Best Cookbook Holder Reviews 2023

One major interesting and refreshing aspect of cooking is the joy of creating new dishes and a quick way of doing this is through recipes found in cookbooks, online and on electronic devices. Since we cannot memorize the millions of recipes available, we always need to refer to the recipe while cooking. This can be a challenge unless a cookbook holder is used. We researched cookbook holders and picked out five top brands that make top quality holders, then chose one from each brand for this review. If our choices don’t meet your requirements, feel free to check out others offered by the brands.
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Our Top Choice
A+ Book Stand Deluxe Cook Book Holder
The A+ Book Stand brand is owned by Duboco LLC, a company that excels in the sourcing, manufacturing, and retailing of a variety of top quality plastic and wooden products.
Lovely design. Well-built with quality materials. Sturdy. Flexible and strong page holders. Highly adjustable. Multi-use. Easy to use. Highly functional. Lightweight. Durable.
Some may consider it bulky but it can be folded down nicely.
Flip book stand design
11.8 x 8.7 x 1.8 inches/1.4 pounds.
Light brown
Best Value
OXOPop-Up Cookbook Holder
OXO offers products that are designed to simplify our day to day activities, making life generally easier. Its goal is to make its products usable by the majority of people.
Lovely design. Sturdily built. Stable base. Holds big and small books. Easy to use. Wide viewing angle. Keeps books and tablets splatter-free. Easy to clean. Folds easily.
You have to drop the screen every time you need to access to pages or tablet screen.
Pop-up design
1.8 x 9 x 12.6 inches/1.5 pounds
White/clear acrylic
Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder
Prepara is committed to offering kitchenware that’s innovative and of the best of quality with a view to making the preparation and enjoyment of food efficient and healthier.
Lovely design. Good quality materials. Fully rotatable base. Splatter guard. Adjustable support. Adjustable viewing angle. Versatile. Easy to use. Easy to clean.
May not be so easy to stand spiral books on.
360 degrees rotatable base
12.2 x 10 x 2.6 inches/2 pounds
Boston Warehouse Tablet & Cookbook Stand
Boston Warehouse began as a distribution hub for products imported from Europe for US consumers but has today become a major manufacturer of top quality kitchenware.
Good quality materials. Sturdy and well-built. Foldable design. Attractive design. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Affordable.
Stand might be a bit wobbly when there is no book on the holder.
Easel back design
14 x 11 x 2.7 inches/1 pound
Composite wood
Tripar Swirl Design Cookbook Stand
Tripar International, Inc. is a leader in the decorative display industry. It’s committed to making the world more beautiful with every product emerging from its stable.
Solid construction. Antique feel. Sturdy but lightweight. Attractive. Large. Foldable stand. Easy to use. Functional. Multi-purpose. Durable.
The bottom part of the decorative panel obstructs the lower part of the book pages.
Swirl design
13 x 9.8 x 13.5 inches/1 pound

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What is the Best Cookbook Holder?

The type of cookbook holder ideal for you will depend on certain factors specific to you and how you intend to use the holder. Having read the guide, it’s now up to you to decide which features are important to you so you can look out for products that possess those features as we review our selected products.
Our Top Choice
The A+ Book Stand Deluxe Multipurpose Book Holder is a sturdy, highly adjustable holder that provides various viewing angle options, making it comfortable to use. It can also act as a laptop or tablet stand. If you’d like a children’s themed design, try the CBS100 Bear Theme Kids Book Holder.

A+ Book Stand Deluxe Multipurpose Book Holder with Adjustable Detachable Tray-Page Paper Clips – Available In Two Sizes

The A+ Book Stand brand is owned by Duboco LCC and distributes an extensive line of book stands which are primarily made of wood. Duboco LLC sources, manufactures and retails a wide variety of products made from wood and plastic. Its products are of top quality and are designed to deliver optimum functionality and user satisfaction.

