Best Couples Halloween Costumes – Easy, Funny and Sexy Adult Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Combine forces this Halloween so you and your 'significant other' can really stand out. The best couples Halloween costumes make it obvious that you and your special friend are matching with similar colors, themes, and patterns. We've looked at some of the best couples Halloween costume brands to find the top Halloween costumes for couples. By the way, if you're looking for individual men's or women's costumes, we've got reviews for those too, as well as costumes for infants and kids if you want to make your family stand out this year.

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Our Top Choice
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Couples – Matching Paratroopers (And Many More)
Leg Avenue's matching outfits such as these male and female military jumpsuits combine alluring style with quality fabrics.
Men's and women's costumes sold separately to ensure you get the right fit. Comfortable. Form-fitting. Easy to put on.
May not be wacky enough for some couples.
Military Harness
Polyester and Spandex
Womens Sm - XL, Mens Med - XL
Hand Wash
Best Value
California Costumes - Roman Empress & Gladiator (Many Other Couple’s Costumes)
The California Costumes Roman Empress & Gladiator are the perfect match, featuring matching crimson robes.
Matching colors. Costumes sold separately so you can get the right sizes. Highly detailed costumes. Durable. Empress costume is inexpensive for its quality.
Pictured sword and shield not included.
Gladiator Headband
Medallions, Armbands
100% Polyester
Sm – XXXL Womens, Sm – XL Mens
Empress: Hand, Gladiator: Machine
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Couples – Spidergirl and Spiderman (Plus Many More)
Become partners in crime-fighting as Spiderman and Spidergirl or Rubie's many more matching costumes.
Costumes sold separately and can be paired with any super hero outfits. High quality.
Spidergirl may be too risqué for some users, but there's a milder version available.
Spiderman Mask & Hood
Superhero Arm Warmers
100% Polyester
Womens XS-L, Mens Medium-XL
Hand Wash
Rasta Imposta Halloween Costumes for Couples – Bacon & Eggs and Other Combinations
Rasta Imposta specializes in fun, simple costumes like this Bacon and Eggs couples’s costume.
Easy to put on. Inexpensive. Comfortable. Includes both costumes.
Less going on than more complex and expensive costumes.
100% Polyester
Standard/One-Size Fits “All”
Hand Wash
Fun World Halloween Costumes for Couples – Peanut Butter & Jelly (& Other Couple’s Options)
Become the world's most delicious combination with Fun World's Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple. It’s just one of many costumes that would work as a pair.
Very inexpensive for two quality costumes. Easy to wear. Comfortable. Both outfits included in the set.
Less going on than more complex and expensive costumes.
100% Polyester and Foam Bread
Standard/One-Size Fits “All”
Hand Wash

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What is the Best Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas?

What mythic or pop culture characters best define you as a couple? These brands offer a huge selection of costumes, so there's plenty of room to mix and match creative pairings of your own, from Batman & Robin to Prince Charming and his elegant princess. We've put together a list with some of the most popular pairings as well as some pre-paired couples’ costumes. We compared prices against style and how well each costume set matched up for that extra couples’ wow factor. So, go ahead and pick a model that best suits your style.

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Our Top Choice
The Leg Avenue Pretty Paratrooper can be purchased on its own or you can get both jumpsuits, featuring camo patterns and formfitting style for a standout, sexy look. The Leg Avenue Men's Paratrooper jumpsuit and harness features the same high quality material and a sewn-on military patch for added authenticity.

Leg Avenue Pretty Paratrooper Jumpsuit – Make This a Easy Couple’s Halloween Costume with the Men's Paratrooper Jumpsuit


Leg Avenue is a specialty retailer offering a wide variety of themed costumes ranging from mildly risqué to wildly adventurous. Their selection includes themed costumes as well as top-of-the-line lingerie, hosiery and accessories. Any couple sporting matching outfits from Leg Avenue is bound to turn a few heads.

These matching jumpsuits include military harnesses and colorful camo print and varying green and blue coloring. The jumpsuits are extremely comfortable and some users even say it's like wearing a pair of pajamas. Cat suits are one of Leg Avenue's bestselling specialties, so you know you're getting top quality. There are also more military options that you can mix and match like the more risqué "Going Commando" women's military costume.

