Best College Rule Notebook Reviews 2023

When you want to take or make orderly notes, there is only one way to go and that’s with a college-ruled notebook. It gives you an already organized space so all you have to do is pour out your heart, or mind, on its lines. However, you can only enjoy the ‘pouring-out process’ when you’re using the best college-ruled notebooks. That’s why we have done the tedious work of searching the market for some of the best college-ruled notebook brands and now, present one product per brand for your review reading pleasure. If you aren’t satisfied with our picks, feel free to check these brands out as they have more of these notebooks on offer. We also have reviews on 1, 3 and 5 subject notebooks and another on the best notebook that you’re welcome to check out too.
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Our Top Choice
Blueline Executive Journal
Blueline is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of excellent quality paper products for office, educational purposes and other types of use.
Lightweight. Not a burden to carry. Roomy pages. Gold ribbon bookmark. Perfect binding.
With some pens, there might be a slight bleed through.
Ribbon bookmark
300 pages
Blue ruling with margin
8.5 x 10.75 inches
Best Value
Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook
Roaring Springs is set on winning the hearts of more customers by giving them the very best through a commitment to integrity and quality in its products and customer service.
Right-side binding. Great quality paper. Functional design keeps binding out of the way. No more spiral marks on arms.
Few reports of problems with shipping.
Left handed; 3-hole
200 pages
Red margin line
9 x 11 inches
Tops Royale Executive Notebook
When it comes to providing the right tools to build a better office and enhance productivity in homes, schools and offices across North America, TOPS Products is naturally on top.
Lies flat and folds completely. Micro-perforated for clean tears. Good-looking notebook. Sturdy, protective cover. Paper doesn’t bleed or crinkle.
Notebook colors cannot be chosen.
Double wirebound
192 pages
Black ruling with margin
8 x 10.5 inches
Black; gray
Miquelrius 6-Subject Spiral Notebook
Miquelrius has been making and marketing stationary and school accessories for over a hundred and seventy years. That’s a load of experience and expertise you can count on.
Coil binding allows for 1800 folding. 70gsm paper is bleed-through and feather-proof. Header and color-coded pages. Silky smooth paper.
Some might find it somewhat pricey.
Wirebound; poly cover; 3-hole
300 pages
Black ruling no margin
8.5 x 11 inches
Red; black; blue
Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook
Mead has consistently given its customers, kids and adults alike, the tools and accessories they need to create a more rewarding life at work, school and at home.
Roomy pages for notes. Double-sided. Eye-catching colors for easy identification. Lightweight and easy to carry around. Spiral binding doesn’t snag.
The covers are somewhat thin.
Wirebound; 3-hole
140 pages
Black ruling with red margin
8 x 10.5 inches
7 colors available

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What is the Best College Rule Notebook?

The description of what the ideal college-ruled notebook is will differ from person to person but what we may all agree on is that it should be durable and be made with the best quality materials. Follow us as we go into the individual reviews, and you’re sure to find the information from our buying guide useful here.
Our Top Choice
The Blueline Executive Journal has 150 white pages, made from recycled paper and bound with sturdy and fashionable blue hard cover that’s textured and reminiscent of a lizard’s skin. If you’re looking for a smaller-sized college rule notebook with more pages and a flexible cover, we recommend the Blueline A9 Business Notebook.

Blueline Executive College Ruled Notebook with Gold Ribbon Bookmark

Dominion Blueline Inc. is a century-old business that was founded by George A. Savoy after his acquisition of the company he had worked in as the sales general manager. Today, Harolde M. Savoy, a fourth-generation Savoy, is the president of this company and under his committed leadership, the growth and increase that has characterized this brand through the years has been continued. This company set out with a vision to become a globally recognized name in the design, manufacture and distribution of superior quality paper products that are specifically created to improve your everyday efficiency at work, school or play.

The Blueline Executive Journal comes with 75 sheets, that’s a total of 150 pages which should be plenty of notes taking space for a whole school year. Its pages are white and made of 50% recycled paper. It’s a great way to keep records, jot down ideas and whatever comes to mind while contributing to a cleaner and greener earth. They’re permanently bound which makes the notebook lie completely flat when open and makes it near impossible for pages to fall off. The college rulings and margins on each page help to put your notes in an orderly manner.

At 10.75 inches long and 8.5 inches across, this notebook will fit into most handbags, backpacks, briefcases and can even be held conveniently in your hand. At 1.12 pounds, it’s quite lightweight and will not increase the weight of your school, work or play bundle by any noticeable degree.

Its stylish hardcover is a dark navy blue color and has a textured pseudo-lizard skin surface and it features a gold-colored ribbon with which you can conveniently mark your current page for ease of location at a later time instead of flipping pages to search for it.

Other college rule notebooks from Blueline include:
  • The Blueline MiracleBind Notebook, a black 11 x 9.6-inch notebook with 150 perforated pages, self-adhesive tabs and storage pocket
  • The NotePro Business Notebook, a hardcover notebook with twin-wire binding
  • The Blueline Executive Journal in Black, a 9.25 x 7.25-inch hardcover notebook with 150 pages
  • The Blueline NotePro Notebook, a black, 11 x 8.5-inch notebook with 300 perforated pages
  • The Blueline MiracleBind Red Notebook, an 11 x 9.6-inch notebook with 150 perforated pages that are removable and refillable and a textured lizard-like hardcover
Best Value
The Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook is designed with a right-side binding for left-handed folks, with white quality paper lined with margin. Now, if you’d be interested in a college rule notebook that can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations with pages having a grid line appearance, have a look at the Roaring Spring Cross Over Notebook.

Roaring Spring Lefty 1-Subject Notebook with Double Pocket

Founded in 1866 by Daniel M. Bare, John Eby and John Morrison, Roaring Springs has a history that reminds one of the mythical phoenixes. Twice, it was destroyed by fire and each time, it was rebuilt and paper production resumed without delay. It’s been over a hundred and fifty years since the first fire and this company’s grown in leaps and bounds. It has kept its focus on a strong sense of business ethics that has seen it work hard to stay the top of industrial trends and commit to honesty, quality and commendable customer service. The goal of all these is simple, to win more customers to its already ginormous customer base.

The Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook is designed to give the lefties among us a more rewarding writing experience, one they usually don’t get to enjoy with the regular notebooks and their left-side bindings. With the Lefty Notebook, the spiral binding is on the right side of the notebook and this makes it comfortable to place the left hand on the book and write without having to endure the discomfort of the spine digging into your flesh or having to put extra pressure with your arm to hold binding down.

Talking about binding, this notebook is held together by a black spiral wire that is sturdy for impact resistance; the ends of the wire are locked to prevent the coil from catching or tearing stuff. It comes with 100 sheets of smooth, white, 15-pound paper for a seamless, bleed-free writing. Its 11 inch by 8.5-inch size will fit into most school and work bags.

The pages of this 1-subject notebook are perforated for convenient tearing. They’re also ruled with red margins and the notebook has covers made from Saranac board.

Some other college rule notebooks from this brand include:
  • The Roaring Spring Wirebook Notebook, an 11 x 9-inch, 3-subject notebook with 3 double pockets and 120 sheets also available in other colors
  • The Roaring Spring Premium Composition Book, a 10.25 x 7.87-inch hardcover notebook with 80 sheets and sewn-in binding
  • The Roaring Spring Sugarcane Notebook, an 11 x 9-inch, 5-subject notebook with 200 sheets
  • The Roaring Spring Environotes Notebook, an 11 x 8.5-inch, 1-subject notebook with 70 20lb BioBase sheets
  • The Roaring Spring Wirebound Notebook, a 10.5 x 8 Inches, 1-subject notebook with 70 Sheets, available in fun vibrant colors
Tops’ Royale Executive Notebook is double wire-bound so that it lies flat on its cover and folds all the way back for convenience. Its 192 pages are made with 20lb paper and are micro-perforated to give a clean tear. If you’d prefer all these features in a larger-sized notebook, we suggest you check out the Tops 8.25 X 11.75-inch Royale Business Notebook.

Tops Royale College Rule Business Hardcover Notebook – Available in 3 Sizes

TOPS Products is the parent brand of some of the tried and true brands in the organization manufacturing industry. They include Oxford, Ampad, Pendaflex, Boorum & Pease, Adams and TOPS. This company is a family of brands that have roots that go as far back as American history and it takes credit for the introduction of many of the world’s firsts in the field of office organization. The vertical filing system, hanging files, legal pads, loose-leaf paper and tab dividers; these items have become organizational basics, improving productivity around the globe. With seven major facilities in the US, TOPS Products is poised to keep up its culture of innovation.

The Tops Royale Executive Notebook is tastefully designed to lend an air of sophistication to its bearer. Its hard cover is well-made with a durable board material having a black and gray color and a golden stripe running along the length of the cover. This notebook features a robust, impact-resistant double wire binding that is designed to improve user experience. For one, it allows the notebook to be laid completely flat without any extra to hold it open and it also makes it possible for the notebook to be completely folded.

This is a 10.5 by 8-inch notebook with 192 pages, that’s 96 sheets of bright white 20-pound paper. The pages are college-ruled, giving you plenty of writing room per page and micro-perforated; the perforations also serve as the margin in this notebook. The paper quality is great and takes ballpoint and fountain pens without bleeding and in the case of those inevitable accidental spills, they’ll not crinkle easily.

Here are some more college rule notebooks from Tops:
  • The TOPS Royale Business Casebound Notebook, a 5.875 x 8.25-inch college rule notebook with 96 sheets and handsome hardcovers
  • The TOPS 5-Subject Poly Cover Notebook, an 11 x 9-Inch, college rule notebook with 180 sheets, and 3 holes punched for easy binding. It comes with 4 perpetual calendars and 4 double pocket poly dividers
  • The TOPS 5-Subject Wirebound Notebook, a college rule, 8.5 x 11-inch notebook with 200 white, perforated sheets
  • The TOPS Marble Composition Book, a 7.5 x 9.75-inch, college rule notebook with 100 white sheets and center sewn binding
  • The TOPS 6-Pack 1-Subject Spiral Notebooks, a college rule, 10.5 x 8-inch, 70 –sheet notebook
The Miquelrius 6-subject Spiral Notebook has 300 college-ruled pages that’s divided into 6 color-coded sections for different subjects. Its coil binding allows for opening and folding the book all the way, 1800 backwards. Think you’d need a 600-paged, soft cover notebook with a classic look? Then check out the Miquelrius Soft Bound Black Lined Journal.

Miquelrius Wirebound 6-Subject 8.5 x 11-Inch Spiral Notebook – Available in 3 Colors

Miquelrius is a family-owned establishment that was founded in 1839. It’s no mean feat for a brand to have been in the stationary and school accessory manufacturing game for this long and still command the kind patronage this company does. It attributes its success to its ability to re-invent itself and stay ahead of the pack as times and customers’ demands changes. Through it all, it has kept at its core, the principles of innovation, quality, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship—the same set of principles that have seen it through the decades. One feature that stands out with its products is a beautiful blend of colors and appealing designs. This company works with designers, artists and its own set of in-house designers to achieve its distinctive style and all its products bear this mark.

The Miquelrius 6-subject Spiral Notebook has thick poly (that’s plastic) covers that will not easily get bent out of shape. The sturdy, water-proof covers provide protection for the pages within and can be easily wiped clean. The binding is another point worthy of note. We love how it’s painted black, contrasting nicely with the solid color of the notebook and complementing the overall look. The ends of the coil binding are locked in such a way that it doesn’t catch or snag on things. It also makes it possible for you to not only lay the notebook flat but to fold the covers and pages all the way back.

Let’s talk about the pages; it comes with 150 sheets, i.e. 300 pages, of white paper that has been color-coded into 6 sections of 25 sheets. Each page has a header box where date, title and such information can go and this, combined with the color-sectioned pages, promotes an organized notetaking approach. The pages are micro-perforated for smooth, cleaning tearing.

