Best Crepe Maker Reviews 2023

You don’t have to be a famous French chef to make fluffy, flavorful crepes like a pro! Thanks to modern technology and the advent of electric crepe makers, you can bring the sweet and savory flavors of Paris right into your kitchen. All you need is one of the sizzling sweeties included in this review, a few minutes of your day, and a few of your favorite ingredients! Some of the best crepe maker brands will offer everything you need and more.
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Our Top Choice
CucinaPro 12-inch Crepe Maker
CucinaPro is a Connecticut-based manufacturer of specialty kitchen products, such as this highly rated CucinaPro 12-inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker.
5 temperature options. Spreader included. 12” non-stick surface. Recipes included. Light signals when surface is heated.
Isolated issues with unit failing over time. Not for commercial applications.
12-inch nonstick plate
Aluminum, plastic
5 temperature settings
Wipe clean
Batter spreader, recipe book
Best Value
Magic Mill Silver Line Crepe Maker
Magic Mill is an international company that markets and repairs a variety of small home appliances, including this Magic Mill Silver Line Crepe Maker with Dipping Dish & Spatula.
Heats up fast. 13” non-stick surface. Built-in temperature dial. Includes 4 accessories. 1-year warranty.
Isolated issues with unit failing. Not designed for commercial use.
13-inch nonstick plate
Teflon, plastic
Built-in temperature control guage
Wipe clean
Spreader/Spatula/Oil brush/Ladle
Krampouz Double Electric Crepe Griddle
Krampouz, a renowned French kitchen equipment company, sells top-of-the-line products for residential and commercial use, such as the Krampouz CECIJ4 Double Electric Crepe Griddle.
Two 15 ¾” cast iron surfaces. Each griddle as its own precision thermostat. Stainless steel body. 1-year warranty. Heats up to 570°F.
High price point.
Two 15 ¾-inch plates
Cast iron, stainless steel
Heats up to 570°F
Wipe clean
1-year warranty
Cuisinart Crepe, Pizzelle & Pancake Maker
Cuisinart’s comprehensive line of kitchen and small appliances make it easier than ever to have a restaurant-quality meal at home.
Reversible 8 1/3” cooking surface. Plates for crepes or pizzelle. Recipes, tongs, spice set included. Light signals when surface is heated. Doubles as a press when closed.
Tongs feel flimsy.
8 1/3-inch nonstick plate
Aluminum, brushed stainless steel
Built-in temperature control guage
Plates are dishwasher safe
Makes pizzelle, tools included
NutriChef 4-in-1 Crepe Maker
NutriChef is an American manufacturer of gourmet cookware and small kitchen appliances, such as the NutriChef Crepe Maker, Griddle, Hot Plate & Cooktop.
12” non-stick aluminum surface. Adjustable temperature. Doubles as hot plate. On/Ready indicator lights. Powerful heating element. Compact design. Spreader included.
Can be difficult to use at first.
12-inch nonstick plate
Aluminum, plastic
Built-in temperature control guage
Wipe clean
Includes spreader, spatula

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What is the Best Crepe Maker?

If you’ve had an authentic crepe – and chances are that you have or are in the market for one – then you know how important it is to achieve that ultra-thin, super-light consistency. A huge part of that equation, obviously, is the type of crepe maker you use. Now that you are well informed on the features to look out for, we are sure you’re ready to jump into our review.
Our Top Choice
Your loved ones will be impressed with the crepes, omelets and blintzes you make using the CucinaPro 12-inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker. Don’t want to be tied to the electric socket when cooking? Check out the CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker which also features a 100% non-stick surface.

CucinaPro Non-Stick Crepe Maker and Griddle - Includes Spreader and Recipe Guide

CucinaPro produces a wide variety of specialty kitchen products, including pasta makers, wafflers, coffee pots and this
CucinaPro 12-inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker, to name a few.

We chose the CucinaPro 12-inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker for our Top Product category because of its high rating, competitive pricing and high-quality design. For about $39.99, this unit includes one electric crepe maker with a 12” non-stick aluminum surface, recipe book and batter spreading tool. This is a great tool for anyone that loves breakfast because its surface can double as a griddle for eggs, sausage, pancakes and other goodies.

