Best Cooler Bag Reviews 2023

Choosing a cooler bag that suits you can be difficult. You may have the knowledge of what to look for, but not the time, and some others may have the time but not the knowledge. Some others may not have the patience to search for the right product. We have conducted thorough research and come up with a list of five products from five top brands. This is to assist you in narrowing down your options and save you a lot of hassles. These brands all have more than one cooler bag available, but for the purpose of this review, we are featuring only one product per brand. In the course of reading this review, you might come across other products from these companies that catch your fancy; please feel free to check them out. We always endeavor to feature only brands and products that have proven reputation for good quality.
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Our Top Choice
eBags Crew Cooler II Bag
eBags manufactures travel accessories and bags. Its products are affordable and help to equip travelers with gear that make their trips more convenient, safe and fun.
Made with 100% polyester waterproof fabric. Many compartments for different items. Lining is replaceable, easy to clean and maintain. Three carrying options.
No padding on shoulder strap.
Shoulder bag
15 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches
Cold section = 7.5 x 13.5 x 7"
840D twisted poly
Best Value
Igloo Hard Top Cooler Backpack
Igloo has been making coolers since 1947. Its products live up to the reputation it has built over the years, enhancing its customers’ pursuit of happiness.
Waterproof antimicrobial lining. Easy to clean. MaxCold® Technology for longer cooling. Padded adjustable straps. Multi-storage pouches.
Inner lining is not hard enough.
11.2 x 8.6 x 16.2 inches
6+ cans
Molded EVA foam
NorChill Marine Boatbag Soft Cooler
NorChill makes coolers and drinkware suitable for adventures of any sort. Its products provide comfort and convenience, and are made from toxin-free materials for maximum safety.
Extra-strong liner made of gator skin. Detachable and easy-to-clean inner liner. Leakproof liner seams. Trade mark NorChill Dual Temp Insulation. Casing reflects heat.
Handle is not strong enough.
Shoulder bag
13 x 25 x 19 inches
24 or 48 cans
PVC tarpaulin shell
Bayfield Bags Collapsible Cooler Bag
Bayfield Bags offers all kinds of bags. Its products provide a higher level of comfort and convenience for users. While its product quality is uncompromised, the cost remains reasonable.
Three-quarter-inch thick insulation. Thick PEVA liner sealed with double heat. Strong straps and handles that provide double option carrying.
It might leak at the zipper.
Hand bag
10 x 7 x 14 inches
16 cans
Quilted polyester
Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler
Coleman is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of products for the outdoors. Its mission is to provide quality products that are affordable and safe.
Detachable rigid plastic liner. Adjustable shoulder strap. Fixed PEVA liner that's soft and flexible. FDA-approved materials. Liner seams are firmly welded.
Shoulder strap is not long enough.
Shoulder bag
7.9 x 11.8 x 11 inches
16 cans

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What is the Best Cooler Bag?

As you read this review, pay close attention to the features discussed. A product is only as good as the features it comes with. If you know the right features that fit your requirements, you’ll know what to check for when you go shopping for a cooler bag.
Our Top Choice
The eBags Crew Cooler II keeps its contents cold for a long time. It is durable and hardy enough to hold your stuff, and also convenient to carry. If you are looking for a convenient way to pack small items for trips, we recommend the eBags Packing Cubes.

eBags Crew Cool II Cooler Bag- Available in 8 Colors

eBags makes different types of bags and accessories for travel. It pays attention to the little details to ensure that it makes travel gear that stands the test of time. Its products are made to meet the demands of both the seasoned wayfarer and the novice traveler. eBags isn’t looking to make a quick buck, but to build lifetime loyalty in its customers. This is the driving force that keeps it focused on constantly churning out top-quality products.

