Best Computer Vacuum Reviews 2022

If you own a computer, then you most definitely need a computer vacuum to help you clean your keyboard. Getting the best computer vacuum may be difficult, since there are lots of brands and products on the market. We have reviewed the brands we consider to be the top five, which were chosen after careful research and investigation. We have showcased one product from each brand, and the featured brands have other computer vacuum models you may also want to check out.
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Our Top Choice
EasyGO CompuCleaner Computer Blower
EasyGO distributes top-quality products from a range of trusted brands to make everyday life easier.
Powered by 110V electricity. Blows air out at 70CFM. Portable. Nine-foot cord. Weighs only 1.8 pounds. Versatile uses; cleans computers, laptops, keyboards and more.
Can be quite loud and heats up quickly.
500 Watts
70 CFM
Best Value
Fuller Brush Mini Maid Hand Vac
Fuller Brush, a renowned manufacturer of a variety of quality products, truly lives up to its motto of "make it work, make it last, and guarantee it no matter what."
Handheld and portable. Powerful 600W motor. 15-foot cable. Flexible hose. Detachable accessories. Ergonomic handle. Dust release cup. Cleanable filter. Multipurpose tool.
Attachments could sometimes get dislodged.
Portable device
600 Watts
Info not provided
Metro Vacuum DataVac Computer Blower
Metro Vacuum is a family business that has expanded greatly since 1939. It makes innovative and environmentally friendly products.
Durable steel tool. Versatile. Weighs only three pounds. Crevice device to clean nooks. 19-inch adjustable hose. 120-volt power. Airflow of 70 CFM. Comes with micro cleaning pack.
Parts and attachments don’t fit quite snugly.
373 Watts
70 CFM
DataVac 2017 Handheld Electric Duster
DataVac has been around for a long time, and it has created a name for itself with its easy-to-use, high-grade products
New, redesigned model. Multifunctional and efficient. 500-watt motor. Eco-friendly "green" solution. Anti-static accessories and wrist band. Strong steel body. Compact for storage.
On the pricey side.
540 Watts
70 CFM
Preup Mini Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner
Preup creates electronic products that have a dash of style and character and are also highly efficient.
Portable and cordless. Comes with USB charging. Versatile, with wide applications. Built-in rechargeable battery. Can be dismantled for washing. Works with lithium batteries.
Low suction power.
25 Watts
Info not provided
USB Charging

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What is the Best Computer Vacuum?

The performance of a computer vacuum is largely dependent on the type and other features that you would do well to consider before making a decision. With our buying guide, we hope you’re adequately equipped with information to make the right choice for your computer system. We therefore urge you to go on to our individual product review section and get acquainted with the best computer vacuums in the market today.
Our Top Choice
The EasyGO CompuCleaner blows air out at up to 70 cubic feet per minute, rather than sucking it in like traditional vacuums. Once connected to a power socket, it’s good to go. If you’re in the mood for spring cleaning now, you might also want to check out EasyGO's Rinse All Car Washer Kit\/Camp Shower. It has a 2.1-gallon capacity for your cleaning needs.

EasyGo Computer Keyboard Dust Blower/Cleaner

EasyGO is a distributor of high-quality products from trusted brands. Its products range from beach gazebos and umbrellas to hand-powered washing machines and cleaners. Whatever EasyGO is selling, you can be confident you’re buying from a trusted source that knows a thing or two about buying and selling products.

The EasyGO CompuCleaner is just one of the many products distributed by EasyGO. This cleaner is also a best seller in the UK and Europe, where it’s sold and distributed by a different company, ITDusters. The CompuCleaner is a best seller worldwide for several reasons. Rather than sucking air in like a traditional vacuum cleaner, it uses electricity of just 4.5 amps to blow air out at a rate of 70 cubic feet per minute (CFM). All you need to do is plug it into an electrical socket with 110 volts of power, and this little contraption will easily blow any dust or particles away from your keyboard or laptop.

This cleaner is quite portable. It has a nine-foot cord and weighs only 1.8 pounds, so you should have no problem carrying it around to blow dust away from anything in your path! If you’re worried about getting into difficult, tight spaces, don’t be. With this vacuum's attachments, you’ll have the right tool to clean dust from any surface. Use the flexible small attachment and brush to get to intricate areas. Try out the circular nozzle for a focused burst of air, or opt for the largest attachment for bigger objects such as equipment.
Best Value
The Fuller Brush Mini Maid Hand Vac is a highly efficient vacuum with a 15-foot cable and 600-watt motor. It provides a great burst of cleaning power that leaves surfaces dust-free. Want to give your floors and rug a thorough facelift? Get the Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner. It comes with a 30-foot long power cord.

