Best Couch Caddy Reviews – Remote Control Holder Couch Organizers Without and With Cup Holders

Once you buy a couch caddy, you won’t be able to imagine how you lived without one! Imagine being able to easily find your remote controls — every time! With plenty of storage for glasses, pens, and electronics, armchair organizers can be a useful and luxurious accessory perfect for every living room. To help you find the best couch caddy, we’ve chosen five brands with a variety of well-made options for everyone!

Before we get to our featured products, it’s important to mention that we TOTALLY understand that choosing an organizer for your couch, sofa or recliner has a lot to do with personal style and requirements. For some, all you need is a simple couch caddy with a cup holder as well as room for your remote and cell phone. You know, one that puts everything within reach. Meanwhile, others are looking for a storage solution for lots of stuff to keep your room organized.

Because everyone has different needs, it was hard to narrow down our choices to just 5 designs. Therefore, we wanted to showcase a few other styles before we get to our reviews. So, without further ado, here are a few more of our favorite couch caddy organizers.

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Our Top Choice
Kovot TV Remote Couch Caddy Tray Organizer
Kovot is an online retailer that offers creatively designed decor at affordable prices.
Strong wooden clamps stabilize the unit on most couches. Comes with a variety of pockets for additional storage.
Only available in one neutral color.
14.1 x 10.2 x 2.2 inches; 2.4 pounds
8 Pockets
Includes Tray
Best Value
Fasthomegoods Armrest Couch Caddy
Fast Home Goods is an online retailer and bestseller of home and kitchen goods.
Durable fabric that forms around the chair. Comes equipped with a retainer rod to hold the caddy securely in place.
The pockets don't offer much storage space.
37 x1 x 12.5 inches; 1.2 pounds
3 Pockets
Retainer rod
Cupsy Armchair Couch Caddy Cup Holder
Cupsy is an innovative designer that’s dedicated to manufacturing portable cup holders.
Easy to use, convenient, and portable. Can hold anything from cups and glasses to keys and eyeglasses.
It’s height may stick out above couch cushions.
13 x 4.5 x 4 inches; 1 pound
2 Cup Holders
Prevents spills
DINY Home & Style Couch Caddy Organizer
DINY Home & Style is an online retailer specializing in fashionable home accessory and storage devices.
Equipped with five pockets and a tray on top made out of durable nylon.
It may slip or slide with uneven weight distribution in the pockets.
13.1 x 8.6 x 2 inches; 0.95 pounds
5 pockets
10 x 7-inch tabletop
iLemon Sofa Couch Remote Control Caddy
Lemon International is an online retailer that specializes in providing classy organizers and storage solutions.
Made out of high-quality, environmentally-friendly leather that’s easy to clean. Includes a detachable tray.
The only downside of an organizer this classy is that your friends and family may get jealous!
12 x 6 x 7.5 inches; 1.3 pounds
PU Leather
4 pockets
Detachable tray

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What Is the Best Couch Caddy Organizer? Read Our Couch Caddy Reviews!

As you can see, the right couch caddy is a very personal choice that depends on function and form. Luckily, we’ve made it easier by finding some of the best options available! Let’s take a closer look at the five brands we’ve chosen and some of their best-selling couch caddies!

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Our Top Choice
The Kovot couch tray organizer clips securely to the arm of your sofa to provide an instant surface area for your drinks and snacks. Need a couch caddy with cup holder? The Meistar Store Sofa Arm Tray Table has two spots for drinks, as well as sturdy pockets for your holding your remote and cell phone. It fits nicely over couches and chairs with square arms.

Kovot Wooden Clasp Couch Remote Organizer - Couch Caddy Organizer with Tray Table


Kovot is an online retailer of high-quality home and garden accessories with an emphasis on creative expression. From gaming and leisure to hospitality and comfort, Kovot is committed to affordability and innovation. It has a variety of couch caddies and organizers to choose from, and the Kovot Wooden Clasp Couch Tray and Organizer is a versatile solution for any living room.

The caddy features an off-white wooden tray with a flat surface for careful balancing, as well as foldable clamps that keep the organizer secure on most arms. Eight soft side pockets (including a zippered pocket) hold remotes, magazines, reading glasses, pens, and more! With a maximum arm width accommodation of 9.75 inches and a light weight of 2.4 pounds, this tray table and organizer is at the top of the list for portability, stability, and its beautiful design.