The eBags Crew Cooler II was originally made for the needs of pilots and flight attendants, but a lot of people have found it to be useful for their daily and travel needs. It is an insulated bag with lining that is PVC-free and food grade PEVA. This cooler bag keeps its contents cold for a long time, and is strong enough to hold your stuff and also easy to carry. It has more great features which include the following:
  • Top compartment for dry food/goods with double zipper pulls -- Great for storing your snacks or other dry items, and easily accessible
  • Mesh pocket in the lid with zip -- For storing napkins and other small items
  • Cushioned bottom compartment with replaceable welded liner -- Used to store drinks and cold food. The replaceable liner can be removed for ease of cleaning
  • Three other compartments around the bag -- To organize different items in the different pockets for easy access. The side pleats also help keep contents from falling out
  • Two pouches for water bottles -- Allows you to conveniently stack your water bottles on either side of the bag
  • Three carrying options -- Padded handles for carrying like a tote bag, adjustable shoulder strap, and a rear pocket through which it can be attached to the top of luggage with wheels
  • 100% polyester waterproof fabric -- Makes it leak-proof and ideal for storage of ice and cold items
  • Polished nickel pulls for the zipper -- Makes the zippers easy to quickly locate and hold
  • There’s a huge 8 colors to choose from including blue, indigo, eggplant, turquoise and green.
Best Value
The Igloo Hard Top Backpack is fully insulated and ideal for carrying food and drinks anywhere you want. It has a top compartment that protects contents and keeps them cold. If you want a high-end cooler bag, try the Igloo Realtree Hard Top Backpack Cooler.

Igloo Hard Top Backpack Cooler Bag With MaxCold® Technology For Longer Cooling

Igloo is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of coolers and related products. It opened in 1947, and since then it has made tremendous contributions to the promotion and enhancement of outdoor and recreational activities. Despite its many achievements, Igloo has not lost sight of the dream it started out with: to make it easier for people to work hard and play hard, and to provide products that make life easier and less stressful. No matter what defines happiness to you, Igloo has products that can help you.

The Igloo Hard Top Backpack is a fully insulated carry bag with a top compartment that protects contents from being crushed. It's manufactured with sculpted EVA foam that keeps fragile items secure and cold for long periods. This is a great bag that lets you carry your food and drinks with you to work or to any outdoor occasion or event. Its other features include:
  • MaxCold® Technology - 25% more foam that helps to keep the contents of the bag cooler for a longer period
  • Pockets in the front and sides - The front pocket is useful for keeping small items handy, and the side pockets can hold bottles of water and other useful things
  • Padded adjustable straps - For comfortable backpack carrying
  • Waterproof, antimicrobial liner - This liner is well made and doesn’t leak; it is also easy to clean
The NorChill Marine Boatbag Soft Cooler is insulated and ideal for fishing and boating expeditions. It’s fabricated from durable, waterproof PVC canvas covering. If you want a lower-priced cooler bag and don’t mind different features, get the NorChill Voyager Series 24 Can Soft Side Cooler Bag.

NorChill Marine Boatbag Soft Cooler With NorChill Dual Temp Insulation – Available in 2 Sizes

NorChill is a manufacturer of high-performance coolers and drinkware. Its products are made to provide ultimate comfort and convenience for its customers on any form of adventure they embark on. It uses toxin-free materials that make its products safe for use by everyone. NorChill works hard to maintain the standard of quality that its products are known for. It also offers great customer service that keeps its customers loyal, so you can rest assured that its goods are backed by strong quality assurance and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

The NorChill Marine Boatbag Soft Cooler has a long-lasting waterproof PVC canvas covering. It is also UV-protected and resistant to rust and mildew. With a heavy-duty rustproof trademark zipper, an extra-strong gator skin liner, and liner seams that are welded together. You shouldn't have any spills, as this bag is truly leak-proof. You can rely on this cooler bag to travel with you on many fishing expeditions without giving out on you or succumbing to wear and tear. This wonderful bag's other features are listed below:
  • Trademark NorChill Dual Temp Insulation – Keeps hot items hot, and cold items cold
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty – If it’s broken, the manufacturer will fix it without hassle
  • Detachable, easy-to-clean liner – Just remove it and use either a washcloth to clean it or a hose to wash it
  • Durable and well designed – The exterior is soft and will not damage or scratch wood floors or furniture like some regular coolers, but it's strong enough for the toughest boating and fishing expedition
  • Casing that reflects heat – This ensures that the cooler bag remains cool to the touch even if left exposed to sunlight
  • Choose between two sizes of this cooler; a 24-can or 48-can capacity
The Bayfield Bags Collapsible Cooler Bag is lightweight and medium-sized. It‘s insulated and keeps contents cold for long periods. It provides an ideal solution to clumsy lugging of food and drinks. If you are looking for a kids' lunch bag at a lower cost, the Bayfield Bags Lunchbox for Boys is highly recommended.

