Best Cookie Jar Reviews 2023

Cookie jars are designed for both functional and decorative use at home. With different designs, styles, shapes, capacities, brands, sizes and color finishes to pick from, you’ll find cookie jars in wood, ceramics, glass, metal or even plastic. We have researched five of the best cookie jar brands in the market, showcasing a jar from each to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Our Top Choice
Anchor Hocking Glass Dry Good Storage Jar
Established in 1905, Anchor Hocking is America’s second largest glassware supplier of candle containers, storageware, beverageware, servingware, lighting components and ovenware.
Stable and clear. High quality, versatile and affordable. Beautifully cut dishwasher-safe glass. Durable and a large capacity. Transparent for visible contents. Stylish.
Some users reported that the cookie jar chips glass onto stored items. Not airtight, breakable and no gasket.
4 quarts
4.2 pounds
Crystal clear
Dishwasher safe, 6 sizes
Best Value
OXO Good Grips POP Cookie Jars
OXO is an innovative brand committed to manufacturing high quality products aimed at making your life easier. The universal design of its products renders them usable worldwide.
Freezer safe and can be opened with one finger. Airtight seal keeps snacks fresh. A good brand with positive reviews on Amazon. High quality, durable and affordable. BPA free.
Neither oven nor microwave safe. Only gasket is dishwasher safe.
5 quarts
1.1 pounds
Plastic, silicone
Clear and white
BPA free, pop up button
Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jars
Westland Giftware is a popular brand with a good reputation. It manufactures high quality items for home décor and collectible ceramic gifts.
Multicolor. A reputable brand. Part of a great line with popular animation and kids shows. Highly decorative and functional. High quality and durable. 10 designs and 7 sizes.
Neither microwave nor dishwasher safe. Contents not visible.
10.5 inches tall
3.3 pounds
Themed, licensed
Old Dutch 'Heritage' Cookie Jar
Old Dutch is brand that manufactures heritage cookie jars with a rustic country look and feel to keep cookies and other food items fresh.
Beautiful antique design with a rustic color. Attractive, large and easy to use. Durable and hand glossed. Fresh Seal Technology for airtight storage. Affordable and high quality.
Contents not visible.
4 quarts
2 pounds
Metal, steel
Brown, rustic
Rustic, embossed
Doctor Who Talking Tardis Cookie Jar
DOCTOR WHO is a brand that designs high quality products for its fans - everything from blankets, mugs, and slipper to decorative cookie jars.
Made from sturdy plastic for strength and durability. Inner compartment can be easily removed for cleaning. High quality and lightweight. Comes with fun effects.
Contents not visible.
10.8 inches tall
1.4 pounds
Sound and light effects

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What is the Best Cookie Jar?

High quality cookie jars have a high capacity to store a lot of food. A good cookie jar is made of a strong material and is easy to clean. Opt for a cookie jar with a color finish that matches your interior décor and carefully consider any other features it comes with. Find out if one of our recommended cookie jars is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Anchor Hocking Glass Dry Good Storage Jar is a large-capacity container that supports storage of various food items ranging from cookies and flour to sugar and other food items. Display them on your open shelves or glass door kitchen cabinets for an inviting and homey look. You can also opt for the Anchor Hocking Montana Jar for a storage container with a larger capacity.

Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill Jar Glass Cookie Jar with Glass Lid – Available with Optional Chalkboard Front, Available in 6 Sizes, USA Made

Anchor Hocking is an American brand popular for its high quality bakeware and glass tabletop products for home use. As a favorite stylish and timeless jar amongst Americans, you can use this one-of-a-kind container in almost every room in your house. Use it in your kitchen as the perfect place for storing your flour, sugar, cookies or any other kitchen staple you deem right and place them on your kitchen countertops, in the pantry or glass door kitchen cabinets for display. Organize the cookie jars in your living room on the open shelves for a touch of style, class and a modern look.

The Anchor Hocking Glass Dry Good Storage Jar has a capacity of 1 gallon, enough storage space for your food items. It features a brushed metal lid to accentuate your interior space with touch of shine. They come built with thick side walls to enhance their stability and durability. The wide mouth opening allows you to easily access and scoop out the contents of your cookie jar whenever there’s a need. The jar also features a snug fitting lid to ensure that your stored food stays fresh for longer. What’s more, you can either hand-wash or dish-wash your classic glass jar without damaging the brushed metal lid or other parts of the jar.

Whether you’re a homeowner or craft artist, your glass jar will elegantly display its contents. Its small 7 x 7 x 9.54 dimensions render it portable, so you can use it to transport your goods as well.

