Best Cordless Drill Reviews - Battery Powered Drill Sets for DIY Lovers and Professionals

A reliable cordless power drill is a staple in the toolbox of both casual and professional builders. That's because a it can turn hours of manual labor into a quick and easy job—plus, there’s no cord to limit where you can go, or get in the way. The best power drills are durable, comfortable, and use long-lasting, high-quality batteries. We searched through the best cordless power drill brands to find five chart-topping, customer-satisfying drills you can rely on.

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Max Speed
Charge Time
Our Top Choice
Makita LXT 18V Li-Ion Cordless 1/2” Hammer Driver‑Drill Kit
Makita is known world-wide for industrial quality power tools. This best-selling Li-Ion Cordless Hammer Driver features superior torque and efficiency.
2 Speeds. High RPM & torque. Lithium Ion. Built-in LED light. Protection against overloading, overheating and over-discharging.
480 in-lbs.
400 & 1500 RPM Modes
4 lbs
30 Minutes
Best Value
Bosch 18 V Compact 1/2 In. Li-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver
Bosch tools are known for their practical durability and powerful innovations. This drill kit is especially compact and maneuverable, making most jobs far easier.
Lightweight. Durashield protection for rugged reliability. 2 batteries. Built-in LED light. 2 speeds.
Less powerful than heavier, more expensive models.
350 in-lbs.
Slimpack Batteries
1300 RPM
3 Pounds
Under 60 Minutes
Dewalt 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Cordless Drill & Driver
Dewalt creates top-of-the-line jobsite and home improvement power tools like this 2-speed Li-Ion 2-Speed Compact Drill.
57% more powerful than standard brushed drills. High capacity Li-Ion batteries. Ergonomic. Compact. 2 powerful speeds.
The max setting is very powerful and may be difficult to control for some users.
Undisclosed, but Very High
Lithium Ion
600 & 2,000 RPM Modes
8.4 Pounds
30-60 Minutes
Hitachi DS18DSAL 18V Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill
Hitachi creates honest, precise power tools like this compact and powerful handheld drill with a separate worksite flashlight.
High torque. Ergonomic. 22 Drive settings and one drill mode. Two-speed motor. LED light. Belt hook.
The included flash light isn't built-in as you'll find with some other models, but can be used for separate applications.
460 in-lbs.
Lithium Ion
350 & 1500 RPM Modes
3.4 Pounds
30-60 Minutes
Black + Decker LDX120C 20V MAX* Cordless Li-Ion Drill-Driver
Black + Decker makes a wide range of reliable drills for different uses. This drill is best suited for home use because of its simple, compact design.
Inexpensive. Compact. Lightweight. Battery retains charge for 18 Months and is Black & Decker Device Compatible.
Less powerful than more expensive, heavier drills.
115 in-lbs
650 RPM
3.4 Pounds
30 Minutes

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What are the Best Cordless Drill Brands?

Now that you have read our guide, let’s proceed to our product reviews. We have examined brands that produce both industrial-grade and homeowner tools, and came up with five cordless power drills that we believe will serve both the occasional dabbler and the serious professional. If it turns out that our featured products don’t meet your needs, don’t worry as these brands have numerous products to choose from.

Our Top Choice
The Makita Lithium Ion Cordless Hammer Driver Drill features superior torque and battery life along with variable speed settings. Looking for Makita's top-of-the-line drill kit with the ability to drill through masonry? Check out the Makita 12V Max CXT Li-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver Drill Kit.

Makita 18V LXT Cordless Drill 1/2-Inch Hammer Driver with Lithium Ion Battery and 70-Piece Bit Set Bundle

Makita began as an electric motor sales and repair company in 1915, and they've come an long way since then. They've always focused on research and development and today their brand is widely known in over 40 countries. Many Makita products are used on industrial jobsites around the world, which is about the best testament you can get for their quality.

It's no surprise then, that this drill is both highly mobile and very powerful. It features industrial-level torque, two speed settings and a lithium ion battery. The hammer drilling mode is able to do the job of a much heavier hammer drill for making holes in a wide variety of materials.

Now, let's take a closer look at this cordless drill and hammer driver:
  • For such a powerful drill, you'd expect a hefty weight – but this cordless drill is relatively easy to handle at just 4 pounds.
  • Lithium ion power means you get the best power for the longest time, and often with the lowest charge time. This battery charges to full in 30 minutes.
  • A built-in light bulb makes it easy to work at night or in dark spaces.
  • This drill uses intelligent Star Protection Computer Controls to avoid problems such as overloading, over-discharging and over-heating.
  • The battery charging process is optimized by a built-in chip to extend your overall battery life.
This best-selling cordless drill can be purchased with an included bit set for out-of-the-box versatility or on its own.
Best Value
This drill set from Bosch is designed for maneuverability, featuring a lightweight body, two included batteries and two-speed transition for optimized torque. If you're looking for a bit more power without sacrificing that maneuverability, check out the Bosch 18V Brushless Compact Tough Drill Kit.

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Drill & Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger & Contractor Bag

World-wide, the Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the market leader when it comes to power tools and accessories. Every year, they introduce more than 100 new tools with some of the most advanced innovations available. Bosch is committed to ongoing advancement to stay ahead of users' growing needs.

This cordless drill kit features a lightweight drill and two compact batteries for convenient maneuverability, making it a go-to for professionals and homeowners alike. Its 350 inch pounds of torque gets most jobs done without a problem.

Lets look at some of the extra features you'll find on this handy drill:
  • Powerful Durashield housing keeps this drill working through some of the harshest jobsite conditions.
  • Built-in LED light adds to the convenience of this handy drill.
  • The design is also more compact than most drills with its power, making it ideal for jobs in tight spaces.
  • 2 speed transmissions allow you to fit your speed to each job.
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The Dewalt 20V Max XR Brushless Drill features two high-torque speed variations, ergonomic handling and 57% more runtime than brushed drills. For an ultra heavy duty model, check out Dewalt's 20V Max XR 3-Speed Drill Kit.

Dewalt 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit with High Speed Transmission

Dewalt describes their pursuit of innovation as relentless, which makes sense given the amount of new technology they've incorporated into various products. Some of their most advanced tools use Bluetooth and their own mobile app to interconnect power tools and worksite speakers with your smart phone for special features such as battery updates and temperature monitoring.

Dewalt doesn't outright state the torque of this drill, saying that the speed and torque combined are what's most important. With that in mind, this drill is extremely effective for a wide range of tough jobs. It's able to penetrate some of the hardest surfaces faster than most other drills.

Beyond its impressive power, let's see what makes this Dewalt cordless drill stand out:
  • 2 speed settings allow you to control the power of the drill for different jobs.
  • A metal ½" chuck lets you easily adjust the drill for new bits.
  • Little conveniences are included like the belt hook and on-board bit holder to make your job easier even when working for long hours.
  • The XR Lithium Ion batteries provide 33% more charge than standard batteries.
  • The brushless motor offers 57% more run time compared with standard brushed drills for extra power to handle long jobs.
  • Again, to make long jobs easier, the handle is ergonomic and the design is compact considering the power of this cordless drill.
  • A built-in LED light uses a 20-second delay so you can create 20 seconds of light for drilling in dark spaces.
The Hitachi 18V Li-Ion Compact Pro Driver Drill features a powerful 460 inch pounds of torque and two precise speed settings for controllable power where you need it. For frequent and heavy-duty applications, check out Hitachi's 18V Brushless Driver Drill.

Hitachi 18-Volt Lithium Ion Compact Pro Driver Drill with Flashlight

Hitachi was born in 1910 when it created its first 5 horsepower induction motor. By 1924, Hitachi had created the first large DC powered electric locomotive in Japan. Their evolution has continued in leaps and bounds and today they are at the forefront of electronics and professional-grade tools.

This compact battery drill is precise and powerful enough to get tough jobs done. Its stylish and ergonomic grip makes it easy to maneuver and use in a variety of spaces. Unlike some other drills, this drill comes with a separate flashlight that allows you to work in dark spaces.