Let's take a look at some other themed couples costumes from Leg Avenue:

  • Top Gun Pilots
  • Police Officers
  • Robin Hood and Darling Robin Hood
  • Vampires
  • Pillaging Pirates
  • Egyptian Pharaoh and Goddess
  • Oktoberfest Lederhosen
Best Value
The California Costumes Roman Empress costume is fit for royalty, and can be purchased on its own, featuring elegant attached drape, medallions and armbands. The matching Roman Gladiator costume features a matching crimson cape and buckled body armor as well as wrist guards, shin guards and more.

California Costumes Women's Roman Empress – Matches with Roman Gladiator Couple's Costume for Halloween


California Costumes truly cares about the quality of their costumes, and they go beyond simply replicating the latest pop culture characters and classic costumes. Their team spends time incorporating the latest fashion trends into new and classic costumes so you can look your best as any character you like. With the always-growing collection of costumes, you're bound to find matching characters that speak to you and your significant other.

These Roman costumes are made with great attention to detail – that's why they include a variety of well-crafted accessories to make the costumes feel real, including artisanal waist, head and arm bands and Roman medallions. California Costumes also has a Roman Gladiator costume for women, if that's more your speed.

Here are just some of the other mix and match couples costumes that California Costumes offers:

  • Pirates
  • Vampires
  • Gangsters
  • Matching Togas
  • Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
  • Egyptian Goddess and Pharaoh Mummy
The Rubie's Secret Wishes Spidergirl Costume pairs with a variety of super hero costumes and features a mask and super hero arm warmers. It pairs especially well with Rubie's full Spiderman Costume featuring a see-through Spiderman mask and classic Spiderman design.

Rubie's Sexy Couples Halloween Costume Ideas - Secret Wishes Spidergirl Pairs with 2nd Skin Spiderman Costume and Other Super Heroes


Rubie's specializes in providing current and upcoming pop culture characters as well as themed costumes for special occasions like Martis Gras, New Years and St. Pattie's Day. With 65 years of success and a family-run sensibility, you know you'll find some of the best costumes at Rubie's.

This Spiderman combo can turn you into a crime fighting duo in no time. The Spidergirl costume is a highly rated outfit from rubie's "Secret Wishes" line of more risqué costumes, featuring an eye-catching jumpsuit and mask. A less racy version is also available from Rubie's. Both costumes are decorated with classic web designs for that Spiderman flare.

And that's just the beginning – Here's a glimpse of the many costume pairs you can try out this Halloween.

  • Dorothy and the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz
  • Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz
  • Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia
  • Fighting Ninja Turtles
  • Ghostbuster and the Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Mario & Luigi
The Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume features two decorated tunics with stand-out pieces of everybody's favorite breakfast. Not into being what’s for breakfast? Rasta Imposta has plenty more options like the Plug and Socket Couples Costume.

Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Funny Couples Costume for Halloween with Foam Printed Bacon and Eggs


Rasta Imposta got its name after creating the original costume Rasta hat with sewn-in dreadlocks. Their instant success led to many more hats, costumes and fun accessories in their repertoire. They specialize in wacky humor, creating funny (or punny) unisex costumes that anyone can enjoy.

This simple, wacky costume has instant appeal and certainly draws some attention at any party. It's easy and comfortable to wear compared to more intensive costumes, making it ideal for those looking for a quick costume. It's also inexpensive since the costumes come together for one reasonable price.

Rasta Imposta has a huge selection of other wacky choices, such as:

  • Hot Dog and Bun
  • Rasta Jamaican Hats (just add sunglasses and your favorite brightly colored shirts)
  • Animal Combonations
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Puppy and Kitty
  • Dumb and Dumber Lloyd and Harry
  • Coke and Diet Coke
Fun World's Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples Costume is an easy way to show your love (or friendship!), featuring polyester tunics with foam bread. Looking for a more "elegant" combination? Check out Fun World's "Perfectly Paired" Wine and Cheese couples costume.