Bayfield Bags Heavy-Duty Soft Sided Collapsible Cooler Bag - Holds 16 Cans, Available in Blue and Camo

Bayfield Bags is a manufacturer of bags for every occasion. From tote bags to shopping bags, travel bags to lunch bags to cooler bags, Bayfield Bags has one for you. It offers excellent customer service that helps to sort out issues that arise in the process of purchase and delivery of its products. This is a brand that always strives to maintain the good reputation that it has built over time.

The Bayfield Bags Collapsible Cooler Bag is lightweight, medium-sized and just right for whatever you need to take along with you on picnics, lunch dates, or tailgating. It's also ideal for taking your lunch, snack, drinks and water to work. This way, you can control what you eat when you're away from home. You no longer have to carry bulky conventional coolers with hard sides. This bag provides the ideal solution to cumbersome lugging of food and drinks from place to place. Other features of this cooler include:
  • Three-quarter-inch thick insulation - Keeps the contents cold longer
  • Long-lasting padded polyester sides - This adds to the comfort, convenience and durability of the bag
  • Thick double-heat-sealed PEVA liner - This ensures that the bag is leak-proof; even if it's overturned, you are assured of no-spill
  • Strong straps and handles for double option carrying - The nylon straps are strong enough to carry the weight of the loaded bag. The handles have Velcro that holds them together, making it easier to carry
  • Zip top and top edge with confining straps - This ensures that contents are secure and won’t rattle around to damage food. This also helps keep it cold longer
  • Key and bottle opener clip - To keep your key and bottle opener handy and safe
  • Choose from blue or camo colors, depending on your style
The Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler has a detachable rigid plastic liner that protects your food and makes packing more flexible. It can be used when packing ice and removed when using ice substitutes. Are you looking for a bigger cooler bag with more capacity? Check out the Coleman 24-Hour 30-Can Cooler.

Coleman 16-Can Cooler Bag – Available in 5 Colors

The Coleman Company Inc. is a leader in making products for the outdoors. It enables people to have fun and create memories through the provision of products and equipment that are necessary for all types of outdoor activities. It has many products that are well-known because of their high-performance. Customers have come to realize that it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to get premium quality items from Coleman.

The Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler is a great accessory for a day out in the park, camping or at the game. It's insulated and keeps your food and drinks cold a long time. It has four external compartments that allow you to store different items securely, and it can hold 16 cans. It also includes the following:
  • Detachable rigid plastic liner - Can be used when packing ice and removed when you are using ice substitutes; protects food from damage
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and handles on both sides - Makes carrying more comfortable and convenient
  • Soft, flexible fixed PEVA liner - Has antimicrobial features that help prevent mold, odor and mildew
  • FDA-approved materials - Both liners are made of food grade materials that are safe for contact with food and drinks
  • Heat-welded liner seams - Makes it leak-proof
  • Easy to clean – Hard liner can be removed for washing, while the soft liner can be cleaned with a washcloth
Some of the parts are made and assembled in the USA, while the casing is made in China. This combination helps in maintaining top quality while cutting down on production cost to give customers budget-friendly prices.

If you’re not keen on the blue cooler bag, try out the gray, green, real tree AP or red variations instead.

How Do I Choose the Best Cooler Bag?

Have you ever been on an outing where by midday, the drinks are all warm? Or the food that’s meant to be hot is cold, and the food that’s meant to be cold is warm? To avoid this kind of scenario, it’s necessary to get the right accessory for your outdoor activities.

We all know that it’s not possible for you to load up your beverage refrigerator and carry it along with you, or to carry ice cubes in your ice bucket to chill your drinks at the beach. So do you do without cold drinks on a hot summer day? Nope! Cooler bags are designed to remove the hassle and provide fun and enjoyment. Load up your food and drinks, add the ice cubes or blocks, and go have fun!

Every outdoor activity has the right gear that enables participants to maximize the experience. If you are embarking on a backpacking expedition, it would be silly to pack a three-piece designer luggage set. Your best bet is a backpack that’s adequate enough to pack the essentials needed for your adventure. If you also want to pack some food items and drinks, there are cooler bags that offer you the ease and convenience of transportation.