Let's take a closer look:
  • Lithium-Ion battery power means you won't have to deal with fading power.
  • A built-in metal belt hook makes it easy to carry this compact drill on you at all times for quick access.
  • The variable speed trigger and 2-speed motor gives you control to choose your speeds for each project.
  • The keyless chuck lets you use a wide range of bits in no time.
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This Black & Decker Li-Ion Cordless Drill is ideal for home use because of its compact design, medium power level and rugged durability. For more frequent use, consider the Black + Decker 20V Max Drill featuring faster charging and powerful drilling capability.

Black + Decker 20V MAX* Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver with 11 Position Clutch – Available with Optional Bit Sets

Black & Decker began as a small machine shop in Baltimore and has grown to become a household name. By focusing on customer needs from the very start, Black & Decker has managed to build a reputation as always being dependable, making their products a great investment every time.

Black & Decker has a range of higher-end powerful drills, but this drill is made for compact maneuverability. Its modest 3.4 pound weight and medium-level torque make this drill ideal for casual home use including drilling into wood, metal and plastic.

Here's what you'll get with this Black and Decker electric drill:
  • You'll get all the befits you usually get with a lithium ion battery, but with added bonuses: this battery will retain its charge for up to 18 months and can be used for your other Black & Decker tools as well.
  • The 11-position clutch allows you to have precise control when handling delicate tasks.
  • The battery also offers a low charge time of 30 minutes for convenient use around the house.
The Black + Decker 20V Max Li-Ion Cordless Drill is available on its own, with a 10-piece bit set or with a double ended 10-piece bit set.

How to Choose Cordless Drills – Portable and Rigid Drills to Get the Job Done

Deep down, every artisan wants to dedicate as little time as possible to monotonous tasks such as drilling and more time on creating. The saved time will allow you to focus on creative tasks such as design, leading to better products. Whether you are a DIY hobbyist, need a handy tool for occasional tasks around the house, or are doing some serious construction work, with a cordless power drill, you’ll notice a significant increase in the overall quality of your work.

One of the coolest things about a cordless power drill is that it’s shaped like a handgun. Apart from looking cool while using it, this design also has ergonomic properties. For instance, its angled handle is beneficial as it makes it easier for force to be applied in a straight line. Unlike the corded drill, this one doesn’t come with wires that might otherwise inconvenience you while working. They operate on batteries, so all you have to do is press a button and it will get the job!

A notable element of the cordless drill is its sheer power. A drilling job that might take you hours to complete is done within minutes. As a professional working on an hourly basis, this is a huge plus as it enables you to accomplish more in a short period. However, as much as it increases worker productivity, long-term exposure to vibration may lead to conditions such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. In this regard, it’s advisable to a use anti-vibration gloves while working with the power drill and other powerful tools such as the nail gun and hammer drill.

How to Use a Cordless Drill

TOOL BASICS: Cordless Drills for Dummies | Courtesy of Clean with Confidence
If you’re looking to make your work easier with a cordless power drill, price should not be a limiting factor as our featured brands have a product for all customers. However, since you’re looking for an item that’s durable and has features that are applicable on an industrial scale, we recommend that you steer clear of the really cheap cordless power drills.

The price of the cordless power drill ranges from around $30 to $180, depending on features and the brand. For example, a cordless power drill with two lithium ion batteries will cost you more than one that has a slimpack battery. A two-lithium ion tool will reduce the frequency of charging dramatically, allowing you to work for longer hours. Similarly, a product produced by a brand with a good reputation such as DeWalt will cost you more than one produced by a lesser-known brand.
The main objective of a cordless power drill is to help you cut regular and consistent holes on different surfaces, accurately. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that you should consider when purchasing one.
  • Torque - In basic terms, torque is the rotational power that the tool delivers.
  • Weight - A heavy cordless power drill makes single-hand use difficult.
  • Battery - This impacts the time taken to juice up again.
  • Built-in LED Light - LED lights allow you to work in dark spaces.
  • Number of Speed Settings - This feature allows the user to select the speed required for different jobs.
  • Clutch - This allows for precision drilling on different surfaces.
  • Motor - Some drills have standard motors, while others have brushless ones.
  • Extras - Includes all other additional features that make the item easy to use.

Construction and Design
Unlike corded drills, cordless power drills give their users freedom to work from anywhere. However, the service that the tool gives you depends on its construction and design. Notably, torque is one feature that impacts the price of the power drill. If you usually drill on hard surfaces such as walls, you will be better served by a tool that produces over 480 inch pounds than a less powerful one that can only manage 115 inch pounds.