Some other great features you’d enjoy include:
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Light signals when unit is on/off, heated
  • Rubberized feet add stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Book with sweet and savory recipes
Best Value
The Magic Mill Silver Line Crepe Maker with Dipping Dish & Spatula is a solid appliance that comes with 4 convenient accessories. Want to get dinner started while you’re making breakfast crepes? Check out Magic Mill’s 6-Quart Multi-Cooker that lets you sear, brown, sauté and slow cook all from the same appliance.

Magic Mill 13" Professional Electric Crepe Maker & Griddle, Non-stick Cooking Plate, Variable Temperature Control

Magic Mill is an international company that sells and repairs small kitchen appliances. They specialize in slow cookers, mixers and many great products from Bosch, Le Chef and Royal Lux, in addition to their own brand.

The Magic Mill Silver Line Crepe Maker with Dipping Dish & Spatula is a steal at $39.99 because it includes one 13” electric non-stick crepe maker, a batter spreader, spatula, ladle and brush for oils and sauces. Designed with the consumer in mind, it heats up quickly and has been built to produce very thin, perfectly cooked crepes within seconds.

Check out these other great features:
  • Temperature dial gives added control
  • Compact, easy to clean design
  • Doubles as a griddle
  • Includes 4 accessories
  • 1-year warranty
Making enough crepes to feed an army is a cinch with this heavy-duty Krampouz CECIJ4 Double Electric Crepe Griddle. Only need to make one at a time? Krampouz makes a great commercial quality single crepe maker too.

Krampouz Double Commercial Electric Crepe Maker – 220V Crepe Griddle

Krampouz is a renowned French manufacturer of commercial and resident kitchen appliances. In addition to crepe makers, they are known for their wafflers, warming equipment and grills.

The Krampouz CECIJ4 Double Electric Crepe Griddle is the only commercial crepe maker we decided to include in this review. This is a very powerful unit, featuring a pair of 15 ¾” cast iron surfaces, each with their own precision temperature dial. Retailing for about $2260, this is hands down one of the best commercial crepe makers on the market today.

This beauty also boasts:
  • Light indicating power, when unit is ready for use
  • Internal coil heating element with insulation
  • Plastic feet to protect other kitchen surfaces
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • 3750 watts
  • 120°F to 570°F
  • 1-year warranty
The Cuisinart International Chef Crepe, Pizzelle Pancake Bundle is an innovative kitchen appliance that takes the work out of making tasty crepes and pancakes. Would you prefer to make your crepes the old fashioned way? Cuisinart Chef's Classic crepe pan is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Cuisinart International Chef Crepe Machine– Reversable Plate for Pizzelle, Pancakes and More – Comes with Mini-Spatula, Spice Set, Tongs and Cookbook

Cuisinart is a beloved American brand known for their high-quality yet affordably priced kitchen equipment, which ranges from knives and measuring cups to cookware, slow cookers and everything in-between.

The Cuisinart International Chef Crepe, Pizzelle Pancake Bundle is a must-have tool! Crepes are a very versatile dish and, depending on the ingredients used, can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This baby, however, also makes pizzelle and pancakes – which means the possibilities for a five-star meal are endless! For $99.95, you’ll receive one electric crepe maker with an 8 1/3” cooking surface, a pair of tongs, measuring spoon, mini ice cream cone roller, recipe book and spice pack. This tool’s multi-functionality really sets it apart from the rest of the class. The plates can be flipped to make pizzelle, and, when the unit it closed, not only does it cook on both sides but it can also be used as a press for quesadillas and other goodies.

Some of our favorite features include:
  • Dishwasher-safe, non-stick, reversible cooking plates
  • Includes recipe book, accessories
  • Adjustable temperature gauge
  • On/Ready lights
  • Brushed, stainless steel body
  • Built-in timer
  • Lid locks in place
The NutriChef Crepe Maker, Griddle, Hot Plate & Cooktop is an affordable crepe maker that is easy to stow away in small, cramped kitchens. Cooking for a Sunday family brunch? Need something to keep your fillings warm? Check out the NutriChef Food Warmer and Buffet Server with spots to keep 3 different items hot and ready.

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle, 12 inch Nonstick - Use also For Pancakes, Blintzes Eggs & More

NutriChef is an American company that produces a variety of gourmet kitchen appliances. Health and fitness are a top priority for their brand – a philosophy that is obvious in their diverse selection of quality cooking tools.