Here some other Miquelrius college rule notebooks:
  • Miquelrius 6 x 8 4-Subject Graphite Notebook, with 320 micro-perforated, ruled pages
  • Miquelrius Large 8.5 x 11-inch 4 Subject Wirebound Notebook - Hardcover with Golden White Dots, and 280 lined pages
  • Miquelrius Soft Bound Medium Journal, with 600 graph pages and glue binding
  • Miquelrius Single-Subject 8.5 x 11-inch Spiral Notebook, with 160 lined pages
  • Miquelrius 4-Subject Spiral Hardcover Notebook, an 8.5 x 11-inch with Origami design and 280 lined pages
The Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook has a 8 by 10 ½ inch dimension with 70 white sheets that are ruled on both sides giving you plenty of room to take and make notes in, and perforated pages that make even-edged tear outs. If you’d prefer similar notebooks but with different, softer colors, we suggest you have a look at the Mead 6-Pack Pastel Color Notebook.

Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook – Available in Various Styles, Colors and Pack Sizes

Mead is a proud member of the ACCO family of brands and it shares this umbrella with a number of popular brands, some of which have been serving the global market for many decades now. Mead provides planning solutions for the busy professionals, helping them bring some order to their bustling lives and first-rate learning tools to the student who is out to make a success of their educational pursuit. Through the years, it has worked hard to build itself into a brand that people the world over have come to depend on for exceptional value in products and service.

This Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook is 10.5 inches along its length and 8 inches across its width. It is held together by a well-made spiral binding that is sturdy enough to retain its shape, and consequently that of the notebook, even with accidental drops or a bouncy trip in a bag crammed full with other items.

The spiral binding keeps your notes intact as it is designed to stay in place and not unwind and catch in clothes, bags etc.
The notebooks are perforated so that you’re able to tear out pages with ease and get torn out pages with nice uniform edges. They have also been punched in three places by the binding so that the notebook or torn pages from the notebook can be put and carried in a binder. Each notebook has a total of 140 pages, and the pages are ruled on both sides to give you plenty of space to write on.

Mead makes lots of college rule notebooks and here are a few:
  • The Five Star Advance Spiral Notebook, a 3-subject, 11 x 8.5-inch with 150 sheets, corner tabs and durable plastic cover
  • The Mead Composition Notebook, with 200 pages, sewn-in binding and is available in 3 and 12 packs
  • The Mead Cambridge Business Notebook, a 6 5/8 x 9 ½ inch notebook with double wire binding and 160 pages of 20-pound paper
  • The Mead 3 Subject Spiral Notebook, a pack of six 8 x 11 Inch notebooks with 240 pages
  • The Mead Composition 9 ¾ x 7 ½ inch 12-Pack Notebook, with 140 pages and durable plastic cover

How Do I Choose the Best College Rule Notebook?

Writing is something most of us have done for as long as we can remember and our earliest memories of a notebook are of those with ruled pages; those notebooks with their wide rulings with which we learnt the all-important art of writing. Ruled notebooks help us put our writings in a straight, orderly line; lines that we can read without our eyes having to follow a wavy or lopsided path that would inevitably result when we don’t write on ruled notebooks.

College-ruled (or medium-ruled) notebooks are so named because they’re the preferred choice for college students or, more generally, post-elementary students. Different regions have their own measurement but in the United States, the distance between the lines are 9/32 inches. They can be used for journaling, or for taking notes in school or at work. They are designed to be durable and fit into most backpacks for school and outdoor walks; they can also fit into most briefcases and many are fashionable enough to be held in your hands.

