Best Cosmetic Beeswax Reviews 2017

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years by countless civilizations to create everything from candles and cosmetics to bath products and crafts. How you use it is completely up to you! To get your next project started off on the right foot, we’ve reviewed five of the best cosmetic beeswax brands, showcasing one of our favorites from each one. Enjoy!
Our Top Choice
Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets
Natural Apiary is an American brand that provides beekeepers with competitively priced and unique products.
These 100% pure beeswax pellets are CERES- and USDA-certified and naturally purified.
Some customers dislike the smell of this product.
1 lb. or 2 lb.
Lip balm, cosmetics, soaps
CERES and USDA-certified
Best Value
Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars
Hansi Organics prides itself in its diverse selection of all-natural beeswax products and wholesale pricing.
These 100% organic, hand-poured organic beeswax bars can be used in hundreds of different ways.
Some purchasers dislike the smell of these bars.
5 1-oz. bars
Lotion, lip balm, skin care, crafts
Your Natural Planet Beeswax Pellets
BeesWorks is founded on the belief that all beeswax products should be 100% natural and free of artificial ingredients.
These 100% natural beeswax pellets are easy to melt and can be used in countless ways.
This product has a rich, smoky smell.
1 lb. or 2 lb.
Crafts, crayons, beauty, lubricating
Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks
Family-owned and operated since 1925, Stakich is an industry leader in cosmetic-grade beeswax.
Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks are available in a variety of sizes, 100% natural and honey scented.
Some people find large blocks of beeswax difficult to work with.
1 lb., 5 lb. 10 lb., and 40 lb.
Candles, personal care, crafts
Candlewic White Beeswax Pellets
The Candlewic Company is family-owned, based in Pennsylvania and provides candle materials to manufacturers around the world.
These convenient white pellets are a cinch to melt and perfect for adding scents or colors to.
They come unscented.
1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb., and 10 lb.
Lotion, lip balm, soap, candles

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How Do I Choose the Best Cosmetic Beeswax?

Beeswax is a versatile material that has been used for thousands of years and by hundreds of civilizations for a wide range of purposes, including cosmetics, lip balms, soaps, skin care products, lotions, lubrication, medical applications, beeswax furniture polish, crayons and a variety of crafts. Beeswax has also been a popular candle-making material for thousands of years, and is still used today to fashion candles, holistic treatments and decorative purposes.

The type of beeswax you purchase depends on how you plan to use it, how much you need and how much you can afford to spend. The good news is, even cheap cosmetic beeswax should be high-quality because it must be 100% pure and free from any additives or chemicals to be labeled cosmetic. Do be classified by the FDA and cosmetic, a product can only contain up to 30% bacteria. If you are using cosmetic beeswax for cosmetics, medical or food purposes, it’s important to ensure the product is cosmetic grade since it will come in contact with your skin. When making candles or using beeswax for other crafts, purity isn’t as important.

Beeswax comes in pellets, bars and blocks. Those varieties can either be yellow or white. Pellets can be easier to melt, but it really depends on the size of your project and how much beeswax is needed. Also, if you want to add your own pigments, then white may be the way to go. A lot of people, however, are drawn to the natural yellow color of beeswax and appreciate it all on its own!

One of the benefits of cosmetic beeswax is that it can be mixed with essential oils for all natural aromatherapy candles and products. If you are planning on making candles, you will want to make sure that you have a proper candle making kit, and you might even want to pick up some new candle holders to show off your special creations.

The purpose of this review is to help you pick the best cosmetic beeswax for your next project, but before we get to our top 5 picks, let’s take a closer look at what factors are important to look for.
The price of beeswax varies depending on quantity and quality. Remember, it comes in pellet, bar and block form and in natural yellow or white colors. The price of each unit of beeswax usually declines as the amount you purchase increases. The products included in this review average $15 per pound, but range from $7 for 5 ounces to 2 pounds for $22. Again, the price varies dramatically based on how much you purchase and how pure the beeswax is. Remember, to be considered cosmetic, the beeswax has to be 100% pure and additive-free.

You can also expect to pay a little more for white beeswax because more labor is required to process it. Don’t assume, however, that blocks are a better deal because they’re larger. In some cases, pellets are actually cheaper, so it’s important to shop around and look at what different companies have to offer. You may also see price variations based on qualifying factors. USDA-certified or CAS-registered products, for example, tend to cost more because their purity and other health benefits are confirmed. We’ve made a point to include 5 competitively priced brands in our review to save you some time.
Purchasing beeswax is pretty straightforward. Most people try to buy beeswax that is pure and has no additives because they want to process it themselves, turning it into candles, lotions, cosmetics and other products. Basically, if you want to add ingredients, scents or colors, you want plain beeswax. The only other thing to consider is what form you want to work with (pellets, bars, blocks) and whether you want it yellow or white to begin with.

