Best Console Table Reviews 2023

Console tables make a statement, not just in the entryway of your home, but also in your bedroom, your office, or even your kitchen. They’re versatile, stylish, and affordable. But with so many currently on the market, it can be hard to choose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five of the best console tables from five top brands in the furniture industry. Check them out to see which one you’d like to have in your home. But remember that these brands have other console tables you can check out for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Monarch Console Accent Table
Monarch is a brand that provides high-quality furniture that looks impeccable. Each design is unique and will give your home an aesthetic unlike any other.
It is beautiful, functional, and available in two different gorgeous finishes. It also has multiple shelves with lots of space, making it great for storage or simple decorations.
The modern design may not be suitable for some buyers.
Hollow core particle board
47 x 12 x 32 inches
38 lbs.
1-year limited
Best Value
Winsome Wood Xola Console Table
Winsome Wood is a furniture manufacturer that offers beautiful pieces for a great price. Its products are built with high-quality wood that is sure to last you a lifetime.
It’s quite affordable, durable, and easily assembled, which means there’s no hassle in setting it up. It is also beautiful, and the cappuccino finish adds a level of maturity to any room.
A few users were dissatisfied with the color.
Composite wood
45 x 16 x 30 inches
42 lbs.
1-year limited
Coaster Entryway Console Hall Table
Coaster Home Furnishings has been around for 20 years, and continues to grow thanks to its exceptional customer service and gorgeous designs.
The majority of buyers were impressed with the quality, especially for the price. It’s also quite sturdy, easily assembled and adds a certain something to any space.
A few users had an issue with the size.
38 x 14.5 x 31.6 inches
43 lbs.
1-year limited
Sauder Anywhere Console
Sauder is a homegrown company that gives back to the community by providing employment for the people around it. The RTA furniture produced there is unique, affordable, and gorgeous.
It has spacious shelves and a sturdy metal frame. It’s also easily assembled, affordable, and can be used for multiple different purposes.
A few users would want an updated crossbar.
Wood and metal
39.5 x 15.6 x 29.7 inches
76 lbs.
Northern Oak finish
1-year limited
Convenience Concepts Hallway Console
Convenience Concepts combines the old with the new to provide gorgeous and durable furniture that will last you a lifetime.
It’s affordable and available in five different colors. On top of that, it’s easily assembled, suits any décor or color scheme and can fit in practically any room.
A few users didn’t like the material, but that’s really an opinion.
48 x 15.5 x 28 inches
12.4 lbs.
Espresso woodgrain finish
1-year limited

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What is the Best Console Table?

We’ve made sure to review models that vary in design and features. Some are more traditional, others are more modern, and some are a mixture of both. Now that you know what you want, you will find it easier to choose the best console table for your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Monarch 47” Accent Console Table features a three-tiered open concept design that gives you access to multiple shelves along with a brilliant view. But if you want a more modern look, check out the Monarch 36” Brushed Pewter Console Table. It has a remarkable mirror finish that gives it a dazzling sparkle effect.

Monarch Hall Console Accent Table, 47" – Available in 2 Colors

Monarch is a fashion-forward furniture brand based in Quebec, Canada. All its products are shipped from its high-tech 275,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Monarch has a catalog of over 1500 items to satisfy any of your furniture needs. You can get something for your office, your dining room or even your home bar. Monarch has loads of items to choose from, and they’re all pretty affordable too.

Monarch’s 47” Monarch Hall Accent Console Table is available in a dark cappuccino color and a creamy dark taupe finish. It’s the perfect way to give your hall or entryway that distinguished look that’ll give your guests a great first impression as they enter your home.

Its surface is large enough to hold your favorite decorative items. It's functional too, as a great place to put your keys so you don’t have to go searching for them every time you leave home. It also has an open concept three-tiered design that makes the bottom shelves perfect for storing things like books or ornaments.
Best Value
The Winsome Xola Console Table comes in a rich cappuccino finish and is the perfect balance between modern and traditional design. If you want a much simpler yet impressive design, see the Winsome Rochester Console Table, which has a drawer for added storage.

