Best Computer Desk Reviews 2022

Computer desks are the most practical and utilitarian pieces of furniture in a contemporary home or office space. They’re generally not bulky, but compact enough to accommodate your computing needs. If you do, however, need a computer desk that will serve as your workhorse—one that has a massive amount of space to offer—you may want to consider checking out our 5 best office desk review to see if any would be a better option. Even though they showcase a simplistic design, choosing the best computer desk isn’t easy owing to the plethora of designs and features available, including curved and L-shaped desks. But that’s where we come in; we’ve scoured this market, compared several options from the best computer desk brands, and have even gone as far as taking a baseball bat to each desk to ensure they can handle the stress that they may be exposed to (we’re kidding). That said, here are our five best computer desks!
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Our Top Choice
Origami Computer Desk
Origami is all about creating furniture that goes the extra mile, which is clearly evident in its lineup of superior-quality products including racks, desks, and carts.
Sets up and closes back quickly. Folds flat to be stored easily. Holds about 100 pounds on top shelf.
Doesn’t come with wheels for easy transport across rooms.
Top: 100lbs / Shelf: 250lbs
2 shelves
47.4 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches
Wood with steel frame
98% pre-assembled
Best Value
Techni Mobili Computer Workstation Desk
RTA Products LLC, parent company of Techni Mobili, is an esteemed manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of products including desks, cabinets, and sports chairs.
Durable engineered wood. Scratch-proof, powder-coated frame of steel. Adjustable top shelf. Pullout keyboard. Bottom panel. 5-year warranty.
Putting it together may be challenging owing to the weird angles of the screw holes.
Desktop, keyboard, CD's, extras
4 shelves including top
28 x 20 x 35.5 inches
PVC laminate veneer/steel frame
Assembly required
Z-Line Designs Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Established in 1995, Z-Line Designs, Inc., is a premier player when it comes to furniture for your home and the office.
L-shaped design. Metal frame construction. Black powder-coated finish. Top shelf, pull out keyboard, and display shelf fitted with tempered glass. Lifetime warranty.
May be too big for some spaces.
2 x monitors, keyboard, 50lbs
4 shelves
60 x 24 x 37 inches
Tempered glass/powder coat frame
Hardware included
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk
Sauder Woodworking Co. was conceived in a barn in 1934, and has gradually evolved to be North America’s trusted supplier of ready-to-assemble furniture.
3 adjustable shelves and 2 easy-glide drawers. Elevated monitor/printer shelf. Dedicated slot for CPU. Cinnamon cherry finish.
May have some sharp, unfinished corners to deal with.
Monitor, keyboard, CPU tower
3 shelves
39.6 x 19.5 x 34 inches
Manufactured wood/cherry finish
Assembly required
OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk
OneSpace is a New Zealand company that has garnered a superb reputation for designing and manufacturing a wide range of furniture and accessories for home and the office.
150-pound capacity. Pullout keyboard tray. Bottom storage shelf. Durable materials.
The slideout keyboard drawer may get stuck at times.
Monitor and keyboard / 150lbs
2 shelves
27.5 x 19 x 29.1 inches
Durable metal frame
Assembly required

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What is the Best Computer Desk?

The choice of making an investment in a computer desk may be challenging, mainly because there are several different crucial factors to consider before you even head out shopping. Pay heed to factors such as living space, home office needs, and of course the desktop itself, so that you can easily narrow down your options, determine the best one for your needs, and then make a purchase you won’t regret. Now that you’ve read our computer desk buying guide, you should be well-equipped with the information you need to buy the best computer desk for your needs. So, without further ado, let’s get right to them!
Our Top Choice
The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk is a great choice to house your desktop computer, and even comes with integrated shelves to keep your CPU off the floor and free from dust. If you would like a desk for your laptop that folds away easily and requires no assembly whatsoever, the Origami RDP-01 Laptop Trolley might be a good option.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk that Folds Flat

Designs from Origami Home Products are inspired by the art of paper folding and are of high quality, functional, and feature distinct styles. The company started out with just a simple storage shelf, but its portfolio today has grown exponentially to include a wide range of racks & vertical storage masters, desks, shelves & carts, and other space-saving designs. Each product from the Origami hangar is designed to make life a whole lot easier, and come fully assembled so you can get started right out of the box.

The Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk takes home the gold because it offers you the best of both worlds—comfort and a fully-functional design. Crafted from a robust steel frame and complete with a wooden top, it showcases a lovely black finish, making it a great addition to your home or office.