Best Value
The Fast Home Goods Armrest Caddy is a three pocket organizer designed to fit over most couch, recliner, and chair arms. Want more than 3 pockets? The Naturoom Armchair Remote Couch Caddy Organizer has 6 pockets with room enough for your TV remote, smart phone, iPad tablet, books, and magazines. And it comes in over a dozen colors!

Fasthomegoods Armrest Remote Couch Caddy - 3-Pocket Couch Caddy Organizer


Fast Home Goods is a worldwide retailer that sells home and kitchen products online. It’s a bestseller on Amazon, and we chose it for its affordability, features, and popularity. It has a wide variety of organizers and decorations available, and the Fast Home Goods Armrest Caddy Pocket Organizer is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The armrest caddy is black in color with fabric that forms around the armrest. It has a weighted retainer rod to secure the caddy in position with instructions that can be found within the manual. It has three sturdy pockets to hold iPads, remotes, game controllers, eyeglasses, and more! With dimensions of 37 x 1 x 12.5 inches and a convenient weight of 1.2 pounds, this caddy is super portable. Dependable and easy to use, the Fast Home Goods Armrest Caddy Pocket Organizer makes an excellent addition to any home!

The Cupsy Couch and Recliner Drink Caddy is a high-quality cup holder designed to hold your drinks securely to prevent spills and messes. Want something a bit smaller and less conspicuous? The CouchCoaster is the ultimate anti-spill cup holder drink coaster for your sofa or couch. It’s the perfect size for your drink or coffee cup, but that’s it.

Cupsy Recliner, Sofa and Couch Armchair Drink Organizer - Drink Caddy Cup Holder with Removable Legs - Multiple Colors


The story began on a lazy Sunday afternoon without a safe place to set a drink. Shortly after, the first prototype was built and the original Cupsy was born! Dubbed the World’s Most Overachieving Cup Holder, the Cupsy is a reliable and portable cup holder that comes in a variety of colors. There’s even a model that floats inside swimming pools!

The Cupsy Couch and Recliner Drink Caddy has detachable legs and a deep center console that makes it ideal for your personal electronics, remotes, reading glasses, and more. Its flexible beverage containers can securely hold anything from coffee mugs to “to-go” cups. It looks great in any setting, and the fun colors make it equally comfortable at a pool party or friendly get-together in your home. And with dimensions of 13 x 4.5 x 4 inches and a weight of 1 pound, you can take just about anywhere!

The DINY Home & Style TV Remote Control Organizer Holder is an affordable organizer solution with plenty of space. Looking for a couch caddy organizer that’s easy to reach when you are lounging? The HAKACC Remote Control Holder and Storage Organizer is a multi-functional option. Not only can you use it on the front of your couch, but you it also makes a great bedside storage caddy.

DINY Home & Style Remote Couch Caddy with Arm Rest Tray


DINY Home & Style is a worldwide retailer that offers an extensive collection of home accessory and storage devices. It’s made the list due to its popularity, fashionable appearance, and affordability. The DINY Home & Style TV Remote Controller Organizer Holder is a couch caddy that looks great and makes almost any room look tidy. With plenty of space and durable materials, this is a high-quality couch caddy at a very affordable price.

The DINY couch caddy comes with 5 large pockets that allow you to store your TV remote controls, books, magazines, and even cell phones with relative ease. It’s black and made out of durable nylon for easy cleaning, and it was designed to fit most armrests on couches, sofas, and chairs. It comes with a modest 10 x 7-inch tabletop surface, making the versatile organizer a perfect solution for any of your couch caddy needs!

The Lemon International Sofa Couch Remote Holder will give you extra storage space with a stylish design. If you are looking for a caddy storage solution for the front of your couch, bedroom or for a bunk bed, the GoCoral Large Caddy Organizer is sturdy enough to support 20 pounds of stuff!

iLemon Sofa & Couch Caddy Organizer - Chair Armrest Caddy Pocket Organizer Use for Remote Controls, Game Controller, Pens, ipad, Magazines


Lemon International is a worldwide retailer that sells luxurious, high-end couch caddies. It has two couch caddies available for your storage needs that will appeal to both your wallet and your sense of elegance. We chose the Lemon International Sofa Couch Remote Control Holder because it brings a sense of class to any room.

The Sofa Couch Remote Control Holder comes in deep brown and is made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly, PU leather. It’s a four pocket organizer with one large pocket and three smaller ones. It's easy to clean and sticks in place beneath the sofa cover so that it doesn't slip or slide. It even has a detachable tray that can be used on mattresses and other surfaces! And on the rare chance you want to risk taking it from the house, it’s a friendly 1.3 pounds and has dimensions of only 12 x 6 x 7.5 inches!

Best Remote Couch Caddy Buying Guide – Plain Couch Caddy Organizer vs Couch Caddy With Cup Holder

A couch caddy is a practical and stylish accessory perfect for any home or living room. You can use one to clear up your coffee table, protect cell phones and reading glasses. Better yet, you can have a dedicated remote holder - especially if you are parent who's kids are always losing the remote! Unlike a standalone magazine rack, a couch caddy is conveniently at hand. Keeping your house organized is esssential to the smooth running of your home. Pair one with your favorite mini-fridge and universal remote for the ultimate experience in convenience and comfort!

Video: Sewing Arm Chair Caddy

How to Sew a Couch Caddy. | Courtesy of SewVeryEasy

Couch caddies range from $12.99 to $39.99, with the main factors being manufacturing and material quality. Some caddies have extra compartments, attachments, or security features that make them unique (and a little more expensive). Although it’s tempting to settle for a cheap couch caddy, remember that even some of the most durable and fashionable caddies come with an affordable price tag – even if it’s not as low as the cheap ones with less features.


Couch caddies may seem simple, but they can come with a variety of features. Some include a hard tray that rests on the arm of your sofa or recliner. Others may have dedicated cup holders, or pockets with zippers to keep things from falling out. Extra attachments — such as clamps or removable trays — can increase versatility and portability during usage, but most of the distinguishing features for a quality couch caddy will be found in the construction and design. You will come across a coach caddy with a cupholder which is perfect for a chilled day at home. 

Construction and Design

Material and manufacturing play a huge role in quality. Simple couch caddies are usually made from nylon and plastic, while more expensive models have premium materials such as cotton or leather. Because a couch caddy is usually well-used for years, strong stitching and durable materials are crucial.

Living rooms are one of the most visited areas within a house, and that means your couch caddy has to be chosen for more than longevity — it has to blend in with your living room decor such as lamps, furniture, paint, wallpaper, and decorations, too. Neutral colors such as brown, khaki, black, white, or gray can match with most themes, and some manufacturers make multiple colors just in case.

Video: A Chic Way to Organize All Your TV Remotes

Tabletop TV Remote Caddy. | Courtesy of OWN
Performance and Ease of Use

Pocket size, quantity, and variety mark a huge difference between couch caddies. Some organizers can comfortably hold iPads and tablets, while others are designed for smaller objects. Almost all of them come fully assembled, although couch caddies with removable trays and legs (for holding onto an arm) may come with pieces unattached. Finally, some organizers include strategically placed weights, Velcro, or clips to protect the caddy from accidentally sliding off.

Get the Best Couch Caddy of 2023!

Hopefully you’ve found the best couch caddy for your living room - with so many great choices, it’s easy to find one that matches its decorum. Remember each of these brands has a variety of options available, so don’t hesitate to browse and buy the perfect fit for your home!

Our Top Choice
Kovot TV Remote Couch Caddy Tray Organizer
Best Value
Fasthomegoods Armrest Couch Caddy
Cupsy Armchair Couch Caddy Cup Holder
DINY Home & Style Couch Caddy Organizer
iLemon Sofa Couch Remote Control Caddy

Couch Caddy FAQs

What is a couch caddy?
A couch caddy is a special cloth with pockets in which you can put items that hang from the armrests.
What’s the best couch caddy?
The best couch caddy is an affordable one and can hold items that need zippers. Because of its work nature, a couch caddy should be made from a material that doesn’t break down unexpectedly. Check out our review for some functional and durable couch caddies.
How to sew a couch caddy?
To sew a couch caddy, you need a proper design and pattern, which you will cut out. After cutting out the pattern, use a sewing machine to join the various parts, ensuring zipper pockets.