Best Computer Touchpad Reviews 2023

It isn’t a particularly easy venture, finding something that can replace your mouse, with all the precision and accuracy that come with it and without any of the stress. A computer touchpad, though, comes pretty close and could even top your mouse. There are many manufacturers of computer touchpads out there but we’ve researched our top 5 brands with some of the best computer touchpads available. Do not feel boxed in at all. If the one featured isn’t for you, check out the array of choices these featured brands offers.
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Our Top Choice
Apple Magic Trackpad 2
Determined to make technology accessible to everyone and anyone, Apple has always built its devices around people’s most basic needs, providing top quality.
Force Touch detects pressure changes. Built-in battery lasts up to a month. Pairs automatically with your Mac.
Most compatible with Apple devices alone.
6.9 x 5 x 0.8 inches; 0.5 pound
Mac 4.0
Best Value
Perixx PeriPad-501ll Touchpad
Perixx is dedicated to providing up-to-date technological solutions for your digital requirements, whether they be professional, industrial, or personal needs.
Multi-touch feature supports various operating systems. Compact and portable design. One touch vertical scroll feature. Good for industrial and professional applications.
Touchpad’s surface could be a bit bigger.
3.4 x 3 x 0.4 inches; 0.2 pound
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
USB cable
Dell Wireless Touchpad
If there’s any brand committed to you, your dreams, and your progress, it’s Dell. Empowering not just individuals but whole communities for years now, Dell is truly remarkable.
2.4GHz band gives 32 feet wireless range. Supports multi-touch gestures. Comes with a Nano USB receiver. Smooth glass surface. Comes with 2 AAA batteries.
The touchpad does not always respond as fast as some would love.
Wireless; Wired
4 fingers; 2 button; Multi-touch
5.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches; 0.5 pound
Windows 8 - 10
USB cable; Nano USB receiver
Logitech Wireless Touchpad
Logitech has made a promise to you and all its other customers: it will do everything to ensure that you have a pleasurable digital experience.
Intuitive multi-touch navigation. Large touchpad surface area. Wireless and therefore clutter-free. Tiny Unifying receiver that stays in computer and gives robust connection.
Only works with Windows 7.
1.2 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches; 0.5 pound
Windows 7
Nano USB receiver
Adesso Easy Cat 160 Touchpad
Adesso helps your business by providing consultancy and developing customized software specifically tailored to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be.
Glidepoint Technology. Advanced multi-touch enhanced gesture control. Slim, compact design for easy porting. Works with Mac and Windows.
Advanced features remain inaccessible until driver is installed.
2-button; Multi-touch
3.4 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches; 0.4 pound
Windows 2000-10; Mac OS X
USB cable

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What is the Best Computer Touchpad?

Now you know what you should be looking out for in a computer touchpad, you should be ready to make a decision on a touchpad that resonates with you and your pocket. Please, check out the individual product reviews we’ve put together for you to help make your choice.
Our Top Choice
With the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, you enjoy the fastest and most varied gesture-control yet thanks to the unique Force Touch system. If you’d prefer a more affordable but identically functioning Apple touchpad with same Bluetooth wireless and multi-touch technology, then check out the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Apple Magic Wireless Trackpad 2 With Force Touch And Rechargeable Battery

Apple needs no introduction in today’s world of gadgets and technology. Over the years, it’s come to be even more than a brand, being a huge part of the daily lives and living of millions of people all over the world. It’s committed to building technology any and everybody can relate to. Aside from being stylish and sleek, Apple products are functional and relevant to real lives of real people with real issues.

We’re not surprised this product takes the top spot in our review today and neither should you be, considering Apple’s reputation for setting trends in computing and gadgetry. The Magic Trackpad 2 is definitely another genius idea by this brand, with perhaps its best feature being Force Touch.

Force Touch is a unique feature of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, using four force sensors to detect how hard you’re pressing down on the pad. In conjunction with Apple software and apps, this can be used to unlock additional functionality where supported.

Gesture control brings you closer and in deeper communication with your content like no other trackpad can! Moving around your screen feels more natural just like you’re flipping through your favorite ‘zine. This trackpad takes the control and hands it over to you completely. And that’s not all. Its built-in battery is a wonder. With just one charge, your trackpad is good to go for a whole month!

There are so many other features and benefits that the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 affords and we have listed some of them below:
  • Larger surface area: The Apple Magic Trackpad 2 measures 5.1 x 5.1 inches. This ultimately makes for a larger work area for you to work with comfort and ease
  • Full set of gestures supported: You can click or double-click anywhere on this thing and achieve the same result. Two-finger scrolling, three-finger swiping, pinching, finger-rotation – all are welcome here. Navigating around your device has never been easier
  • Control: With this device, the power remains with you. The multiple gestures of the trackpad can always be adjusted to suit your tastes. You don’t have to put up with anything you don’t want
  • Works with your Mac desktop: This trackpad pairs instantly with your desktop and you can use it in place of or together with your mouse. It still uses the same multi-touch tech like the MacBook Pro that got you hooked
  • Perfect fit with Apple wireless keyboard: Do more in less time. Both devices are actually of the same dimension and sit at the same angle. This ultimately means that you can do cool stuff like, move from gesturing to typing in one fluid motion or even gesture and type at the same time
Best Value
The power to achieve more gestures and better interaction with your computer’s apps is now literally at your fingertips with the multi-touch feature of the Perixx PeriPad-501ll. This device gives you more control! Are you on tight budget? You can get the Perixx Periboard-509H Plus that comes with a built-in touch pad. It’s portable, affordable and still highly functional.

Perixx PeriPad-501ll B Professional Wired USB Touchpad with Multi-Touch Support for Windows

Perixx is a brand you can trust to provide technological solutions that aren’t just workable but superbly fitted to solve your professional, industrial, and personal needs. It does this by working hard to produce only the best peripherals (input and output devices inclusive) with an eye for trends and evolving technology. Its products are functional, stylish, and ergonomically made with you and all that you do in mind. With brilliant customer relations and a team that’s worth its salt, it’s not surprising to see how far Perixx has come.

With a compact size of 3.39 x 2.95 x 0.43 inches, the PeriPad-501ll is your go-to touch pad when you need a trackpad that will work on several different computers. And guess what? It will most likely work on them all. So, even if there’s an emergency and you cannot reach your go-to computer and you need to use something else, you don’t have to spend productive hours searching for something compatible. With your cute and portable trackpad, you can now truly be efficient always. You can produce results with almost any device around you.

Gesture control options are limitless with this accessory – the multi-touch feature makes sure of that. You can now use more fingers and be more involved with what you do on your computer. Strains and pains gradually become alien and you can indeed do more.

With the one-touch vertical scroll feature, you can easily scroll up or down the page by moving your finger on the right side of the trackpad. So, it’s less frustration and higher efficiency. Plus, the surface is textured, which increases tactile sensation unlike many other trackpads

This trackpad will sit quite comfortably on your desk as it comes with little rubber bumpers that help it stick to your work table. It’s also quite easy to pair with your computer. Since it has a USB interface, you just simply plug in without having to install anything. And no, you don’t need a driver.
The Dell Wireless Touchpad gives you a wireless range of 32 feet to conveniently work in. Thanks to its 2.4GHz band, this touchpad makes everywhere your office. Would you prefer a more affordable option for now? Then check out this keyboard also by Dell that comes with a pointer/trackpad: the Dell Latitude Keyboard.

Dell TP713 Wireless Touchpad With 32 Feet Wireless Range

It’s no news that Dell is your go-to brand when you need a technological companion on the tough journey to the achievement of your dreams. Over the years, customers have developed unshakeable and unflinching faith in Dell to provide the technological solutions they need to put them ahead. Dell listens to its customers, learning from them, and evolving and improving on its products. This ethos has revealed itself in the quality of solutions Dell provides.