The A+ Book Stand Deluxe Multipurpose Book Holder is a sturdy yet lightweight holder. It has an adjustable tray which can be used in 14 different positions. This makes finding the most comfortable viewing angle very easy, thus reducing strain on the neck and eyes. It also features strong page holders that keep your recipe book in place, making your cooking easier and more enjoyable. Being compact, you can easily fit it in a backpack and take it with you when on the move. It has other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Multi-purpose design – Can be used as a book or laptop holder
  • Attached paper clip – Helps keep the pages from flipping
  • Tough plastic protected corners – Adds durability to the holder
  • Acrylic covered sharp edges – Protects your book and you from being cut
  • Detachable tray – Can be attached to suit laptop, reading or transport modes
  • Non-slip rubber stand – Helps keep the stand in place at the desired angle
  • Wooden construction – Presents a lovely, homely and eco-friendly feel
This book holder comes in two sizes, giving you more options. The standard size is 11.5 x 8.5 inches while the large size is 16 x 10.5 inches.
Best Value
The OXO Pop-Up Cookbook Holder brings a new level of convenience to your cooking with a stable base which can support books of different sizes and its splatter guard which protects your book or tablet from food splatter. Do you want something better suited for use with a tablet? Try the OXO SoftWorks Pop-Up Tablet & Cookbook Holder.

OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder

OXO believes products should be made to fit the needs of users. To achieve this, it takes its time studying its target market and how they use the different products they require for everyday life. With the information derived from these studies, it innovates designs to improve on the current generation. Its ultimate aim, derived from the philosophy on which it operates, is to offer products that people from all works of life will find both easy to use and functional.

The OXO Pop-Up Cookbook Holder is your ideal cooking companion. It will hold your cookbook or tablet at a suitable viewing angle so you can focus on the more important task of cooking and not cradling the cookbook or trying to keep it open on the countertop. The clear acrylic spatter guard removes the fear of food splatter staining your book or tablet. This cookbook holder has other features, some of which can be found below:
  • Stable base – Holds books of different sizes securely without falling
  • Slim design – Makes storage easy
  • Easy to load – Easily place your book or tablet on it
  • Single handed use – Turn pages or scroll easily with one hand
  • Easy to pull screen – Allows quick and easy access to the book
The Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder is a chef’s dream. With a base that rotates 360° allowing for all-round viewing, a splatter guard and a measurement conversion guide, cooking just became easier and more enjoyable. Are your recipes stored on your phone or tablet? Go for the Prepara iPrep Foldable\/Adjustable e-reader, phone and tablet stand.

Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder – Adjustable 360° Rotatable Base

Prepara focuses on the production and distribution of the best in kitchenware. All its products are innovative and ingenious in design and aim to provide people who enjoy or want to enjoy food a healthy and efficient way of achieving this. Food and its preparation is at the core of every living thing's wellbeing and Prepara accords it the respect it deserves by offering products that do justice to this process.

The Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder certainly makes cooking easy and fun. It features a convenient base that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you turn your book to see the pages with ease. As you move around getting ingredients, simply turn the book to face wherever you are at any time without moving the entire holder. You can also bring the holder close to you for easier reading without fear of having food splatter on your book or tablet thanks to the splatter guard that protects against this. It has other features and we have listed some of these below:
  • Compact and foldable design – Can be stored easily with your cookbooks
  • Adjustable base – Adjusts to accommodate various sizes of books
  • Easy to clean – Just wipe to clean, making your job easier
  • Glossy white body – A pristine, lovely look
  • Adjustable viewing angles – Adjust the angle you suit you
  • Versatile – Can support large books and tablets as well as tiny recipe cards
  • 5 year warranty – An assurance of quality
Add some ease to your cooking with this Boston Warehouse Tablet Holder and Cookbook Stand. The easel back allows you place your cookbook or tablet at an easy to view angle on the holder, freeing up your hands to cook. Would you love a holder you can hang from the wall? Consider the Tablet Holder and Cookbook Stand, Bake Design, By Boston Warehouse.