Fuller Brush Mini Maid Handheld Computer Vacuum & 7-Piece Attachment Set

For over a hundred years, Fuller Brush has maintained its place at the top of the American manufacturing industry with its wide range of home equipment and quality products. Alfred Fuller founded the company in 1906 in Boston, and it has since grown to become an icon in the distribution of innovative items. Fuller Brush has remained consistent in making available some of the best personal grooming and cleaning products in America and all over the world.

Size is sometimes not a standard for effectiveness, and this can be seen clearly with the Fuller Brush Mini Maid Hand Vac. This small, stylish and extremely efficient computer vacuum produces a great burst of cleaning power. It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere the user deems fit. The 15-foot cable helps it to reach cleaning sites fast. Its motor has a capacity of 600 watts, which produces enough power to clean up living quarters such as rooms and apartments. This vacuum is accompanied by a detachable flexible hose, a dusting brush, an upholstery cleaning brush, and a crevice dusting tool that work together to make your home the haven you desire. It also comes with an ergonomically designed, easy grip handle, a dust-collecting cup, a cleanable filter, and other accessories to help make cleaning more effective than when it’s done with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

The Mini Maid Hand Vac is the go-to tool for mucking out the living areas of pets, due to the small spaces in which they sometimes huddle up. This vacuum can tackle the most intricate cleaning tasks, leaving no furniture unturned or dust particle unattended. Boats and vehicles are not left out, as this multi-purpose mini vacuum is also suitable for getting them spic and span. This gadget is built to last a long time and to suit all kinds of lifestyles, while producing the desired cleaning results. Fuller Brush backs up the Mini Maid Hand Vac with a 90-day warranty.
The Metro Vacuum DataVac is an efficient vacuum and blower that uses 120 volts of electricity to create a full blast of cleaning power. It is a highly durable and dependable "all-steel" item of cleaning equipment. If you want an even more affordable computer vacuum, we recommend the DataVac Computer Duster & Cleaner.

Metro Vacuum DataVac Pro Series Computer Vacuum/Blower

Metro Vacuum started out with a fifty-dollar capital in 1939. It has continued to evolve and is now a top multi-divisional corporation. Its range of products includes computer cleaning gadgets, dog dryers, motorcycle dryers, and all sorts of household and sporting goods. The company introduced the electric duster as a safe substitute for potentially harmful "compressed air" cleaning products. Metro Vacuum computer vacuums and blowers are fashioned with a winning mindset from decades of experience.

Get ready to give your office a lift with one of the greatest cleaning solutions available. The Metro Vacuum DataVac is a highly recommended computer vacuum that is capable of sniffing out even the tiniest dust particles, debris and dirt from your work surface. It has a 120-volt power motor and can operate in two modes: vacuum and blowing. It gives out airflow of 70 CFM from an input of 4.5 amperes. This vacuum weighs only three pounds, despite its sturdy steel construction. Because of the lightness of this computer vacuum, it can be moved from place to place easily.

The Metro Vacuum DataVac sports a 19-inch adjustable pipe, a crevice device, a soft brush, and an air pin-pointer, among other attachments. The included shoulder strap offers a higher level of convenience when transporting this computer vacuum. Five disposable bags are included to give the user a head start in getting rid of the debris that this tool cleans out. This vacuum is an effective substitute for canned air cleaners and dust-removing equipment. It is versatile and suitable for different kinds of tasks, since it can get into even the tightest of corners.

Here are some other great computer vacuums by Metro Vacuum:
  • MDV-3TA Pro Series Toner Vac: Dual speed motor vacuum cleaner with additional filters and all-purpose nozzle
  • Metro Vacuum MS-4C 115-Volt DataVac PC Desktops Cleaner: Releases 115 volts of cleaning power when plugged into an electric source. Compact, suitable for tough jobs, and small enough to be stowed
The DataVac Electric Duster is a new anti-static vacuum with excellent reviews and ratings. It has an incredible 500-watt motor that helps remove dirt from the deepest surfaces. If you want a computer vacuum with different features, complete with flexible hose, the DATA-VAC Computer Vacuum\/Blower Unit could be right for you.

DataVac Handheld Electric Duster/Blower – Available in 110V & 220V Models

DataVac is a proven and fast-rising product line under the well-known MetroVac brand. It was founded many years ago, and today, it has made a name for itself in the production industry. Its products are safe, efficient, and easy to use, and also of the best quality.

The DataVac Electric Duster is the newest redesigned addition to the growing DataVac line. This efficient, advanced, anti-static cleaning mechanism is designed to remove dirt from office equipment. It has an incredible 500-watt motor that emits full blast air power to remove dirt and debris effectively. The power that comes from the 0.75 max HP motor is consistent and ensures that stubborn, deep-seated debris is removed. Its cleaning mechanism is specially developed to thoroughly clean expensive office electronics so they can operate at maximum capacity.