Set on four steel legs, this desk can handle a convenient 100 pounds of weight on its chip-resistant shelves when set on an even surface (along with sturdy bottom shelves for other essentials), and offers long service life. Furthermore, it offers great stability owing to Origami’s patented connection slip, and is even backed by a 1-year warranty. Tipping the scales at just 38 pounds and measuring 47.4 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches unfolded, this portable computer desk can be opened and closed in a matter of seconds and folds flat for your ultimate storage convenience.
Best Value
The Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk offers a compact footprint and just the right amount of storage for all your accessories. However, if you need a larger workstation that comes with shelves, drawers, and a cabinet, the TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation Computer Desk may be a good option.

Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation Desk - Available in 2 Colors, 5 Pack Sizes & With Assembly

RTA Products LLC, partner of Techni Mobili, is one of the leading dropshipping companies in the United States that delivers nothing short of top-quality products and does so quickly. Backed by stellar customer support, the company even has a dedicated parts department that ships directly to its customers and distribution channels across the Caribbean and Latin America. The company’s primary focus is to distribute top-notch products that offer years of service and great prices, to ensure customer satisfaction regardless of the product they buy—be it desks, chairs, barstools, or workstations.

The Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation Desk can be ordered in 10 different variants, and with either non-expert or expert assembly. It’s fitted with top-notch MDF panels, complete with a moisture-resistant, graphite finish of PVC laminate veneer, coupled with a powder-coated, scratch-proof frame constructed of durable steel.

It measures 35.5 x 28 x 20 inches, and is extremely sturdy owing to mark-resistant, durable nylon wheels with locking casters. With regards to storage, this compact computer cabinet doesn’t disappoint with an adjustable monitor printer set, pullout keyboard with safety stop, side media and CD rack, and a rather expansive bottom panel to house your CPU along with other things. Depending on your chair, this computer desk offers great leg room, is easy to assemble with the tools provided, and is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.
The Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk measures 24 x 60 x 37 inches and can be ordered in a choice of black or clear glass finishes. However, if you desire a contemporary computer desk that’s a bit more compact, with a cherry finish and black accents, check out the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation.

Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk - Available in 2 Styles & With Expert Assembly

Z-Line Designs, Inc., conceived in 1995, is today a trusted name when it comes to a large variety of furniture for the home and office. The company is noted for its constant innovation as it designs products that are geared towards a wide spectrum of users and lifestyles. With corporate offices in San Ramon, California and a footprint in several countries, each product from the Z-Line Designs hangar is backed by an award-winning design team to ensure they’re nothing short of superior quality.

The Z-Line Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk features an L-shaped design, making it an excellent fit for corner spaces. It can be ordered in two distinct, eye-catching finishes—black border glass and clear glass—and in a choice of two different styles, namely Feliz L Desk and Belaire L Desk.

Regardless of which one you choose, the desk is set on a sturdy frame constructed of metal, and reinforced with plates on the welded areas, all topped with a black powder coat finish. The shelves, glass on desktop, and even the slide out keyboard are made from 0.24-inch/0.2-inch tempered glass, so they can resist scratches.

Measuring 60 by 24 by 37 inches and weighing in at 96.45 pounds when fully assembled, this Z-Line computer desk does require some home assembly, but you’ve got everything you need right in the box including the hardware.
The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk showcases an aesthetically-pleasing cinnamon cherry finish, and offers plenty of storage for all your accessories. However, if you have folders to deal with, and would like a smooth, antiqued white finish to match the rest of your décor, the Sauder Harbor View Computer Desk is a great option.

Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk with Cinnamon Cherry Finish

Regarded as one of the leading suppliers of ready-to-assemble furniture in North America, Sauder ticks all the right spots in terms of design, quality, and price. Founded by Erie Sauder in 1934, the company has come a long way since its inception and manufactures roughly 90 percent of its products in Archbold, Ohio and is powered by approximately 2000 employees, which in itself speaks volumes about its stellar reputation.

The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk can be mated with the Sauder Executive Desk 408920, and is appointed with three adjustable shelves and two easy-glide drawers complete with metal runners. Graced with a cinnamon cherry finish, it features an elevated shelf for the monitor or even a printer, hidden storage behind the door, and added storage for your important documents, books, and office supplies. Measuring 39.6 x 19.5 x 34 inches and tipping the scales at 52 pounds, the Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk is an ideal choice if you’re looking for high quality at the right price.
The OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray is an all-metal-crafted unit that’s a great fit for tight spaces and is sturdily built. If you need a computer desk that’s compact and can be converted into an L-shaped desk to fit in corner slots, check out the OneSpace 50-100705 Regallo Expandable "L" Computer Desk.

OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray – Available in 5 Pack Sizes & With Expert Assembly

Based in New Zealand, OneSpace is an esteemed designer and manufacturer of high-quality furniture and accessories. It boasts a rather massive portfolio of furniture products for just about every room or purpose you can think of. It goes a step further with incredible customer service and a true passion for helping its customers make the most of their décor desires.

The OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk is made from durable metal that can stand the test of time, and can accommodate up to 154 pounds. It showcases a modern, space-efficient design and elegant appearance, and provides plenty of space for your desktop and accessories, including important documents and stationary items. It even rings in with a pullout keyboard tray for your convenience. A great choice for homes, apartments, dorms, and offices, this desk is backed by a manufacturer 1-year warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Computer Desk?

Buying a computer desk back in the day was much simpler—similar to buying an office desk, office chair, or even a desk lamp— but today there are a myriad of options to cater to modern desktop design and technology. After determining the size of exactly where you’ll be putting the computer desk, you should list the things that will be placed on the desk apart from your computer system such as routers, modems, printers, etc. It also helps if you add other non-hardware essentials to the list such as notepads, files, and more.

The aspect of seating is where things can get a little tricky, because you not only have to judge the amount of space you need under and around the desk, you also need to ensure you’re sitting in a comfortable position. There are several more factors to consider when choosing the best computer desk, so let’s go over a few important ones that will ease your buying decision.
The price of computer desks varies greatly, and depends on the size, design, quality, and features of the desk. Even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s highly recommended that you refrain from buying a cheap computer desk, because it will probably feature low-quality construction resulting in short service life.

Most high-quality computer desks are able to give you the best of both worlds i.e. superior longevity and eye-catching designs that connect well with the overall décor of your space. But to give you a rough idea, expect to pay around $100 for a basic yet good computer desk and upwards of $500 for one that will really make you stand out from the crowd.
Apart from taking into account the basic features of a respective computer desk, it’s wise to check if it offers desktop-friendly features such as a higher platform to protect it from dust, and castor wheels if you plan on moving it across rooms.

That said, here are a few pointers to consider when choosing the best computer desk for your needs:
  • Size – computer desks can be ordered in almost any size imaginable, but you need to know the amount of space you have to accommodate it.
  • Configuration – most desks are rectangular, but there are L-shaped desks that look good in a corner, and U-shaped desks for those who need massive storage and workspace.
  • Storage – if you’re going to be dealing with papers and files all day, buy a desk that rings in with multiple storage spaces, and dedicated ones for your tower, printer, etc.
  • Material – most common materials are composite wood with veneers, metal, wood, and glass.
  • Assembly – some computer desks come factory-assembled so you just need to get it out of the box, load your desktop, and get to work; others require you to put it together yourself.
  • Ergonomics – you need to work with comfort, so look for features such as adjustable work surfaces, pullout keyboards, and space to relax your feet under the desk.
Construction and Design
Computer desks can be crafted with several different materials including wood, metal, and glass (or a mix of all). Marble and glass-topped desks offer a premium look and feel, but on the downside, require more maintenance. If a classic yet upscale look is what you’re after, look for computer desks that are made from solid wood such as mahogany and cherry, which, needless to say, are on the expensive side and heavy owing to their solid build. And if you’re looking for a computer desk that won’t break the bank, desks made from metal and composite wood with veneers are worth checking out.

Most high-quality desks also help you conceal the spaghetti (wires) through integrated holes, so you don’t accidently trip over them, and are appointed with a keyboard tray that helps keep it out of the way while providing more surface space. And let’s not forget that computer desks also come in a variety of shapes for different purpose; two popular choices are L-shaped desks for an appealing corner look and U-shaped desks to provide you with lots of room to work.
Performance and Ease of Use
Computer desks can either come pre-assembled or self-built, where the former are mostly foldable models that are highly portable. Ready-to-assemble computer desks are, in all honesty, easy to put together as long as you follow the manufacturer’s included instructions.

A computer desk is more or less an investment that should last for years on end, so apart from checking out the sturdiness of the desk and how well it fits into your space, look for a warranty (typically between 1 and 5 years) against any manufacturer defects. If the computer desk is equipped with a hutch, make sure it doesn’t raise your monitor above your eye level when you’re seated, because this might strain your eyes if you’re working across longer periods.

Get the Best Computer Desk of 2022!

We’ve provided you with a detailed computer desk buying guide and five best options, and now all you need to do is identify the best one and have it delivered right to your doorstep. It’s really that easy!

Our Top Choice
Origami Computer Desk
Best Value
Techni Mobili Computer Workstation Desk
Z-Line Designs Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk
OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk