Best Collapsible Bucket Reviews 2023

Lugging around a regular bucket is not a prospect anyone would look forward to when preparing for a trip, camping or other outdoor activities. Some people have even had to forgo or compromise some things because of the encumbrance of a regular bucket. Well, thank God for the collapsible bucket! We’ve researched five products from top brands. These brands offer more than the featured products, so please feel free to check them out as they may be just what you have been looking for.
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Our Top Choice
Colourwave Colapz Collapsible Bucket
Colourwave Colapz combines functionality, beauty, and fun. Its primary focus is to design products that save space, reduce clutter and reduce carbon footprint on the environment.
Made with food grade materials. Plastic material is recyclable. Lightweight and durable. UV resistant. Has loop for hanging. Rotating handle. Fortified against frost.
Doesn't stand as tall as shown in the picture when straightened out.
10 x 10 x 18 inches; 0.9 pound
Recyclable plastic
7 colors
Best Value
Camco Rectangular Collapsible Bucket
Camco has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing of RV products. It endeavors to retain its reputation by providing top quality products and great customer service.
Large enough for big cleaning brushes. Has strong metal support. Ideal for mobile homes and RVs. Easy to transport and store.
Difficult to straighten out and collapse
7.1 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches; 0.01 pound
Infusion Living Silicone Collapsible Bucket
Fusionbrands LLC thinks out of the box to provide innovative and functional products in their simplest forms. It seeks to make everyday experiences less stressful and more fun.
Adjustable to four heights. Easy to clean and maintain. Easy to transport and store. Highly functional with adequate capacity. Made of silicone with handle of stainless steel.
It’s quite pricey.
12 x 1.8 x 14 inches; 1.9 pounds
Silicone/stainless steel
Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket
As a family business, Packable Pails knows the importance of healthy products for the family. It uses only BPA free and FDA food grade materials for its buckets.
Collapsible, flexible and strong. Made with FDA food grade and BPA free materials. Easy to wash and maintain. Easy to transport and store. UV resistant. Well designed.
Not great for sand castles.
Square; with shovel
10 x 10 x 8.5 inches; 0.9 pound
Food grade silicone
Approximately 1-Gallon
Seattle Sports Camp Collapsible Bucket
Seattle Sports makes innovative gear for all outdoor activities. Its products are practical, versatile, and affordable and it endeavors to ensure customer satisfaction.
Lightweight and rugged. Dishwasher safe. Made with quality materials (nineteen ounce Nylon and coated with Vinyl). Bottom is resistant to scrapes and friction. Made in the USA.
Handle is not well sewn and not of the same material.
10.5 x 9.5 inches; 0.5 pound

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What is the Best Collapsible Bucket?

Collapsible buckets come with various features, and these features appeal to different individuals, depending on their preferences. Hopefully, our guide helped you know which features appeal to you best. Now, you can read our review of five great buckets and, with luck, find the right one for you.
Our Top Choice
The Colourwave Colapz Collapsible Bucket is great for people on the move, for camping or those with space constraints or who do not like clutter. It’s portable and easy to transport and store. You can also check out the COLOURWAVE Premium Collapsible Watering Can. It’s highly recommended.

Colourwave Colapz Collapsible Bucket with 2.6-Gallon Capacity - Available in 7 Colors

Colourwave Colapz is a firm that believes in combining functionality, beauty, and fun. Its products are primarily designed to save space, reduce clutter and leave little or no carbon footprint. It takes great pride in providing everyday products in extraordinary designs and is committed to preserving the environment. It also provides resourceful designs with small details that make a great difference to the end user. Its mission is to reinvent everyday appliances and make them more functional, compact and easier to store, whilst always being environmentally sound and colorful; functionality does not have to equal drabness. It also offers excellent customer service.

