Best Compost Bin Reviews 2019

If you have potted flowers, a lawn, or a garden, you should be composting. Compost works magic on your lawn as it reduces soil erosion, improves soil’s water-holding capacity, and enhances the growth of flowers and grass. However, you can only make high-quality compost if you're using a great compost bin. To help you pick the best compost bin, we've researched leading compost bin brands and picked one unit from each of them, to showcase what they produce. Read through and identify the best one for your home.
Our Top Choice
Gardener’s Supply Company Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler
Gardener’s Supply Company is owned by gardeners. This Vermont company specializes in gardening, and in outdoor and indoor living products and services.
There is no digging and flipping. It’s easy to use and easy to assemble. It has sturdy steel legs for enhanced stability. The impressive design keeps rodents out.
It is only ideal for small households.
Tumbler with 2 Chambers
3 Cubic Ft / 22 Dry Gallons
Heavy-Duty Polypropylene
8-1/2" x 25" x 37-1/4"
Two Rotating Bins
Best Value
Cedar Grove Terracotta Ceramic Compost Bin
Cedar Grove is all about composting. The brand makes kitchen compost bins that are dishwasher safe and can be placed on the kitchen countertop. They look like utensils.
It is dishwasher safe and decorated. Made of durable and nontoxic materials. Has a conveniently placed handle for easy handling. Fitted with charcoal filters to absorb odor.
Isolated complaints of the bin sweating.
Kitchen Compost Bin
0.75 Gallon
Terracotta Earthenware
7.4" x 7.4" x 7.7”; 4.2 lbs.
Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean
Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dual Senior
Good Ideas is a prestigious manufacturer of rain barrels, raised bed gardens, composters, waste bins and pet products. Its goal is to improve people’s everyday lives.
Made of FDA-approved and BPA-free plastic material. There are deep molded handles for easy handling. The black color supports fast composting and produces great results.
Isolated complaints of the bin’s opening being small.
Tumbler with 2 Chambers
50 Gallons – 25 Gallons Each
Recycled Polyethylene
25" x 25.5" x 31”; 28 lbs.
Compost Tea Collecting Base
Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin
It’s now over 134 years since Redmon came into the market. Today, it's a reputable manufacturer and distributor of different home products, including lawn and garden items.
It has an improved ventilation system to enhance the composting process. It has a large top opening and four access doors for easy and convenient waste pouring and compost removal.
It has no handles.
65 Gallons
Weather-Resistant Plastic Resin
31" x 26.5" x 5”; 15 lbs.
4 Doors and a Lift-off Door
Full Circle Odor-Free Kitchen Compost
Full Circle was founded by four friends who met at a Thanksgiving dinner and thought of making products that impact people’s lives. A decade later, the brand has five product lines.
A brilliant concept that facilitates air flow through the waste, hence reduced odor. Has a stylish look and design. Made from earth-friendly materials. Easy to clean.
It is small-sized.
Kitchen Compost Collector
1.5 Gallons
Recycled Plastic
11.4" x 8.5" x 9”; 3.5 ounces
Dishwasher Safe

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How Do I Choose the Best Compost Bin?

Compost has been valuable from time immemorial. Compost making probably started immediately after man started his quest for better farming methods. Years later, agriculturalists and developers are consistently looking for the easiest and most effective ways of composting. For those of us who are older, can you remember when we used to pour dead leaves on the farms and lawns?

But things started changing for the better - we started backyard composting, and the rest is history! As time went by, preparing compost became easier and eventually “a smart and likable activity." Even though they're not the prettiest things you can have in your backyard, let's face it; they're prettier than a heap of waste.

All these developments show one thing - we have continuously loved compost, and we can’t run away from that fact. That's why all the compost making methods and developments make it possible for anyone to make compost, whether you live in a town or a rural area. And as you know, there are a hundred and one reasons why it's good to compost. In this review, we’ve focused on composters, which are one of the smartest and most user-friendly ways of composting.