Winsome Wood Xola Console Table in Cappuccino

Winsome Wood has been creating and distributing quality and affordable wooden furniture since 1977. It has warehouses in both the US and Canada, and consistently designs innovative pieces that will take your breath away. A major plus of Winsome Wood is that it also offers to customize your furniture, so you can get a table or chair or any other furniture set that can only be found in your home.

The Winsome Xola Console Table is a simple yet elegant piece with X patterns on both sides. It comes in a dark and rich cappuccino finish and is the perfect cross between traditional and modern furniture design. It can be used as a simple entryway table, or used in your home office thanks to its spacious bottom shelf.

The Xola Console Table isn’t Winsome’s only great design. Some other stylish ones include:
  • Winsome Wood Linea Console Table
  • Winsome Wood Hall Table
  • Winsome Wood Syrah Hall Table
The Coaster Entryway Console Table is a classic. Its traditional design makes it stand out as a great introduction to any home. If you’re looking for something sleeker, try Coaster’s Deep Merlot Finish Console Table. It has two bottom shelves and features X designs on the sides.

Coaster Home Furnishings Storage Entryway Console Hall Table in Brown

Coaster Home Furnishings has been in business for over 20 years and has one mission – to set the standard in the furnishings industry. Its focus on innovation, teamwork and versatility makes it a viable competitor in the home furnishings industry and allows it to consistently deliver remarkable products to you.

Many of the console tables featured on this list have much more modern designs, but the Coaster Entryway Hall Table is as traditional as they come. This beauty comes in a gorgeous and rich brown color with masterfully crafted legs and double door drawers. There’s also a good deal of space on the bottom shelf for additional storage. This piece will give your home that classic look that stands the test of time.

Coaster doesn’t just offer traditional-looking console tables and furniture; it also has great modern pieces as well. While you’re browsing, look at these pieces that each offer something quite unique:
  • Coaster 950048 Contemporary Console Table
  • Coaster 950136 Contemporary Console Table
  • Coaster Casual Console Table
The Sauder Anywhere Console Table has a Northern Oak finish and is supported by a powder-coated metal frame. If you’re looking for something more classic and bright, consider the Sauder Inspired Accents Console Table, which is made of engineered wood and laminate. It also comes in a gorgeous antiquated teal color.

Sauder Canal Street Console Table in Northern Oak and Warm Bronze

Erie Sauder established Sauder in Archbold, Ohio in 1934. He originally started building custom cabinetry and church pews, but the company has since grown to become a leading manufacturer in creating ready-to-assemble furniture. The best thing about Sauder is that it manufactures 90% of its furniture in Archbold, Ohio and employs over 2000 workers to keep everything running smoothly.

With Sauder’s line of over 40 unique furniture collections, it certainly has loads to choose from, including the Sauder Anywhere Console Table. This beauty has two expansive wooden shelves held up by a powder-coated metal frame, plus rear crossbars for added support. It’s the perfect mix between natural and artificial creation. Plus, it is easy to assemble and can be used for multiple purposes. If you don’t think it’d look great in your foyer, then move it to your home office and use it as a desk, or into your living room as a TV stand - after all, it can hold a 42” TV. It’s all up to you.

If you like this piece and want to see what else Sauder has, we recommend you check out these items:
  • Sauder Carson Forge Sideboard
  • Sauder Carson Forge Sofa Table
  • Sauder Cottage Road Entertainment Credenza
The Convenience Concepts Northfield Hallway Console Table is available in multiple colors, including Black, Espresso, Weathered White, Cherry and White. If you want something with shelves, try the Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table. It has a large bottom shelf for storage and is supported by two strong X frames.

