Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews 2023

Coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages on the planet. It’s so popular because of its pleasant flavor and because it gives you a quick boost of energy when you need it the most. There are numerous coffee machines on the market which will allow you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from now and then. In this review, we focus on commercial espresso machines. These are specifically designed to be used in a commercial setting, and the five we picked come from some of the best commercial espresso machine brands out there. If you're a home user, or perhaps just a small restaurant or cafe who won't be making espresso full time, peruse our review of "non-commercial" espresso machines to see if there’s something suitable for you there!
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Our Top Choice
La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine
La Pavoni specializes in coffee and espresso machines as well as accessories for them. It’s an Italian brand with years of experience in making coffee-related products.
Quick heating times. Makes up to 16 cups of espresso. Has 2 frothers for cappuccino and latte. 1-year warranty.
Machine is manual, so the temperature may fluctuate as you learn how to properly use it
38 ounces
Brass, rosewood
Brass finish
16.2 x 4.5 x 12 inches
Best Value
Rancilio Silvia Professional Espresso Machine + Grinder
Rancilio makes professional, heavy-duty coffee machines and coffee-related accessories, like grinders, while providing consumers with great customer service and low prices.
Heavy-duty appliances. Standing base also included. Commercial-grade steam wand; customizable settings
Pricey, but you get both the machine and grinder
12 ounces
Brass, stainless steel
Stainless steel finish
13.75 x 9.25 x 11.25 inches
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Espresso Machine
Nuova Simonelli makes some of the most sophisticated and practical commercial espresso machines in the world. Its products are sold and appreciated worldwide.
Makes 4 cups of espresso at once. Made from stainless steel. Easy to use. 1 year warranty. Installation included.
Expensive, but this model will cater to all your espresso making needs for many years.
744 ounces
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
23 x 23 x 51 inches
Elektra Micro Casa Leva Espresso Machine
Elektra is a maker of high-quality espresso machines and toys for children. Its coffee makers are available in automatic or manual to provide you with a range of options.
Extracts espresso at perfect temp. Minor assembly required. Easy to use.
No direct water line connection, but Elektra makes other machines with this feature
61 ounces
Chrome, brass, bakelite
Chrome and brass finish
22 x 10 x 10 inches
Breville Barista Express Machine
Breville makes high-quality espresso machines, toasters, ovens, juicers and many other kitchen appliances. It’s an Australian brand with more than 80 years of experience.
‘Purge’ function for automatically adjusting water temp. Includes grinder and 67 ounce water tank.
Minor reliability issues, but machine comes with warranty
67 ounces
Stainless steel
3 colors available
12.5 x 13.25 x 16 inches

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What is the Best Commercial Espresso Machine?

One of the most important aspects you need to take into account when shopping for a commercial espresso machine is the price. At the end of the day, your budget will largely determine what type of coffee machine you will get. However, the aspects we mentioned above are also paramount when making your decision. Now that you know more about this subject, let's take a look at our contenders.
Our Top Choice
The Professional Espresso Machine from La Pavoni is capable of making up to 16 cups of espresso, and it comes with an instructional DVD in the package. If you need an automated espresso machine capable of making up to 6 shots of espresso at a time, go for the Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino Machine from the same brand.

La Pavoni Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine – 38 Ounce Boiler, Made in Italy, Instructional DVD Included

La Pavoni is an Italian brand specializing in coffee machines and accessories for them. This company makes commercial, heavy-duty coffee machines, which can be used in restaurants, bars and residential properties. What makes this brand stand out from the crowd is that it uses rare and valuable materials for making its espresso machines. For example, some of their machines are gold-plated and deliver an authentic, Italian coffee experience.

The Professional 16-Cup Espresso Machine from La Pavoni is capable of making up to 16 cups of espresso at once and it incorporates rosewood handles. This machine is ETL listed, fabricated in Italy and ideal for making cappuccinos and lattes.

The machine itself is highly sophisticated as it has a built-in internal thermostat and a brass boiler that quickly heats up the water. It also features 2 frothers. which can work simultaneously, and the included 1 year-warranty period will cover most defects or damages, if any. At the end of the day, this machine will be your best friend when you need a quick shot of liquid energy!
Best Value
The Rancilio Silvia M V5 and Rocky Bar Combo is ideal for making delicious, flavorful espresso every morning! This combo includes an espresso maker and powerful coffee grinder at a special price. If you need the espresso machine without the grinder, then check out the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, which features an iron frame and stainless steel panels.