We considered all the available composting methods but paid more attention to the most recent, smartest, and effective composters. The only difference between the old composting methods and the recent compost bins and tumblers is the ease of use, composting rate, and composting effectiveness. By the way, a composter isn’t all you need. Since leaves come in handy when composting, you’ll need a garden rake or leaf blower to collect leaves and a pair of gloves for protection.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about composters, including the different types and what make them different. This way, we intend to serve everybody looking for a composter. We’ll also offer tips on what else you need to make your composting experience better.

Get ready, we’re about to dive into what you need to consider when shopping for a compost bin.
How much does a compost bin cost? The answer to this question varies depending on the composter type. While we’ll discuss the various available options for you later, let us mention the two major types of composters. Generally, composters are divided into two broad categories- compost bins and compost tumblers.

Regarding price, compost bins are cheaper compared to tumblers, as the latter are easier and more effective than compost bins. Also, they have a larger capacity, which is a great deal if your compost demand is high. But don't be amazed when you find larger compost bins. Currently, you can get a quality compost tumbler for between $90 and $350. For a compost bin, the price ranges from $15 to $100.

In each case, the price depends on several features and how advanced the unit is. First, for a large-sized composter, you will pay more and vice versa. Secondly, the material used to make the composter; the range of materials includes heavy-duty plastic, mesh wire, wood, metal, and terra cotta pottery.

While some people associate cheap compost bins with low quality, during our research we identified some budget-friendly choices, which can match the highly-priced models. Though this isn’t always the case, as you can usually expect to get what you pay for – don’t go for a product just because it’s cheap.

As we always advise, don't put price as the sole determining feature when purchasing a product - carefully assess what the product offers.
As earlier mentioned, there are different types of compost bins made for different users. Ideally, the best approach when getting one is to first assess your specific needs before picking one.

A couple of the critical considerations include: how much space do you have in your apartment or compound to place the composter? How much waste do you want to compost? Which composting type do you prefer? Keep your answers in mind while shopping for your compost bin, and please take a look at some of the other features we think you should look out for.

Below is a list of features that you should consider:
  • Capacity -Choose the size according to how many people will be using it or the amount of waste needed.
  • Size - Here, size doesn't refer to how much the composter can hold, but rather the space it requires. On average, a composter will take up between 4 and 6 square feet. The question here is, do you have that space?
  • Material - The material used to make a composter determines several things: durability, sturdiness, and composting effectiveness.
  • Aeration - Does it have mechanisms to enhance aeration? And if there are aeration spaces, can they allow pests inside?
  • Rotating mechanism - This determines how easy it is to mix the compost. However, it’s only applicable to compost tumblers.
  • Design - The design influences how easy it is to fill and empty the bin, and also affects the composting process.
Let's now see how these features affect the ease of use and performance of a composter.
Construction and Design
As earlier indicated, there are two broad categories of composters and the major difference is in their design. Compost bins load from the top and are mainly made from plastic. Another thing about compost bins to keep in mind is that they use minimal aeration, which affects the end product. They can either empty from the bottom or top.

Thanks to the immense developments in the composters industry, today there are numerous designs and materials used to make composters. For example, there are compost bins made of ceramic, which makes them look like utensils so they’re more suitable for kitchen use. To help minimize foul smell, these types also have charcoal filters; on top of that, they’re dishwasher-safe. Other materials include stainless steel and plastic.

Another type to consider is the wooden type, which is probably the oldest. Even with this type, there are several designs; some are open, while others are closed with large spaces for improved aeration. However, they’re bulky and less effective compared to plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic compost bins.