These are just some of the glass jar products Anchor Hocking offers for your consideration:
  • Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Penny Candy Jar with Chrome Lid
  • Anchor Hocking 1.5-Gallon Cookie Jar with Lid, Set of 2
  • Anchor Hocking 85728 1 Gallon Barrel Jar with Metal Lid
This cookie jar comes in 6 unique sizes: 1 pack, 2 gallons,1 gallon with chalkboard, 3.0 L and, a set of 2 jars and 2.0L.
Best Value
OXO Good Grips POP Cookie Jars are designed with a distinct pop up button to allow you store your food items in an airtight condition with a touch of the button. Opt for the OXO 3-Piece Pop Round for cookie jars with a different shape to add a new look into your interior space.

OXO Good Grips POP Cookie Jar Set – Includes 5, 3, and 2-Quart Sizes, Also Sold Individually, BPA Free

Is food storage an issue in your house? The OXO Good Grips POP Cookie Jars can help you solve this problem whilst keeping your working surface clutter-free with an aesthetic appeal. With just the pop of a button, these beautiful jars can keep your food in airtight conditions for lasting freshness. Moreover, they are so durable you’ll use them for many years to come. Your visitors won’t stop staring at your stored food items on display, creating their stylish and timeless look.

Whether you want to store snacks or cereals, these cooking jars come in handy. The pop button allows for easy opening and closing of the jar’s lid. The jars feature large circular openings to facilitate food storage and access when there’s a need to do so. Store your dried foods in these cookie jars with beautiful shapes that’ll surely elevate the appearance of your countertops or open shelving. The jars also come with a lifetime warranty, a capacity of 5 quarts and are BPA free. These cookie jars are also stackable and feature flat backs.

Here a few other OXO cookie jars in different styles, shape and sizes to consider:
  • OXO Large 5 Quart POP Jar
  • OXO Good Grips Pop Container Scoop
  • OXO Good Grips Pop Container Big Square (2.4 Qt)
You have three sizes to choose from: 5, 3 and 2 quarts.
The Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jar is a movie-themed jar designed to allow you store your food items and give your interior décor a beautiful look. Opt for the Westland Giftware Bear Cookie Jar if you need an affordable high quality jar in a different design with bold colors.

Westland Giftware Themed Ceramic Cookie Jars - Dozens of Different Themes to Choose From, Variety of Sizes

Want to gift a loved one or just want to keep your food reserves in airtight conditions? Or maybe you’re just looking for a themed multicolor cooking jar that can complement your interior décor color theme. This cookie jar can act as a center piece in your kitchen or whichever room you place it. The jar will last for years, acting both as a decorative and functional piece in your home.

Standing 10.5 inches tall, this cookie jar will stand on most shelving or cabinet storage solutions. Place it on your kitchen countertop and share the love and beauty with your visitors. It comes in almost 10 designs and 7 sizes to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. However, it’s neither microwave nor dishwasher safe.

Westland Giftware has lots of different cookie jars on offer. Here are just a few:
  • Westland Giftware Cheers Sign Cookie Jar 7-1/2-Inch
  • Westland Giftware Ceramic Cooking Jar, Biker Betty, Multicolor
  • Westland Giftware Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar 11.25-Inch
With cookie jars from this brand, you have lots of design themes and sizes to choose from.
The Old Dutch Antique Embossed 'Heritage' Cookie Jar is a food storage container designed to blend into your country-themed interior space with a rustic touch of warmth and coziness. Opt for the Hammered Décor Copper Cookie Jar for a similar jar with a stunning copper finish in a lighter rustic hue to brighten your kitchen.

Old Dutch Antique Embossed Hammered Décor Copper Cookie Jar with Fresh Seal Technology

The Old Dutch Antique Embossed 'Heritage' Cookie Jar is both functional - working as an airtight storage container - and decorative, adding an attractive appeal to an existing interior décor. Made of metal, the cookie jar is of high quality and durable to last many years. You can buy this timeless piece either to furnish your house and harness its functionality, or gift it to a friend or loved one. This cookie jar is resistant to rust, tarnish, warp, odor and even stain. You can easily clean the jar by hand-washing it.

This cookie jar is cylindrical, BPA free and stylish. Its hand-embossed for a personal touch. Available in 4-quart capacity, the jar is based on a fresh seal technology to keep your stored food items fresh.

Here are a few other cookie jars from this brand:
  • Old Dutch Victoria Cookie Jar, 7 by 9-1/2-Inch, Antique Pewter
  • Old Dutch Versailles Cookie Jar with Fresh Seal Cover, 4-Quart
  • Old Dutch Rooster Cookie Jar, 4 Quart, Red
Your Old Dutch cookie jar will last for many years without losing its rustic look and continue preserving your dried and baked goods.
The Doctor Who Talking Tardis Cookie Jar is a talking jar for cookies that comes equipped with sound and light effects for memorable fun times in the kitchen. Opt for the Doctor Who Figural Mug for a cheaper mug-shaped ceramic cookie jar without sound effects.