Cooler bags are not only for hiking or backpacking; they also provide a solution to the issue of lugging cumbersome conventional coolers around. You can use them to pack your food and drinks, and they will remain cold through the day. There are also models that can serve very well as lunch boxes; this eliminates the issue of how to carry your lunch, snack and drinks to work.
A product is priced based on many factors, such as the material, size, capacity, style and design, and sometimes on the brand that manufactured it. While we agree that “expensive” is not synonymous with quality, it's true that if you want top quality, you should be prepared to pay for it.

Our research showed that a good cooler bag usually costs between $19 and $100. This may look like a wide range for one product, but that is because of the varying features. We also noticed some cheap cooler bags, but we didn’t feature them in this review. Some of them are not well insulated, durable or made of quality materials. Any product you choose based on this review will surely be a good bargain.
Getting a good cooler bag can save you a lot of hassles and stress, but if you don’t know what features to look for, you might be unable to make the right choice. Listed below are some of the features that must be present in a good cooler bag:
  • Proper and long-lasting insulation – Ensures that the bag keeps contents at the required temperature
  • Storage capacity and dimensions - Sometimes the size of a bag does not really show how much it can contain; the layout and design of the interior affect its storage capacity
  • Durability – The length of time the contents can be preserved at the required temperature, and how long the bag can withstand wear and tear
  • Size – Know what the bag will be used for, as this will determine the appropriate size
  • Weight – You don’t want anything that’s cumbersome and adds to the overall weight of your luggage
  • Portability – Look out for features like comfortable handles, padded shoulder straps, and bags with soft sides. All these contribute to making bags portable and easy to carry
  • Material – The type and quality of material used to make the bag affect many other features of the bag
  • Leakproofing – The liner seams have to be strongly welded to prevent any form of leakage or spills
  • Style – There are different styles of cooler bags, and each has its advantages and specific functions that they perform
Construction and Design
Cooler bags come in different styles and designs. Each style or variation has its advantages and downsides. Most common are the bags with soft sides, handles and shoulder straps, and rear pockets for attaching them to a carry bag or luggage with wheels. Some combine the three carrying options, while some have only one or two of the handle style. One advantage of a soft-sided cooler is that this model is most often collapsible for ease of mobility and storage. It doesn’t take up as much space as coolers with hard sides.

If you plan to use the cooler for activities that extend more than a day out on the beach or tailgating with friends and family, get a bag that you can either carry over your shoulder backpack-style, or one with strong and comfortable-to-grip handles. The bag will be loaded with drinks, food, and other small items, and this will make it heavy, so strong and padded handles and straps are essential. A backpack-style cooler bag gives you the advantage of hands-free carrying, and is usually best in situations when you have other items that you have to carry or a really weighty bag.

Weight is also important. Look for the most lightweight cooler bag available. Also check the level of insulation. Many good cooler bags combine light weight with thick insulation.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are embarking on a trip or an outdoor adventure, get a bag with adequate storage capacity and compartments. You may want to pack some fresh fruits, cold cuts or salad in addition to dry food, snacks, drinks and water. A bag with different compartments helps you to organize your stuff and have each type of food in a different storage space.

The distance of your destination and the duration of your activity, including the number of people involved, should be considered when choosing a cooler bag. This determines the appropriate size of bag. While you would want a size that is adequate for whatever you're carrying, you should also be careful about getting a bag that isn’t too big. This might end up being an encumbrance instead of an asset.

The type of material used in a cooler bag is very important. Look for waterproof materials and antimicrobial features. Poor quality material promotes mold, mildew and odor, and because cooler bags are used for edibles, this is not acceptable. FDA-approved food grade material is an essential feature, because this means that the bag is safe for contact with food.

Many cooler bags have hard plastic liners that can be removed for cleaning. Check how easy it is to clean the interior of the bag. Most bags can be spot-cleaned with warm soapy water and a washcloth. A good cooler bag should also be leak-proof, and this is determined by how well the liner seams are welded. The best liner seams are usually the ones that are heat-welded.

Get the Best Cooler Bag of 2023!

Now that you have read to the end of this review, we are confident that you have gathered the right information on cooler bags. It’s best for you to make your purchase while this information is still fresh on your mind. We wish you the best in picking the cooler bag that would offer you best value for your money.

Our Top Choice
eBags Crew Cooler II Bag
Best Value
Igloo Hard Top Cooler Backpack
NorChill Marine Boatbag Soft Cooler
Bayfield Bags Collapsible Cooler Bag
Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler