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Cornets are beautiful musical instruments that produce mellow tones. They are often featured as the principal soprano in a brass band, but have also been used in pop music and orchestra concerts. Although cornets resemble trumpets in several ways, they are designed with unique features that make them enjoyable to play for beginners and experts alike. Choosing the right cornet from the myriad of options available can be overwhelming. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to review five of the best cornets on the market. Note that we also have separate reviews on trumpets and bugles. Take a look!
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Our Top Choice
Yamaha Standard Bb Cornet
Yamaha makes every effort to create indispensable, brilliant products and enjoy long and strong relationships with their clients.
Rounded leadpipe and ML (Medium-Large) bore. Durable. Two-piece bell made of yellow brass.
A bit pricey compared to other student cornets.
Gold lacquer or silver-plating
19.9” x 8.5” x 13.2” / 11 pounds
Best Value
Schiller CenterTone Bb Cornet
Schiller Instruments uses a pioneering spirit and hands-on approach to produce high-quality but affordable instruments enjoyed by musicians all over the world.
British-style mouthpiece. French-style valve block and monel valves. Affordable and high-value. Comes with hard case.
Gold accents may scratch off over time.
Rose brass with gold accents
Red brass
Not available
Jupiter 700 Standard Series Cornet
Jupiter Instruments uses the finest materials and quality control standards to manufacture reliable and consistently high-quality products.
Hand-fitted, dual-lapped valves. Wood-frame case for protection. Stainless steel pistons. Quiet operation.
A bit pricey.
Silver or gold lacquer
18.5” x 13.6” x 8.7” / 10.6 pounds
Tromba Pro Plastic Bb Cornet
Tromba’s most important criterion is the quality of sound. Every Tromba product is precision-tuned to detailed specifications that are developed through extensive research.
Excellent valve release mechanism. Proper springs. Lightweight, compact design. Affordable. Stainless steel pistons. Easy to clean.
Valve fittings are plastic studs and require extra care
Available in seven colors
15” x 9” x 6” / 1 pound
Nasir Ali Brass Bb Cornet with Case
Nasir Ali is widely recognized for their dignified musical instruments and curved pegs. Their cornets are first tested at the factory and then retested by professionals to ensure high-quality standards are met.
Smooth action valves. Comes with a hard shell case. 30-day warranty. Pleasant tone. Available in five attractive colors.
Intonation may be slightly off.
Available in multiple finishes
Brass, copper, and nickel
Not available
Professionals and beginners

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What is the Best Cornet?

Cornets are brass instruments that are easier to hold and play than trumpets, which makes them ideal for new learners. Search for a cornet that is comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and produces a smooth mellow tone. Cornets are also available in a variety of colors, so get one that suits your personality, too. Now that you understand what to look for in a cornet, it’s time to dive straight to our individual reviews and grab an instrument that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
The Standard Bb Cornet comes with an improved rounded leadpipe and Medium-Large bore, perfect for light and smooth sounds. Keep your instrument clean and in good working condition with the Yamaha Trumpet\/Cornet Maintenance Kit.

Yamaha Standard Bb Cornet - Available with Gold Lacquer or Silver-Plating

Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha when he was asked to repair a reed organ. Yamaha’s technological know-how and inspirational sensitivity led to the design and production of various musical instruments and accessories. His legacy has cultivated a strong base of loyal customers and widespread success.

The Yamaha Standard Bb Cornet is the classic Bb instrument utilized in Dixieland jazz and is perfect for any acoustic environment where a trumpet might seem to overpower other instruments. It is an excellent instrument to learn the general three-valve technique and any veteran trumpet player will appreciate the charm of this cornet.

The Yamaha Standard Bb Cornet features the Yamaha 2012 design with a versatile third-valve trigger that accommodates hands of different sizes and allows you to develop the correct playing technique. With its rounded leadpipe and ML (Medium-Large) bore, this cornet has a smooth and light response for warm, soft tones.

