Best Cookware Set - Dishwasher Safe Nonstick and Stainless Steel Cookware Sets for All Your Kitchen Needs

Nowadays, cooking has become not only a necessity but also an art and a hobby – that’s why more and more people are in search of quality cookware. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert cook, you’ll find a cookware set is a great investment and has all the essentials you need. In our review, we present you with 5 products from some of the best cookware brands that will transform your cooking into a work of art. We also want to give a shout out to T-Fal as our runner up for good quality cookware sets in the moderate price range.

Before we get to our featured product reviews, we want to address one important matter. When it comes to the cost of cookware, this is a time where the expression “you get what you pay for” holds true. Better quality pots and pans not only produce better results in the kitchen, but they will also last much longer. However, we do understand that not everyone can afford a top of the line cookware set. If that is you, our recommendation is to build your collection one piece at a time — starting with the pan you will use the most. Each of our top brands sells things individually. And for the rest, get a good quality, cheap cookware set until you can afford more. Here are some great options.

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Our Top Choice
Cuisinart Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware
A very durable tri-ply stainless cookware set from one the most trusted brands in cookware – Cuisinart.
Solid tri-ply stainless steel coating. Heat-surround technology. Stay-cool handles.
Stainless steel scratches easily with sharp utensils
Best Value
Rachael Ray Cucina 12-Piece Cookware Set
A very attractive hard anodized nonstick cookware that’s great for daily use.
Lightweight. Stay-cool handles. Excellent non-stick coating
Cannot be used in a broiler and induction stovetops
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set
A cast iron cookware set that's truly durable to last a lifetime.
Durable. High quality. Can be used on all cook tops. heats evenly
Takes a long time to heat when used on a small burner
All-Clad Copper Core Cooking Set
Get the heat distribution benefits of copper and durability of steel in the All-Clad Copper Core Set.
Even heat distribution. durable. works with all kinds of stove tops
Higher price than some
Calphalon Simply Nonstick Cooking Set
A good quality cookware at a great price.
Good quality nonstick. handles stay cool to touch.
Not for broiler and dishwasher use. not recommended for induction stove top.

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What is the Best Cookware Set for the Money? Read our Reviews to Help Pick the Right One!

At this point we are sure you have an idea that the material of your cookware can make or break your cooking. Now, it’s time to look at the products we gathered for this review that will build on what you have so far and help you on your way to a perfect cookware set.

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Our Top Choice
If you’re looking for durable and professional quality stainless steel cookware, the French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware could be for you. Made of aluminum core and pampered with durable tri-ply stainless coating, you can enjoy great well-cooked meals every time. If you're looking for a more affordable non-stick cookware set, take a look at the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized pots and pans set. The exterior is harder than stainless steel, and the premium surface is reinforced with Titanium for long lasting food release.

Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Pots and Pans - Available in 10 and 13 Piece Sets


Cuisinart has been a trusted cookware manufacturer for over 35 years. Made in France, the Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 13-Piece Cookware Set is a skillfully designed high-quality cookware perfect for both seasoned and novice cooks. This13-Pc Set retails for § 499.00, but could be less on Amazon. If a 13-pc set is more than what you need, you can get the same high quality tri-ply stainless steel cookware in a French Classic 10-Piece set.

Check out the Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware’s amazing features:

  • Solid tri-ply stainless steel coating for extra durability
  • Durable aluminum core
  • Guaranteed even distribution of heat with Heat Surround Technology
  • Stainless steel handles that stay cool to touch
  • Tight-fit stainless lids
  • Safe for stove top, oven and broiler use
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Triple-ply design guarantees optimal heat

The Cuisinart French Classic Collection will surely be a great and practical addition to any kitchen (not sure if this statement is required).

Best Value
The Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized 12 piece Cookware Set is available in Gray with Cranberry, Pumpkin and Agave Blue Handles. If you're looking for something a little different; another great product from Rachael Ray's Cucina collection is the Hard Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set, also available in various attractive colors. Or you can go for her stainless steel cookware sets that have a pop of color on the handles.

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware Set, 12-Piece - Available in 3 Colors


Rachael Ray has been a well-loved celebrity cook and TV personality for years now and especially known for her enthusiastic cooking style. So it's no wonder that when she decided to release her cookware line, many anticipated her cookware designs to be attractive and truly reliable for daily use, and this is what best describes this product.

One of the most popular products from her brand is the Cucina line. For this review, we particularly picked the Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized 12-Piece Cookware Set that has a list price of $360.00. The Cucina line cookware set from Rachael Ray offers great and very attractive color options that’ll liven up any kitchen.

It is made of a durable hard-anodized aluminum core coated with espresso colored PFOA-free nonstick coating that ensures no hassle food release. The double riveted handles with rubberized sleeves surely can handle large food portions and are comfortable to hold.