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar with Lights and Sounds

Are you or your loved a fan of DOCTOR WHO? If so, you will absolutely love this cookie jar! It that comes with a lamp at the top that flashes every time the jar is opened or closed for inventory control of your stored food items. Other than the functionality of this cookie jar, it stands out to act as a center piece in any interior space.

It also comes with a TARDIS insert!

Here are a few other cookie jars from this brand:
  • Underground Toys Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar
  • Doctor Who Ceramic Tardis Cooking Jar

How Do I Choose the Best Cookie Jar?

Cookie jars are fun food storage vessels and functional decorative accents. Decide whether you want one for decorative, collectible, or practical use. Whereas decorative jars can be aesthetic and practical, collectible jars should be authentic and valuable. Practical cookie jars hold and protect cookies (or any other food stored in them) with easy access when needed. Modern ceramic and vintage jars are both functional and beautiful.

Antique cookie jars are also decorative. Collectible cookie jars can be used only as decorative pieces for display or functional cookie storage. They can be ceramic, themed, or antique jars, but must be authentic. The best cookie jars come in all sorts of shapes, designs, brands, capacities, materials, sizes, and color finishes to choose from. While some cookie jars are made of glass, others are made of ceramics, metal, and even plastics.

You need to find one that suits your unique food storage needs. For example, some cookie jars have loose fitting lids and are fine for less humid areas (or homes where cookies are eaten quickly) but for longer storage needs, you will want a jar with a tight seal. If your plan is to freeze your cookies, or ship them to friends and loved ones, you may want to invest in a vacuum sealer.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific things to consider when picking out a new cookie jar. We hope that by the time you finish this review you’ll be ready to break out your cookie cutters and start baking!
You may be considering a cheap cookie jar if you’re on a budget, however it shouldn’t be at the expense of quality. Sometimes cheap can be costly in long-term, for example if they break easily or your cookies go stale because of a poor seal. On the other hand, an expensive jar doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’s of good quality.

While price can often be an indicator of quality, it is not the only one. For example, vintage or collectible cookie jars fetch high prices ranging from $1000 to $1500. This is the reason you need to consider other factors that will have an impact on both price and quality. This includes the material it’s made of, capacity, brand chosen, size, aesthetics, and other features such as the type of seal. Our research shows that you can find a good practical cookie jar in the price range of $10 to $100.
There are various features to look for in a good cookie jar. The features you pick should be determined by your intended use of the jar. Do you want to use it for food storage, decoration, or both?

Here are important features to look for in your cookie jar:
  • Capacity
  • Color
  • Sizes
  • Finishes
  • Type of lid
  • Airtight seal
  • BPA-free
  • Material
  • Weight
You need to consider what benefit these features will bring in terms of ease-of-use and performance.
Construction and Design
The type of material for your cookie jar will determine its quality and attractiveness. Ceramic cookie jars make ideal practical food storage containers if you’re concerned about how the jar will look on your counter. Because they’re opaque you can’t see what’s in them – and they blocks out sunlight which may be important for you. For those of you who like the idea of seeing what’s inside, clear glass or transparent plastic may be the way to go. Major cookie monsters out there may want a multiple jars for different kinds of cookies, or a single jar with a mix might be enough for light cookie-snackers.

Although plastic jars have a faint smell, easily scratch, and can harbor bacteria, they don’t break easily. On the other hand, glass jars are classic and easy to clean. It’s important for the jars to have tight-fitting lids and a capacity of 1 gallon. A clear glass jar is practical and has an attractive visual effect. An etched, cut, or color-swirled clear glass is even more aesthetic. A large capacity and size will hold many cookies whereas a tight lid protects the contents of your jar.

Lightweight cookie jars are easy to move around and come in compact designs to fit small spaces. Make sure that your jar is BPA-free to ensure your food is safe for consumption. The right color and finishes—whether it’s clear, themed, colored, rustic, embossed, or has lighting effects—can accentuate your interior space for an attractive look.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good jar should be functional and attractive. The material should be easy to clean and strong enough to last. A compact size is enough to fit in your kitchen cabinets or on display shelves. Although the lid should fit tightly, it should be easy to tighten and loosen for quick access. Also pick a cookie jar with an attractive appeal. With so many options to choose from, you could get one to match your décor, or you could go with one that matches your personality or favorite entertainment character.

Get the Best Cookie Jar of 2023!

Whether you want a beautiful cookie jar for your house or need to gift a friend or loved one, there’s one out there to meet your specific needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top cookie jars, you’ll be in a position to pick the right jar to meet your needs. In case you need something different, check out our other storage jar reviews.

Our Top Choice
Anchor Hocking Glass Dry Good Storage Jar
Best Value
OXO Good Grips POP Cookie Jars
Westland Giftware Ceramic Cookie Jars
Old Dutch 'Heritage' Cookie Jar
Doctor Who Talking Tardis Cookie Jar