The NutriChef Crepe Maker, Griddle, Hot Plate & Cooktop is a great basic crepe maker. Retailing for about $29, this unit includes one electric crepe maker/griddle with a 12” cooking plate, crepe spreader and a wooden spatula. It is smaller than some of the other crepe makers included in this review, making it ideal for small kitchens, RVs or any tight space. It’s also a very convenient kitchen tool because it can double as a griddle for eggs, sausage and other breakfast dishes.

Other benefits include:
  • 12” nonstick aluminum surface
  • Temperature is easy to change
  • Powerful 1200-watt heating element
  • Designed for tabletop, countertop use
  • Includes spreader, spatula
  • Clean, simple design
If you’re cooking for a family or just really love crepes, you may also be interested in NutriChef’s 3-griddle version of this kitchen classic.

How Do I Choose the Best Crepe Maker?

What could be better than surprising your family with a special treat of delicious crepes? If you are venturing into crepe making, you need to be prepared to achieve this feat. Well, things could turn out to be quite complicated if you are just starting out. But this does not mean you should let go of your dream. All it takes to bring the French fun right into your dining room is a good crepe maker. But finding the perfect one doesn’t come easy either; you need to be watchful of several factors.

One of the most important things to look out for is the efficiency that your preferred maker can offer. No one wants to spend the whole morning in the kitchen, especially when you have to go about your daily business. So you should look for an appliance that gains heat fast to save you time. But make sure this benefit does not compromise the ease of cleaning.

When shopping for this kind of equipment, be sure to get one with a non-stick surface. This feature will go a long way in making things comfortable and fun for you. Since you won’t have a burned-on crepe, cleaning it will be as easy as it can get. And there is a catch; different crepe makers have different cleaning needs. For some of these tools, you might just need to wipe it clean with your clean kitchen towel. However, if you have a dishwasher-safe one, then you will have another reason to love your appliance as cleaning becomes a breeze.

The settings are among the aspects you cannot afford to miss when looking for the perfect crepe maker. Some of these kitchen appliances come with several temperature settings, and others have built-in settings to guarantee the smoothest use possible. While still at it, you should also consider looking for a multi-purpose crepe maker. What’s more, if you can find one that comes with an angled spatula, batter spreader, oil brush, or any other accessories, you can count yourself lucky. Such options could mean saving on costs and making the most of your appliance.

You should check out our selection of the top crepe makers, but first, look through the features.
Crepe makers are the real deal when you consider the efficiency and convenience that these appliances can offer in the kitchen. That aside, the price range that these devices come with in blow you away. Set aside any budget in the range between $25 and $2000, and you will find a perfect crepe maker for your needs. And if you are willing to spend a little more, then you can always go for higher-quality options as well.

It is also worth keeping in mind that several other factors will play a significant role in the price of any crepe maker out there. Go for the one with outstanding features like built-in settings and non-stick surface, and it will cost you more than some of the basic models. Besides, if you want one made with durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, then be ready to spend more for the quality as well. Above all, the brand you choose will also affect the price. Going for the top brand on the market will mean getting high quality, but it will cost you too.

However, what you need to be wary of is the large number of cheap crepe maker offers on the market. These can be enticing with their low prices, but you need to steer clear of such options. Usually, such appliances lack essential features like temperature settings and durable material, which means you run the risk of wasting your money.
When it comes to finding the best crepe maker, you need to make sure you get the features right. This could prove to be a difficult task, but you do not have to hang your boots and give up. Most crepe makers out there have all you need.

These are some of the features to check out:
  • Size – So you want the perfect crepe maker to prepare just enough to serve your family? Well then, you are lucky because these appliances come in all sizes. From 12 inches, 13 inches, even 15 inches, you will always have something to turn to for the size of crepe that you want to prepare, whether for your family or at a party. What’s more, most of these tools have non-stick plates, so cleaning burned-on food should never be a cause for worry.
  • Material – Crepe makers come in different materials. From aluminum and plastic to stainless steel, you will always get a wide range of options. Others feature cast iron and brushed stainless steel; the varieties are almost endless. The good news is that with all these offers on the market, you will always find a crepe maker that best fits your needs.
  • Settings – If there is something else you cannot afford to miss in these appliances, it is the settings. Some crepe makers come with several temperature settings. Up to five in most cases, that is. Besides, you can also count on several other settings and gauges on these devices for efficiency and convenience in use. Making your crepes could not be more comfortable.
  • Cleaning – Crepe makers are super easy to clean, and this can be done efficiently in several ways. If you have a dishwasher around, then you can consider crepe makers with plates that you can wash safely in the machine. But in case you want to do it manually, there are some appliances that you can just wipe clean.
  • Warranty and Accessories – Most crepe makers are versatile enough to be used in making other treats like pizzelles and pancakes. Besides, many of the appliances come with other exciting accessories like batter spreaders, spatulas, recipe books, and oil brushes, which can be very handy when you’re using your crepe maker. And the best part of all is that if you can find one with a warranty, which most of these appliances have, then you will have a reason to buy with confidence.
Construction and Design
If you want to get the real deal in shopping for crepe makers, you need to know about the construction and design. This helps you decide beforehand what you want in a crepe maker so that you can make an informed decision. The things you need to look out for include the following.

Gas vs. Electric

Crepe makers can differ by design, but the two major kinds are gas and electric. The gas ones are preferred for outdoor events, more so by caterers, and require a gas supply from a fixed outlet, which can be economical. The electric griddles usually come in handy if you are operating in an area with limited mobility, such as a café or restaurant. This type can also prove easy to use, as all you need to do is plug it in and use it.

Single vs. Double

Crepe makers can also come in different shapes, which further offer a good deal of variety to work with as well. Some of these griddles come as a single unit, while others are two in one. Depending on your needs, you can always go for the one that best caters for the amount you want to prepare. A single one could be a great option if you want to save on space, but the double one will go a long way when it comes to convenience. The choice is all yours.

Frame Shape

Well, talk of rounded or square crepe makers and the market will have the options you are searching for. Both of these types will offer virtually all you need in a crepe maker, so it all comes down to the shape that you like the most. The square ones offer effortless cleaning and maintenance, not forgetting that these are more stylish and compact. These are your ideal option for tight spaces. On the other hand, though, the round one will produce a more traditional-looking crepe if you have the space and flexibility.

Thermostatic and Manual

Crepe makers feature different types of heat control. Thermostatic ones have a dial for the gas mark, also known as the thermostatic control. On the other end, manual control does not have these gauges. This function might not make much difference in the reliability of the appliances but could change the price. However, you need to keep in mind that the thermostatic one may be a little less accurate in case of adverse weather.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of any crepe maker comes down to several features. And when it comes to the things these appliances can do, you will be amazed at how efficient one can be in getting the job done. All you need to do is check to make sure you get the right one.

Fast Heating

No one wants to be in the kitchen all morning, especially when everyone in the family wants to take their breakfast and start the day. This means you should have an ideal crepe maker that takes as little time as possible to prepare your treats. Finding one with fast heating can come to your rescue, as you will just need a short time to get your crepes ready. Such efficiency could come down to the material used in making the appliance, but the best part is that most of these tools are tailored to offer this capability.

Non-stick Surfaces

The other thing you will come to love about crepe makers is the ease of use and cleaning. The last thing you want to deal with when it comes to cleaning, using or cleaning your griddle is burned-on food. We have good news for you. Since most crepe makers feature interiors designed for perfection, you need not worry about this problem if you find the right one.


While still at it, it is also worth mentioning that you will have an easy time cleaning your crepe maker as well. Most of the appliances can be washed in the dishwasher, so you can always get a dishwasher-safe model and get the job done at the push of a button. If the dishwasher is not your kind of thing, then you need not lose hope with crepe makers. Some of these devices are super easy to wipe clean, and you have it ready for the next task. Whichever method you prefer, you will always have an easy time keeping it sparkling clean.


The other thing that will give you a reason to love your crepe maker is the fact that you can use it for more than one dish. If you have a versatile device, you can use it even when you are not preparing crepes. You will not be making crepes every day, but sometimes breakfast goes down well with some pancakes or pizzelle on the table. If these are on your meal list, then some crepe makers will take you there; you just need to get a good one.

Get the Best Crepe Maker of 2023!

Ready to wow your friends and family? Crepes, sweet or savory, are the perfect dish for any time of day. Choose one of the five models featured in our best crepe maker review and get cooking! Remember, if you could not find the one you wanted here, you can always browse our recommended sites for more amazing offers. Hit the world of crepes and bring the fun right to the table.

Our Top Choice
CucinaPro 12-inch Crepe Maker
Best Value
Magic Mill Silver Line Crepe Maker
Krampouz Double Electric Crepe Griddle
Cuisinart Crepe, Pizzelle & Pancake Maker
NutriChef 4-in-1 Crepe Maker