Check out some if its great features:

  • Made of durable hard-anodized aluminum material
  • Long lasting nonstick and PFOA-free coating for easy clean up and food release
  • Stainless steel handles with silicone sleeves for extra comfort
  • Glass lids are shatter resistant
  • Oven safe for up to 400F
  • Riveted handles
  • Set includes a flexible slotted turner
  • Stylish design and versatile color
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Cookware Sets are available in variety of combinations – from the Ultimate 24 piece set to smaller 9- and 5-piece sets. Or you can purchase the pots and pans you want individually. Made in France with a lifetime warranty, these sets can be a bit pricey, but they are definitely built to last. For a less expensive (but still high end) option, take a look at the Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick PRO Cookware Set.

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set - Easy To Clean Advanced Interior Enamel Engineered to Resist Staining


Le Creuset has been producing their popular cast iron cookware since 1925. Their products are widely recognized for their durability, vibrant colors and authentic style. Even Oprah has her very own favorites, and was aptly named the Le Creuset Oprah's Favorite Things Cookware Set.

For our featured set, we particularly picked out the Le Creuset Ultimate Set for it carries the five core pieces of the manufacturer's assortment for only $1,270.00. This Le Creuset Ultimate Cast Iron Set is available in various vibrant colors such as Flame, which is their signature color; Cerise or Cherry red; Marseille; Soleil and many more. 

For a truly tried and tested cast iron cookware, the Le Creuset Ultimate Cast Iron Set is one of the best you can have. It is made to be sturdy enough to last for generations. With its reliable reputation and attractive color schemes, you will truly fall in love with the Le Creuset Cast Iron pan. The Ultimate Cast Iron Cookware Set is very versatile, and can be used on gas, induction, electric or ceramic stoves.

Here are just some of its well-loved features:

  • Enhanced cooking with its enameled cast iron that evenly distributes heat
  • Works with gas, electric, ceramic, halogen or induction stoves, grill and oven
  • Long lasting exterior enamel that resists chipping
  • Heat-resistant knobs up to 500F
  • Black enamel finish does not require seasoning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Interior enamel resists dulling and staining

Aside from their Ultimate Cast Iron Cookware Set, the Le Creuset brand also offers great quality cookware in different material and set types. Make sure to also check out their high end stainless steel sets, nonstick sets, Dutch oven frying set, Dutch oven and trivet set, sweet corn set, a combination of stainless steel and cast iron set, soup set and barbecue sauce set.

The All-Clad Copper Core 14-Piece Set in Silver is a made to last and is compatible with all types of ranges/stoves. Whether you're a professional or simply an avid home cook, this is a great cookware set to add to your kitchen. If you don't need the entire set, but like the robust durability of these pieces, you can purchase the pieces individually. Or you can look at the 8 piece All-Clad Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher Safe PFOA Free Cookware Set for something less expensive.

All-Clad Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set - Available in 7, 10 or 14 Piece Sets


All-Clad was a company established in the early 1970s and specialized in cladded cookware and from there, quickly grew as a first-class cookware brand. The All-Clad Copper Core 14-Piece Cookware Set comes in Silver and is one of its most popular products that is appreciated for its reliability and durability.

Copper core is the top of the line cookware manufactured by All-Clad. It is considered as professional-grade cookware and is well-loved by both passionate home cooks and professional chefs. The All-Clad 5-Ply Copper Core cookware as the name suggests is constructed with a copper core, then on both sides - an aluminum layer and lastly a high quality stainless steel layer. This well thought of design does well in ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan.

The Copper Core Cookware boasts of the following features:

  • 5-ply construction for even heat distribution
  • Copper layer for faster heat conductivity
  • Compatible with all ranges/stoves including induction
  • Stainless steel exterior makes it very easy to clean
  • Guaranteed drip-free pouring with its flared edges
  • Broiler and oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe
The Simply Calphalon Nonstick Cookware Set offers pots and pans with hard-wearing nonstick cooking exterior and hard-anodized aluminum core for even heating (and comfortable handles!) You may also like the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 13-Piece Cookware Set which features an aluminum core between 2 stainless steel layers. This provides even heating for excellent browning and control when cooking.

Calphalon Simply Hard Anodized Nonstick Set - Available in 10, 11, 12 or 14 Piece Sets


Calphalon is certainly a popular brand when it comes to cookware. It is a mid to upper range cookware brand manufacturing cookware in various materials. Simply put, Calphalon Nonstick Cookware is one of our favorite items because of its good quality and reasonable price of $199.99. Though it's true that you'll be able to find nonstick pans at a cheaper price, they surely don't offer the same great quality.

The Simply Calphalon Nonstick Cookware items are oven safe up to 400F but they are not broiler and dishwasher-safe. It is also not recommended for use on induction ranges. It has an attractive sleek design with tempered glass covers. Another great feature of these pans that users love is that it is easy to clean using just soap and water and wiping it off with a soft cloth. The stainless steel handles are double riveted so it won't easily break.

Check out some more features of the Simply Calphalon Hard Anodized Nonstick Set:

  • Even heat distribution with its hard anodized aluminum core
  • Double-coated nonstick coating
  • Tempered glass cover
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Insulated handles stay cool to the touch while cooking

Best Cookware Set Buying Guide - Non-stick Cookware Set Vs Stainless Steel Cookware Set - What Should you Get?

Graham Elliot, a renowned chef and a familiar face from the TV series Master Chef will tell you that cooking is an art and a lot goes into preparing picturesque delicacies. However, unlike Graham, you really don’t have to be a world class chef to wow your family with your cooking skills. All you need to do is get a quality cookware set and you are good to go!

As essential as a kitchen knife when cooking, a quality set of cookware can make all the difference. There’s no denying the kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in the house as everyone one tries to grab something to eat!

A key determinant of the best cookware set is the material used to make it. It can be stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum or copper. These materials influence the heat conductivity of your cookware. The better the material is at conducting heat, the more evenly your food will cook. Copper is the best at heat conductivity compared to stainless steel and aluminum.
Some cookware made of aluminum tends to react with acidic dishes, so keep away from them if you cook a lot of these dishes.

So, grab your recipe book, turn on your stove and do wonders with your cookware set. The only sound that will be made on the dinner table is that of your family’s forks and knives (and there ooh’s and ahh’s) as they dig in into their scrumptious meal.


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You don’t have to break the bank to own a great cookware set. Ranging from $100 to $1100, cookware sets are priced considering how valuable they are in the kitchen. The price varies depending on the material used to make the utensils which affects its heat conductivity. Enameled steel coated wares are among the most expensive due to exemplary heat conductivity properties.

The market also has cheap cookware sets which we highly discourage you from purchasing since most of them are made of cheap metal that burns your food as you cook. They are also dull, stain easily and are difficult to clean.


It’s helpful to know the essential features to look out for in order to get an ideal cookware set.
Here they are:

  • Core Material – Can be stainless steel, aluminum, copper or cast iron. Stainless steel is the most common among them but doesn’t conduct heat as well as the others. Cast iron and aluminum are the most durable.
  • Coating – Is it enamel coated to increase heat conductivity, allowing food to cook evenly? Does the coating require further seasoning to make food succulent? Is it anodized to make it scratch resistant?
  • Reactivity - Most cookware sets are non-reactive although it is common to find that aluminum cookware sets react with acidic foods.
  • Usability – Do the utensils come with handles for better grip when cooking? Is it warp resistant?
  • Maintenance–Does the cookware lose its shine due to prolonged use? Cookware that requires constant polishing will be high-maintenance.
Construction and Design

Cookware sets consist of pots and pans which in some cases may have lids. The pots and pans are made of different materials, the most common being stainless steel. As much as steel is not a good heat conductor, it is relatively inexpensive, durable and doesn’t react with food. If you are looking for a cookware set that can be passed down to your children and their children, then cast iron wares are the most durable. As much as aluminum is durable and scratch resistant, it reacts with some food and also requires constant polishing.

Cladding is common in cookware designs where one metal is layered with another to improve on its properties. Cookware may come with riveted handles allowing you to comfortably prepare your meal. Ensure your cookware has been designed to eliminate hot spots and conduct heat well, allowing your food to cook evenly. Cookware sets may come with additional items such as spatulas and a basting brush.


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Performance and Ease of Use

Heat conductivity is a major factor that influences the performance of your pots and pans. Good conductors of heat such as copper and cast iron allow your food to cook evenly. Dishwasher safe cookwares allow you to easily clean your utensils without much hassle.

Cookware sets do not require any assembly. Some manufacturers give you instructions through a manual on how to keep your cookware in top notch condition. Following these instructions will ensure your set remains in good working condition. However, cookware that requires regular polishing may be expensive to maintain.

Get the Best Cookware Set of 2023!

We hope our top 5 pick for the best cookware sets has helped you find one that’s right for you. You can’t go wrong in purchasing one of these – based on your preferences, needs, and budget. If you didn’t find your match, these brands have other appliances that will enrich your culinary journey.

Our Top Choice
Cuisinart Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Cookware
Best Value
Rachael Ray Cucina 12-Piece Cookware Set
Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Cookware Set
All-Clad Copper Core Cooking Set
Calphalon Simply Nonstick Cooking Set

Cookware Set FAQs

What is the best cookware set?
The best cookware is one made from the right materials and can serve your needs. When it comes to heat conductivity, copper is way ahead of aluminum and stainless steel. Some cookware sets have certain coating materials, including enamel, which improves heat conductivity. If it is anodized, then the cookware is scratch resistant and more durable. Since you need to hold the utensils when cooking, ensure it has insulated handles. Finally, it should be easy to maintain. Read our buying guide for more information.
What is the best-anodized cookware set?
The best-anodized cookware set is one that ensures even heat distribution for assured cooking of the food. It should also have a nonstick coating, easy to clean, and lightweight. Even better, the cookware should protect your hands by the use of insulated handles.
Who makes the best cookware set?
Several companies make the best cookware sets. They include Calphalon, All-Clad, Le Creuset, Rachael Ray, and Cuisinart. Even though the brand of a cookware set is important, it shouldn’t be a major consideration. It’s always better to consider the features defining a cookware set before making a purchase Our review has covered some of the best cookware set brands out there.
Where to buy a cookware set?
You can buy cookware set from Amazon where the variety of models and quality of products is the highest. If you are looking for a cookware set to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.