins. It can even be ordered in different currency variants for Canadian and Mexican coins. With this coin sorter machine, there’s no knowledge of coin dimensions needed, and no dials to deal with. You simply load the hopper, press start, and the grand total is displayed with the dollar amount for each denomination on the easy-to-read LCD display.

There are several great features that make the Cassida C200 coin sorter machine a great buy, including:
  • Quiet operation, even when sorting at high speeds of 300 coins per minute
  • Batch mode offers the ability to count between 1 and 500 coins
  • Sorts automatically into large bins
  • You can swap the bins with the included wrapper attachments in seconds
  • Machine stops automatically when wrapper is full
  • Backed by a 30-day defective policy from the date of purchase
  • 900-coin bin capacity and 200-coin hopper capacity
The Semacon S-45 Electric/Manual Coin Counter offers both electric and manual operation, and can process coins at the rate of 1200 coins per minute. If you’d still like a machine that offers both electric and manual operation, but with a push-button control panel, the Semacon S-120 Coin Counter is perhaps a better choice. This high-speed counter is ultra-quiet, offers a hopper capacity of 1500 coins and can count up to 2000 coins per minute.

Semacon S-45 Electric/Manual Coin Counter/Packager/Offsorter with 1200 Coins Per Minute Counting Speed

Semacon is one of the prestigious names in the making of crimping machines, counterfeit detectors, coin sorters, coin counters, currency counters and money handling equipment. Although the company’s products are sold through an exclusive network of dealers that are selected based on their expertise and integrity, it offers unmatched customer service to ensure individual customer needs are met.

The Semacon S-45 Electric/Manual Coin Counter offers the best of both worlds with an electric and manual operation. Unlike other machines in its segment that only count certain coins, it offers the ability to adjust the coins' diameter and thickness, allowing it to count several different currencies and even tokens from amusement park operators.

The Semacon S-45 coin sorter has several great features, such as:
  • Offsort function allows you to count and even optionally bag the larger and smaller coins
  • 1000-coin hopper capacity
  • Ability to count 2000 coins per minute
  • Protective lid, which serves as a feeding and coin inspection tray
  • Lightweight at 14.5 pounds and highly portable
  • 110v power source and 75 watts max power consumption
  • Extremely quite operation compared to similar machines
  • Fitted with a superior mechanical counting system that offers long service life
  • Durable, anti-shock flex material complete with a strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy, making it a great fit for the most demanding environments
  • Package includes handcrank and bagging attachment
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty
The Ribao CS-100 Coin Sorter & Counter has an LCD display and can count and sort mixed coins into different drawers. If you have international currencies to deal with, and desire a higher counting speed and much bigger hopper capacity, the Ribao CS-10 Coin Counter and Sorter is highly recommended. This machine comes with tube sets for quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies, and can be folded down into a compact case.

Ribao CS-100 Coin Sorter & Counter with 216 Counting Speed and 350-400 Hopper Capacity - U.S. and CAN Models

Ribao Technology is an acclaimed supplier of high-end cash handling products such as coin counters, currency counters, exchange rate display boards and currency detectors. This highly regarded company provides superior products for several leading companies in Europe and North America – all CE ("Conformité Européene") approved.

The Ribao CS-100 Coin Sorter & Counter has a lightweight and compact footprint, and is designed to count and sort U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. It is equipped with a large LCD display that shows the sum and value of all denominations or each denomination, and even has a batch function to sort different denominations simultaneously.

Great features of the Ribao CS-100 include:
  • Speedy counting rate of 300 coins per minute
  • Hopper space of 350-400 coins
  • Measures 14 x 12 x 11 inches and lightweight at 8.6 pounds
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Plugs easily into wall socket
  • Model to sort Canadian currency available
The MMF Industries Speed Sort Coin Sorting Trays are color-coded to meet Federal Reserve/ABA standards for coin denominations. If you’d like to make wrapping your coins easy, the MMF Industries Coin Counting Tubes are a great option. This set of four tubes is color-coded for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and designed to be used with MMF Industries coin wrappers.

MMF Industries Speed Sort Coin Sorting Trays, 4 Color-Coded Trays for Pennies

MMF Industries is a leading American maker of high-quality office and banking products and parent company of the esteemed STEELMASTER® brand. This world-class supplier offers a wide assortment of products, including organizers, cash and security boxes, security pens, key storage solutions and accessories, and banking and counterfeit detection products. All its products are manufactured to reduce the impact on the environment and are backed by high standards of integrity, service, and value.

The MMF Industries Speed Sort Coin Sorting Trays offer a hassle-free approach to getting your coins arranged. These four color-coded trays are designed to meet Federal Reserve/ABA standards of coin denominations. They work for pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. These trays are made from high-impact plastic that can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

How Do I Choose the Best Coin Sorter?

Coin sorters have been around for decades, but today they are more accurate and efficient, and can do much more than separate your coins. If you own a business, or have coins stashed away in your adult piggy bank or cash box, a coin sorter will prove a really helpful time saver.

The basic coin sorters are preconfigured to sort coins according to denominations, so you need to buy a machine that works with the currency you intend to sort. Some high-end coin sorters double as coin counters, so they will even tell you exactly how much you have within a couple minutes before you can keep them in your home safe. They are not only time-efficient, but also greatly reduce the chances of human error—a feature in itself that makes these machines well worth the investment.
The price of the best coin sorter for you truly depends on what your needs are. If you just have an occasional build-up of coins, a cheap coin sorter should get the job done. If you’ve accumulated a fair bit of coinage, or have to count large amounts of change frequently, buying a high-quality machine makes sense. This class of machines generally has many great features, including overhead displays. They can sort all types of currencies and coins, and even tokens from amusement parks, based on the respective measurements of the denominations. Whether you buy an inexpensive coin sorter or a high-end model, make sure it does what it’s supposed to do and without any hiccups.
Coin sorters are one of the many machines that can be ordered with a wide range of features, but buying a machine that can sort through several hundred coins within a few minutes if you only have a handful of change to sort through each time is not really a practical choice. Here are a few basic features to look for in the best coin sorter:
  • Hopper Capacity: The number of counts a respective machine can accommodate at the single time.
  • Counting Speed: Usually measured in coins per minute; the larger the number, the faster the processing time.
  • Denomination: Some of the best coin sorters are designed to sort through a wide range of currencies, while others are configured for a single currency. There are also machines that sort only certain values of a specific currency, such as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and not dollar coins.
  • Manual vs. Automatic: The former generally operate with a crank, while the latter work with a push of a button.
  • Portability: If you’re going to be traveling with the machine, you should refrain from buying a bulky unit, and explore those that will be easy to bring along.
  • Coin Counting: This lets you know the number and value of coins you’ve sorted at the end of each cycle, a feature that’s important when you’re in business.
  • Wrapping: There are machines that will wrap the coins too, so all you need to do is load, grab your latte and come back when it’s done.
  • Warranty: Not all coin sorters will come with a warranty, but some manufacturers do offer some level of guarantee.
Construction and Design
Coin sorters are generally made from plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. They usually come with detachable tubes that make it easy to wrap coins. Coin jams are inevitable, especially in machines that offer superior counting speeds, so look for machines that have anti-jam features. Even though most coin sorters are the “set it and forget it" type, it is a good practice to clean any dust out periodically to avoid malfunctions. Digital coin sorters are powered by an electrical outlet, while manual machines typically work with a hand crank.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most coin sorters are a joy to use, and some are even fully automated. When it comes to performance, they can sort and perform a wide range of other functions, such as printing out a receipt of your coin count. The bigger the size of the hopper, the more noise the machine will make, because you’ve got several coins fighting against each other to get through the pipe. There are a few high-end machines that can be preprogrammed to render a breakdown by exchange rate, and also accept a wider range of foreign coins.

Get the Best Coin Sorter of 2023!

Now that you’ve got great insight from our buying guide, and taken a peek at five of the best coin sorters available to you, you can buy the right one with confidence in just a few clicks. We are glad to have offered a helping hand in this important shopping process.

Our Top Choice
Royal Sovereign Manual Crank Coin Sorter
Best Value
Cassida Coin Sorter, Counter and Roller Set
Semacon Electric or Manual Coin Counter
Ribao CS-100 Coin Sorter and Counter
MMF Industries Speed Sort Coin Sorting Trays