Other features of this computer vacuum include:
  • Compact and convenient to use compared to other designs and models
  • Static-proof wrist strap that restricts the user and helps shield the surge of electric current that could damage electronic equipment
  • Tough steel construction designed to endure rough professional use and last for a long time
  • "Greener" planet-saving, cost-reduction and safer option when compared with "canned air" cleaning tools
  • Static-resistant attachments to help it withstand the cleaning of all kinds of office gadgets
  • 12-foot cord for easy transfer and movement from one equipment to another
This computer vacuum has the signature of a renowned company that has been in the business for over 70 years. The DataVac Electric Duster comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Here are some other computer vacuums by DataVac:
  • DataVac 1.17PHP Pro Series Micro Cleaning Tool: Peak horsepower equipment that can be used to clean all kinds of computers. It is affordable end environmentally friendly
  • DataVac 1.7HP Two Speed Motor Vac with Carrying Case: Strong steel tool that is fashioned to clean photocopiers and laser printers
The Preup Mini Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner is a unique vacuum cleaner that is convenient to use. It is cordless and has USB charging. If what you want is a wet and dry functional tool with replaceable nozzles, consider the Preup Portable Dustbuster Vacuum.

Preup Mini Suction Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner – Available in Red and Black

For years, Preup has been building exceptionally functional electronic products. It's a trusted company whose products are stocked by some renowned brands, including HandyVacuums. Preup combines style and functionality in the production of electronic materials, thereby making it popular with its distributors. Its designs are aesthetically pleasing and efficient at the same time. Preup distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by providing excellent customer service. Its products are versatile and widely accepted by different users all over the world.

The Preup Mini Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable vacuum that also serves as a dust blower. It comes with a convenient USB charging feature and can be powered by a mobile adapter, a car charger, or lithium batteries (not included). It's cord-free and portable, so it can be carried anywhere. You can have fun with this vacuum while on the go, since it doesn't have to be plugged into a wall socket at all times. Picnics, beach outings, and parties are perfect gatherings to display the beautiful design and power of this vacuum cleaner. It can be used to clean up debris and food particles from rugs, towels, and beach mats.

This vacuum cleaner is an automatic handheld device that runs on 25 watts of power. It has a built-in rechargeable battery for convenient use. The ergonomic handle which makes it convenient to hold and carry, and can suction up to 1500 Pascal pressure. This vacuum even comes with two different nozzles, so you can choose the one you prefer to clean a particular area. It is also easy to maintain, as the filter is washable.

This vacuum is a delightful mini size, so it will be quite easy to pack or stow away. Cleaning it is easy; simply pull out the filter, discard the dust, and wash the filter under running water.

How Do I Choose the Best Computer Vacuum?

Computer systems are high maintenance devices, both inside and outside. Just as the operating system of your device needs regular upgrades, so also does the hardware, especially the keyboard, need regular cleaning. Given the sensitive nature of modern keyboards, they're not something you’ll want to wipe with a napkin, whether dry or wet. Some people use a can of compressed air to blow dust and dirt out of the keyboard, but this can sometimes send the dirt deeper into the system and cause damage faster than usual. Since you use your keyboard every day in different capacities, you’ll agree with me that it’s earned some form of tender loving care from you. This care should be in the way you clean it, and what better way than to use a computer vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners were originally intended for use in cleaning floors, but recent advancements in technology have seen the introduction of a new category of vacuum cleaners that are extremely compact, portable and lightweight. These high-tech gadgets are modified and fitted out to be used as computer vacuums for thorough cleaning and dusting of keyboards. A computer vacuum is usually USB powered, but there are others that are entirely cordless and battery operated. Computers have built-in vents designed to keep the system cool, but these vents are highly prone to collecting dirt that accumulates and slows your system down. A computer vacuum works well for getting the vents cleared and getting your system working at optimum speed.

Giving your computer a hard disk storage upgrade will surely increase the speed, but an affordable and reliable alternative to boost your system speed is to give it a good cleaning. One great thing about these small and powerful computer vacuums is that they can be conveniently used on other messy surfaces like desktops and work stations, bookshelves, and even complicated pieces of furniture or art to give them a good cleaning far better than mere wiping down.

Now that you’ve seen a few reasons why you need a computer vacuum, let’s delve into the different features and factors to look for when shopping for a great computer vacuum. Features such as the design of computer vacuum, power source, number of attachments, motor and of course, the price, are quite important and affect the overall capability of the computer vacuum, so we’re going to discuss each of them in greater detail in a short while.
Gadgets such as computer vacuums are best purchased with long-term usage in mind. You’re better off buying a quality product that will not disappoint you, or worse, wreak havoc on your computer keyboard. If you must cut costs, go for the cordless, battery-operated computer vacuums because they’re generally more cost-effective than the USB type.

Our computer vacuums have prices ranging from $27.99 to $139. In the course of our investigation, we came across some cheap computer vacuums, but decided to ignore them as their construction didn’t look sturdy or long-lasting.
A great computer vacuum is an indispensable tool, but there are some factors to be aware of that will aid you in making the right choice when shopping for a computer vacuum suitable for your keyboard. Those factors include:
  • Design of the computer vacuum
  • Power source
  • Number of attachments
  • Motor and suction power
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Computer vacuums are miniature versions of the traditional vacuum cleaners. They operate in a similar way and differ in size. They’re highly compact and lightweight. Despite their small design, they’re as capable as the bigger vacuum cleaners in cleaning up dirt and debris, although they cover smaller spaces and areas. A computer vacuum can be either cordless or have a power cable. It has a built-in anti-static system that keeps you safe from shocks when cleaning your keyboard.

Different computer vacuums feature different power systems, which may be USB cables, electricity or battery. The USB computer vacuum has a USB cable that plugs conveniently into a slot on your computer, and shares the power resources with your computer. Ideally, your computer should be plugged into a power source or have a full battery, so the computer vacuum can work at full capacity and last for the length of time that you’ll be using it.

A computer vacuum powered by electricity has a power cable that plugs directly into an electric power source. This type is good, but may be limited by the length of the power cable. This means that the power outlet has to be very close to your computer, your work station, or any surface you plan to use the computer vacuum to clean.

A battery-operated computer vacuum has a cordless design. This type has built-in rechargeable batteries that you can charge up and then use as needed. One drawback of this type is that although the battery is billed to last for a long while, once it’s weak and unable to hold a charge, it’s far less expensive to buy a whole new computer vacuum than to try replacing the battery. There are also some computer vacuums that operate on AA batteries, and others that combine USB cable operation and battery operation.

Most computer vacuums come with a range of fine nozzle attachments designed to clean up dust and debris of varying sizes. Each nozzle attachment is made for specific areas, but they’re all aimed at making sure that every nook and cranny of your computer, work station, furniture or even car interior is reached and cleaned out. Some computer vacuums may come with just two attachments, while some come with as many as four. There are still a few computer vacuums that have just one all-purpose brush attachment, but these types are usually built specifically for computer keyboards. When shopping for the right computer vacuum, you’ll want to identify the main reason(s) why you need it, as this will help you in selecting the item with the right combination of nozzles to meet your needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
A computer vacuum is designed to be operated easily, with a good number of them having a plug-and-play design. Its compact nature means fewer parts to clean and maintain.

A few computer vacuums come with dust bags, which makes disposing of the collected dirt and dust extremely easy. Most of them are designed in such a way that you’ll need to dismantle them to get to the collected dust and dirt out for disposal. Some of them feature quick-release canisters for dirt collection and emptying. When shopping for a computer vacuum, it’s best to get one with a dust bag, but if you can’t, a quick-release canister variant will do just fine.

Some computer vacuums have the capacity to suck up both wet and dry messes, especially those that come with a hose. If you know you’ll have wet messes to clean up, you may want to go for computer vacuums with hoses. They may be more expensive, but they clean these messes well.

The motor in a computer vacuum determines how well and how strongly it picks up dust and dirt. This means that the motor power directly controls the suction power. The higher the motor power, the stronger and better the suction power, and the faster the vacuum's ability to clean up surfaces extremely well.

The power button on the computer vacuum is a minor but extremely important feature that makes a huge difference between easy and awkward operation. Some computer vacuums feature a push-to-clean power button you must push and hold when you want to clean. Once you release the button, the unit powers off.

This style is a little bit awkward for some people and doesn’t make for smooth operation. Other computer vacuums are equipped with the usual On/Off switch. Once you flip the switch, the unit powers on and stays on till you’re done with cleaning and flip the switch into the off position. This type is much more preferable than the former one, so you may want to check the type of on-board switch that comes with the computer vacuum.

Get the Best Computer Vacuum of 2022!

We hope this review has helped you to finally arrive at the perfect computer vacuum for your system. If so, then go ahead and place that order now. In the unlikely event you didn’t see one that you like, do not hesitate to use the navigation links provided to search for other products from the featured brands.

Our Top Choice
EasyGO CompuCleaner Computer Blower
Best Value
Fuller Brush Mini Maid Hand Vac
Metro Vacuum DataVac Computer Blower
DataVac 2017 Handheld Electric Duster
Preup Mini Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner