Best Combat Boots For Women Reviews 2023

When choosing the perfect pair of combat boots, you first need to think about what you want out of this product. Will they be for practical use? A fashion statement, perhaps? Or maybe even for work? There are so many different types of military boots out there that it’s important to know what features are crucial to your needs as a customer. Personal preference will also play a huge role in what your final selection will be, particularly if your purchase is for fashion reasons and to go with that cute coat you bought last week. To help you out, we have selected five of the best combat boot brands for women, and a product to feature from each. This will give you a better idea of what the brand has to offer. Who said shopping was hard?
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Our Top Choice
Steve Madden Women’s Combat/Military Boot Troopa 2.0
You have almost definitely heard of Steve Madden, if not for his shoes, then certainly from Wolf of Wall Street. Madden focuses on footwear that is comfortable and stylish.
Made from real leather with leather sole. Available in 4 different colors. Lace-up closure with metallic grommets and notched shaft for partial lacing. Stacked heel for comfort.
Not waterproof. For fashion purposes only.
Shaft 6.5”, Platform 50”
Black Leather
Notched Shaft for Partial Lacing
Best Value
Forever Link Women’s Combat Boots Mango-31
Forever Link is a great brand for any fashion-savvy girl watching her pennies. We found this to be especially true for Forever Link's Mango-31 style Military Combat Boots.
Imported. Available in over 10 colors. Adjustable laces. Knit fabric ankle cuff. Decorative side zipper. Cushioned insole.
Not real leather.
Shaft 7.5”, Platform 0.25”
Knit Fabric, Synthetic Leather
Brown Pu
Rounded Toe and Ankle Cuff
Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Combat Boots
You've heard of the iconic Dr. Martens brand. If you haven’t, where have you been!? Creating sturdy boots in a fashionable style, evident in their original Dr. Martens 1460 Boots.
Full grain leather upper. Chunky lug sole. Air cushion sole for comfort. Oil and fat resistant. Abrasion and slip resistant. Waterproof. Available in over 30 colors. Molds to your foot.
Can be uncomfortable at first.
Shaft 6.75", Platform 0.75”
Black Smooth Leather
Upper/Sole Heat-Sealed, Sewn
Frye Women’s Veronica Combat Boot
Frye is a brand renowned for the impeccable quality of its products, evident in all of Frye’s collections, including the Women’s Veronica Combat Boots, available in 6 stunning colors.
Leather. Rubber sole. Brush-off leather construction. Lace-up design. Stacked leather heel.
Some complaints that they come up small - but can be broken in and worth it.
Shaft 7”, Platform 0.5”
Brush-Off Leather, Rubber Sole
2-Layered Dyed Leather
Daily Shoes Mid Knee Lace Up Combat Boots
The American company Daily Shoes is one of the newer shoe brands to emerge in recent years, providing elegant products at affordable prices, notably their Knee High Military Lace Up Boots.
Available in 18 different colors. Thick rubber sole. 3.5-inch zippered storage pocket. 9.75-inch shaft and 13-inch circumference will fit women of a variety of sizes comfortably.
Some incidents of zipper breaking.
Shaft 13”, Heel 1.2”
Vegan Leather, Rubber Sole
Twilight Black
Zippered Storage Pocket

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What is the Best Combat Boots For Women?

Now that we've narrowed it down to five trusted brands, you can start deciding which product suits you and your combat boot needs the best. If, however, you aren’t a fan of the particular products we have chosen to feature, don’t worry. All these brands have huge lines of products with the same durable trustworthiness that we all know and love. Simply scroll through each brand's other products to get an idea of what the best combat boots for women are all about. We are positive you will love our featured products as much as we do AND look great "to boot!" (Sorry…we had to.)
Our Top Choice
We fell head over thick chunky heels for the Troopa 2.0 boots! With such amazing reviews, we see why women everywhere love these boots. We understand, however, that the Troopa 2.0 may not be to everyone’s tastes so why not check out the equally as striking Charrie Combat Boot, also available in an array of colors.