Weight is also a crucial feature to consider when purchasing a cordless power drill. A heavy tool may leave your arms hurting if you’re not used to lifting heavy stuff for long periods. If you’re a light home user, you’ll be served well by a power drill that weighs less than 4 pounds.

The type of battery powering the power drill is also an important factor to consider. Lithium ion batteries are the best because they are fast-charging, durable, and easy to replace as they are readily available in stores. The more batteries there are in your power drill, the longer it runs on a single charge.

Finally, your drill’s motor will impact its effectiveness. A powerful one yields greater speed and is, therefore, suitable for pros that work in industrial settings. However, that doesn’t mean that home users cannot add it to their tool kit.
Performance and Ease of Use
Drilling work may sometimes take you to places where visibility is a problem. In the earlier times, a flashlight cap was the only way to maneuver such situations. However, this has since changed. Some of our selected cordless power drills have a built-in LED light that allows you to work in dark spaces with great comfort and confidence.

If you’ve ever worked with any type of drill, you’ll agree with us that the speed with which you drill surfaces is a crucial component of the quality of work that you produce. In some cases, high-speed drilling will result in deeper holes than you require, thus affecting the quality of your work. We have good news! You don’t have to worry about this happening to you as some of our selected power drills are two-speed. As such, if you need accuracy, you can set your tool to a low speed. However, if time is a factor, the high-speed setting will serve you well.

The surface on which you drill is an important variable to keep in mind. High-density surfaces such as walls don’t need any precision, and you can just set your tool to its high-speed setting. However, on surfaces that require accuracy, such as fine wood and plastic, a high degree of meticulousness is vital. A few of our selected products have a clutch that enables you to set them to a wide range of surfaces.

Finally, additional features that make it easier to use the cordless power drill also come into play when selecting one. For instance, protection computer control is an extra feature that will prevent overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. Similarly, a warranty on both the tool and the battery will create trust between you and the power drill brand.

DIY Drill Project - Extremely Easy to Build- Drill Charging Station and Storage

Learn to make a simple drill charging station out of scrap materials laying around the shop. | Courtesy of Clean with Confidence

Get the Best Cordless Drill of 2023!

As you have see, all of our best cordless power drills have basic features that guarantee you’ll never feel inadequate because of being unable to complete a particular task. Go ahead and pick one that you like!

Our Top Choice
Makita LXT 18V Li-Ion Cordless 1/2” Hammer Driver‑Drill Kit
Best Value
Bosch 18 V Compact 1/2 In. Li-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver
Dewalt 20V Max XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Cordless Drill & Driver
Hitachi DS18DSAL 18V Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill
Black + Decker LDX120C 20V MAX* Cordless Li-Ion Drill-Driver

Cordless Drill FAQs

What Is a Cordless Drill?
A cordless drill is one that doesn’t need to be attached to a power outlet to work. Instead, it relies on rechargeable batteries. Such drills are usually highly portable and can be used in different settings. Some of them come simply as drills while others combine a drill and screwdriver. The latter is used to spin bits as well as screwdrivers.
How Do You Store Cordless Drill Batteries?
When it comes to storage, the best place to keep a cordless drill battery is in a cool, dry place — disconnected from the drill is best. Moisture and heat tend to damage the battery by stimulating unnecessary chemical reactions. You may use some padding or its carrying case to store the battery. Avoid keeping it in a place where objects are likely to fall onto it. That could damage the battery and reduce its lifespan to a great extent.
How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last?
Your cordless drill battery is going to last anywhere between three and five years. It all depends on how carefully you take care of the battery. If you do the right things, your battery may last even more than five years. Regular recharging can improve the life of the battery to a great extent. You can make a habit of topping up the power every time it drops below 70 percent. Also, make sure you are using the cordless drill more often.
How Do You Charge a Cordless Drill without the Charger?
While you will find hacks for charging cordless drills and batteries without a charger, we do not recommend this. Cordless drill batteries are meant to be put to the primary purpose for which they were designed and trying to charge them, your drill, or any other cordless tools for that matter, is not only dangerous but it is also likely to invalidate any warranty you may have.