Best Creeper Reviews 2022

Once in a while you will need to go underneath your car and carry out some repairs and maintenance. What better way to do that than sliding in and out from beneath the car rolling on a creeper? Truth be told, shopping for a creeper can be overwhelming but don’t worry. We at Top Products have meticulously compiled a list of quality products from some of the best creeper brands that will give you value for money and allow you ultimate comfort as you work.
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Our Top Choice
Pro-Lift 'The Bone-ster' Mechanics Creeper
Pro-Lift is part of the Shinn Fu Company of America which is a re-known provider of quality and functional hydraulic lifting appliances.
Large capacity of 400lbs; Allows easy maneuverability beneath vehicles; Durable dog-bone design; Super comfortable; Gasoline & oil resistant
Small wheels don’t roll on grass or rough surfaces
Dog bone shape design
43 x 24 x 5.2 in/ 14.7 pounds
400 lbs
Heavy gauge with caster frame
Best Value
Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creeper
Lisle has provided quality products for over a century and is well-known in the automobile industry for its top-notch products.
Body sculptured design; Superior comfort; Solvent resistant; Durable rollers; Sturdy construction.
Isolated complaints about its ‘old school’ look
Body sculptured fit design
39 x 18 x 5 in/ 10 pounds
300 lbs
Grease resistant swivels
Whiteside Either End Adjustable Creeper
Whiteside Manufacturing was started in 1954 and has continually provided mechanics with innovative creepers and functional seats.
Adjusts up to five positions; Durable steel frame; Heavily padded body; Raised headrest; Good ground clearance
Setting it up can be time consuming
Either end adjustable design
41 x 21 x 6.8 in/ 26.9 pounds
800 lbs
Powder coated steel
Six swivel rollers
Omega 40” Foldable Z Creeper
Omega is part of the Shinn Fu Company, specializing in the provision of lifting equipment, namely in the automotive industry.
Accommodates heavy weight of up to 450 pounds; Six grease-resistant wheels; Durable steel frame; Easily converts into a mechanic’s seat
Isolated complaints of inadequate ground clearance
Foldable Z design
40 x 18 x 7.5 in/ 23 pounds
450 lbs
Vinyl padded seat; steel frame
Polyurethane casters
Torin 36-Inch Folding Shop Creeper
Torin is an American based company that has been in the lift equipment industry for over thirty years.
Four position adjustable headrest; Comfortable padded bench; Multi-directional wheels; Sturdy folding steel construction
Internal cardboard may be a bit flimsy
Rolling mechanic cart
41 x 18 x 5 in/ 16 pounds
280 lbs
Padded bench; steel construction
Six rotating casters

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What is the Best Creeper?

So far you realize that a creeper needs to be sturdily built and have enough strength to handle your body weight as you lie on it. Let’s explore more pointers and tips to help you settle for an ideal creeper.
Our Top Choice
The Pro-Lift Bone-Ster Mechanics Creeper boasts of handling a capacity of up to 400 pounds pounds with 1.25 inches of ground clearance allowing you to easily maneuver underneath your vehicle. Not digging the bone-shaped design? Then check out the Pro-Lift Grey Mechanic Creeper that has a large capacity of up to 350 pounds.

Pro-Lift Super Comfy 'The Bone-ster' Mechanics Creeper with 400lbs Capacity

Pro-Lift has developed a solid reputation while providing quality and reliable hydraulic equipment as a part of the re-known Shinn Fu Company of America (SFA). This ISO-certified brand goes out of their way to develop innovative designs that are sure to lend ease and comfort to your tasks. Pro-Lift products are geared towards DIY tasks and loved for their reliability, giving their mother company reason to boast of the numerous patents that have brought them to a place of authority in the lifting equipment industry. These dependable products are reasonably priced without compromising on superior quality.

The Bone-ster Mechanics Creeper is part of Pro-Lift’s line of functional products designed to allow you to comfortably get beneath your automobile and carry out any repairs or services. Its dog-bone design is not only unique, but provides comfort and balance while you work. With this creeper, all your attention will be focused on the task as hand without any worries of an aching back or inability to move around easily.

Here are some more details of this acclaimed creeper:
  • Small sturdily built wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Accommodates a weight of up to 400 pounds
  • Smooth structural ribs designed for reinforcement & durability
  • Doesn’t react with gasoline, oil, or other common garage solvents
  • Light in weight thus easy to maneuver
  • Compact wheel pounds to restrict movement of shoulders
  • Steel frame with adjustable swivels and strong bolts
  • Has double handholds for better grip and easy movement
  • Well ventilated for comfort, even on hot days
  • Has a limited warranty valid for one year with a lifetime warranty on wheels
Best Value
The Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creeper boasts of superior comfort due to its body sculptured design that took years to develop, with an extra length of two inches for added fit. If you prefer a creeper with large wheels, the Lisle Yellow Large Wheel Creeper is a perfect fit!

Lisle Grease Resistant Low Profile Plastic Creeper – Available in Multiple Colors

Can you think of any automotive company that’s over a century old? Back in 1903, C.A Lisle and his team developed a horse-powered drilling machine, progressed to washing machines, and now, over a century later, the Lisle brand has remarkably expanded and has an impressive global reach in the automotive world. Over the generations, Lisle has made its mark on the automobile industry and has over four hundred products under its belt. Automotive lovers highly praise their products due to their functionality, dependability, and affordability.

One such product is the Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creeper that has received five-star ratings on credible review sites. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s start with its body sculptured design that has been refined over the years to provide you with superior comfort, including an additional length of two inches to enhance the already ideal fit.

Hold up! Here’s more:
  • Has urethane rollers that are built into durable metallic bushings
  • Low profile of only 7/8 inches above the ground
  • Surface is easy to wash with a smooth finishing resistant to common garage solvents
  • Boasts of simplified roller replacement
  • Light-weight for easy movement
  • Sturdily built using strong plastic material
  • Smoothly rides on various surfaces
  • Comfortable headrest ideal for extended working hours
Our friends at Lisle even decided to make this creeper in all the primary colors; red, yellow and blue – allowing you to find the absolute perfect personal option!
The Whiteside Manufacturing Either End Adjustable Creeper is made of a durable steel frame and adjusts up to five different positions allowing you versatile access as you work underneath your car Do you prefer your shoulders more comfortable as you work? Check out the Whiteside Manufacturing ‘V’ Drop Frame Creeper that’s specifically designed for greater shoulder comfort.

Whiteside Manufacturing Metallic Frame Either End Adjustable Creeper

Robert and Mary Whiteside are the couple whose passion for equipping mechanics with innovative and dependable equipment led to the birth of behind Whiteside Manufacturing. Robert was so determined that he took up a refereeing job in order to raise capital and, five decades later, the company boasts of a 100,000-square foot business facility. Despite Robert’s demise a while back, Whiteside Manufacturing, under the leadership of his sons, continues to furnish its loyal customers with a wide range of professional automotive products.

Amongst their plethora of products is the Either End Adjustable Creeper, designed to adjust at the top and bottom to allow you to easily access even difficult points of the car. In fact, this creeper’s back pad can adjust up to five positions, providing enhanced flexibility and comfort in whichever inclination you work.

More awesome features of this creeper include:
  • A 44-inch steel frame with ¾ inch thick tubing
  • A raised headrest for increased support
  • Heavily padded vinyl body for superior comfort
  • Rust free powder coating
  • Ground clearance of 2 and a half inches
  • Six oil resistant rollers with ball bearings and swivel
The Omega Z Creeper can accommodate a weight of up to 450 pounds and easily converts into a mechanic’s seat without using any tools. Is the ground clearance in this product inadequate for you? We believe that the Omega Black Low Profile Creeper will be a perfect fit due to its increased ground clearance.

Omega Black 40-Inch Foldable Padded Z Creeper

Omega was launched in 1997 as a part of the Shinn Fu Company to provide specialized hydraulic products. Their quality lifting equipment is manufactured with strict guidelines, adhered to ensuring that products meet and surpass the customer’s expectations. While being awarded various patents, the brand has continuously endeavored to master innovative designs, making them a force to reckoned with in the automotive industry.

One such innovative product is the Omega Z Creeper, which easily converts into a mechanic’s seat without any tools necessary. This heavily padded creeper also has a headrest, making it incredible comfortable and allowing you to work for hours underneath the car.

There’s more to this creeper-mechanic seat:
  • Durable ¾ inches thick steel frame
  • Accommodates up to 450 pounds
  • Rust free powder coating
  • Six wheels made of polyurethane for easy movement
  • Wheels have ball bearings and are resistant to oil and other solvents
  • The casters have a wide diameter of three inches to facilitate movement
  • Includes a one-year warranty
The Torin 36 Inch Folding Shop Creeper boasts of sturdy steel construction and has a headrest that accommodates up to four positions to provide added comfort. Do you prefer a creeper with a seat instead? We believe that you will love the Torin Rolling Creeper Shop Seat that also comes with a tool tray.

Torin 6 Swivel Wheeled Folding Red Shop Creeper with Adjustable Headrest

Torin is one brand whose aim for the last thirty years has been to give you quality lifting equipment that will help make work around the garage much easier. Their quality products are built to last and often have innovative designs geared towards supreme comfort. Torin has a wide range of products such as magnetic tool organizers, jacks, and work stools among others. Customers love having this brand’s products in their workshops due to the ease they bring to doing repairs and serving cars.

One common Torin product in many garages is the Folding Shop Creeper, made with a heavily padded vinyl body whose comfort is out of this world. As you lie on creeper underneath your car, you will not realize how fast time flies since it’s sturdily built to accommodate long working hours.

Let’s explore this creeper further:
  • Its headrest adjusts to four positions for increased comfort
  • Six multi-directional wheels for better movement
  • The backrest adjusts to support your head and neck
  • Durable steel frame accommodating up to 280 pounds
  • Easily folds away for storage
  • Comes with a limited warranty of one year

How Do I Choose the Best Creeper?

For so long you have postponed fixing that classic Lotus GT that your dad gifted you for your 30th birthday. Maybe it’s because you just can’t seem to spend an hour beneath it without your shoulders complaining due to the hard garage surface you are laying on – or probably it’s because your weekends have been really tight for months now. All in all, you know that it’s about time this elegant masterpiece hits the road rather than spend another year setting atop of your floor jack. Apart from getting it a set of new tires, you need to invest in a creeper that will make repairing and servicing this car a breeze!

Creepers are designed to easily wheel you underneath your automobile to carry out any repairs or regular maintenance. Lying on a creeper not only allows you maximum concentration as you work but ensures that you can easily slide out to reach for tools and then slide back in without making a mess. The best creeper should possess smooth maneuverability brought about by quality casters.

Since a lot of your body weight lies squarely on the creeper, you have to consider the maximum weight it can handle. You don’t want to topple over and bath in grease, do you? Another important consideration is the creepers intolerance to grease, oil, and other garage solvents. Remember to also get an automotive battery charger so that you never have to get stranded at odd hours or strange places!
Sliding in and out from underneath your car doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. With between $30 and $ 350 you can acquire a comfortable and sturdily built creeper. You may wonder why such a huge variance in price, well, the craftsmanship of the creeper plays a major part in this, seeing as some of the higher end ones boast of innovative designs geared towards enhanced comfort. One major design aspect that drives up the price is the construction of the headrest and whether or not it can adjust to multiple positions.

Of course, there are cheap creepers in the market but, sadly, such products are often imitations that are flimsily constructed. Buying such creepers will make your back ache since most are not designed to accommodate extended hours beneath your car. You deserve a quality creeper while you carry out the extensive nature of working on your vehicle!
Here are the features to look out for before making a purchase:
  • Design - Creepers are designed to enhance comfort as you work thus it’s essential to ensure that you choose a creeper with ultimate comfort features such as a padded body.
  • Size -Ensure that your creeper of choice can comfortably accommodate your height and is built to allow a snug fit.
  • Capacity -Most can accommodate massive weights with some allowing a weight of up to 450 pounds.
  • Material - Materials such as plastic, urethane, and steel are used to make different parts of the creeper. The most important consideration is whether the material is durable and can resist stains.
  • Wheels -The type of casters present in a creeper ultimately affects the movement of the creeper thus it’s important that they’re built to roll easily.
Construction and Design
The most common design of creepers is a flat bed-like structure with wheels that roll enabling easy movement. In some instances, you may find a creeper that converts into a mechanic seat, which is a plus for you! The body of the creeper is often padded to ensure that you lay comfortably as you work. The padding of the creeper can be made using vinyl that’s known to last for long, but there are also non-padded creepers that are often made of plastic whose surface is smooth and comfortable to lie on.

The wheels of the creeper are a critical component since they are responsible for its maneuverability. The presence of ball bearings is essential and even better when they are fully fitted for easy rolling. Swiveling casters make movement easy and facilitate smooth maneuverability. The side of the creeper may have frames that are often made of steel to enhance strength and durability and in some designs, you may find that there are handholds to fit your hands for a better grip. A headrest is also an added advantage on a creeper, especially if it can adjust to allow access to different parts of the car.
Performance and Ease of Use
Assembling a creeper is not complicated and is a fun project for a Saturday afternoon. Often, manufacturers provide instructions that are easy to follow and implement. In terms of performance, the creeper does well on a smooth surface and easily wheels to allow your access to the car’s beneath. It’s essential to consider the height of ground clearance which should be adequate of fitting under the vehicles you will be working on, even whilst you lay on top.

Maintaining the creeper is not a complicated affair since most manufacturers have made them using materials that are resistant to stains such as grease, oil, and other common garage messes. The surface of the creeper is usually simple to clean by using a damp soft cloth. For some designs, you may be able to fold the creeper and store it away until the next time you need to venture under your car.

Get the Best Creeper of 2022!

Wow! Interesting read, right? Hopefully, you are better informed now and have even zeroed in on the best creeper for your automotive. In case you are not there yet, these reputable brands have many other options for you to choose from that will put a smile on your face.

Our Top Choice
Pro-Lift 'The Bone-ster' Mechanics Creeper
Best Value
Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creeper
Whiteside Either End Adjustable Creeper
Omega 40” Foldable Z Creeper
Torin 36-Inch Folding Shop Creeper