For the best quality, try to pick products that have most, if not all, of these features:
  • 100% pure, organic or natural
  • Naturally purified (without the use of harsh chemicals)
  • CERES or USDA-certified
  • CAS-registered
By the way, for those of you who want it, many brands offer beeswax that is honey-scented, as well as unscented plain beeswax.
Construction and Design
As we have already discussed, beeswax comes in different shapes and weights, yellow or white colors and at various levels of purity, depending on how it’s filtered. Now it’s time to take a closer look at what impact these option have for you and your projects.

You generally have three shapes to choose from: pellets, blocks or bars. Pellets melt easier and at lower temperatures, while blocks take longer but may be better suited to large projects. It’s also usually easier to purchase mass quantities in block form, although some manufacturers offer large quantities of pellets are competitive prices.

The yellow or white color of beeswax just depends on how it’s refined. Most beeswax comes in its natural state – yellow – but some people prefers white beeswax, especially if they want to add a vibrant pigment to it. If you’re considering white beeswax, find out how it’s refined. Some companies use bleach and other chemicals, while others use a natural process. Naturally processed white beeswax may cost more on average, but it’s also purer.

A lot of people use beeswax for holistic purposes, so purity is important to them. If this applies to you, look for products that are 100% pure beeswax. Some contain additives such as essential oils and scents, which could be ideal if you’re making lotions or moisturizing personal care products. Or you may prefer to add them yourself so that you have complete control of how much and what kind.

One important thing to note is that beeswax doesn’t naturally smell like honey. Beeswax naturally has a waxy, earthy smell. Some people really appreciate the natural scent of beeswax, but it’s not uncommon for someone to be put off because they expect it to smell like honey. You can purchase honey-scented beeswax, so if that’s important to you, look for that feature. Just remember, to achieve that scent, the manufacturer must include an additive.
Performance and Ease of Use
Beeswax is a versatile product that can be used in dozens of applications. Some of the leading uses include candlemaking, soapmaking, lotions and cosmetics. If you’re making candles for fun and just want to make a couple, or if you’re making lip balms or small products, you probably want to purchase beeswax pellets. They melt easily and at a low temperature, ideal for small-scale projects.

Another factor that may affect how easily beeswax melts is how pure it is. 100% pure beeswax should melt pretty easily. Additives such as essential oils and chemicals can influence how beeswax melts, either speeding up the process and increasing the risk of scorching, slowing the melting process or resulting in clumps.

What is the Best Cosmetic Beeswax?

Ultimately the “best beeswax” for you will depend upon your personal preferences, your budget and most importantly, the project or use that you have planned. You can choose from bars, blocks and pellets and yellow or white beeswax, depending upon your needs. For example, if you want to make 100 purple candles, you should probably purchase white beeswax in blocks or bars. If you’re going to use beeswax for beauty products, you absolutely need to make sure that you are purchasing cosmetic grade beeswax. Let’s take a look at some our top picks and see what they have to offer.
Our Top Choice
Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets are small and easy to use, making them perfect for lip balm, soap making and cosmetics. If you need a greater quantity for large-batch products such as lotions and candles, try Natural Apiary 100% Cosmetic Beeswax Bars.
Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets for DIY Projects, Moisturizer, Lotions, Creams, Lip Balms & Soaps – Available in 2 Sizes

Natural Apiary Cosmetic Beeswax Pellets – 1LB

Natural Apiary is a trusted and reputable brand in the beekeeping industry. They manufacture a wide variety of products ranging from veils and suits to cleaning materials and 100% pure beeswax pellets and bars, such as these Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets.

For about $15, you’ll receive one 1-pound bag of Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets. If using Amazon, you may be able to find a better deal if you buy 2-pound bags. We decided to feature Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets because they’re competitively priced, 100% pure and their small, pellet shape is ideal for melting. We recommend using these for lip balms, soaps and other small cosmetic applications.

You’ll appreciate these great benefits:
  • Environmental Standards-certified
  • USDA-certified
  • Beautiful yellow color
  • Natural carbon filtration process eliminates all contaminates
Not happy with your choice? Natural Apiary offers 100% satisfaction guarantee! They stand behind their product because they know it’s high quality.
Best Value
You can craft your heart out making luxurious bath products and candles with these Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars. If you’re in a hurry or making something small, such as a single lip balm, try Hansi Organics Beeswax Pellets. They’re super easy to melt!
Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars, 1 ounce, 5-Count

Hansi Organics Cosmetic Beeswax CL65003

If you need beeswax, Hansi Organics has the selection you’re looking for. Not only are all of their products organic, but they also come in the exact shape and size you need, including blocks, bars, pellets and pastilles.

Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars are perfect for your next craft project. For a little over $7, you’ll receive 5 1-ounce bars. They are cosmetic grade and 100% organic, making them ideal for use in cosmetic and hair products, as well as candles, soaps and ornaments. Hansi recommends adding essential oils, vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind, moisture-infusing salve. Want to make different scented lip balms or several candles with different scents? Beeswax bars are the perfect medium!

Some other great features include:
  • Tested for cosmetic use
  • Rich, golden color
  • Never expires, can be reheated over and over
  • Perfect for any type of craft project
Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars are an affordable option for any crafter.
There isn’t anything you can’t do with Your Natural Planet Beeswax Pellets. Try them in personal care products, candles or even as furniture polish. Adding color to your product? It’ll be insanely vivid if you use Beesworks White Beeswax Pellets instead of these yellow ones.
Your Natural Planet (Now Beesworks®) Yellow Beeswax Pellets 1lb - Ideal For Many Different Projects

Your Natural Planet Cosmetic Beeswax Pellets – 1lb

Beesworks and Your Natural Planet have partnered to distribute a slew of premium beeswax products. Their product line is vast and includes a variety of white and yellow beeswax pellets and bars.

Your Natural Planet Beeswax Pellets are available in 1-lb. and 2-lb. increments, with prices ranging from $11 to $22. You can purchase this product with confidence knowing that it is 100% natural and designed for cosmetic purposes. Your Natural Planet and Beesworks recommends using these handy pellets for cheese waxing, lubricating screws and wood, waxing thread, making crayons, sealing envelopes and, of course, in your favorite lotions, soaps and lip balms.

Don’t miss these special benefits:
  • CAS-registered
  • Can be used in dozens of ways
  • 100% natural yellow beeswax
  • High melting point
  • Add your own scents for a unique finished product
Your Natural Planet Beeswax Pellets are a reliable product that will enhance any beeswax project you have planned.
Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks are cosmetic grade and boast a stunning, rich golden color that we love! Depending on your project, you may prefer white beeswax. If that’s the case, take a look at these Stakich White Beeswax Pellets.
Stakich 1 lb Pure Yellow Beeswax Block - Cosmetic Grade, Top Quality

Stakich Cosmetic Beeswax Block – 1lb

Stakich launched in 1925 with the goal of supplying family and friends with all-natural, holistic products. Since then, they’ve grown to become a major US distributor of beeswax, pollen, honey, herbal extracts and dietary supplements. In addition to ensuring all of their products are 100% pure, they also strive to keep their prices low.

Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks are one of the company’s best-selling products. They are available in 1-lb., 5-lb., 10-lb., and 40-lb. increments with the smallest (1 lb.) starting at about $12.95. Each block is hexagon-shaped, individually wrapped and weighs 1 lb. If you order 40 lbs., you’ll receive 40 1-lb. blocks. One unique thing about this product is that it is honey scented.

Some other neat features include:
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% natural, filtered beeswax
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Honey scented
No project is too big or too small for Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks, especially since you can order up to 40 lbs. at a time!
Whether you want to make 100% beeswax candles or scented body butters, Candlewic White Beeswax Pellets are sure to enhance your favorite crafts. Do you prefer bar form? Not a problem! Check out these Candlewic 100% Pure White Beeswax Bars.
Candlewic100% Pure White Beeswax Pellets – 1lb

Candlewic Cosmetic Beeswax Pellets – 1lb

The Candlewic Company made its debut in Pennsylvania the 1970s when Bill and Betty Binder decided to turn their favorite hobby into a successful business. Since then, it has blossomed from a small, homegrown operation to one of the world’s largest suppliers of candle-making materials.

Candlewic White Beeswax Pellets can be used for virtually any project that uses beeswax. A 1-lb. bag starts at $9. For that price, you’ll receive a package of 100% pure, white beeswax pastilles that have been naturally refined without the use of bleach. Candlewic uses a mixture of clay and filters to achieve this product’s pristine white shade.

We also love these pellets because they’re:
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Naturally processed and filtered
  • Perfect for candles
  • Unscented
The possibilities are endless when you choose Candlewic White Beeswax Pellets. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Get the Best Cosmetic Beeswax of 2017!

We have no doubt that your next beeswax project will be a success if you use any of the products we’ve reviewed here. Don’t forget to send us a sample! And remember, if the product we chose to feature isn’t the right match for you, take a look at the other quality beeswaxes that these reputable brands have to offer.

Our Top Choice
Natural Apiary 100% Pure Beeswax Pellets
Best Value
Hansi Organics Beeswax Bars
Your Natural Planet Beeswax Pellets
Stakich Yellow Beeswax Blocks
Candlewic White Beeswax Pellets