Rancilio Silvia M V5 and Rocky Bar Combo with Base – Espresso Machine and Rocky Coffee Grinder Kit

Rancilio is another brand focused particularly on coffee machines and accessories for them. You can shop for multiple accessories at Rancilio, such as filters, coffee cups, spoons, grinder burrs and more. Apart from having a wide and diverse range of products, Rancilio also offers excellent customer service and sells its wares at reasonable prices.

If you want to get your coffee needs completely, we recommend taking a closer look at the Rancilio Silvia M V5 and Rocky Bar Combo. This kit contains a powerful coffee grinder (Rocky) that’s made from stainless steel and can dispense freshly ground coffee powder each time. This machine weighs approximately 18 pounds and is very easy to use.

The Silvia M V5 is made from heavy-duty parts, and features a brass boiler, portafilter and a commercial-grade steam wand. These components will guarantee the durability and long-service life of the machine. It also features electronic control and multiple customizable settings to allow you to prepare a delicious, bold-tasting cup of espresso every time.
The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Ii Digital 4 Group Espresso Machine is ideal for shops, restaurants and bars as it can produce 4 espresso shots at the same time. If your budget is smaller, you might want to go for the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine which is also highly practical and reliable.

Nuova Simonelli Digital 4 Group Aurelia II Espresso Machine – 6000 Watts of Power, Made from Stainless Steel

Nuova Simonelli is a prestigious Italian manufacturer of coffee machines and accessories for them. This brand has more than 70 years of experience when it comes to making espresso devices and its products are designed to be ergonomic, practical and reliable at the same time.

The Aurelia Ii Digital 4 Group Espresso Machine from Nuova Simonelli is a superb unit made mostly from stainless steel. This espresso machine can make 4 cups of espresso at the same time and that is why it is more suitable for shops and restaurants. It has a relatively small footprint and a spacious boiler with a capacity of almost 744 ounces.

The machine itself is part of a larger line of commercial espresso machines under the Aurelia II name. This model in our review comes with a warranty period of 1 year for labor (for people who choose to go for professional installation) and 2 years for parts and it is completely programmable and automatic. The machine is also the only one certified by the European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics for its clever design.
Elektra’s Micro Casa Leva Espresso Machine is a beautiful, chrome-finished manual coffee appliance with a boiler capacity of 61 ounces and easy-to-read pressure gauge. If you have a restaurant or bar, you might want to check out the Sixties Deliziosa Commercial Espresso Machine, which looks more sophisticated and comes with multiple features.

Elektra Microcasa Semiautomatica Commercial Espresso Machine – 61 Ounce Boiler, Minimal Assembly Required

The Elektra brand caught our attention because it offers a variety of coffee machines to its customers, yet it also produces fun and exciting toys, such as flashing trikes and pogo sticks. This brand uses high-quality materials in creating its coffee appliances, and it makes manual as well as fully automated espresso machines.

For example, the Micro Casa Leva Espresso Machine from Elektra is a manual machine featuring a steam pressure gauge. When the needle is in the green zone, that's the right moment for extracting ultra-flavorful espresso. The capacity of the boiler is 61 ounces and the total weight of the machine is 22 pounds, which isn’t bad for a professional espresso machine.

This appliance comes in a beautiful chrome and brass finish, making it suitable for every interior décor, whether you place it in your kitchen, bar or restaurant. When you receive the machine, you just need to attach the steam wand and enjoy a personalized, authentic espresso experience!
The Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine is available in 3 color options and includes a stainless steel burr grinder, a 67-ounce removable water tank, and a unique ‘purge’ function. If you prefer a smaller and more compact espresso machine that’s equally powerful, go for the Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine – 1600 Watts of Power, 3 Colors Available, 67 Ounce Boiler

Breville doesn’t need any introduction because it’s a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances, and because it was founded in Australia in 1932. It has more than 80 years of experience in making coffee machines, toasters, ovens, tea machines, juicers and more. Today, Breville is present on multiple international markets because it sells high-quality products at affordable prices, and it has wonderful customer service representatives, too!

Let’s look at the Barista Express Espresso Machine from Breville, particularly the BES870XL model, which is available in 3 color options (stainless steel, black sesame or cranberry red). This machine is fully automated and has a power of 1600 watts, plus a genuine Italian pump capable of pushing 15 bars of pressure. As you probably already know, the Italians are the go-to guys when it comes to coffee machines and accessories.