What can you not do with the Dell Wireless Touchpad? Practically nothing. It turns anything within a 32-foot-distance of your computer and screen into your potential office. What a device! With its 2.4GHz band, you do not need to stay in one place while you work. Imagine how sleek you’d look walking around in that meeting, speaking to each member of your staff eyeball-to-eyeball, at the same time controlling the content of your presentation. Imagine the power and charisma. You’ll look and feel like the President, inspiring confidence in your team.

From edge to edge you can swipe, pinch, twist and scroll with four simultaneous touch points. All parts of this device are super sensitive to any touch of your finger(s). You can literally flip through your notebook with this touchpad. Why spend all the time traveling to the navigation arrow? Just swipe! Swipe because you can. Its super smooth glass surface ensures nothing gets in the way of you and your swiping. Unlike your conventional trackpad that’s plastic like the rest of your computer and sometimes gives a sloppy tactile response, this dell touchpad affords you the pleasure of a smooth and seamless navigation experience (save some occasional periods of unavoidable lag).

This touchpad is battery-operated and the manufacturers have done us the huge favor of including 2 long-lasting AAA batteries. It even comes with left and right click buttons for those who favor the classic approach.

Finally, it uses a nano USB receiver, meaning it’s almost flush with the port and doesn’t stick out from your computer like a plastic sore thumb, hitch-hiking for a wireless signal.
The Logitech Wireless Touchpad, with its intuitive multi-touch navigation, empowers you to easily control what goes on (on your monitor screen) simply with your gestures. Would you prefer a rechargeable touchpad that’s equally fantastic in function and works perfectly with your Windows 8 device? Then you should check the Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650.

Logitech Wireless Touchpad with Multi-Touch Navigation

The promise at Logitech is to ensure you and over a million customers worldwide have the best digital experience possible by producing high quality and highly effective interactive devices. It delivered when it created the first mice in 1981; providing a better, faster, and even more intuitive way of interacting with your computer, and it’s still delivering today. Every day, the crew at Logitech is on its toes, working tirelessly to improve product design.

The Logitech Wireless Touchpad ensures you can control what goes on (on your screen) by simply gesturing with your hand. If you need to see something in a magnitude, why not just open it up yourself? You know what they say if you need to get anything done, then just do it yourself. This touchpad helps you do that. No need spending years waiting for “computer”. Simply do it yourself and save time. The world is moving fast and only those with fast fingers will catch up with it.

With an intuitive multi-touch navigation, also comes a roomy surface to conveniently enjoy its full benefits. This touchpad comes with a surface size of 5 inches! Your fingers are free to roam. Two, three, even four is never a crowd here. In fact, the more the merrier.

Now, let’s see how many different ways your fingers can enjoy the Logitech Wireless Touchpad:

With one finger, you can control the movement of your cursor by touching any part of your touchpad

With two fingers, you can scroll through your friends list on Facebook.

With three fingers, you can swipe horizontally through your photos or from one page to another entirely in a swipe. Also, a vertical 3-finger swipe takes you page up or page down in a blink of eye.

And with four fingers, you can switch from one app to another conveniently.

This touchpad also comes with batteries that can last up to four whole months (depending on how frequent your computer use is) without changing.

Worry not about lag with this touchpad because the 2.4GHz band will easily keep you soaring even if there’s a world convention of wireless devices in your location!
With Glidepoint Technology and advanced multi-touch, the Easy Cat 160 gives your fingers a smooth gesture experience. Move the cursor around simply by gliding and tapping. For a more affordable touchpad from Adesso, check out the ergonomically designed and extended Adesso Tru-form Pro Ergonomic Keyboard that comes complete with touchpad.

Adesso Easy Cat 160 2 Button Glidepoint Touchpad

Adesso has discovered the secrets of businesses that thrive: innovation, great ideas, sound technologies, and an IT operation that saves costs. Because of its keen interest in businesses and their growth, Adesso has seen the need and provided a solution. It has combined technological proficiency and professional knowledge of business know-how to create IT-based solutions unique for every business sector. Thanks to its rich experience and impeccable track-record, many businesses around the world have come to rely heavily on Adesso for IT solutions that work and Adesso has been happy to respond. With a strong culture of customer relations and flexibility, Adesso has proven it can facilitate the growth of your business with success.

Combining Glidepoint Technology and advanced multi-touch, Adesso has managed to create an ingenious product in the shape of the Easy Cat 160. Yes, it welcomes the use of more than two of your fingers but even better is the fact that your fingers can move without hindrance. Not only is the surface smooth, the Glidepoint Technology doubly ensures it. Your fingers do not have to be exposed to pain and strain while they do their job.

So what can you do with your fingers?

Two fingers allow you to zoom in or out by pinching your screen in or out. You can also scroll, drag, or even rotate.

Three fingers allow you to swipe backward or forward while “oohing and aahing” over your pictures or reading your favorite ebook.

How else can you gesture? There is a cute integrated vertical scroll bar just by the right side that you can use to scroll without headaches.

Don’t forget it also comes with clickable left and right buttons. Gesture-control hardly gets better than this!

There are no moving parts, so the entire touchpad is of a solid design that makes cleaning and maintenance simple and sweet.

Finally, this touchpad is compact, light and portable, so it doesn’t take up storage space when you need to travel or shuttle many places.

How Do I Choose the Best Computer Touchpad?

Why does everyone suddenly want a computer touchpad? Well, first they are so in right now. And second, they are more convenient than conventional laptop trackpads and mice.

If you work primarily with your computer, then you know the “joys” of working with a mouse. First and most important of all is the pain.

Seriously, if personal computers had been invented in the time of the Nazis and they had to work with those dastardly little things called mice all day, everyday … They most likely wouldn’t have had the nerve (literally) to pull triggers and start so much global horror. Their index fingers would have undergone permanent reconstruction. That’s how much pain these things can bring. And the pain can linger for years. True, they can be quite precise and accurate but the price of using those things for too long is just downright horrible!

How about laptop trackpads? Please, just give us back the mice. Those things don’t do much. Yes, they deliver but not how we need them to. Even smartphones do a better job scrolling compared to them. True, a few laptop trackpads have evolved but they still have so many limitations; limitations a stand-alone computer touchpad can readily solve.

Computer touchpads are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to navigating content on your computer. Pair them with a sweet, compatible keyboard and watch how efficiency skyrockets! These computer accessories are so efficient that even customers with arthritis, and other hand and finger related health issues have testified to their performance.

With a touchpad, you can effectively do much more without having to pull out your hair in frustration. Not to mention that it is extremely convenient. You can sit wherever you like and get the job done and in record time too! And if you still have a thing for mice, who says you cannot combine your touchpad with a conventional mouse? Of course you can – give yourself options and enjoy the best of both worlds!

There is no reason not to get a computer touchpad if you haven’t got one already. Not only does it earn you a spot in the upper echelons of the “hierarchy of social sophistication,” it also brings you a platform to interact even better with your content, thereby producing a more efficient, more productive, much smarter, and a much better you.
A good computer touchpad does not have to cost an arm and a leg but it is not exactly cheap either. By the way, cheap computer touchpads are a really bad idea. They mostly lack in tactile feel, lag a lot, and require a lot of pressure to recognize a simple gesture. You’ll find yourself going back to your mouse pretty fast. So, get yourself a good product. A good computer touchpad can go for as little as $30 or as much as $200. Anything within this price range will at least give you the basics. But if you desire the bells and whistles (wireless, rechargeable battery, etc), then, get ready to spend more.
Understandably, touchpads vary from brand to brand and depending on what you want, certain touchpads present different areas of strength. So, if you’re looking to get a touchpad, here are some features to consider before making a purchase.
  • Supported Platforms
  • Achievable Gestures
  • Size
  • Power Source
  • Connectivity
Scroll down a little for the details.
Construction and Design
So what goes on “behind the scenes” when you use a touchpad and how does it work? It’s a little complicated but we’ll summarize the gist in a non-geeky form.

So, basically, there are several layers of material in a touchpad but because we are not in an engineering class, we clump everything up into three distinct parts: the circuit board, the electrode layer, and the top layer. The top layer is pretty basic – it’s just the part you actually tap.

The electrode layer, like the name implies, is a layer of electrodes. “Isn’t that dangerous for me?” asks an innocent you. Well, no. And that’s because, even though it’s powered by an alternating current, it’s separated from the top layer (where you tap) by a thin insulation. Then there’s the circuit board. Let’s just say that’s the brain of your touchpad. It’s where everything goes down. That’s where every tap, scroll, zoom, and gesture is interpreted.

So, when you tap your screen, you interrupt the flow of current and the circuit board detects that. The place you touched is registered by the circuit and subsequent actions are executed relative to that point.

Now we’ve covered the techy science bit, let’s look into some features.

Some touchpads contain two places where you can left and right click like a conventional mouse, and sense a single or double tap made anywhere at all on the pad.

Another thing you should equally consider is if your touchpad is wired or wireless. Some manufacturers make their touchpads without a wire so you can use it comfortably without the inconvenience that comes with using wired devices.

Some touchpads connect via Bluetooth (wireless), but many wireless pads actually still connect using USB, via a dongle in a USB port. This has its advantages and disadvantages…

For a USB-connect touchpad, setup will be extremely easy as you just plug in and go. Most do not even require a driver to install. But then you have one less USB port that you might have rather used for something else. And whenever you have to go out, you must of necessity not forget to take your dongle along, else you might just get stranded.

If that’s something you can deal with then, by all means, go ahead. But if you cannot stand it, then go for something that connects via Bluetooth. That option might be a more expensive one, though, and requires Bluetooth capability on the device you’re connecting to – this is still quite uncommon in desktop computers, for example.
Performance and Ease of Use
In performance, a touchpad closely resembles a mouse and a laptop trackpad with the advantage of an increased surface area which permits more manipulations than you can normally obtain with a mouse, such as multi-touch support, or at least more gestures than an average laptop trackpad.

Touchpads are mostly designed to work best with a particular platform. For instance, some are designed to work best with Mac and Windows computers, others will work with only Mac, some also work with Android, and so on.

Arguably, this is the number one feature to look out for in any touchpad you might buy. There’s no point spending hard-earned money on something that won’t work and then deal with buyers’ remorse on top of all of that. So, get something that works with your OS. Look out for the platforms your touchpad supports.

Touchpads are powered differently from model to model. While some use disposable batteries, others are rechargeable. A rechargeable model is always more preferable as it saves you the hassle of buying new sets of batteries after you exhaust the old. Although more expensive, rechargeable touchpads pay themselves off in the end. Most rechargeable touchpads usually have enough power to go for a whole month after just one charge.

You also need to know what gestures your touchpad is designed to support, which governs the freedom your touchpad allows you while navigating your computer. Check out its intended gesture range, which should include scrolling, clicking, rotating and zooming, etc.

Will it support the use of more than one finger at a time? Can you pinch, can you not? Is the ability to pinch to zoom of great importance to you? How much pressure do you need to actually get something clicked, etc? If you need to press so hard to get anything done, you end up bending your fingers back, you’re better off with your old mouse. Don’t even bother. Return it if you’ve bought it already.

Also, gestures should be easy to recollect, not overtly complicated. Why should you always have to consult a manual to get any single thing done on your computer? If that’s the package, please just avoid.

As for size, there are varying sizes for a touchpad. Although smaller means more portable, it also means less workspace and ultimately less you can do. A larger surface area gives you more workspace for gesture controls and more accurate positioning of the pointer.

Get the Best Computer Touchpad of 2023!

By now, we guess you’re pretty much sold on one of these touchpads, so think about splashing out on the one that called to you the most. Before long, your computer experience will be transformed.

Our Top Choice
Apple Magic Trackpad 2
Best Value
Perixx PeriPad-501ll Touchpad
Dell Wireless Touchpad
Logitech Wireless Touchpad
Adesso Easy Cat 160 Touchpad