Boston Warehouse My Favorite Recipes Tablet Holder and Cookbook Stand

With a desire to start his own business, founder of Boston Warehouse Peter Jenkins started the company to bring to American users quality products from Europe. After over a decade of meeting this need, the company started creating its own products. Its first product met with huge success, as have other products after it. The reason for this is simply that every product from the brand is driven by innovative designs that are highly appealing to a wide range of users and produced to the highest quality.

The Boston Warehouse Tablet Holder and Cookbook Stand makes cooking with cookbooks and recipes stored on phones and tablets simple and easy. It is designed to be compatible with cookbooks, tablets and even phones. Just place your book or device on the holder, and easily view its contents thanks to the easel back design which allows the holder to incline at a comfortable reading angle. It has other features, some of which are listed below:
  • Composite wood construction – Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Foldable design – Makes for easy storage
  • Attractive design – Adds aesthetic value to your kitchen top
  • Elevates your book or device from the counter top – Reduces risk of dirt reaching them
The Tripar Swirl Design Cookbook Stand is more than just a cookbook holder. Aside from securely holding up your cookbook, freeing up your hands for cooking, it’s lovely enough to be used on its own as a decorative item. Do you want a different design that’s also more affordable? Check out the 11" Black Scroll Easel Stand Display Plate Book Holder.

Tripar Swirl Design Cookbook Stand with Weighted Page Holders

Tripar International, Inc. is a leading force in the decorative and visual display market. Its focus is the creation of beautiful spaces, be they homes, stores or other environments. Tripar just wants to work with its customers to improve on the world's beauty through every single one of its carefully designed products.

The Swirl Design Cookbook Stand is one accessory that’s sure to add some class to your kitchen countertop. As a cookbook holder, it’s solidly designed to securely support different sizes of books, allowing you cook from almost any cookbook, regardless of its size. Much more than this, it also has such a lovely ornamental design that it can be used on its own as a decorative item. It will excel at whichever of the two uses you decide to put it to. It has other great features, some of which we have listed below:
  • Lovely swirl design – Gives it an attractive look
  • Wrought iron construction – Gives it an antique look
  • Chains with weighted balls – Helps keep your book pages open
  • Foldable legs – Allows for easy storage
  • Multi-purpose use – Can also be repurposed as a dish-holder

How Do I Choose the Best Cookbook Holder?

One of the things that makes cooking easy is having the right cooking utensils. Imagine trying to measure out ingredients without measuring cups or spoons. Thanks to cookbooks, TV cooking shows and online recipes, more people can now try out extraordinary dishes from any part of the world in their homes. No doubt, the ability to pull this off frequently will turn you into your family’s culinary hero. Who doesn’t what to be a hero, even if only in the kitchen?

So you have your cookbooks, tablet or other electronic devices that contain the different recipes you want to wow your family with. Today, you want to try one particular recipe you found online and saved on your tablet so you grab your tablet and find the recipe. You read through the list of ingredients and pick them out one after the other.

It’s time to get started. It gives you the measurement of flour to put through your flour sifter before using it. Next, it’s time to mix the flour with other ingredients, so you get your hand mixer and add one ingredient after the other. With your floury hands, you add one teaspoon of that, one cup of the other, all the while taking a quick peek at your now flour-covered tablet to confirm the quantity of the ingredients needed before adding them.

Now, your hands are covered in a mixture of flour and other ingredients, as is your tablet, and you have one more ingredient to confirm. You need to wipe your tablet’s screen so you can see what you need to add. You don’t have the time to go wash your hands, so you try to blow the screen clear, but to no avail. You try using a paper towel but other ingredients have now mixed with the flour, making the screen even messier.

