Best Computer Table Reviews 2022

Computer tables come in handy when you need to work from home or want an open space at your office. With various designs, styles and types on the market, you’ll be spoiled for choice. This is the reason we’ve researched five of the best computer table brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you find the best one for your needs. If you are undecided about whether it's a desk or table that will work best for you, we have other reviews for office and computer desks.
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Our Top Choice
Walker Edison Table Style Computer Desk
Since Walker Edison was founded in 2006, the company has revolutionized the ready-to-assemble furniture industry by providing quality and classy furniture products.
Choice of single solo desk or corner desk with side table. Choice of 5 different glass colors. Safe, stylish & has a durable steel frame. Perfect height for most people.
Tray may be too small for ergonomic keyboards
Sliding keyboard tray; no drawers
Up to 100 pounds
20 x 29 x 31 inches; 28 pounds
Glass and steel metal
1 person; hex key/wrench included
Best Value
Altra Furniture Parsons Table Style Desk
Altra Furniture, owned by the Dorel family since 1990, manufactures safe and comfortable furniture for classy homes.
Simple with a minimalist design. Affordable, durable & sturdy. Clean, elegant and easy to assemble.
Not ideal for heavy-duty use.
No keyboard tray, 1 drawer
Up to 150 pounds
20 x 30 x 39 inches; 32.41 pounds
Laminate and MDF
2 people; hex key included
Techni Mobili Computer Table with Storage
Techni Mobili is a furniture manufacturer that prides itself on it speedy customer service, shipping products within 24 hours and offering spare parts separately.
Durable, with a large storage capacity and a keyboard tray. Attractive and available in three finishes. Has a large back opening for proper ventilation.
Costly and assembly required. Heavy.
Keyboard tray, drawers & cabinet
Up to 80 pounds
24 x 30 x 48 inches; 86 pounds
2 people; screwdriver included
Origami Table-Style Computer Desk
Origami is a leading manufacturer of stylish and functional racks, desks and carts in minimalist designs to fit compact spaces.
Compact, durable and foldable. Requires no assembly or tools for setup. Has a large capacity per shelf.
Pulling the package out of the box isn’t easy.
No keyboard tray, with shelf
Up to 100 pounds
24 x 30 x 47.4 inches; 38 pounds
Wood and stainless steel
1 person; no tools required
Tribesigns Modern Style Table Workstation
Tribesigns is a professional company that manufactures functional and environmental-friendly products using bamboo, wood and recyclable materials.
Versatile, sturdy, durable and stylish in a simple design. Clean, minimalistic and adjustable. Fits compact spaces.
Has no storage such as drawers.
Open concept design
Up to 900 pounds
24 x 30 x 47 inches; 50.6 pounds
MDF and stainless steel
1 person; hex key included

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What is the Best Computer Table?

Choose a computer table of the right size to fit your available space. Be sure it has the right storage such as drawers and shelves to store other office supplies you might want to keep away. Browse our recommended computer tables to find the right one for you!
Our Top Choice
Made from polished glass and steel, the Walker Edison Solo Computer Table features a sliding keyboard tray in a modern design for comfortable body posture while typing. If you’re in need of a larger computer table, but only have a corner space available, opt for the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Computer Table. It’s large than our featured computer table and features a CPU stand.

Walker Edison Glass Metal Computer Desk – Available as Solo Desk or Corner Desk with Side Table, Comes in Five Colors

Based in Utah’s Salt Lake City, the Walker Edison Furniture company is renowned for creating premium ready-to-assemble indoor and outdoor furniture. Focused on helping its customers “Live Outside The Box,” the company manufactures one-of-a-kind furniture products. With elegant products from home office and outdoor living to furniture for teens’ bedrooms, Walker Edison boasts a large portfolio of innovatively designed furniture.

The Walker Edison Solo Computer Table is constructed from steel and tempered glass six millimeters thick to stand the test of time. Its compact design and versatile nature makes it ideal for use in any room, be it a study room, bedroom or living room. Designed for functionality and style, the computer table comes in a sleek design to modernize your interior space without taking up so much space. The timeless powder-coated finish is both attractive and safe for your skin.

Built for use at the most neutral and ergonomic positions for your body and height, the computer table has a capacity of one hundred pounds, able to hold almost all types of computers. With dimensions of 20 x 29 x 31 inches and a weight of 28 pounds, the computer table comes in a standard size for most body types. Easily slide the keyboard tray out to use your keyboard or beneath the desk when not typing. With the keyboard tray, you can easily position your hands at your ideal angle for avoiding muscle strain while typing.

When you combine the solo desk with the two matching components, you end up with a nice size corner computer table with plenty of room to spread out and work. The table’s design will prevent heating problems, because your CPU won’t be contained in a cabinet where it wouldn’t be able to cool properly.

Walker Edison lets you choose between expert assembly and assembling the product yourself. The computer table’s easy-to-follow instructions allow you to set up the table without a helping hand. What’s more, you don’t need any special installation equipment because the wrench needed for the bolts is included in the box.

Looking to create a corner office or not sure if a glass tabletop is for you? Here are some other Walker Edison computer tables you might like:
  • Walker Edison Premium Soreno Glass Corner Computer Desk - silver
  • Walker Edison White Wood Deluxe Storage Computer Table - with hutch
  • Walker Edison Furniture 48” Storage Computer Table - black
Best Value
The Altra Furniture Parsons Computer Table is built with a modern, minimalist design for use in tight spaces, complementing your interior decor. Use the built-in drawer to tuck away notebooks, papers and pens. Looking for a high-end glass computer table? Check out the Altra Furniture Odin Glass L-Shaped Computer Table. It’s perfect for corners and features angled legs to ensure there’s plenty of space to fit your legs.

Altra Furniture Parsons Computer Table with Drawer - Choice of 12 Colors, Expert Assemble Available

Altra Furniture has helped homeowners furnish their spaces in their favorite styles at affordable costs for decades. The company manufactures ready-to-assemble furniture for convenient shipping and easy setup. With premium, highly functional and attractive home furnishings, the company is determined to enhance the lives of its consumers. It doesn’t just strive to manufacture environment-friendly products, but also improves its existing products for greater functionality.

The Altra Furniture Parsons Computer Table comes with a spacious built-in drawer that can hold up to 6.1 pounds, enough for you to store the small office items you’re constantly reaching for. This sturdy computer table is made of medium-density fiberboard and laminated particleboard. The table’s capacity of 150 pounds is strong enough to hold your computer and to act as a paperwork workstation.

Although we loved the elegance of this table’s black finish, you’ve got eleven other colors to choose from. Go for the navy, red or teal finishes to brighten your home. The visible wood grains give the computer table some personality, and the minimalistic style allows the table to shine in many areas of your home. For instance, you can use it as a vanity table in your bedroom or as an island in a small kitchen.

The table is easy to assemble, but you’ll require an extra hand to set it up. In addition to the included instructions and hex key, you’ll need a screwdriver on hand for assembly. Once the table is in place, the only maintenance you’ll need is an occasional dusting.

Here are a few other Altra Furniture computer tables you might like:
  • Altra Furniture Altra Cruz Glass Top L-Shaped Computer Table - black, with CPU stand
  • Altra Furniture Sheldon Mobile Computer Table - black, with wheels
  • Altra Furniture Owen Retro Computer Table - sleek design, steel legs
Its Computer Table is a complete computer workstation with plenty of drawers and cabinets as well as a spacious worktop. Its wood construction makes it durable. Would you prefer a wheeled laptop cart you can use while either seated or standing? Consider the Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Rolling Computer Cart with its adjustable height and open storage.

Techni Mobili Complete Workstation Computer Desk with Storage - Comes in 3 Colors, Expert Assembly Available

Techni Mobili, a subsidiary of RTA Products LLC, is keen on manufacturing premium furniture products and distributing them to the end consumer. The company combines price, quality and service to meet the unique expectations of customers. The safety of all of its products are tested by independent labs. Techni Mobili offers warranties of one to five years, depending on the product in question. Moreover, in addition to shipping orders within 24 hours, Techni Mobili also gets spare parts to consumers if need be.

The Techni Mobili Computer Table is a comprehensive all-in-one workstation. You get two drawers and a hanging cabinet for ample storage of your files, books and other office supplies. With the specially designed CPU cabinet, you can have your computer CPU properly stored for ease-of-access. So, you’ll have extra space saved on your table top for other computer accessories such as scanners and printers.

The CPU cabinet is open at the back, allowing the processor free flow of air for proper cooling. You can now sit at a good position and in the right posture while using your computer, thanks to the pull-out keyboard tray. Constructed from medium-density fiberboard, the computer table isn’t just durable, but also elegant and easy to maintain. Simply wipe the table with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust and other dirt elements. Choose from gray, chocolate and espresso finishes.

Built for easy installation, you’ll need assistance from another person to easily setup this computer table. It comes with an easy to follow manual and a screwdriver for proper installation. The five-year limited warranty means that you’re protected for the next five years. The removable shelf can be adjusted or simply removed if not needed; it has a safety stop to ensure the shelf isn’t pulled beyond an acceptable level in normal use.

Here are some other Techni Mobili computer tables that might interest you:
  • Techni Mobili Modern Computer Table - metal, graphite
  • Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact Complete Computer Workstation - graphite
  • Techni Mobili Modus Metal Computer Table - laptop desk, graphite, etc.
The Origami Computer Table is built with a foldable design that can be set up in seconds and stored easily. Use the footrest to relax your legs while working. Do you prefer working while standing from home? Opt for the Origami Up Down Stand Computer Table that easily folds away for storage and moves around easily on wheels.

Origami Folding Computer Table with a Large Capacity and Compact Design

Origami has shaken the furniture industry with its ingenious and freshly styled products. The company aims to make products that ease its customers’ lives. It uses innovative techniques to design and manufacture unique products that reflect the unique personalities of every consumer out there. Named after the art of folding paper, Origami manufactures products in various attractive designs for stylish interiors.

The Origami Computer Table features a built-in shelf for open storage and display. This gives you enough space for some of your office supplies and books. With a capacity of about two hundred and fifty pounds, the shelf is sturdy enough to hold your items without caving in. The shelf also offers space for placing a CPU so that it is off the floor, where it can attract a lot of dust.

The computer table folds completely flat, making it easy to store it in compact spaces. This also means you can easily move it around the house from room to room as you change up your scenery. It’s also easy to transport from one place to another when need arises since it can easily fit in the trunk of your car. Bring it to the office if you want flexibility at your workstation and back home at the end of the day with no hassle.

If you’re not so good with tools or assembling of products, don’t fret because this computer table doesn’t require any tools for installation. Simply open up the table from its folded position and in just a matter of seconds, you have it up and ready for use. Alternatively, if you want to move the table, simply dismantle the tabletop completely for easy and lightweight portability. Furthermore, the table is easy to maintain as the only thing you have to do is wipe and dust it with a piece of damp and dry cloth, respectively.

Here are other Origami computer tables that you might like:
  • Origami Corner Computer Desk - L-shaped, large, black
  • Origami Adjustable Trolley Computer Table - adjustable height, wheeled
  • Origami 3-Shelf Wide Span Deco Rack/Computer Table - 3 shelves
The Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Table is built in an open-concept design with a metal frame and track-style legs for versatile use as an office, computer or study table. If you want a functional and stylish computer table to fit at a corner in your house, opt for the Tribesigns L-shaped Modern Corner Computer Table. It has a rugged steel frame with a rotating design for use as an ordinary desk or corner table.

Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Table for Home Office - Available in Two Sizes, and Six Colors , Expert Assembly Available

Tribesigns manufactures premium furniture such as tables, chairs, vanity desks, racks and so much more. The company prides itself in producing high-quality products with a conscious mind for protecting the environment. Tribesigns achieves this by using eco-friendly and recyclable materials to design safe furniture for homes. The company crafts products of top-quality so you can bring home furniture that lasts a lifetime.

The Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Table is built in a minimalist and simple design for homes in such themes or those with compact spaces to spare for a workstation. Even with its simple design, the table is sturdy because it’s built with steel legs and a thick laminated medium-density board top to support up to 900 pounds of weight. Use the functional table to personalize your space, be it in the living room, study room, kitchen or bedroom.

This table functions well as an office workstation, computer table, study table, gaming desk, meeting table or writing desk. With the laminated table top, your work space isn’t just easy to clean, but also resistant to scratches. If the space you want to use has an uneven floor for whatever reason, the adjustable pads underneath the legs will stabilize it.

Assembling this table is so easy that you can do it yourself in just 10 minutes. Simply attach the legs to the leg bars using the included hex key. The table’s design makes it easy for use in small spaces and in different parts of the house as needed.

Here are some other Tribesigns computer tables to consider:
  • Tribesigns 55” Solid Wood Computer Table - rustic, heavy duty, retro style
  • Tribesigns Home Office Computer Table - x-shaped legs, 2 utility drawers
  • Tribesigns 59” Computer Table with Shelf - adjustable bookcase design

How Do I Choose the Best Computer Table?

Being on the computer for some people means fatigue, especially if you don’t have an ergonomic computer table to work from. Choosing the best computer table for your office or home is important so that you have a workstation that allows you to become as productive as you can be. You also need a table that protects you from health problems like back pain.

A good computer table adds to the aesthetic value of your home because you can choose the design that fits your space and complements your interior décor. A good computer table also provides you with shelves and drawers for easy organization of your equipment. With an ergonomic computer desk, you can have a clean workstation that makes it easy for you to work.

A computer table allows you to tuck away your equipment’s different cables, keeping them in an organized manner. This helps reduce accidents and tangling of the cables. Computer tables are important for people who work for long hours, be it at your workplace or at home. While choosing a computer table, it is important to keep in mind the ergonomics of the table.

The table should fit well with your office chair and be the right height so that you are properly positioned. This can protect you from back problems and make it easy for you to work for long hours without fatigue. With a computer table, you’ll be able to have multiple devices such as printers and scanners on a small space. What’s more, computer tables generally come in compact designs to fit in tight spaces.

Decide whether you want your computer table in a simple, minimalist design or a complete work station with storage and mounting points for your computer monitor. This is a mixed review of various types of computer tables in varying designs, including standing desks. We hope that this guide can help you make an informed decision on the best computer table to buy.
Computer tables vary in price depending on their size and manufacturing materials. The design of a table also determines how much you’d pay for it. For instance a table without drawers will cost less than one with some form of storage, such as shelves, cabinets and/or drawers.

Cheap computer tables are also available and can tempt you with their low prices. However, just like any other furniture, you want to invest a table that’s built for durability. You’ll find computer tables in the price range of $30 to $500. High-end, versatile computer desks can cost more. Buy a computer table within your budget, but highly durable and stylish.
The main feature you need to look out for in your computer table is durability and functionality. You want to get a strong and sturdy table to last long. You also need to have a table that allows you to maximize how many devices you can use with the table and how many purposes you can use it for. Consider a versatile table that doubles as a vanity or small kitchen island.

Here are some of the features you need to look out for in your computer table:
  • Drawers, shelves and/or cabinets to store your office supplies
  • Sturdiness to support your computer and other accessories
  • Adjustable height so you can either sit or stand
  • Material such as wood, metal, etc.
  • An ideal finish or color to enhance interior decor
  • Compact design to fit in small spaces
With a sturdy, durable and functional computer table, you won’t just get a useful workstation for your home office, but can also enhance your interior décor with an appealing design and finish.
Construction and Design
When it comes to choosing a table for your computer, there are many things to consider including whether what you really need is a desk or a table. In general, the benefit of having a computer table is that there is more open space to work on. Once you are confident that it’s a table that you need, there are things to consider in terms of construction and design:
  • Design – The design of your computer table determines the amount of storage you get from the table. You will need to get a table that offers all the storage you need in terms of drawers and shelves. Consider a table with a built-in keyboard tray if the table’s height is higher than you need the keyboard to be. If you do a product with a keyboard tray, be sure the tray is big enough to fit the mouse. If you need a movable workstation, consider buying a computer cart with wheels so you can easily tuck your station out of sight or move it to another room.
  • Appearance – The appearance of your computer table is also important. An L-shaped table gives you room for a computer station and paperwork while a U-shaped table is essential when you need plenty of table space and room for chairs so others can sit around your desk. If you are limited on space, you can consider a corner table or a wall mounted computer table. Computer armoire tables even have doors you can close and lock the workstation inside so that it is not on display.
  • Capacity – You don’t want your table to cave in or break when you place your equipment on it. Computers, printers and other machines vibrate while in use, meaning they can easily cause a weak table to cave in. Go for a table that can not only support the weight of your equipment but also handle its vibrations. You do not want a table that vibrates vigorously while you’re surfing the internet. Avoid a table that’s too heavy as it can damage your carpet or floor. Know the equipment you intend to place on the table and the weight your floor can take when considering which table to buy.
  • Size – The size of the table you need is determined by the space you have available. If you have enough space, consider a table that can accommodate everything you need in your day-to-day work. Don’t worry if you’re short on space, because plenty of manufacturers offer great tables designed for compact areas.
  • Material – Choose the material you want on your table depending on your needs. If you need an elegant desk, consider a table made of wood. If you need high durability, you can consider having metal as the main construction material.
  • Assembly – Most computer tables require assembly once they’re delivered. Consider a table that’s easy to assemble, especially if you intend to put it together yourself. Check for the parts that when assembled, retain the sturdiness of the table as its supposed to be. A good computer table should be easy to install even when you’re doing the setup alone.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good computer table should be at the height where you are neutrally and ergonomically positioned. An adjustable table lets you change the height as needed, whether you like to change it up or you share the table with someone of a different height. A table made from a premium material will be a durable option. The finish of the table should not hold moisture, but make the table easy to clean. The table you buy should also have drawers that are easy to open and close.

The keyboard tray should also come out to the required position and go back with ease. A good computer table should also allow ventilation for your CPU so that it doesn’t overheat. Finally, make sure your computer table is easy to set up so you can start using it right away.

Get the Best Computer Table of 2022!

Whether you want a folding computer table, a complete workstation or one in a simple design for versatile use, there’s a table out there for you. We hope that this review was helpful and you were able to find a computer desk that meets your needs. In case you need something different, check out our other best office desk reviews.

Our Top Choice
Walker Edison Table Style Computer Desk
Best Value
Altra Furniture Parsons Table Style Desk
Techni Mobili Computer Table with Storage
Origami Table-Style Computer Desk
Tribesigns Modern Style Table Workstation