The durable two-piece bell made from yellow brass provides optimal playability and promotes excellent technique and endurance. The high-quality monel alloy pistons, bottom caps, and valve buttons all help in maximizing sound quality and lengthening the life of the cornet. The instrument’s second and major tuning sides are produced with the same stability, durability, and sophistication that you’ve come to expect from Yamaha. If you’re interested in this cornet, you’ll be happy to know that it’s available with gold lacquer or silver-plating.
Best Value
Their CenterTone Bb Cornet comes with a Super British-style mouthpiece to widen your playing tone and make upper register playing more pleasant. Willing to spend a little more to get extra features? Go for the Schiller Shepherd’s Crook Pro Elite Cornet that comes with first and third valve triggers and a heavy-duty bell.

Schiller CenterTone Rose Brass Bb Cornet with Gold Accents

Schiller Instruments uses a pioneering spirit and hands-on approach to produce high-quality but affordable instruments enjoyed by musicians all over the world. Their products include cornets, tubas, mouthpieces, flutes, bassoons, oboes, French horns, mellophones, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, and trumpets, and flugelhorns. Schiller stands behind the quality of their products and offers one-year warranties on labor and two-year warranties on parts for all their instruments.

The Schiller CenterTone Bb Cornet features a balanced design with weighted valve-caps and a multi-tapered leadpipe to give it a wonderful, centered tone. The Super British mouthpiece widens your playing tone and improves upper register playing. This cornet also features a French-style valve block and comes with a Deluxe Schiller Hardcase.
Their 700 Series Cornet comes with stainless steel pistons, a Shepherd’s crook, a Medium-Large bore, and hand-fitted dual-lapped valves for quiet operation. Want a smaller student cornet? Go for the Jupiter 520ML Standard Bb Cornet that. Made with lacquered brass and a lower price tag.

Jupiter 700 Standard Series Bb Cornet - Available in Lacquered or Silver-Plated Brass

Founded in 1930, Jupiter Instruments’ mission has always been to support music education and community. Today, Jupiter is among the largest musical instrument providers with a full line of high-quality instruments for both individual players and school music programs.

The Jupiter 700 Series Cornet comes with a high-quality brass body that ensures fine playability and tonal excellence. With its hand fitted, dual-lapped valves, the Jupiter 700 Series Cornet promises exceptionally fast performance and quiet operation. This cornet comes with a wood-frame classic case that protects the instrument both at home and on the go. Other features include a Shepherd’s crook, stainless steel pistons, first valve slide saddle, and a Medium-Large bore.
The Tromba Pro Professional Plastic Bb Cornet comes in a simple monel design with an excellent valve release mechanism and proper springs to increase the ease of use. Buy the La Tromba Valve, Slide, and Key T2 Oil to keep your cornet clean and well functioning.

Tromba Pro Professional Plastic Bb Cornet - Available in Various Colors

The Tromba brand is a Chinese company with considerable experience in musical instrument development and design. They produce cornets, trombones, trumpets, flugelhorns, and jazzbones made of the best quality plastic to increase sound quality while decreasing prices.

The Tromba Pro Professional Plastic Bb Cornet is a truly responsive musical instrument that is suitable for both novice and pro players. It’s made from lightweight and super-resilient ABS plastic that has been ultrasonically welded to withstand cracks and breaks. This instrument is easy to hold and simple to transport. There’s no need to worry about dents or damage, or to endure the uncooperative cold metals associated with other cornets. This cornet is available in multiple colors including black, silver, gold, white, black nickel, metallic blue and metallic red.

Here are some extra features of the Tromba cornet:
  • Twin water keys for a crisp, clear sound
  • Third valve trigger ring and adjustable main tuning slide make it simple to play, even for beginners.
  • Stainless-steel pistons resist rust and corrosion.
  • It comes with a free carrying case for easy portability.
  • Comes with two mouthpieces for flexibility and hygiene when sharing with other players.
  • A free Cleaning kit is included.
  • Comes with a Desktop Stand for ease of storage.
The Nasir Ali Cornet comes with smooth action valves and a hard shell case, making it ideal for beginners. Looking for a trumpet instead? Check out the Nasir Ali Bb Pocket Trumpet that comes in a nickel finish.

Nasir Ali Brass Bb Cornet with Carrying Case – Available in Several Colors

Nasir Ali Musicals focuses on manufacturing and exporting premium-quality stringed musical instruments like Tabla sets, Horns, Trumpets, Bugles, Tamborines, Euphoniums, and much more. They also specialize in crafting curved pegs and tailpieces for their instruments.

The Nasir Ali Cornet is used by both experts and beginners. It is beautifully designed with perfect finishes, like a phosphorus copper mouthpiece and three smooth action valves for seamless play. The cornet also comes in five attractive color finishes, including brass, nickel, copper, blue, and red. Every product is first tested at the factory and then retested by professionals to ensure that the high-quality standards are maintained. That’s the reason thousands of instructors approve this cornet for various uses.

This cornet also comes with:
  • A hard-shell case to ensure safety during storage and transportation.
  • A pair of gloves for easy handling.
  • A soft cleaning cloth.
  • A bottle of valve oil for maintenance.
  • A 14-month warranty to give you peace of mind in case of any manufacturing defects.
  • Comfortable white faux inlaid buttons made from mother of pearl.

How Do I Choose the Best Cornet?

Although cornets have existed for more than 4,000 years, these musical instruments remain an integral component of modern day music. The cornet is a member of the brass family that includes the trumpet, baritone horn, Trombone, Mellophone, and more. They are usually mistaken for trumpets due to their similarity in sound and appearance.

Music studios around the world rely on cornets to introduce beginners to brass instruments. Cornets allow learners to fall in love with the pleasure of this family of instruments so they can later graduate to more complicated instruments like trumpets.

Nothing is quite as disheartening as being excited to explore a new passion, only to be quickly overwhelmed by a difficulty that doesn’t match your skill level. It’s critical to choose the right cornet that will offer the necessary features for your playing level. Like with the violin, the most important factor in learning to play a new instrument is consistent practice. With the right instrument, a good teacher, and a little bit of time, you’ll be shocked to see how much your skill level can grow.

With music appreciation in mind, let’s take you through the features to look for when shopping for a cornet. Then you can jump straight to our top picks!
The structure of a cornet is particularly complex; they are made from special materials that can withstand wear and corrosion. Because of this, these instruments can be relatively expensive. Careful thought should be put into the features you want in your cornet.

Price will generally vary depending on the material the cornet is made of. For instance, the emergence of lightweight plastic designs has seen the introduction of some quite affordable models. You can grab yourself a good quality plastic cornet for as low as $70. High-end cornets are made from a combination of nickel, copper, and zinc in different percentages. They can cost as much as $1,600, but you’ll be getting value for what you pay for in terms of durability and sound quality.
Several factors contribute to the quality of your cornet. Depending on your level of expertise – beginner, intermediate, or expert – different features will be more suitable for you. Let’s look into these features in detail:


The mouthpiece is composed of the rim, cup, backbore, and throat. By varying the sizes of these components, the sound of the instrument is significantly changed. A wider ream offers better comfort to the player, but choosing a narrower ream means a greater range of sound. A deeper cup brightens the tone of the instrument while a shallower cup has the opposite effect.

The throat is what determines how smoothly the air flows through the mouthpiece, from the cup to the backbore. A larger throat allows for better control of the instrument’s volume. The backbore works by channeling sound through the instrument. A cylindrical backbore generates a choppier sound while a conical backbore generates a fuller sound. Additionally, smaller backbores make tones that can be easily focused while bigger backbores allow greater depths in sound.

Bore Size

The bore is the diameter of the cornet’s interior tubing that defines its tone. The bore is typically conical in shape to produce a warmer, mellower tone. The bore size greatly impacts the cornet’s sound and is usually measured in thousandths of an inch (typically ranging between 0.410 inches and 0.485 inches). A smaller bore produces sharper, peppier sounds while larger bores produce deeper and darker sounds.


The cornet’s shape is what differentiates it from the trumpet. A cornet has a smaller and more compact shape as a result of the tighter coiling of its tubes. This shape makes cornets easier to hold for younger players. The wrapping of the tubing can be varied to give the instrument two different shapes: the Shepherd’s Crook and the Trumpet Style cornet.


All cornets come with a set of three valves that are used to change the pitch of the instrument. The first valve lowers the instrument’s pitch by one step, the second one by half step, and the third one by one and a half steps. The combination of all the three valves produces unique melodies as dictated by the player. High-end cornets have Monel valves that are made from nickel-copper and zinc alloys for more resistance to corrosion.
Construction and Design
The sound produced by the cornet is somewhat similar to the sound from a trumpet but is uniquely deeper and mellower. The pitch or the frequency at which an instrument produces vibrations will define the type of cornet you buy. Cornets typically come in two distinct types: Bb cornets and Eb cornets.

Bb Cornet – The Bb cornet is also known as a standard cornet. It produces the pitch range of trumpets with a gentle, mellow tone characterized by cornets. They are favored by beginners and are common in marching bands and orchestras.

Eb Cornet – Eb cornets are less popular than the Bb counterparts. They produce a higher and sharper sound that is one-fourth of a pitch higher than Bb cornets. These cornets can be used in larger orchestras and ensembles and are generally considered more difficult to play.

Finish - Before settling on a cornet, make sure you’re aware of the finish’s cost and maintenance requirements. Two common finishes are silver-plating and lacquer.

Lacquer is a transparent finish that allows the instruments actual color to shine through, but it can sometimes have gold tint mixed in as well. It’s a common finish on most brass instruments due to its affordability. Lacquer is quite durable and will help the instrument last several years without need for maintenance.

A silver-plated finish is considered to be better quality than lacquer. More advanced players prefer this finish due to its attention-grabbing appearance and warm tones. However, it requires a good amount of maintenance to keep up its appearance. Frequent cleaning is also necessary.


Cornets are categorized as brass instruments but can still be made from a variety of materials including yellow brass, gold brass, and nickel silver. These are basically a combination of zinc, copper, and nickel. The percentage composition of each material can affect the sound the cornet produces. Yellow brass contains 70-percent copper, 30-percent zinc, and produces bright and sharp tones due to low levels of copper. Gold brass is darker in color and has 85-percent copper and 15-percent zinc. Rose brass is 90-percent copper and 10-percent zinc and produces a warmer sound due to the softness of the materials. Nickel silver produces a higher tone and is made from 60-percent copper, 20-percent zinc, and 20-percent nickel.
Performance and Ease of Use
It’s important that the instrument you choose is easily portable and up to the rough and tumble of daily use. Cornets are quite compact in size, which makes them convenient for young musicians. Young and enthusiastic learners sometimes want cheap and cheerful cornets – it all depends on your commitment to playing the cornet and whether it will be subjected to constant wear and tear. For older learners or players, it’s always rewarding to consider cornets that are at the top end of beginner-level instruments. They have higher resale values in case you want to upgrade to a bigger brass instrument.

Like most musical instruments, cornets need proper maintenance to stay at top condition for longer. Whenever you’re not playing the instrument, keep it in a padded case to prevent unnecessary dents and scratches. When cleaning the interior tubing of the cornet, use a soft cornet brush. The valves should be cleaned using appropriate valve oil – usually included with your purchase. Since the mouthpiece can be susceptible to dirt and germs, you should frequently clean it with soap and water.

Get the Best Cornet of 2023!

Cornets are often confused with trumpets, but they’re designed with unique features regarding structure and pitch. Cornets are pleasing to the ear with deep, mellow tones, and are frequently played in orchestras and marching bands. Hopefully, we helped you find the best cornet you’ve been looking for. If not, feel free to check out other alternatives from these same brands.

Our Top Choice
Yamaha Standard Bb Cornet
Best Value
Schiller CenterTone Bb Cornet
Jupiter 700 Standard Series Cornet
Tromba Pro Plastic Bb Cornet
Nasir Ali Brass Bb Cornet with Case