Best Crescent Wrench Reviews – Adjustable Spanner Open-End Wrench with Movable Jaw to Fit Different Size Bolts

When buying a crescent wrench, picking the right option can be overwhelming given the hundreds of adjustable spanners available on the market. To help make this exercise easier for you, we’ve looked at the best crescent wrench brands on the market and compiled a list of five amazing adjustable spanners. For every product in our review, we have highlighted key qualities that make them special, and we hope these will come in handy during your search.

The featured products we chose are single crescent style wrenches, but if you are looking for a set with different sizes, Craftsman crescent wrench sets, Navegando adjustable wrench sets and WorkPro adjustable crescent wrench sets are all great options. We also have a separate review for adjustable wrenches in different styles as well a review for traditional wrench sets.
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Jaw Size(s)
Handle Grip
Our Top Choice
Apex Crescent® Chrome Adjustable Wrench
The Apex Tool Group is undeniably a real leader in manufacturing hand and power tools, with over 30 renowned brands such as the original Crescent®.
Comes in a reduced weight design. It is sturdy and convenient to use.
It has no jaw scale.
2.063 Inches
Tapered With Satin Finish
18” x 3” x 1.5”; 4.8 lbs.
Heat-Treated Steel
Best Value
Stanley MaxGrip™ Locking Crescent Wrench
The Stanley brand has been around since 1843. The firm has been pivotal in providing reliable tools that have helped Americans build a great nation.
It is built to last. Very efficient and reliable.
No extra grip is generated by its handle.
1.25 Inches
Wide Locking
10” x 5.4” x 0.57”; 1.4 lbs
Channellock WideAzz Crescent Wrench
For 130 years, the Channellock brand has been providing Americans with tools that make their work easier.
This spanner has a firm grip and is comfortable to use. It is highly affordable.
Some customers complained that its jaws were misaligned.
1.50 Inches
Code Blue® Grips
8” x 2.86” x 0.5”; 0.68 lbs
Chrome Vanadium Steel
Bahco Adjustable Wrench Ergo
The Bahco brand has been around for over 150 years. Over time, it has sustained high standards in manufacturing to the benefit of many consumers.
Comes with a wide grip for added comfort. Comes in an elegant design.
It rusts easily as it is not plated with chrome.
1.625 Inches
Non-Slip Rubber
8” x 3” x 1”; 0.75 lbs.
Hardened Steel
TEKTON Adjustable Wrench
TEKTON has been consistent in providing professionals with awesome hand tools that exceed their expectations.
Cost-efficient. Strong and durable. Highly versatile and can be used in any industry.
It has a loose head and may not work well with very tight bolts.
0.75 Inches
Satin Finish
6” x 1.8” x 0.5”; 0.26 lbs
Carbon Steel

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What is the Best Adjustable Crescent Wrench?

Now that you're armed with the best ideas on how to choose high-quality crescent wrenches, take a deeper look at the qualities of the featured adjustable spanners from trusted brands on the market. We hope you will find each of our selected products in this category unique in terms of performance and efficiency. Now we only had room for 5 brands, but we would be totally remiss if we didn't mention Craftsman — a brand in the tool arena that needs no introduction. They definitely get our vote for honorable mention, so much so that we are going to spotlight 4 great options before we get to our reviews.

Our Top Choice
The Apex Tool Group Crescent AC118 Wrench has a chrome-plated body to protect it from rusting and corrosion. Need more than one? Crescent® offers adjustable wrench sets, like the AC3PC three piece Adjustable Wrench Set that comes with 6", 8" & 10" wrenches.

Apex Tool Group Crescent® 18" Chrome Finish Tapered Handle Adjustable Wrench - The Original Crescent Wrench

Karl Peterson founded the Crescent® brand in 1907 — and it is this brand name that has lead to adjustable spanner wrenches from other companies brandishing the term . The firm introduced the first adjustable wrench on the market, effectively revolutionizing the tools industry. Besides manufacturing wrenches, the company has expanded over the years to include innovative designs for pliers and tool sets in its array of products.

The Apex Tool Group Crescent AC118 Wrench is a professional-grade tool that is very popular in industries and homes. This wrench is made in the USA and costs only $97.29.

Here are additional features that make many consumers fall in love with this product:
  • It is built to allow a comfortable two-hand grip
  • It is built in perfect proportion to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Comes with tension spring to stabilize its jaw
  • Its knurl is designed to adjust with ease
As you shop for your crescent wrench, don’t be afraid of getting awesome tool sets by Apex Tool Group.

Crescent® 10-Inch Locking Adjustable Wrench

2 in 1 Tool combines the secure fit of Crescent’s famous adjustable wrench with the torque and clamping power of locking pliers.
Best Value
The Stanley MaxGrip™ Adjustable Wrench is innovatively designed to function as a spanner or a locking pliers. Don’t need the pliers functionality? Take a look at the Stanley MaxSteel Adjustable Wrench available in multiple sizes. Made from forged chrome vanadium steel with a slip-resistant handle grip, we think it may be one of your go to tools.

Stanley 10-Inch MaxGrip™ Locking Adjustable Wrench - 2 tools in 1: Adjustable Wrench and Locking Pliers

For over one and a half centuries, the Stanley Company has led the way in manufacturing tools that have helped people shape the world around them. Regardless of your level of expertise in your trade, the Stanley brand is sure to provide you with dependable tools. Its products include hand tools, storage solutions and automotive tools and accessories.

The Stanley MaxGrip™ Adjustable Wrench comes with an anti-slip feature that locks the movable jaw for a firm grip. This crescent wrench sells at $23.60 and is sure to offer you value for the cost.

The features below make this wrench the best bet for any mechanical work:
  • Its wide handle offers you a comfortable grip
  • Comes with a four thread knurl for appropriate adjustment
  • Chrome-plated body for protection against corrosion
  • Has a specially built tension spring to stabilize its movable jaw
  • Comes with a limited manufacturer lifetime warranty
  • ANSI certified
Do not shy away from getting yourself any of the other tools by Stanley as you shop for your crescent wrench.
The Channellock WideAzz Crescent Wrench comes with jaws that grip tightly with high precision the first time. This spanner comes with a wider jaw capacity to accommodate larger bolts and nuts.

Channellock WideAzz Adjustable Wrench with Code Blue Grips, 1-1/2-Inch Opening- 8-Inch Overall Length

The history of the Channellock Company dates back to 1886. It started as a blacksmith's hand-forging business for craftsman’s tools. Over the years, the company has grown to become a true leader in producing highly dependable tools for plumbing, automotive and electrical technicians.

The Channellock WideAzz Crescent Wrench is specially designed with thin jaws for optimal use in tight spaces. This adjustable wrench retails at $29.96 and comes with long jaws that give you a firm and steady grip.

These features make this product a must have tool for most technicians:
  • High-precision jaw design
  • Four-thread knurl
  • Its head width is kept at minimal size for convenient use in areas with limited space
  • Comes with inches and millimeter scales on its front and reverse sides respectively
  • 30-day return guarantee
As you shop for an affordable wrench, feel free to treat yourself to the wide range of pliers by Channellock.
The Bahco Adjustable Wrench Ergo has a slim head, and its jaws are tapered, giving it additional turning strength. If you are looking for an adjustable spanner with more uses, consider the Bahco 31 R US Alligator Wrench. This spanner can be used in any industry.

Bahco Black Extra Wide Adjustable Wrench Ergo 8 Inches

Besides adjustable spanners, Bahco is renowned for other products such as reliable tools for digging, clamping, filling, drilling and sawing. This brand is fully owned by the SNA Europe Company, which serves European markets and the rest of the world.

The Bahco Adjustable Wrench Ergo is one of the company’s most widely used products. This adjustable wrench comes with four standard certifications that guarantee its quality. For only $29.00, you can own this professional-grade product and get value for your money.

Here are the features that distinguish this product from others:
  • Comes with a mm scale
  • It is built through an ERGO™ process to offer maximum efficiency and comfort to users
  • Its jaw is designed to remain in place even when it is at its maximum capacity
  • Comes with a short handle that makes it easy to use in places with limited space
  • Its jaws open wider than standard wrenches
In addition to getting a crescent wrench by Bahco, you can also buy yourself an automotive tool set to help you fix your car in case of emergencies.
The TEKTON 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench is available in six sizes, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. TEKTON also offers a wide range of combination wrench sets if you are looking to start filling your handyman tool box.

TEKTON 6 Inch Adjustable Wrench

TEKTON is renowned for manufacturing highly affordable products, ranging from air hoses to clamps and vises. With a wide range of innovative products, the company has continued to remain relevant to its market.

The TEKTON 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench is specially built for use in hard-to-reach places. Its short handle comes in handy where longer wrenches cannot fit. For only $7.00, you can enjoy the services of this adjustable spanner.

When it comes to performance, this adjustable wrench provides you with immense strength, thanks to its carbon steel construction. This construction meets the ANSI standards. It is also plated with satin chrome to protect it from corrosive agents and maintain an attractive look for a long time.

Its knurl is built to operate smoothly and offer unmatched precision when used together with the mm and inch scales on its head. To help you distinguish this wrench from others, it has its length and model number stamped on it.

If your workshop is lacking some tools other than an adjustable wrench, feel free to buy them at TEKTON.

How Do I Choose the Best Crescent Wrench?

Whether you’re a diehard mechanical DIY or a professional who handles bolts and nuts frequently, you appreciate the need for quality tools. Most machines have parts that are joined with bolts and nuts. When building or servicing these machines, you need to fasten or loosen the relevant joints by holding the nuts and turning the bolts at the same time. Here is where crescent wrenches come in handy.

Just like nuts and bolts, wrenches come in different sizes and designs. This gives you a wide selection to choose from, and you are much more likely to find a spanner that meets your specific needs. The good news with adjustable spanner wrenches (or crescent wrenches as they are commonly called) is that you get to use a single one on a wide range of nuts.