What the heck? This is a time sensitive recipe and you’re cutting it really close! Left with no choice, you quickly rush over to wash your hands and then rush back to properly clean the screen. In all the rush, you drop the tablet, breaking the screen. Now, not only can you not finish your recipe in time, you’ve broken your tablet!

Without going any further in this tale of woes, we can only state that all this could have been avoided with the right cookbook holder. A cookbook holder will not just help you hold the cookbook or tablet, many will keep it safe from splatter, keeping the pages or screen clear always. We’re sure the situation described above is not one you want to find yourself in, so we’ll help you find the best cookbook holder for your needs. We’ll show you factors to consider and features that can make your use of a cookbook holder easier.
Buying a cookbook holder will not exhaust your life savings. They are generally affordable accessories, usually costing less than $100. In fact, we found you can get a good one with a budget of between $20 and $30. Certainly the cost of any model you choose will be determined by certain factors. Some of these include material used, design, adjustability and more. Some offer more by way of functionality than others and this will surely affect their prices.

It is important that you get a product that will really serve you well. Be sure to avoid cheap cookbook holders as these may not be able to deliver the quality you expect.
When choosing a cookbook holder, there are a few factors that need to be properly considered to ensure the one you eventually settle for is the best for you. Some of these factors include:
  • Type – Adjustable or fixed
  • Capacity
  • Viewing angle
  • Material
  • Splash guard
  • Base
  • Aesthetics
Let’s now discuss these some more.
Construction and Design
All cookbook holders can be divided into two broad groups. There is the adjustable type and the fixed type. The adjustable type is more versatile, offering different viewing angles, height adjustments and more. Since all users are not the same height and all usage conditions are different, getting an adjustable type will offer more options.

A fixed type on the other hand cannot be adjusted at all. You have to use it as is. This will make it unsuitable for some users as they may find the viewing angle not right for them. These fixed type cookbook holders usually cost less. If cost is a very important factor, you can go for this, understanding its limitations.

All cookbooks and devices are not the same size and weight, so be sure to choose a cookbook holder with the capacity to hold yours. Much more than just supporting them, it should securely hold them.

Above, we mentioned viewing angle in relation to the adjustability of a cookbook holder. A tall user will not be able to comfortably read from a cookbook placed at a convenient viewing angle for a short user. A tall user will need a wider angle to be able to read from the cookbook or device conveniently. Your best option is to get a cookbook holder that offers different viewing angles so each user can choose the angle that suits him/her best.

The material used in making a cookbook holder can add to its stability, durability or ease of use. You want to ensure you have a stable holder and the material it’s made of will play a major role in this. Some examples of materials commonly used include wood, metal and plastic. Choose any material you prefer, either for ornamental or durability reasons. Aside from the material used, another factor that will also contribute to its balance and stability is the base. The base must be balanced enough to carry books or devices of various weights. You do not want your cookbook or device flipping over because of a base that is not balanced. These two – the base and the material – must work together to provide a holder that is solid, balanced and durable.
Performance and Ease of Use
Cooking can often get messy. You don’t want food splatter getting to your cookbook or device. It’s for this reason some cookbook holders have splash guards to prevent any food splatter getting to your book or device. This is a very important feature to look out for. Some others try to achieve this by providing holes so the holders can be hung on the wall away from the cooking food. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, choose whichever works best for you.

Everyone loves nice looking things. Your cookbook holder can be more than just a book holder. Depending on its design and the material it’s made of, it can also add aesthetic value to your kitchen space. If this is an important feature for you, look out for it and choose a design that will complement your kitchen décor.

Get the Best Cookbook Holder of 2023!

Armed with the knowledge you now possess, it is important you don’t let it go to waste. Place your order now for that cookbook holder that offers the features you need.

Our Top Choice
A+ Book Stand Deluxe Cook Book Holder
Best Value
OXOPop-Up Cookbook Holder
Prepara Chef's Center Cookbook Holder
Boston Warehouse Tablet & Cookbook Stand
Tripar Swirl Design Cookbook Stand