Best Composition Notebook Reviews 2022

Composition notebooks are the perfect place to put your artistic ideas on paper, record a report, or take down notes during a seminar or lecture. Hence, they form excellent reference materials for important information or creative reflections long after events and experiences have passed. Since composition notebooks make for invaluable reference books, we’ve decided to take up the challenge of finding the ideal one. To do so, we’ve carried out a deep investigation on the best composition notebooks manufactured by our top 5 brands. The end result was this informative buying guide that presents all the information you’ll need to know before making a purchase. Aside from these five signature notebooks, our spotlight brands also have some other amazing composition books that you may like. If you would like even more options, we also have a review on other notebooks.
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Our Top Choice
Norcom Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook
Norcom has been producing amazing office and school supplies for well over three decades. Today, it is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of paper products in the US.
100 wide-ruled sheets make notes legible and neat. Comes in shades of green. Has conversion tables and multiplication charts. Offers spelling and punctuation tips.
Covers are not able to protect your notes from moisture.
Class schedule; side binding
200 pages
10 x 8 inches
Blue; red; green; yellow; black
Best Value
Top Flight Sewn Composition Book
Since its inception in 1920, Top Flight has stayed true to its commitment to manufacture superior quality products that promise excellent value. That’s why Top Flight loyal customers love this brand.
Wide-ruled for neat notes. Hard covers protect the notes. Sewn binding holds the sheets firmly together. 100 sheets. Classic design. Suitable for office and school use.
A few reports about the cover being too flexible.
200 pages
10 x 8 inches
Roaring Spring Black Marble Comp Notebook
Roaring Spring is a strong brand with more than a hundred and fifty years of remarkable success in providing office and school supplies to its customers all over the world.
80 graph-ruled sheets. Smooth white paper. Hard marble-appearance covers for durability. Center-sewn and tape-bound to hold the sheets tightly. Permanently bound to discourage tearing.
Some customers consider the sheets rather thin.
Center sewn
160 pages
9.8 x 7.5 inches
Black marble
Mead Black Marble Composition Notebook
Mead is one of four industry-leading brands owned by ACCO. The Mead brand has a proven track record of excellence in innovation which explains why they have so many loyal customers.
Header for labeling and identification. College-ruled to align notes. Permanently bound to discourage tearing. 100 Sheets. Class schedule for organization. Conversion tables.
The covers of the notebook are not as hard as expected.
Bookbound; sewn
200 pages
College; wide
9.8 x 7.5 inches
Black marble
BAZIC Wide-Ruled Marble Comp Notebook
The BAZIC company thrives on customer feedback, and uses this valuable information to provide the world with fine, innovative products and vibrant writing solutions..
100 sheets of wide-ruled paper. Permanently bound to avoid loss of important notes. Ample writing space. Comes in assorted colors. Sturdy and durable covers. Functional.
There are a few reports that the paper is a bit rough.
3-Class schedule; sewn
200 pages
9.8 x 7.5 inches
Red; green; yellow; blue

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What is the Best Composition Notebook?

We’re pleased as punch that you’ve taken the time to read through this composition notebook guide! Rest assured, you’re now well-armed to make an informed selection. Now, let’s head over to our review section for even more information.
Our Top Choice
The Norcom Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook is available in a 5-pack, featuring conversion tables and multiplication charts for math-related purposes as well as a spelling and punctuation guide for grammar-related courses. Thinking of neutral colors? Then try the Norcom Assorted Black and White Composition Notebook. It comes in a pack of 5 college-ruled notebooks for your writing pleasure.

Norcom 5-Pack Wide-Ruled 100-Sheets Composition Notebooks – Available in 2 Colors

Norcom has been distributing and manufacturing office and school paper products for over three decades and is now a frontline company in the American industry. At its many highly-efficient, state-of-the-art facilities, Norcom produces a vast range of superior-grade paper and stationary products, such as envelopes, loose-leaf sheets, notebooks, and poster boards. As it is concerned with various global issues like environmental sustainability and human rights, Norcom insists on an eco-friendly manufacturing process and safe, humane worksites.

The Norcom Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook offers 100 sheets of quality paper for your writing pleasure. Aside from home, school and office purposes, it is also a great tool for journaling or keeping records of events and experiences.

For busy students who have a ton of classes and are always on the go, the class schedule template will make your life a little less hectic. If you’re ever overwhelmed with a language or math course, check out the backside of the front cover for well-known reference websites. We all know that math can be both confusing and exhausting. But, with this composition notebook’s metric conversion, decimal, fraction and percentage tables, located on the inside back cover, math will be all that much easier. If you plan to use this notebook for essays and English grammar subjects, you can take advantage of the spelling and punctuation rules insert. The great thing about using this composition book for writing purposes is the wide-ruled sheets that help keep your handwriting neat and your notes legible. If you’re not keen on boring old black and gray then you can choose to purchase these notebooks in assorted colors. This includes gray, green, red, blue and yellow.