We’ll give you tips but the choice of which of these notebooks is best will be up to you. Bear in mind that you wouldn’t want a cheap college-ruled notebook to sour your taste for them, so when you find such a one, look the other way.
College-ruled notebooks can cost anywhere from $2 to $100 – there are rare occasions where they sell for more than this, though. So, what makes the prices different, after all, aren’t they just notebooks with lines running across their pages? Well, we’ll clear that out for you. Factors like brand, quality of the materials used and the features they have determine to a large extent how much they’ll be sold for. Let’s briefly look at quality; a notebook with flimsy papers and poor binding will not cost as much as one with thick, opaque paper and well-made wire or sewn-in binding. We hope you get the picture; a cheap college-ruled notebook may be an attractive offer but think about falling pages, ink bleeding through and other inconveniences and you’ll have a better perspective.
So how does one tell the best from the rest? We’ll give a few pointers; one thing is for sure, you don’t want to end up with a notebook that will make you sigh in relief when you find a spot to deposit its heavy weight on. No, we don’t want that for you because a notebook is supposed to be a constant companion and not something you’re glad to rid yourself of. So always check the weight of the notebook, they’re generally lightweight but there is always an exception to the rule.

Here are some other features you should take note of:
  • Design: is it for lefties, is it cornell note format, is it 3-hole punched etc.
  • Pages: the number, are they double-sided
  • Rule: wide or narrow, margins or free
  • Size: dimensions
  • Colors
Construction and Design
College-ruled notebooks can come in soft or hardcover; the choice of which is best is up to you. You have to determine how long you’ll need the notebook to be around and how often you’ll be handling it. Hardcovers are generally inflexible yet provide a sturdy layer of protection to the pages within. Soft covers will require some measure of careful handling; we’re not asking you to put them in a glass case and treat them like eggs, no, they’re way sturdier than that. Just don’t put them through what you’d put a hardcover through, that’s all we’re saying. There are also notebooks with plastic or poly covers; these ones offer a water-poof feature to your precious notes.

You’ll find many of these notebooks with 3 holes punched along their length, just close to the binding. These holes make it possible for you to put the notebooks through the rings of a binder for convenient storage and transportation; you can also tear out pages from such notebooks and put them in a binder. This improves organization and increases productivity.

Majority of the notebooks on sale today have double-sided pages which is a great way to maximize space and avoid wastage. The only gripe is that the paper quality must be excellent so that one is able to enjoy this feature. Imagine writing on one page and then you turn over only to find that the next page is already full with ink from the previous page. So look out for notebooks with high paper quality.

Notebooks for lefties are also available but they are not as easy to find as their regular counterparts. They are designed with a right-sided binding; this takes away the discomfort of having to contend with the book’s binding while writing. Sometimes, to avoid this, a lefty might start writing from the center of a regular notebook and sadly watch other half of the page go to waste but with these notebooks they can write conveniently and maximize every page. Watch out for wrongly-placed margins though, the margins should be like in a regular notebook, such that when you tear and hold out pages from each type, you wouldn’t know the difference.
Performance and Ease of Use
The size of the college-ruled notebook that would work best depends on your personal taste and what you’ll be using it for. Standard-sized notebooks are good for school and taking notes at meetings and at work. They also fit into most bags and cases. The weight is also of importance as you wouldn’t want to lug a burdensome weight around every time you have to take or make notes.

The lines or rules on a notebook can be either wide or narrow. For folks with larger handwritings, the wider rulings are better as there will be more room for you to write on within the lines; folks with smaller handwritings will enjoy the narrow ruled pages as they will be able to get more lines per page than with wide-ruled pages. There is also the issue of margins; they make our work orderly and give you a space to make other notations on while you’re taking notes – much like cornell pages.

On the matter of binding, there are basically 4 binding methods. Notebooks can be sewn together, stapled, glued or held in place by metallic spirals or rings. The spiral and ring binding make it possible to lay the book flat and fold it back for extra support or space management. Sewn-in bindings generally last the longest. As for choice of color, that matter is entirely up to you; notebooks can be found in every color of the spectrum and in just as many patterns.

Get the Best College Rule Notebook of 2023!

We hope you found the best college-ruled notebook that’s most suitable for you. Go on and place your order now.

Our Top Choice
Blueline Executive Journal
Best Value
Roaring Spring Lefty Notebook
Tops Royale Executive Notebook
Miquelrius 6-Subject Spiral Notebook
Mead Spiral 1 Subject Notebook