So you can make tons of espresso at once, this machine has a conical burr grinder made from stainless steel as well as a 67-ounce, removable water tank, and it features a sturdy handle for easy maneuvering. You can also take advantage of the purge function, which automatically adjusts the water temperature to ensure optimal extraction for your espresso. What more we can say? The Express is ideal for a genuine coffee lover or for someone who needs a high-quality espresso maker in their restaurant or bar.

How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Espresso Machine?

When it comes to making coffee, there are so many appliances and devices that can help you brew a cup, such as automatic coffee makers, Keurig coffee makers, household espresso machines, coffee grinders and more. Many of today's coffee machines are also automatic or manual (for those of you want to get involved more when it comes to preparing the ideal espresso shot).

In this guide, we’re going to focus on commercial espresso machines. How are they different from regular espresso machines? Well, first of all, they’re designed to be used in commercial settings, like restaurants, bars or even in large kitchens in office buildings. These machines usually have a high-capacity boiler that allows the preparation of 10 or 12 cups of coffee before it needs refilling. The manufacturers of commercial espresso machines also put an emphasis on the quality of the materials they use, and they design these appliances with heavy-duty purposes in mind.

Continue reading to find out how to pick the right commercial espresso machine for your establishment and how to take advantage of it the most!
The prices for commercial espresso machines can vary tremendously, depending on various factors, like type, features, accessories included, materials made from and so on. For example, a quality commercial espresso machine can be priced around $300 while a higher-end one can go up to $5,000. These machines can prepare multiple espresso shots simultaneously, and they’re usually more suitable for busy restaurants and bars.

You can also find something in the middle, like an espresso machine that’s priced around $1,500. Such machines don’t have a shortage of bells and whistles, and they’re made from really durable materials as well. As a word of advice, stay away from excessively cheap commercial espresso machines as these products are usually flimsy or make poor-quality coffee.
Before talking about the features of a commercial espresso machine, we want to stress that they each can have multiple advantages and technical capabilities. The following list will present a few, and probably the most important, aspects, just to give you a head start and a better understanding as you’re shopping around.
  • Type - commercial espresso machines can be automatic or manual. With automatic ones, you just press a button and your coffee will brew without help. Manual machines, on the other hand, give you more control over the preparing process and are usually preferred by experienced baristas
  • Boiler capacity - the boiler holds water for preparing the espresso, and, usually, the larger the better. Some commercial espresso machines have boilers with capacities of 60 ounces while others can go up to 4 gallons
  • Materials - most feature components are made from stainless steel and brass as these are some of the most durable materials out there. Typically, the machine will have some kind of chrome finish to give it shine
  • Finish - commercial espresso machines come in various colors and finishes as well, like stainless steel and chrome
Again, these are just a few features you can find in modern commercial espresso machines. There are plenty of others, such as built-in warmers, which allow you to quickly warm up your coffee before serving it to your guests or clients.
Construction and Design
As mentioned earlier, commercial espresso machines can either be manual or automatic. The manual ones usually incorporate a brass boiler and a handle made from some type of wood. They also come with a pressure gauge so that you know exactly when it’s the right time to extract your espresso. In many cases, both manual and automatic machines will include a metallic base that gives them more stability.

Similarly, automatic espresso machines are usually made from stainless steel or include a plethora of stainless steel components. This material is durable, hygienic, resists rusting and looks attractive. Apart from that, some machines might include a couple of plastic elements, but overall, they’re made from heavy-duty metals that guarantee a long service life.
Performance and Ease of Use
Today's commercial espresso machines are designed to make 6 to 16 espresso shots or even more, depending on the boiler's capacity. Basically, as long as you supply the machine with fresh coffee beans or ground coffee powder, your unit will work indefinitely. In many instances, manual ones might require minimal assembly, and they also tend to come with an instructional DVD to help you learn how to use the machine. Ultimately, commercial espresso machines are also backed up by warranty periods, so remember to look for that if you want your investment to be protected—particularly if you’ve never owned an espresso machine and aren’t sure if you’ll like it.

Get the Best Commercial Espresso Machine of 2023!

Nothing compares with a good cup of espresso to start your day. Any of these 5 machines will do the trick effortlessly and quickly, so pick the one you like the most and surprise your friends each time with a delicious latte or cappuccino!

Our Top Choice
La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machine
Best Value
Rancilio Silvia Professional Espresso Machine + Grinder
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Espresso Machine
Elektra Micro Casa Leva Espresso Machine
Breville Barista Express Machine