Best Corner Shelf Reviews 2023

Nowadays, people live busy lives. And with busy lives, doesn’t come a lot of time for cleaning and tidying up, which may have left your home in a less-than-ideal state. With the hallway and stairs already piled with things “to take up later”, is there room for anything else? Additional storage space is hard to fit in, which is where corner shelves come into play. So, we reviewed some of the best corner shelf brands around to make your decision a breeze.
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Our Top Choice
Convenience Concepts Folding Corner Shelf
With furnishings being at the heart of every homeowner’s dream, Convenience Concepts commits to offer innovative products.
Has a fold away design for easy storage access. Assembling the shelf is super easy. The shelf design is versatile. It is built fit perfectly in most rooms.
The corner shelf might be wobbly— you might need to secure it the wall.
Folding shelf
Available in 3 colors
13.6 x 13.6 x 32.1 inches
Easy to assemble
Best Value
Danya B Large Wall Mount Shelf
Danya B meticulously balances elegance and modern functioning to produce quality products since 1994.
Has five shelves and a decorative Zigzag design. Super easy to install, with only two screws. The versatility of the shelf offers ideal storage. Has a contemporary veneer finish.
The shelf’s holes for wall anchoring are pretty small— you might have to drill to adjust it.
Wall mounted shelf
Available in 6 colors
7.75 x 7.75 x 49.5 inches
MDF and Laminate
Easy to hang
Coaster Home Furniture Copper Corner Shelf
Coaster Home Furniture aims to set the standards for home furnishing performance in the industry through innovation.
It has a wired metal tube design. It is designed with four open shelves. The shelves offer ideal storage or display space. It fits perfectly into the corner of your room.
Installation might be difficult as some holes might not be lined up.
Standing shelf
19.5 x 15 x 70.5 inches
Easy to assemble
Casual Home Folding Corner Bookcase
Casual Home offers customers an extensive range of options to suit everyone’s needs.
Designed with a foldable frame. Made of pure solid wood that makes it strong. Has a small round leg fitted on the front to add stability. It is easy to store and transport.
It might not be ideal for heavy items— but it works fine with lightweight ones.
Standing shelf
Available in 3 colors
11.5 x 11.5 x 38 inches
Solid wood
No assembly required
Furinno 5-Tier Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf
When it comes to customer support, Furinno ensures it offers the best service possible.
It is made of high-quality PVC tubes and particleboard. Comes with a fastener and zip-tie for securing it on the wall. The design is tailored to minimize taking up space.
The underside of the shelf is uncolored.
Standing shelf
Available in 7 colors
11.6 x 11.6 x 57.7 inches
PVC Tubes, particle board
Easy assembly

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What is the Best Corner Shelf?

You are definitely armed with the needed information to make a decision on the best corner shelf for you. So let’s look through the products that have made it to our review.
Our Top Choice
The Convenience Concepts 3–Tier Metal Folding Corner Shelf has a fold away design for easy storage access. If you have a collection of books you would like to display, then check out the Convenience Concepts 3–Tier Oxford Corner Bookcase. The ‘x’ cross design will definitely add some character to the room.

Convenience Concepts Folding Metal Corner Shelf — Available in 2 Colors & 7 Styles

Working with various manufacturing methods and different materials and designs is not a piece of cake for every company in the furniture industry. Convenience Concepts is perfecting this aspect and providing customers with an array of impressive products. From storage to home office, TV stands to accent furniture, there’s something for everyone.

The Convenience Concepts 3–Tier Metal Folding Corner Shelf is an absolute masterpiece with an easy-to-assemble design, and the folding and moving when not in use is pretty easy too. But the shelf comes with a lot more exciting features.

Here are some of them:
  • At 4 inches tall, 15 inches wide and 34-inch length, it is hard to find something as sturdy as this with such a small footprint.
  • It’s versatile and will hold several different collectibles and books.
  • It’s designed to last, thanks to the design and metal material used in building it.
  • The shelf is built to fit perfectly in almost any room, adding a bold touch.
  • The shelves fold up individually, enabling you to configure the shelf to suit your needs.
Did we forget to mention you can get the corner shelf in either black or white in seven different styles? Every room in your house will have a unique touch of class.
Best Value
With five shelves and a decorative Zigzag design, you can make the most of the Danya B Large Wall Mount Shelf space utilization in your room. If you like having animal print décor, then check out Danya B Zebra Wall Corner Shelf.

Danya B Large Zig-Zag Beech Veneer Wall Mount Corner Shelf — Available in Several Colors

With excellent customer service, Danya B has created trust among its customers. The company believes in the quality of its products, with maximum supervision throughout the creation process from conceptualization to manufacturing. This results in unique and expertly crafted pieces that the company sells proudly.

The decorative zigzag design in the Danya B Large Wall Mount Shelf is not only space saving, it’s a statement piece that adds to your interior. This shelf offers additional unique features too.

And here are some of the features we are talking about:
  • Store or display a wide variety of collectibles, toys, awards, photos, videos, you name them.
  • With only two screws to fix on either side, the shelf is super easy to install and is built to withstand the stress of the job.
  • A contemporary veneer finish further makes this shelf the go-to accent for your living space.
  • The shelf comes with all the needed hardware making its installation easier, so you get the job done in minutes.
This corner shelf comes in a variety of colors from gray, oak, walnut to a simple black.
The Coaster Home Furniture Copper Corner Shelf has a wired metal tube design and strong frames making it sturdy enough for the job to prevent wobbling. If you are looking for a small scale wooden corner shelf that will be able to fit in tight spaces then check out Coaster Home Furniture Cappuccino Corner Shelf.

Coaster Home Furniture Coaster Gold-Copper 4-Tier Corner Shelf

Coaster Home Furniture believes strongly in the initiative and teamwork in its employees. This is in the company’s bid to offer outstanding value as well as ensuring the best possible customer service. The ultimate goal is to foster cooperation and communication for both employees and customers.

The Coaster Home Furniture Copper Corner Shelf is one of their best, starting with its metal wire making it capable of fitting perfectly into your room’s corner. That’s not even all the features this shelf has to offer.

Here are some of the best things to look out for:
  • The impressive shelf further blends well with most interior decors.
  • You can place it virtually anywhere in your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, or the hallway.
  • A scroll motif in its four copper metal shelves offers abundant space for storing plants, candles, picture frames, and a wide variety of collectibles.
  • With a whopping 15-inch height between the shelves, you have sufficient space for relatively tall pieces in your shelf.
  • It is super easy to assemble.
The Casual Home Folding Corner Bookcase has a foldable frame, which means it does not require exhausting assembly so putting it up is quite easy. If you are looking for a white corner shelf featuring 4 shelves that has a stylish design compatible with any décor, then check out Casual Home 4-Tier Folding Corner Shelf .

Casual Home Honey Oak 4-Shelf Folding Corner Bookcase

Customer service is important to Casual Homes, and this has seen the company employ significant efforts on training its salespeople. Customers can custom order a special piece, get assistance with colors and room design as well as furniture arrangement with the help of the company’s crew. Not to mention the price is realistic and deliveries are available.

With 100 percent solid wood used to make this shelf, you can be sure of its stability and natural look. Moreover, the shelf also packs a lot more interesting features to keep an eye on too.

Here are just a few of the features to check out:
  • To add to the overall appearance, it is topped up with a classic decent styling that matches your room’s décor.
  • A foldable frame means easier storage or transportation.
  • The shelf can also take the weight of a variety of stuff, even caddies, which have some heft to them.
  • Since no assembly is required, all you need is to keep the shelf in place and start using it right away.
If you wish to have a different look in each room, the good news is it is possible with this bookcase. It is available in Montego Style, Mission Style and three different colors; from honey oak, natural or a simple black.
The Furinno 5-Tier Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf is made of high-quality PVC tubes and particleboard, this shelf is strong enough to take considerable weight without struggle. If you are looking for a shelf that can hold 15 lbs that fits well and is easy to assemble, check out Furinno Square-Rack Display Shelf.

Furinno 5-Tier Corner Display Turn-N-Tube Multipurpose Corner Shelf— Available in Several Colors

At Furinno, variety is everything, and the company has a wide range of the products. From shoe storage, living room tables, home décor, and sofas as well as chairs, almost everything you need for an ideal interior is available. This wide range of options combined with high-quality products at realistic prices is a win-win for customers.

The Furinno 5-Tier Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf is made of a highly engineered PVC tubes and particleboard for absolute strength. Even better, the shelf packs a lot more features.