The Colourwave Colapz Collapsible Bucket is an appliance that is useful both at home and when you’re on the move. You can use it just like a regular bucket but with the advantage it’s collapsible. This makes it portable, lightweight and easy to transport and store. For people who have space issues or don’t like clutter, this maximizes your space. It also has more great features which include the following:
  • Made with food grade materials - can be safely used to carry edibles
  • Manufactured with plastic that’s recyclable
  • Resistant to ultra violet rays – this prevents it from drying out or fading in the summer
  • Fortified against frost so it won’t crack during winter
  • Durable materials that don't leave marks and have the capacity to handle rigorous use
  • A strong rotating handle for easy pouring and carrying
  • A loop for hanging
Best Value
The Camco Collapsible Bucket is an answer to space problems and it’s also highly functional. It’s made with fabric and coated with plastic inside; this enables it to hold water or any other liquid. If you are looking for a collapsible bucket of a different shape at a lower price, we recommend the Camco 42993 Collapsible Bucket.

Camco Rectangular Collapsible Wash Bucket with 5-Gallon Capacity

Camco, a firm that was established in 1966, has decades of experience in manufacturing. Through the years, it’s built a reputation for adherence to its goals and vision which include: affordable and budget friendly pricing, excellent service, products of the highest quality possible and guaranteed satisfaction for customers. Though it’s a small, private company, it has enormous dreams and visions. It consistently endeavors to meet market demands as they change. It recognizes that the greatest asset it has are its customers and always ensures customer care executives are available to attend to them. It wouldn't at any point jeopardize the reputation gained through the years by cutting corners in the manufacture of its products or by treating its customers shabbily.

For people who live in small apartments or houses, space is everything. You try as much as possible to reduce clutter so you can at least have some leg room. However, there are household appliances that you cannot do without – even things as simple as a bucket. The Camco Collapsible Bucket is an answer to the space problem, made with fabric and coated with plastic inside. This enables it to hold water or any other liquid.

It has other great features that include the following:
  • Large enough to hold five gallons of water, and can easily be used with big cleaning brushes.
  • Fits into the storage bag that comes with it, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Strong metal support, keeping it stable when filled with water
  • Ideal for mobile homes and RVs
The Infusion Living Collapsible Bucket is a great tool for a wide range of cleaning and other activities. Though lightweight, it's solid and long lasting and would not damage delicate surfaces. If you are looking for a vase that can also be converted to other uses, we recommend the Infusion Living Reforms Convertible Vase Wine Chiller, Red.

Infusion Living Stainless Steel & Silicone Blue Collapsible Bucket with 2-Gallon Capacity

Infusion Living LLC has been acquired by Fusionbrands LLC. This is a brand that has decided to discard the old blueprints and abandon accepted practice in manufacturing. Due to this bold, innovative step, it’s able to truly provide authentic solutions to daily challenges that people face. It makes imaginative connections between different types of designs. This unconventional but logical approach produces condensed versions of the tools we use every day, in their simplest forms.

The Infusion Living Collapsible Bucket provides adaptability in the household, related cleaning chores and carrying stuff around. Though lightweight, it's solid and long lasting and doesn’t damage delicate and fragile surfaces. It’s a versatile item that's useful at home, on the road, for camping and all sorts of outdoor activities.

It has other features that endear it to the hearts of consumers and these include the following:
  • Fully adjustable - Can be adjusted to four varying heights
  • Made of silicone with a handle of stainless steel - This makes it flexible and long lasting
  • Adequate capacity - It can hold up to two gallons of water
  • Ease of storage - Can be folded down to two inches and below to make for compact and easy storage
  • High functionality – It can be reused and for various chores and activities
  • Easy to clean and maintain – It only requires wiping it clean or washing with warm water and soap when necessary
The Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket is a versatile item that can be used for a wide variety of activities in and outside the home. If you want a different color at a lower price, check out the Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket\/ Pail with Shovel\/ Blue.

Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket with Shovel - Available in 4 Colors

Packable Pails is a brand that came into being after a family’s visit to the beach. The mom knew the importance of a pail or bucket at the beach but was also concerned about the space it would take to haul a regular bucket to and from the location. A brainstorming session on this issue led to the birth of a collapsible bucket that can fold up for compact storage and easy transportation. As a family business, Packable Pails takes into consideration everything that makes family time together memorable. Its products are healthy for the whole family and would not constitute any health hazard. That is why it uses only BPA free and FDA food grade materials.

The Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket is versatile! You can use it to for rock and seashell collection, picking up toys at home, storing your yarn, odds and ends and a whole lot of things. A plastic scoop comes with your purchase which is used to fill the bucket. It’s big enough to hold about five liters.

It has other great features including the following:
  • Collapsible - Can be collapsed to two inches which saves you storage space and provides ease of transportation
  • Strong and long lasting - Although it’s foldable, it’s strong enough to withstand the constant collapse and straightening out that comes with use
  • FDA certified and Free of BPA - It is made with FDA certified, BPA free materials which make it child friendly, safe for carrying food and drinks and not harmful to pets or plants
  • Ease of maintenance – It’s easy to clean with soap and warm water
  • Well designed and strongly built - The design combines a solid plastic bottom with an upper edge that’s welded to a chunky silicone body. This makes it very sturdy and long lasting
  • UV resistant – It is not affected by Ultra Violet rays, ensuring the color doesn’t fade
  • A strong and long lasting plastic handle – This has connectors that are hinged to the bucket to allow it to be folded down with the bucket
The Seattle Sports Collapsible Bucket is great camping gear that you can easily carry without it taking up much space. It’s useful for carrying water from its source to campsite and also for chores. If you need a jumbo sink for campsite cleanup, we recommend the Seattle Sports Square Pack Sink.

Seattle Sports Outfitter Class Camp Collapsible Bucket

Seattle Sports was established by two brothers in 1983. Their experience on the waterways of the Northwest led them to manufacture bags that can safely keep out water. That way, they could have a safe and dry outing. Due to the influence of the neighborhood in which it was started, Seattle Sports went ahead to become one of the first to use the method of "radio frequency seam welding" to make dry bags. It continues to innovate to make products that are not only functional but also affordable.

The Settle Sports Collapsible Bucket is great camping gear that you can easily carry without it taking up much space in your luggage, kayak, car or backpack. It is useful for carrying water from source to campsite to use for chores that require water. Since regular buckets are usually bulky and rigid, this ensures you have convenience without compromising functionality.

This wonderful product has other features that include the following:
  • It's lightweight and rugged – light enough for ease of transportation and use but also strong enough for the rigors of use
  • Dishwasher safe – This makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Made with quality materials – It is manufactured with nineteen ounce Nylon and coated with Vinyl. This makes it highly water resistant which increases its functionality
  • Durable structure – The bottom is resistant to scrapes and friction
  • Made in USA – This ensures the quality of the finished product

How Do I Choose the Best Collapsible Bucket?

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, gone camping or lived in a mobile home or RV, you appreciate the importance of space. There are many items necessary for everyday life, and when you’re on the road or constrained for space, it can be difficult to keep everything you really need.

Thankfully there are products that make life easier for those in this situation. Things such as camping stoves, camping toilets, camping tents, sleeping bags and camping gear of all sorts; these all make it easier for people to have a level of comfort, even in the wild and places far from civilization.

Even in homes or apartments, some people are also constrained for space and are constantly looking for ways to reduce clutter. Any product that helps achieve this is a great addition to home appliances. A collapsible bucket is one great product that’s useful in almost any location and situation. Some people have started out with a collapsible bucket as a beach pail only to discover that it’s useful for a whole lot of chores and activities. It’s a versatile product you can take camping, on a road trip or use for your cleaning chores at home. The great thing about it is the compact design and ability to be stored conveniently without need for much space.

A collapsible bucket is something we recommend for everyone whether a homebody or an outdoor enthusiast because you’ll always find a use for it. You may even end up purchasing more than one because of how useful it proves to be.
There are many factors that affect the price of any product. As we know, two products might be similar and perform the same function, but there are features that differentiate them. The quality of materials, size, weight, color and other features differ, and these all affect the price tag the product carries.

Our research showed that a good collapsible bucket is in the price range of $15 to $50. This may look like a wide range but bear in mind the different features that we've already mentioned. We also saw cheap collapsible buckets, but those are not featured in this review because most of them would collapse on their own, or wouldn't remain stable when filled with water. The products/brands featured here are tested and proven and offer best value for money.
Before buying this product, you need to pay attention to the essential features so you get the best out of your purchase. Listed below are some of these features that you need to look out for:
  • Weight – This is essential because it determines portability, ease of transportation and use
  • Structure and design - This determines the stability of the bucket. You don’t want a bucket that collapses when you fill it with water!
  • Size and Capacity – This is the volume of water it can hold without giving out
  • Durability – The life span of the product is essential to know
  • Quality of material used – This affects its performance, durability and safety
  • Extra features – These are not the most essential features but they provide more convenience and a little extra. These features include a cover, hanging loop and accessories such as a spade
Let’s take a look at these features in greater detail.
Construction and Design
When buying a collapsible bucket, one of the essential things to look out for is the structure and design of the bucket. The whole essence of this product is its ability to be collapsed when not in use and then straightened out when needed. And because you’ll be doing this often, it should be stable when straightened out and filled with water, and able to withstand that process without damage. There are some products that begin to collapse on their own after a while. You may need reviews to know which products are guilty of this issue.

Collapsible buckets are manufactured with different types of materials which include the following: Nylon coated with vinyl, plastic, silicone, and water resistant fabric such as polyester. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Collapsible buckets made of fabric and coated with any kind of water resistant material are usually the most compact as they have the ability to collapse and be folded flatter than any other material. As attractive as these advantages are, you need to ensure the materials are hardy, abrasion resistant and well sewn, and all edges and seams are properly sealed.

Structurally, buckets made of silicone are usually more stable than others but they may be a bit difficult to straighten out and don’t collapse thinner than two inches. No matter the material you choose, one thing that shouldn’t be compromised is the safety of the material. It should be FDA food grade certified and BPA free; this makes it safe for carrying edibles and use by children.
Performance and Ease of Use
The purpose or intended use of the bucket should be considered so you know the required size. A beach bucket for a child may not need to be big, but if you want something you can use to carry stuff for the whole family on a beach outing or tailgating, you might want to look for something of a substantial size. If you’re going camping, you need something big enough to save you multiple trips to water sources but also compact enough not to be cumbersome.

For mobile home and RV owners/users, a collapsible bucket big enough for large wash brushes is recommended since you’ll be using it for chores on your mobile home or RV.

The durability of the bucket is important, especially for those going camping, hiking or on extended trips or excursions. It wouldn’t do to buy a collapsible bucket too weak to withstand the rigors of use, that gives out in harsh conditions.

A good handle makes carrying and pouring a lot easier. Some models have been noted to have a very strong body but flimsy handle while some have good handles. Some people have looked at the sturdiness and durability of some brands and decided that it was worth buying and then changing the handle to a stronger one. If that works for you, it's ok, but the best bet is to get one that has a strong handle already.

Some models have covers which is a nice touch because it gives you extra protection especially if you’ll be using the bucket for food and drink or to get drinking water on your trip or camp. A hanging loop is also great as you can hang the folded bucket when it’s not in use.

Get the Best Collapsible Bucket of 2023!

We’re glad you took the time to read this review and hope you have adequate information about collapsible buckets to enable you to make the right choice. We encourage you to quickly place your order (while the information is still fresh) so you won’t miss out, and we’ll look out for you at the camp sites and beaches from now on!

Our Top Choice
Colourwave Colapz Collapsible Bucket
Best Value
Camco Rectangular Collapsible Bucket
Infusion Living Silicone Collapsible Bucket
Packable Pails Collapsible Bucket
Seattle Sports Camp Collapsible Bucket