Fun World Peanut Butter And Jelly Set— Funny Couple’s Halloween Costume with Foam Printed Bread


In 1963, Stanley Geller bought a small toy business from his father-in-law and worked hard for many years to help it grow, personally traveling internationally to sell and design more products. It wasn't until 1981 that the third generation of Gellers really got into the Halloween business, recruiting some of the best designers around. Today, Fun World is one of the largest Halloween retailers in the world and continues to follow in Stanley's footsteps by working hard to improve.

It's that spirit that lives on in Fun World's high quality costumes. Without high prices, Fun World's products like this Peanut butter and Jelly Set are made with care and passion. The foam bread is durable and the 100% polyester tunics are comfortable and easy to wear all night long.

With so many years at the top of the industry, Fun World has plenty more where that came from. Let's take a look at some more couples options from Fun World:

  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Tacky Travelers
  • Adam and Eve
  • Ham and Swiss
  • A Pair of Sneakers
  • Christmas Elves
  • Popeye and Olive Oyl

Best Easy, Sexy, Funny, Adult Couples Halloween Costumes Buying Guide

Halloween costumes look so much better in twos. Nothing stirs up the volume of fun and togetherness like a well-articulated couple Halloween costume as you become the gravy to his/her mashed potatoes. Whether it’s a Popeye costume looking fabulous with his Olive Oil, a Batman pairing perfectly with his partner Batgirl, or even Jabba the Hutt loving the date with the sultry Princess Leia in a skimpy slave bikini, couple Halloween costumes will just blow up the party.

Well, the choices are just endless, and sometimes picking the right model can be daunting. We’re here to help you figure out which couple Halloween costume will work best for you. But, first things first! What is your style? Do you adore the freewheeling 60’s like the hippie couples from Height? Or, do you prefer speed like the couple Top Gun pilots? Whatever theme you choose to depict, there’s a whole lot of choices for you. If you’re blessed with a kid, you can choose an equally matching infant Halloween costume as well.

Now, for couples, you need to carefully match your costumes so you can look like you’re truly together. Of course, you can still find single-sex costumes in great pairs and even kids’ Halloween costumes for twins. Dumb and Dumber, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are just a few options.

Some couples Halloween costumes come with a choice of wigs, jewelry, shoes, belts, and other optional accessories you can choose from. Make this Halloween memorable by being funny and creative, a little cute and cuddly, or outright sexy and scary.

With that appreciation, it’s time to delve deeper into the features to look for when shopping for a couple Halloween costume before we take you through our individual reviews.


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A list of hilarious and brilliant couple's costumes. | Courtesy of FunnyPig

Couples Halloween costumes cost somewhere between $20 and $75. This is a special day and you need something made of unique, quality fabric and not just some cheap imitations. Of course, you can find cheaper couples Halloween costumes out there but their quality is always questionable. We, therefore, recommend you stay off such models if you want to celebrate without regrets. Depending on the level of customization and the cost of fabric you choose to go for, some high-end costumes can cost far above this range. So, if you can afford it, why not give it a shot?


As this year’s Halloween party approaches, everyone is browsing through their wardrobes to see if there’s a costume that can cut it this season. Given that each year comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities, you may feel like your previous Halloween costume won’t depict your mood this time. So, it’s time to shop for a brand new couples Halloween costume. Whether you’re hosting a party or going for an invitation, here are the critical features to look for when shopping for a couples Halloween costume:

  • Theme: Perhaps the most important consideration is the theme you want to vividly bring out. You can choose to showcase your witty and cuddly nature or make it sexy scary.
  • Size: Be cautious about your size. Unlike clothes that easily fit as long as you know your waist size or dress or pant length, Halloween costumes can incorporate many accessories that compromise the standard sizing methodology. If it’s a customized model, be sure to give accurate measurements for a perfect fit.
  • Accessories: Halloween costumes come with a wide selection of accessories including makeup, masks, jewelry, wigs, gloves, shoes, and much more. Do everything possible to make every head turn by incorporating unique accessories in your couples Halloween costume. If you choose to go scary, add some realistic touch to your costume by using an appropriate makeup to create a scar, blood, cuts, or wart on your face or other parts of the body.
Construction and Design