You’ll also need to take care of your tool after buying it. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a quality toolbox where you can easily store your equipment and protect things from getting lost or being stolen. If you’re working on a project that may involve old, rusted bolts, it would be a good idea to invest in an impact wrench that gets the job done faster. In addition, don’t neglect your safety. Invest in protective gear such as goggles and steel toe boots to guard your eyes and feet respectively.

Video: How to Properly Use a Crescent Wrench

Yes, there is a correct way to use a crescent wrench. | Courtesy of grayfurnaceman
The price of an adjustable spanner depends on its size and other design factors such as the material used for its construction. For example, a six-inch crescent spanner made of carbon steel with a 0.75-inch jaw can cost about $10. On the other hand, the price of an 18-inch long adjustable wrench made of heat-treated steel with a 2.06-inch jaw can go up to $100.

You may also come across cheap crescent wrenches on the market but beware of such products as they are likely to be made of low-quality metal that’s soft and rusts quickly. The good news is that the products in our reviews are carefully selected and checked for quality to help you get value for your money.
As you shop for a crescent wrench, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for and for how long. These factors help you pick a spanner with features that are specific to your needs.

Here are the important features to look for in a crescent wrench:
  • Type – Key features of the spanner e.g. adjustable, extra wide jaw, etc.
  • Jaw Size – Maximum size of the wrench jaw when it’s fully open
  • Handle Design – The design of the spanner’s handle e.g. non-slip rubber, special grips, etc.
  • Size – Dimension and weight of the wrench
  • Composition – Materials used for constructing the spanner
  • Additional Features – Other features of the product such as scale on its head, finishing, etc.
The above features will make it easy for you to identify a spanner that suits your needs and is also affordable.
Construction and Design
Some of the common materials used for making quality crescent wrenches include various forms of steel metal such as hardened steel, carbon steel, and chrome vanadium steel. These wrenches feature heads with either one fixed jaw or completely movable jaws. The moveable jaw rests on a screw-like knob that rotates back and forth. This gives the jaw the opening and closing actions.

The inner sides of the jaws are tapered to give a firm and precise grip on bolts or nuts. It’s important to mention that some adjustable spanners have scales on their heads which could be calibrated in inches or millimeters. They also come in varied lengths thereby allowing you to use them in different situations. One of the important features in the construction of a spanner is its finishing. Leading manufacturers use top-notch technology to give a superior coating to the products such as satin and chrome finishes.
Performance and Ease of Use
Tools that are durable serve you a long time and give you value for money. It, therefore, goes without saying that adjustable spanners made of hard materials such as hardened steel don’t chip easily and are built to withstand heavy use. In addition, chrome coating gives the product an attractive look and protects it from corrosion. These factors ensure that the spanners last for years if well maintained.

When it comes to the knurl, quality crescent wrenches come with a locking action design that holds the jaws in place to ensure a firm grip. In addition, the scale on the head of the spanner allows you to know the size of the bolts you’re working on.

Adjustable spanners also have varying handle designs. Some come with rubber-coated grips that enhance comfort when working. Their varying handle lengths come with diverse advantages e.g. short-handled spanners come in handy when working in areas that are hard to reach while spanners with long handles yield high mechanical advantage to open tight and/or large nuts.

Get the Best Crescent Wrench of 2022!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our review on the best crescent wrenches and have found one that works for you. These trusted brands also have a wide range of adjustable spanners that you may want to have a look at if you have yet to find a suitable wrench. Just click the links on this page for more details.

Our Top Choice
Apex Crescent® Chrome Adjustable Wrench
Best Value
Stanley MaxGrip™ Locking Crescent Wrench
Channellock WideAzz Crescent Wrench
Bahco Adjustable Wrench Ergo
TEKTON Adjustable Wrench

Crescent Wrench FAQs

What is a crescent wrench?
A crescent wrench is an adjustable wrench that comes with one fixed jaw and another that moves up or down. You can adjust it to anything between 4 inches and 24 inches. It is used to tighten and loosen differently-sized hexagonal bolts. It was named Crescent from the original brand that made a wrench in that style in the early 20th century.
What does a crescent wrench look like?
A crescent wrench looks like another type of adjustable wrench — the monkey wrench. Made from steel, a crescent wrench has one fixed jaw and another one that moves up and down. It also has a handle, which you get hold of when loosening or tightening nut
Who invented the crescent wrench?
Karl Peterson, a resident of Jamestown New York, invented the crescent wrench. His original model was wooden. After he had refined the wrench, he sold Crescent Tool Company to Cooper Industries. The Crescent® brand is now owned by Apex Tool Group and to this day they still make some of the very best adjustable spanner wrenches available.
How to use a crescent wrench
To properly use a crescent wrench, you have to place the jaws snugly onto the nut. You can remove any room for play by turning the worm screw until the jaws hold tightly onto the nut. After ensuring you have a tight wrench, you can catch the handle and either tighten or loosen the nut. However, you need to adjust your stance to avoid falling over if the wrench unexpectedly gets loose. Once you finish, loosen the wrench by turning the worm screw. For more info, you can watch the video in our buying guide.