Convenience Concepts Northfield Hallway Console Table – Available in 5 Colors

Convenience Concepts is a cool name and quite reflective of this brand, which only has one mission: to create fresh and new designs that will give your home a look and feel unlike any other. It's based in Illinois and focuses on coupling traditional furniture-making methods with new designs and materials to bring about gorgeous pieces that will last for years. Think about how your grandma’s wardrobe has withstood the test of time when many recently made ones don’t. That’s what Convenience Concepts wants to give you: the best of the old and the new.

This company has a wide selection of beautiful pieces, especially console tables. The Convenience Concepts Northfield Console Table is sleek and simple. Its design means it can work practically anywhere. It’s also available in multiple colors, which means that you can get one that fits the color scheme of your home perfectly. It’s also super easy to assemble, which is always a bonus.

We also encourage you to check out Convenience Concepts' other affordable console tables, such as:
  • Convenience Concepts Omega Console Table
  • Convenience Concepts Modern Newport V Console Table
  • Convenience Concepts Newport Hailey Console Table

How Do I Choose the Best Console Table?

It is one of those days you have a friend visiting. Which is always enjoyable until they’re about to leave. The usual routine is to start ransacking the house for their keys. Then the blame game starts – it’s either your dog or toddler that’s the culprit. No longer will you have to spend hours searching for what’s not lost, now that you have a console table in your entryway.

It’s a versatile piece of furniture. Some are built solid to carry heavy items. The best console table can serve as a stand for your TV. It can be used as a dresser table with your mirror hanging right above it on the wall. And can equally be used as an extra table almost anywhere that you can place décor—such as candelabra—on. Some have drawers to give you room for extra storage. The list of what you can use your console table for is almost endless. And it comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to meet your needs and flatter your existing home décor.
As a decorative or a functional piece of furniture, a console table gives the home/office an edgy design, which makes its price worthwhile. The design, material, size, and finishing of a console table influences its price. A console table with sophisticatedly-designed drawers, and that is also sizeable will cost close to $350. While one with a simple design and moderately sized will go for around $100. There are cheap console tables out there. If you don’t wish to invest your money in a piece of garbage, then don’t go for them. They are made with inferior materials that won’t last.
The material and size of your console table amongst other features will determine if it will serve you well. Since you have decided to get one, here are some features to look out for:
  • Material
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Finish
  • Color
  • Extras
These features, further explained below, will help you figure out what you want so that you can choose the right console table for you.
Construction and Design
A console table offers versatility in its use. You can almost never go wrong with positioning it in your home or office. It can serve as a decorative focal point in your hallway or you can put it to more functional use in your bedroom. Whichever it is, the material shouldn’t speak anything less than quality. Some are made with high-quality composite wood, powder-coated metal, glass, synthetic, etc. which doesn’t only give it frame/balance but also adds to its aesthetics.

Since console tables are used for different purposes and located at different points in the home, they come in different shapes (round, rectangle, square), sizes, and weight. Some feature narrow widths, with only two legs and require support. These can only be positioned close to a wall or else they will fall. There are ones that are square-shaped, wide, and able to balance no matter their position. Choosing the dimension your console table will come in will be determined by the space available and what you need it for. So, paying attention to the length, width, and height when assembled will help you determine which table will be a great choice for a bedroom vanity or a TV stand.
Performance and Ease of Use
Console tables have different finishes and come in an array of colors to give your home an edgy appearance as well as compliment your existing décor. They come in colors like dark taupe, cappuccino, northern oak, warm bronze, and a whole lot that would match your existing home decoration and make the room pop!

The more extras a console table offers the better. Some have drawers for storage. So, if you need to safely store some items, then you have to be on the lookout for this type. In the end, serving you in whichever capacity you want it to is what’s important. Let your pick reflect this. We hope the insights we have shared will help you in choosing a console table that will meet your needs.

Get the Best Console Table of 2023!

Thank you for reading our console table review. We hope you can find a piece that will fit perfectly in your entryway or work just as well anywhere in your home.

Our Top Choice
Monarch Console Accent Table
Best Value
Winsome Wood Xola Console Table
Coaster Entryway Console Hall Table
Sauder Anywhere Console
Convenience Concepts Hallway Console