Here are several features to watch out for:
  • It features a simple style, designed to fit well in virtually any room in your house.
  • Being versatile as it is, you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, closet, kids’ room, almost anywhere around the house.
  • It comes with a fastener handy for attaching it to the wall, making installation a breeze.
  • To prevent the shelf from toppling over, a zip-tie is included to attach it safely to the wall.
  • Since it takes only a little space, you can get an additional storage without having to give up more interior space.
The shelf also comes in several colors from espresso and black, beech and white to light cherry/black.

How Do I Choose the Best Corner Shelf?

Negative space is one thing, but wasted space is another entirely. Most houses are full of underutilized space, but there is a very practical thing out there for you—a corner shelf. This can transform a dull room into an inviting one, utilizing space, and complimenting your interior décor.

Shelves add a special touch to your room’s style and ambiance while offering the opportunity to make the most of the little space available. What gives the corner shelves an edge is its versatility, as it can fit virtually anywhere in the house. From being handy in the kitchen to holding that souvenir sculpture in the living room, the shelf is an all round option.

Now, remember that almost good-for-nothing space between the bathroom door and the corner? This can be a great place to keep your curling iron, electric toothbrush, hair dryer; you name it. And the best part? It all comes without compromising bathroom space.

The best thing about this shelf is the fact that it’s not confined to use in your house alone. If you haven’t tried one in the office, then you need to. Having your office supplies and fax machine handy in the corner of your office is always a smart choice.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you got yourself this state-of-the-art furniture. But before you hit the market for one, here are some features you might be interested in checking out.
Corner shelves have another great benefit: they are super affordable, with prices ranging anywhere between $20 and $40. Shelves at the higher end of the budget will be larger and made of a more expensive material, perhaps real wood. On the other hand, slightly cheaper ones might be made of MDF with a “wood-look” covering.

Unfortunately, the market is also flooded with a whole lot of some cheap corner shelves too. These are better left alone in favor of something sturdier.
A corner shelf has some distinct qualities that separate it from normal shelving. Here are some of a shelf’s most important qualities:
  • Type– Depending on the intended use, there are a wide range of shelf options around to get the perfect fit. They range from wall mounted, standing, or folding.
  • Design– Corner shelves come in different sizes and colors. They’re also available in different tiers, usually ranging between three and five.
  • Material– The material used is very important for the shelf’s stability and overall performance. The material used determines how sturdy a shelf is, but it’s also helpful to consider the aesthetic appearance of the product.
  • Assembly– Obviously, you don’t want to spend the whole day trying to assemble the shelf. This is why most of them are built for easy assembly, saving you precious time.
Construction and Design
Shelves are built to get their job done, but are also used in your living room and need to fit in this setting.

Check its elegance - A corner shelf packs a good punch of an elegant display around. Attribute it to their color, make or the placement, but the bottom line is that this furniture is a great addition to the room.

Does it add to your décor? - Forget about all the efforts put in to trying to add to your interior décor; the corner shelf is the real deal. It blends with existing décor to make the room look unique.

The material matters, a lot - The use of material goes a long way, especially when combined with the overall design of the shelf itself. If well built, this shelf not only provides storage, the sleek design and material can compliment the existing decor.

Blend it with your interior theme - When it comes to choosing a corner shelf, the style you go for is very essential when blending it with the existing living room’s interior theme.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are a couple of important factors to consider to ensure the corner shelf serves its purpose for a long time to come.

Stability is crucial - The shelf should not be wobbly, especially when standing. The wall mounted kinds should also take stability into account. This can be determined by how strong the stands are, or the screws used to fix it in place. If you doubt them, then go for a different shelf.

Assembly should be easy but picture perfect - Most of this furniture is built to offer the simplest assembly possible, and many, if not all, will take you less than five minutes to have it ready.

Number of tiers - The number of tiers in any shelf is important to consider when making your decision, based on the space you need. Quite often, corner shelves will come with either three or five tiers, but it all boils down to personal preference and budget.

Get the Best Corner Shelf of 2023!

After reading through our review on the best corner shelves in town, you have hopefully found your ideal shelf that meets your budget. But if you are yet to land on what you were looking for, don’t worry. You can always browse through these reputable brands, and you will surely find the one for you. It’s time to do it like a pro.

Our Top Choice
Convenience Concepts Folding Corner Shelf
Best Value
Danya B Large Wall Mount Shelf
Coaster Home Furniture Copper Corner Shelf
Casual Home Folding Corner Bookcase
Furinno 5-Tier Turn-N-Tube Corner Shelf