Let’s now shift to tumblers, which are pricier, but more effective compared to compost bins. There are a few main differences between tumblers and compost bins, all in design.
  • Mix when spun for better aeration
  • Have heavy-duty construction and have steel stands; a common one is paneled plastic
  • All tumblers are raised
  • Some have dual chamber design for double functioning – one cooks as you fill the next. Great for high demand
The biggest difference between compost bins and tumblers is the rotating feature. And even with this one, there are several options. Some are off-ground, which makes rotating easier, while others are for ground placement. Another reason that makes tumblers a favorite to many, is the ease of filling and emptying. We found out that most tumblers have a wide opening large enough for a spade to pass through. Also, most tumblers have hollow bases to collect leachate, a compost tea.
Performance and Ease of Use
There’s a reason why people usually opt for composters rather than waste piles or any other composting methods. And that’s because of their performance and ease of use. Compared to the traditional composting methods, compost bins and tumblers deliver better results, are "smarter," and their ease of use is impressive.

Based on the time taken to compost, which is the best composter? When judged by how long the composting process takes, tumblers take the least amount of time, while compost bins take longer. The reason is that tumblers have an enhanced heat absorption and retention rates, which positively contribute to composting. Research shows that with a tumbler, composting time is cut by half. Impressive!

Except for a few composters, which have limits on what you can compost, you can compost the some things on both tumblers and compost bins. This includes browns (cardboard, dry leaves, twigs, shredded papers, tree bark, and straw) and greens (such as cow and horse manure, egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, garden clippings, and grass clippings).

The performance of a composter will also depend on where it’s meant to be used. For example, a patio compost bin won’t be the best for kitchen use. If you want one for use in the kitchen, pick one that you can clean and has a way to suppress bad odor. The moisture level in a composter affects its performance, which is why it should be balanced. That’s why tumbler or compost bins with openings to drain excess water perform better.

When it comes to ease of use, tumblers and compost bins pass the mark. They’re easier to use and manage than were traditional ways. Firstly, minimal assembly is required upon purchase. Secondly, most of them are lighter, making transportation easier (especially the small ones).

Another key aspect in ease of use is pest control. Tumblers and closed compost bins keep off pests and rodents as they are inaccessible. However, open compost bins serve as a great breeding ground for pests and rodents such as mice. You can also come across a similar problem with closed tumblers and compost bins placed on the ground as they can encourage pests to hide below them, where it’s warm. Raised tumblers, on the other hand, are 100% pest proof.

What is the Best Compost Bin?

The best compost bin for you depends on a number of factors, including how much compost you want to prepare, and whether you’ll use it in the kitchen or outside. Other factors include how much you're able and willing to spend and the design. With this in mind, read through our selections of the best 5 compost bins from 5 leading compost bin brands. The featured compost bins differ in style, price, and size. We hope you'll get one that meets your specific needs.
Our Top Choice
With the Gardener’s Supply Company Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler, producing compost is easy, as it takes less than two weeks. There are two rotating bins, one for “cooking” while you’re adding fresh waste to the other one. If you’re looking for a compost bin to compost leaves every fall, you’ll love this 48 Cubic Ft Capacity, Wire Composter with three bins, made of heavy-duty steel.
Gardener’s Supply Company Compost Tumbler 100% Recycled Plastic Outdoor Compost Bin

Gardener’s Supply Company Compost Bin 39-652

Gardener’s Supply Company was founded in 1983 by a group of Vermont gardeners. Three decades later, the company is 100 percent owned by gardeners and is now serving millions of customers globally. The brand is famous for its garden carts, flower supports, and high-quality garden furniture. Another thing that makes this brand stand out is its earth-friendly and garden-tested products, which are made in its factories and tested on its farms. Since gardeners own this company, they understand what gardeners need, and know about different gardening conditions.

The Dual-Batch Composter is made for small households. One thing that makes this compost bin stand out from the crowd is the design. The two bins allow you to have ready compost while utilizing the other compartment by adding fresh waste. When the “cooking bin" compost is ready, close the other bin and start using it after removing the ready compost. Within two weeks, you'll have prepared high-quality compost for use on your garden, lawn, or in potted plants and flowers.

The composter is made with small holes, with a design that won't allow rodents to get in, which can be messy if it happens. Additionally, the steel legs are tall to discourage rodents from climbing. This is a great feature compared with bins that are placed on the ground. This bin gets five stars for ease of relocating, putting in waste, and removing ready compost.

It is made of 100 percent recycled black polypropylene. This makes it strong and provides a good housing for the compost to develop. This material lasts for years. However, the steel legs are susceptible to rust, so it's advisable to place it on wood pieces.

No one wants an ugly compost bin, and this one from Gardener’s Supply Company passes this test. You can place it anywhere on your property, thanks to the impressive design. Large compost bins are hard to rotate, especially when they're almost full, but that's not the case with this one. Everyone can rotate it safely, including the elderly and children.
Best Value
Are you looking for a compost bin that you can place on your kitchen countertop for emptying waste before transferring it? Cedar Grove's Terracotta Ceramic Compost Bin is one of the best choices. Looking for a large-sized kitchen compost bin? We recommend the 1.3 Gallon Capacity, Iron Steel Compost Bin from Cedar Grove that is dishwasher safe.
Cedar Grove Terracotta Ceramic Compost Bin with Filter – 2.8L/0.75 gallon

Cedar Grove Compost Bin DO-1433TC-Cer

Cedar Grove believes that even composting should be stylish! That’s why the brand specializes in decorated compost bins that look like any other kitchen accessory. Its bins are made to be used in the kitchen to hold food scraps, egg shells, vegetable peelings, and coffee grounds without having to move them outside until they’re full. What's more appealing is that you can place these bins on the kitchen countertop, as they look great.

Cedar Grove has a collection of six kitchen compost bins. The Terracotta Ceramic Compost Bin's terracotta look adds to any kitchen décor. It has a capacity of 0.75 gallons, enough to hold waste for two to three days. After it is full, you can empty it in your preferred place. It’s not just the look that makes it a great addition to any kitchen. This compost bin has a charcoal filter that absorbs any odor and can last for a half year before needing replacement. This reduces maintenance costs. For convenience, it has a strong steel handle, making it easy to transport the waste to your backyard composter.

Another great feature is that the bin is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. You can always keep it like any other kitchen accessory, maintaining the highest level of hygiene. To make it easy to clean, it is advisable to put the waste in a bag. The impressive design eliminates the headache of hiding it. Just place it on the countertop, dispose of all waste and keep out flies!

This kitchen compost bin is made of nontoxic and durable ceramic, which is a great alternative to plastics.
The Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler has two separate composting chambers with a combined capacity of 7 cubic feet. The double batch design allows the user to always have ready compost. Looking for a kitchen composter? Check out the Bamboo Made Kitchen Bin, with a charcoal filter. The bin's inner liner is easy to clean, and it comes with sturdy handles.
Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler – Available in 2 Sizes

Good Ideas Compost Bin CW-2X

For the last 15 years, Good Ideas has endeavored to help people live better lives by filling the gaps that no other brand is filling. It specializes in gardening, lawn and agricultural market products. The brand has 11 product lines, including aquaponics, landscaping, Dakota 283 Hunting, landscaping, material handling, and waste bins, among others. Good Ideas believes that throwing trash away is like throwing money away - and it's true! That’s why it has a wide range of compost bins to meet the needs of different users. These compost bins are all available in different sizes and styles.

The Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler is ideal for large households, as it can hold up to 7 cubic feet of trash. This is enough compost to use in your garden. Did you know that compost is great for the lawn too, as it helps it fight off diseases? You don't need to have a garden to make compost. With this compost bin, you’ll have enough compost for your lawn and garden.

Another great feature of this unit is the two-batch design, which allows you to have simultaneous composting. After filling one batch, lock it and start utilizing the other space. By the time the compost is fully made, you'll have filled the other section. This is what makes this compost bin a great choice for anyone who needs a large and regular supply of compost.

You’ll also love the unit’s design. Apart from the two batches, the bin is black in color, to accelerate compost formation. Unlike other bins that disregard compost tea, in this one, compost tea is collected at the base - a great feature!

Users are advised to place this bin in a sunny spot for faster composting. To help you transfer it accordingly, it is made with deep molded handles for firm gripping. The openings are large for easy compost emptying, while the overall design is impressive. It doesn't require any assembling, and there is almost no maintenance needed.
If you’re looking for a compost bin to pair up with a tumbler, the Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin is a smart pick. It has a 65-gallon capacity, making it great for homes too. If you would prefer a tumbler, check out the great-looking Redmon Green Tumbler, with a capacity of 37 gallons. It is made with venting holes and has a weather-resistant body.
Redmon Green Culture 65 Gallon Compost Bin - 8.6 Cubic Feet

Redmon Compost Bin RDM1107

Redmon’s mission is “to strive always for magnanimity of purpose” by designing and manufacturing life-changing products. The brand has successfully stood the test of technology, competition and time. Redmon has 10 product lines. Some of these product lines include adult's and children's hampers, kids' fun and fitness products, children's chairs, storage products, lawn and gardening products, pet products, Gridmat and baby scales.

Redmon understands and appreciates the importance of making organic compost, from improving soil’s water retention capacity to minimizing soil erosion. That's why it has a tumbler and compost bin in its lawn and gardening product line. Between the two, we picked the Green Culture Compost Bin, for its design and generous capacity.

This 65-gallon capacity compost bin is made with four doors located at the base, making it easy to remove ready compost. The positioning of the doors also allows the user to remove the ready compost, as the recently added waste is left on top. The lift-off lid makes it easy to throw in waste.

To facilitate the composting process, there are holes to enhance ventilation, while the black color absorbs heat, which is a recipe for composting. To allow worms to get in, the bottom is open and is made of high-quality, durable material that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
The Full Circle Fresh Air Compost Collector stands out for the concept behind the design. It allows oxygen to move through the waste to reduce decomposition, hence less odor. Don't want the waste to decompose quickly? Try the Scrap Collector and Compost Bin with a wire rim. You can keep the waste in a freezer if you don't want it to decompose at all.
Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Collector - Available in 2 Styles & 3 Colors

Full Circle Compost Bin FC11301-GS – Fresh Air – Green Slate

Full Circle's owners believe that any product being released on the market shouldn't just be functional, good-looking or environmentally friendly, but a combination of all three. This explains the success of its wide range of products. Full Circle believes that a responsible lifestyle benefits everyone, from the closest family members and friends, to neighbors, to the entire planet. The brand manufactures hydration products, composting products, dry products, storage products and cleaning products.

Full Circle’s Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Collector has a patented design that allows air to enter and leave the collector, reducing decomposition. This discourages fluids from building up, keeping the waste dry, for minimal smell without requiring filters.

This compost collector is easy to clean and maintain, as it's dishwasher safe. The 1.5-gallon capacity makes it great for homes and offices. Apart from being easy to empty, this unit looks good, so even when placed on the kitchen countertop, it looks just as nice as any other kitchen utensil or accessory.

It is made of partially recycled steel and recycled plastic, which are earth-friendly and BPA-free materials, promoting responsible living. This compost collector is a stylish, efficient and convenient way of collecting kitchen waste and facilitating aerobic decomposition.

The waste collector we’ve featured in this review is the Fresh Air fashion version. If you want a different one, you can try the Breeze version. These two versions are available in three distinct colors: ruby red, green slate, and black and white.

Get the Best Compost Bin of 2019!

We hope that you’re now more informed about key considerations when shopping for compost bins, and about the different types and leading brands on the market. Go on and pick one with confidence. Happy shopping!

Our Top Choice
Gardener’s Supply Company Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler
Best Value
Cedar Grove Terracotta Ceramic Compost Bin
Good Ideas Compost Wizard Dual Senior
Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin
Full Circle Odor-Free Kitchen Compost