Here are a few more from Norcom:
  • Norcom Poly Bright Composition Notebook: It features smooth poly covers that assure durability
  • Norcom Fashion Composition Notebook Bundle: It comes in a pack of 6 different beautifully designed notebooks
  • Norcom Dots and Chevron Composition Notebook: It offers 100 sheets for all your writing needs
  • Norcom Composition Notebook with Random Colors: Each book features a class schedule and metric conversion inside
  • Norcom Neon College-Ruled Composition Notebook: It comes in a pack of 4 100-page neon-colored books
Best Value
The Top Flight Composition Notebook comes with an extra-hard black and white marble appearance cover that protects your notes from impact. It features a sewn binding that ensures no sheet falls out of the book at any time. If you want something smaller, you should check the Top Flight Glued Mini-Marble Composition Notebook. It comes in a pack of 3 college-ruled books of assorted colors.

Top Flight Black and White Marble Composition Notebook, Wide-Ruled, 100 Sheets – Available in a 1, 2 or 4-Pack

Top Flight has a 90-year record of providing its customers with top-quality paper products. Originally known as the Atlas Paper Box Company, their humble origins quickly grew from being a simple, single-machine paper box manufacturer to what is now known as the impressive Top Fight brand. Presently, it is owned and operated by the family of one of its founding fathers, H.T. Robinson, one of four men that dreamt of trailblazing paper products company. To this very day, Top Flight maintains its commitment to value and quality, ideals clearly reflected in its products.

The Top Flight Composition Notebook has a black and white marble design, a perfect fit for any home, office or school setting. This 100-sheet notebook is available in 1, 2 and 4-booklet packs, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of writing paper. As it is suitable for students, professionals and hobbyists alike, this notebook makes an ideal writing companion.

For those in search of a journal, you’ll be pleased with its eye-catching yet unpretentious appearance. If you’re looking for a book for your child to practice writing, these wide-ruled sheets can easily accommodate and guide the handwriting of an early writer. Regardless of the subject matter, the ample writing space in this composition notebook helps to keep your handwriting neat and legible. And, to make sure your notes or compositions don’t get dog-eared and wrinkled, it also features an extra hard, ultra-durable cover for protection.

To eliminate the possibility of falling sheets, the binding on this notebook is sewn and has a black strip running down the length of its spine as added reinforcement.

There are other notebooks by Top Flight and they include:
  • Top Flight Marble Composition Notebooks (Pack of 4): It has a sewn binding so sheets don’t come off easily
  • Top Flight Primary Composition Notebook: It has extra hard covers that offer durability
  • Top Flight Sewn 3-Subject Composition Notebook: Each notebook offers 120 wide-ruled sheets
  • Top Flight Pack of 8 Composition Notebook: This 8-pack is an economical choice for school and office purposes
  • Top Flight Journal K- Third Grad 3-Pack Journal: It features guidelines for early and young writers
Need a notebook for a math class or for banking purposes? Then take advantage of the Roaring Spring Graph-Ruled Notebook. It features 80 5X5 sheets of paper that are tape-bound and center-sewn to discourage tearing. You may also check the Roaring Spring Grade 3-Ruled Composition Notebook. Its sheets are center-sewn with thread to hold the sheets securely in place so they won’t come off easily.

Roaring Spring Hard Cover Composition Notebook, Graph-Ruled, 80 Sheets – Available in a 1 or 4-Pack

Roaring Spring is a globally known brand of home, office and school supplies. With over 150 years of paper milling experience under their belt, Roaring Spring continues to advance the paper industry with its many innovative achievements. Above all else is their drive for excellence, evident in Roaring Spring’s unreserved commitment to satisfy the needs of its customers. Today, it continues to grow its robust line of ground-breaking products and ensures that the standard of quality of these products remains unsurpassed.

The Roaring Spring Graph-Ruled Notebook comes with 80 sheets of smooth, white recycled paper which is ruled in a 5X5 graph pattern and protected by a snag-proof wire. All the sheets in this notebook are tape-bound and center-sewn with thread to ensure secure binding, so those sheets that have important notes don’t come off easily. In fact, it’s so secure that if you’re looking to pull out a sheet, you’ll have to tug extra hard!

The Roaring Spring Graph-Ruled Notebook, available in a traditional marble design, also has durable, yet slightly-flexible covers, strong enough to keep your top-secret science experiment calculations from falling into the wrong hands! And, to make sure you don’t miss out on those important mad-scientist lab courses, the inside cover of this book has a class schedule and other informative charts that a science genius will surely find useful.

Here are a few more from Roaring Spring:
  • Roaring Spring Unruled Hard Cover Composition Notebook: Its hard covers are durable and strong
  • Roaring Spring Premium Composition Notebook: It boasts 80 sheets of smooth white paper with margins
  • Roaring Spring Recycled Graph-Ruled Composition Notebook: It has a strong cover, available in an earth stone design
  • Roaring Spring Tapebound Composition Notebook: It contains 48 sheets of wide-ruled paper
  • Roaring Spring Grade 2 Composition Notebook: This notebook is perfect for practicing handwriting
The Mead Black Marble Composition Notebook has 100 permanently bound sheets that won’t come off easily. Each notebook in this 3-pack has a header space where you can write your name and the subject you’d like to use it for. Prefer assorted colors? Then try the Mead Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook in Assorted Colors. It comes in a marble design and features a space to write your name and subject.

Mead Black Marble 100-Sheet Composition Notebook – College or Wide Ruled Available & 4 Pack Sizes

Mead is a subsidiary company of ACCO Brands that provides students and professionals with the high-quality and industry-leading learning tools they need to achieve their academic and career goals. It also has a long history of being a top manufacturer and supplier of innovative education tools, so it’s no surprise that Mead’s products are distributed to over 60 countries. As they take customer feedback and satisfaction to heart, its products are specifically designed to meet the needs of its loyal customers.

The Mead Black Marble Composition Notebook comes as either college or wide-ruled depending on your needs. They’re also available in a 1, 3, 5 or 12-pack so you can easily cater for all your subjects with these notebooks. Each notebook offers 100 wide-ruled sheets, the ideal amount for all your school and work notes.

To make organizing your day and planning your classes less stressful, this notebook also features a schedule inside the front cover. What’s more, the multiplication, conversion tables and grammar rules on the back cover make for a handy reference guide.

Each notebook is also permanently bound to discourage tearing, eliminating the chances of the sheets falling out. For clear identification and easy organization, the cover has a large, blank space to insert your name and notebook subject.

Here are a few more from Mead:
  • Mead Grade K-2 Composition Notebook: It helps kids practice their writing skills
  • Mead College-Ruled Fashion Composition Notebook: Its college-ruled sheets will keep your notes aligned
  • Mead College-Ruled Plastic Cover Composition Notebook: Its plastic cover is water and tear resistant
  • Mead Special-Ruled Composition Notebook: It offers 100 wide-ruled sheets for your writing pleasure
  • Mead Shape It Up College-Ruled Composition Notebook: It comes in 3 different beautiful designs
BAZIC’s Assorted Marble Composition Notebooks offer 100 wide-ruled sheets which have plenty of space for preschoolers to practice their ABCs and ample room for writers to finetune their craft. You may also want to try the BAZIC Manila Cover Composition Notebook. It comes in a pack of 24 and each notebook has 20 wide-ruled sheets that are permanently bound to discourage paper tearing.

BAZIC Wide-Ruled Marble Composition Notebook – Assorted Colors, 3-Pack, 100 Sheets

BAZIC is a value-oriented company that ensures its customers get the best writing solutions for their needs. BAZIC believes its consumers are the ones in charge, and so it manufactures products according to their invaluable opinions and feedback. This company is known as a trendsetter in the paper and stationary industry, achieving tremendous success because of its technologically advanced approach.

The College-Ruled Marble Composition Notebook by BAZIC offers 200 pages of writing space for academic purposes and journaling. For those who are not into storing personal information on their cell phones or old-schoolers who have no clue how their iPhone actually works, these notebooks make a great address book.

The wonderful thing about this writing book is the permanent binding. The last thing you want is a bunch of notebook pages coming loose, and that’s exactly what the special binding prevents. This can be particularly helpful with young students who are practicing their writing as the pages don’t tear off. The bright, marble-colored covers are sturdy and durable, proving the sheets with protection from tearing and crumpling.

Many customers love this pack of 3 identical notebooks because it is quite cost-effective relative to the value it provides. What’s more, those wide-ruled sheets align notes properly and are suitable for writers who hope to improve their penmanship. With so many funky colors and designs to choose, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick just one!

Other notebooks from BAZIC include:
  • BAZIC Assorted-Color Marble Composition Notebook: It offers 200 pages of writing space for your writing pleasure
  • BAZIC Quad-Ruled Marble Composition Notebook: It offers 200 pages of graph-ruled sheets
  • BAZIC Grade 1 Primary Composition Notebook: It is suitable for kids who are honing their handwriting skills
  • BAZIC Unruled Black Marble Composition Notebook: Its unruled sheets are perfect for mature writers
  • BAZIC Holographic Composition Notebook: Its college-ruled sheets align notes neatly

How Do I Choose the Best Composition Notebook?

Composition notebooks aren’t just used by high schoolers to write end-of-the-year essays in the school auditorium. In fact, they’re equally suitable for reporting and making notes for future reference. If you’re into scrapbooking or journaling, these notebooks are a perfect way to save those precious memories, be it in images or writing.

Unlike spiral-bound, 1 subject notebooks, the pages of a composition book cannot be torn off easily. So, if you’re looking for a scrap piece of paper to write a quick note, you’ll have to find something else unless you want to use a pair of scissors to remove a page. In which case, you may not like what your nice composition book looks like after you’re through with it! The fact that they are permanently sewn means that the creative ideas and notes you’ve penned down will be safe and secure. The great thing is, with so many interesting designs and colors, you can always find composition notebooks to suit various purposes.

Parents and teachers will be pleased to know that these are also available in themed designs and bright colors. So, when it comes time to help the little people in your life learn to write or practice their script, you can get them a matching pack of colorful pens to go with their cool, new notebook. Since kids love coloring and drawing so much, don’t be surprised when that child flashes you one huge toothy grin! And, if that wasn’t enough, these composition notebooks are super lightweight, making this portable writing book able to fit into a regular backpack without tearing.

Nonetheless, you should know that finding the perfect composition book can be a giant nuisance. The truth is, you need all the facts to pick the right type of notebook. Luckily, in the next few moments, you’ll see the things you must consider before you make a choice.
The more composition notebooks in a pack, the more that set will cost. For instance, a package of 24 notebooks will cost more than one that has a dozen since you’re paying for more products overall. However, when you break down the individual price of each booklet, you’ll get a clearer idea of the end cost.

In any case, the price of composition notebooks falls within the range between $5 and $120. As a word of caution, do avoid cheap notebooks since, after a couple of weeks, they tend to become a real eye-sore. Skip the annoying step of having to buy a new one and just head straight for a quality writing book.
If you know exactly what features you want, choosing a composition notebook can be a walk in the park. Here are a few important aspects that we feel should play a role in your selection:
  • Binding
  • Ruling size
  • Cover
  • Count
  • Extras
Construction and Design
The size of a composition notebook will give you an estimate of the writing space that it offers. A long notebook with many lines means more writing space while shorter notebooks offer less space. An A5-sized notebook, for instance, fits well in most bags and also offers enough writing space.

More often than not, composition notebooks are permanently bound. This sort of binding involves paper and glue to hold all the sheets firmly together. Sometimes the binding may include stitches like the center-sewn kind. The purpose of this permanent binding is to ensure that your notes are kept secure and discourage tearing during use, especially with young children and early-graders.

The design of a notebook is usually a matter of preference. You may choose bright colors or neutral tones depending on your taste or the book’s designated purpose. For instance, if you would like to give a composition notebook to a little girl as a gift, you should opt for one that has either a themed or bright-colored cover. On the other hand, adult writers may prefer marble designed notebooks that aren’t so flashy.

There are also graph-ruled composition notebooks that come with 5 by 5 grid patterned sheets. They are often used for math-related purposes like creating a graph, charting angles or other such data representation. A graph-ruled composition notebook is equally useful to bankers and marketers who make projections from available information.
Performance and Ease of Use
Many notebooks also come with extra features, such as class schedules to organize your day, spelling and punctuation tips to help guide your writing, and math tools like conversion and multiplication tables that are always useful to have on hand.

The quality of a notebook cover affects the durability of the book. Covers made from paper are usually not suitable for long term use because they are not water-resistant and won’t protect your notes from spills and moisture. Hardcovers, on the other hand, seem to last longer than paper covers. But some of them can deteriorate over time when they come into contact with water.

Flexible hardcover notebooks can slip into a small bag easily. Nonetheless, if they’re too flexible, they may end up being too flimsy, rendering your book unsuitable for writing purposes. The problem is, if your cover flip-flops around in your bag, your notebook paper may crease or tear.

Poly cover notebooks are most popular because they withstand moisture and spills, ultimately protecting your notes from mishaps. And, with its tough, durable surface, poly covers also keep your page edges from becoming crumpled or dog-eared.

Composition notebooks come in college, wide or graph-ruled. College-ruled sheets have thinner lines than wide-ruled pages. While budding writers or individuals with bold handwriting will be comfortable using a wide-ruled notebook, older students or professionals may find a college-ruled notebook to be more to their liking because of the margin lines provided.

Get the Best Composition Notebook of 2022!

Now that you’ve gone through this review, we know that you will be satisfied with the choice you’ll eventually make. And if you want more options, you can take advantage of the navigation links we have provided you with.

Our Top Choice
Norcom Wide-Ruled Composition Notebook
Best Value
Top Flight Sewn Composition Book
Roaring Spring Black Marble Comp Notebook
Mead Black Marble Composition Notebook
BAZIC Wide-Ruled Marble Comp Notebook