A couples Halloween costume may take the form of a body suit, a warrior’s robe, or any mix and match outfit that showcases your theme. But what makes a Halloween costume stand out to the occasion are the accessories. These may range from scary masks to warrior’s weapons and belts. Let’s look at them further in details:

Halloween Hats

For a man, clothes never complete an outlook, but a perfect Halloween hat does. If you go with a pirate’s costume, it’s never complete without a pirate hat made with the skull and crossbones. A showgirl costume, on the other hand, can never be recognizable without its over-the-top feather headpiece that’s common with the Vegas stage. There are several other Halloween hats, headpieces, and helmets including a jaunty cap for a sexy fit.

Fake Mustaches and Beards

A man can steal the scene with some stick-on mustaches and fake beards at the Halloween party. You can also consider whiskers that range from curly to straight as well as blonde to brunette.

Halloween Toy Weapons & Armor

Depending on the kind of Halloween costume you choose to purchase, it may be necessary to accompany it with some lethal toy armor or weapons like toy guns, plastic swords, and shields. Of course, you should keep off any sharp blades or real guns. From pirate weapons to medieval and superhero weapons, there are lots of realistic but safe weapons you can choose from.


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Best Celeb Halloween Costumes of All Time. | Courtesy of MsMojo
Performance and Ease of Use

Costumes designed for a one-time event can be costly. Sometimes, your preferred costume may not even be available in your size, or may not fit correctly. To save you the hassle, some manufacturers offer a wide selection of fabrics you can use to design and create your own costume. Again, for a couple, it’s a perfect way to do a mix and match as opposed to ordering ready-made costumes.

You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, textures, and ensemble it to suit your preferences. Some of the fabulous options to consider are boas, rhinestone trims, sequin trims, and much more. Even if you want to go colorful, you can select different unique Halloween patterns and prints to match the occasion.

When choosing a Halloween costume fabric, consider how long you want to use it and whether or not you’ll need to wash it. If it’s a one-time occasion, you can go with any light and less costly fabric. However, if you need to use it for the coming seasons, consider fabrics that are machine-wash friendly and won’t fade or shrink.

Get the Best Couple’s Halloween Costume of 2022!

Some couples like to choose a costume that says a little something about who they are, and some couples just want to wear something wacky! Consider style and sizing before making your purchase to make sure you get the most out of your new costumes. If you don't see a pairing you like on our list, be sure to check out the many other options from these brands for the best couples Halloween costumes – there are countless mix and match options to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Leg Avenue Halloween Costumes for Couples – Matching Paratroopers (And Many More)
Best Value
California Costumes - Roman Empress & Gladiator (Many Other Couple’s Costumes)
Rubie's Halloween Costumes for Couples – Spidergirl and Spiderman (Plus Many More)
Rasta Imposta Halloween Costumes for Couples – Bacon & Eggs and Other Combinations
Fun World Halloween Costumes for Couples – Peanut Butter & Jelly (& Other Couple’s Options)

Couple’s Halloween Costume FAQs

What are some good couple’s costumes for Halloween?
Good couple’s costumes for Halloween help you and your significant other to show your compatibility to the public. For instance, you may get costumes with similar colors, patterns, and themes. One person may pick a pair of trouser and top while another one goes for a dress. If one wears a Roman soldier’s tunic, the other can adorn a dress from that particular era. The matching costumes should show others how much you love each other.
What are cute couple’s Halloween Costumes?
Cute couple’s Halloween costumes are those that bring out the best of your features. It doesn’t matter if it is a tunic, dress, or whatever. The outfits should enhance your beauty rather than diminish it.
Where to buy couple’s Halloween costumes?
You can buy the couple’s Halloween costumes online. Several stores like Amazon are great when it comes to stocking a variety of couple’s Halloween costumes. You can search through what’s on offer for the right theme, design, and so on. If you are looking for a couple’s Halloween costume to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.