Steve Madden Women’s Combat Boot Troopa 2.0-Available in Stone Leather, Black Leather, Cognac Leather and Wine Leather

Steve Madden made a name for himself in the 1990s by creating women’s footwear that was funky and fashionable, yet affordably priced. He started out making shoes one pair at a time, in order to focus on keeping his products up to date with current trends. This is something the brand has been doing continuously since and is the reason for Madden’s huge success. The Steve Madden brand is undoubtedly a name that comes to mind when you think of high-end fashion, and shoes in particular. With the company regularly releasing new designs and improving upon older, popular shoe collections, Madden is definitely a brand you will want to check out!

Women everywhere are falling in love with the 2.0 version of Madden's original Troopa military style boot collection. This is a boot that really kicks butt! With the Troopa 2.0 available in 4 different colors (Stone, Wine, Cognac and Black) this is a boot that will fit your fashion needs. The hard bit is choosing which one you like best! The chunkier style of this collection makes the boot more durable and able to withstand everyday use. The leather detailing, comfy leather lining and thick heel make these shoes fashionable and comfortable. They can be laced all the way up for ankle support and to keep those toes warm during the winter, or tied low for a looser fit. The zip closure also means they are easy to put on and take off. You won’t get stuck in the Troopa 2.0, although these boots are so pretty we wouldn’t mind...

If fashion is what you are after, Madden is the brand for you! With a pair of skinny jeans, or teamed with a skater dress for a more feminine look, the Troopa 2.0 is one versatile boot! If, however, the style of the Troopa 2.0 isnt quite to your fashion tastes, check out the rest of Steve Madden's collection to find your perfect combat style boot:
  • Steve Madden Women's Troopa Lace-Up Boot: The original Troopa combat boot, available in over 7 colors
  • Steve Madden Women’s Gantra Lace Up Combat Boot Shoes: A smaller, lace up boot with padded collar. Available in black, brown and olive
  • Steve Madden Women's 2 Chain Combat Boot: The chain design of this combat boot adds a touch of high fashion with a grungy edge
Best Value
We adored the wintery feel of Forever Link's Mango-31 Style combat boots and can definitely see ourselves stomping through snow in these. If, however, you are after a more practical boot then check out Forever Link's Women's Broadway-3 Military Lace Up Ankle Boots.

Forever Link Women’s Round Toe Military Lace Up, Knit Ankle Cuff, Low Heel Combat Boots -Available in 10 colors

We chose to feature the Mango-31 style combat boots from Forever Link because of their overwhelming popularity with women all over the world. The rounded toe design with decorative zipper adds a touch of style to these warm winter booties that feature a gorgeous knit ankle cuff, great for the upcoming winter season. Who said keeping warm meant you had to sacrifice style? The Mango-31’s adjustable laces mean you can alter the boots to fit your feet and change the style of how the boots are worn. With 10 different colors available, you are sure to find a pair that suits you and your current wardrobe perfectly (our favorite is the Premium Brown Pu). The cushioned insole means the Mango-31s are extremely comfortable. The 1.5-inch thick, faux wood heel also adds support to your ankles, so these boots can be worn all day, every day in comfort and style!

If this particular style from Forever Link doesn’t quite match up to your fashion tastes, be sure to have a look at its other combat boot designs. With prices so low, you could buy them all!
  • Forever Link Women's Mango Military Leatherette Dual Buckle Zipper Lace Up Mid Calf Boots: Quilted design available in tan, brown and black
  • Forever Link Mango-61K Leatherette Lace Up Zipper Buckles Military Combat Boot Little Girl Tan: Looking for combat boots for your little princess? Forever Link has you covered
  • Forever Link Suede Material Lace Design Fur Trim Accent Knee High Casual Boots: Suede style with a fur trim, available in 4 different colors
The Dr. Martens 1460 Eight-Eye Lace-Up Combat Style Boot is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable boot with iconic style. If, however, the 1460 product isn’t feminine enough for your tastes, check out the brand's Kristy Cherry Red Virginia+ Darken Suede style combat boot for a more girly edge.

Dr Martens 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace Up Combat Boot

Dr Martens has appealed to fashion-savvy people for over 50 years. With all its products available in an extensive array of colors, this brand is about self-expression and choosing a product that illuminates your own personal tastes. Their simple designs mean Dr Martens products can be incorporated into many styles. Whether paired with rolled-up, acid speckled jeans or a chic LBD with a punky edge, Dr. Martens boots merge into lots of wardrobes seamlessly. Made from real leather with a cushioned sole, Dr. Martens boots are designed to mold to the shape of your feet, making these some of the comfiest shoes you will ever wear!

The women’s Dr. Martens 1460 was one of the first products created by the brand, and it's still popular today. The style has been adapted slightly, offering a narrower footbed for a more feminine touch. The upper part of the boot is made from smooth leather and is available in over 30 different colors and patterns. The 1460s are durable enough to be worn every day, molding to your feet and getting more comfortable with every use to help with the strain women put their feet through on a daily basis. Although the leather is infamously stiff to start off with, the boots themselves become increasingly comfortable, fitting you like a glove after several uses. The leather can also be polished to create a sleek and chic shine, or scuffed up to create a punk rock, grungy look; it is totally up to you! The soles are made with a Goodyear welt, meaning zero slips when you are moshing out to your favorite band. The Z-welt stitch and heat sealing process are also unique to the brand, meaning you literally won’t find a combat boot like this anywhere else.

If the original Dr. Martens 1460s are a bit too chunky for your particular style or look, consider the brand's other footwear designs. With a renowned line of durable footwear that looks and feels good, Dr. Martens is a brand you really don’t want to miss out on. Other options include:
  • Dr. Martens Women's Jadon Boot: Thick sole for dramatic and practical purposes, available in 6 colors
  • Dr. Martens Women's Vegan 1460 Boot: The 1460 style in a vegan-friendly design, perfect for those earth lovers out there
  • Dr. Martens Women's 1B99 14 Eye Boot: Similar to the 1460 design but with a longer leg for a winter-friendly statement
With brush-off leather construction and intricate lace design, Frye's Veronica Combat Boots should be a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. If the color of this particular product doesn’t do it for you, however, then make sure to check out the Veronica collection's whole host of other colors. Our personal favorite is black.

Frye Women’s Veronica Combat Boots 5.5 M US

Founded in 1863, Frye is an all-American brand that really knows what it's doing, not only with shoes but with leather as a whole. It uses top materials, high-quality craftsmanship and solid design to bring you products that are unparalleled in the marketplace today. Frye’s original designs are timeless and are just as popular today as they were 50 years ago.
With the highest quality leathers (all tanned with natural oils) and a range of styles and colors, Frye offers an extraordinary amount of choice. As a company, Frye believes that the feel of its products is just as important as the way they look, something we have to agree on after a closer look at the brand's stunning Veronica Combat Boot Collection. Although Frye may be more expensive compared to some other brands, you're paying for quality that is unmatched in other footwear.

We chose to feature Frye’s Veronica Combat Boot Collection because we simply loved the style of this product, and that it's available in so many different colors. Frye seemingly understands that each one of its customers is unique in their fashion tastes and preferences, and that making a variety of product choices available is incredibly important.

The Veronica Combat is a lace-up style boot made of two layers of dyed leather, adding to the sturdiness and structure of the boot as a whole. It's leather-lined with a leather outsole and a stacked leather heel. The streamlined look of the Veronica Boot is what really sets it apart from the rest. Its feminine touch won’t look out of place, whether you're stomping around a dance floor, hiking through the woods or simply kicking back with friends.

If Veronica isn’t the girl for you, try Frye’s other collections. They're all made of the same high-quality materials, so we promise you won’t be disappointed. Choices include:
  • Frye Women's Erin Lug Combat Boot: Leather combat style boot with cap toe detail, available in 4 colors
  • Frye Women’s Jenna Combat Boot: Vintage leather combat boot with worn vintage style
  • Frye Women's Veronica Combat Boot, Black, 5.5 M US: Leather combat style boot with buckle detailing, available in 6 colors
We love the look of these boots, the little side pocket's the best part. Imagine never having to take a bag out with you again!. If, however, you aren’t as crazy about these combat style boots as we are, then check out Daily Shoes' Military Up Buckle Combat Boots Ankle High collection instead.

Daily Shoes Women’s Military Combat Lace Up Mid Calf Boots with Money/Knife Pocket

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, Daily Shoes is a newcomer to the world of shoe wear. Do not be fooled however, although baby faced in comparison to other brands, Daily Shoes certainly know what they are doing when it comes to selling fashionable shoes at affordable prices. The collections featured by the brand are well thought out and often include designs that are available in an astonishing assortment of colors. This means they cater to a huge demographic of customers which also means that by shopping with this brand you are almost guaranteed to find something you love.

We loved the look of the Daily Shoes Women's Military Combat Lace Up Wallet Pocket Boots. The handy little side pocket (3 inches by 3.5 inches in size) means you can leave your bag at home (hallelujah!) and keep your keys, purse and credit cards in your shoes! The pocket’s ultra-tight zipper means you don’t have to worry about anything falling out; all your valuables are well secured with these combat boots.

The versatility of these military style boots is another reason they're so popular. The ruggedly crafted design, with slip-resistant soles and traction grip, means you will be able to walk on all types of terrain with ease. For those eco-friendly customers out there, the Daily Shoes combat boot is also made from heavy-duty vegan leather that resists daily wear and tear, making them the perfect boot for the more accident-prone amongst us. The padded insoles mean these will probably be the comfiest pair of boots you own, and their lace-up front means you can adjust their size to fit your legs and feet perfectly.
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If this is still not enough to get your motor running, consider some of the other products Daily Shoes has to offer:
  • Women's Daily Shoes Combat Style Up Ankle Bootie Quilted Military Knit Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots: Military style boots with knitted sweater top for comfort and warmth
  • Women's Daily Shoes Combat Style Up Sweater Top Ankle Bootie With Pocket for Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots: Combat style ankle boot, available in 7 different colors with knitted sweater top
  • Women's Daily Shoes Lace-Up Ankle Padded Collar Work Combat Ladies Booties: Work style military boots with padded collar

How Do I Choose the Best Combat Boots For Women?

So, you want to achieve that tough girl look? Well, nothing can help you do so better than women’s combat boots. They help you pull off a tough yet classy look, especially if you combine them with a good pair of sports sunglasses and a duty belt. One thing you will love about these boots is their durability. Yep, the best combat boots for women are designed to last for eternity! Well, not literally. They also come in a wide variety of colors, which means they will never limit you on what to wear. You may also choose to match them with a smartwatch to complete the look. Get yourself a pair today!
Women’s combat boots are a pretty affordable fashion item, selling for between $20 and $200. The more expensive ones have air cushions to enhance comfort, and also have slip-resistant rubber soles. These are features you won’t get if you go for cheap women combat boots, moreover, buying cheap shoes is never a good idea, as their inferior materials don’t last long. You don’t want the soles of your boots to wear out within a few weeks, do you?
While the need to look stylish is a motivating factor when buying women’s combat boots, there is a host of features you need to take into consideration before the purchase.

The features to look out for are as follows:
  • Size – They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from shaft 6.5” to shaft 13”.
  • Material – They are made of different variations of leather with rubber soles.
  • Color – They come in a variety of colors, ranging from black to bright colors like red.
  • Extras – Some come with extras such as heat-sealed soles, dyed leather and zippered storage pockets.
Construction and Design
Make sure you measure your foot well to get the right size, and also take into account the socks you would normally wear with the boots. This is very important, because we know you want to avoid the discomfort of walking around in the wrong-sized shoe.

The material you choose is a function of your budget. The more expensive boots are made of pure leather, and also come with rubber soles. Cheaper ones are made of synthetic leather, and some varieties are unlikely to last as long as those made of real leather – customer reviews are your friend here.
Performance and Ease of Use
As for color, you should select one that matches the rest of your closet. You do not want to buy combat boots that require you to buy extra clothes just to match them. That is a waste of resources, and can be avoided by getting boots of the right color.

Some boots have extras available that may suit your tastes and preference. For instance, if you enjoy hiding small stuff in hard-to-find areas of your attire, then you might want a pair with zippered storage pockets as an extra. If you are into sophisticated looks, then going for one with an ankle cuff as an extra would work well for you.

Get the Best Combat Boots For Women of 2023!

If you haven’t yet found what you are looking for, don’t despair. These brands have a variety of other products, and you are guaranteed to find a great pair of combat boots.

Our Top Choice
Steve Madden Women’s Combat/Military Boot Troopa 2.0
Best Value
Forever Link Women’s Combat Boots Mango-31
Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Combat Boots
Frye Women’s Veronica Combat Boot
Daily Shoes Mid Knee Lace Up Combat Boots