Best Crib Quilt Reviews 2023

Crib quilts are special baby blankets that are a little larger and thicker than regular ones, so they provide great comfort and warmth for the little one. Quilts can be used for multiple things, including covering the baby at night, as a laying blanket for the baby to sit or play on during the day, and also for holding the baby for comfort and cuddling. We’ve reviewed some of the best baby quilt brands to make your choice easier. We also have separate reviews for baby bedding, crib sheets, crib bumpers, crib blankets, and baby bedding sets that you can look at for more options.
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Our Top Choice
Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie Quilt
Inspired by nature, Burt’s Bees Baby uses excellent materials with great focus on sustainability. From their organic trims, to their coconut buttons, the company strives to give you and your little one the best.
Made of 100% organic cotton jersey. Machine-washable and dryable. Breathable. Very durable. Filled with 100% Polyester. Reversible. Naturally hypoallergenic.
Possibility of shrinking after wash.
Reversible / Jersey knit
46 x 37 inches
100% organic cotton
3 colors; pink, gray or blue
Best Value
Bacati Quilted Circles Quilt
With their attention to detail and fine workmanship, Bacati Inc. designs unique and luxurious products using the best fabrics in the market.
Quilted circles with chocolate threading and edging. Machine-washable. Durable. Reversible. 2-in-1 design. Can be used as a play mat. 100% cotton shell.
Limited color designs.
Reversible / Quilted circles
35 x 45 inches
100% cotton shell & batting
White & chocolate
The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Quilt
The Peanut Shell brand is made up of design-savvy parents who manufacture high-quality baby products with sophisticated designs.
Beautiful patchwork design. 100% cotton satin fabric. Durable and breathable. Elegant coral pink, gray & mint color. Machine & tumble dry. Large 44 by 37 inches.
Limited color designs.
37 x 44 inches
100% cotton sateen
Coral, mint & gray
Machine-wash and dry
Carousel Designs Arrow Crib Comforter
Change is inevitable in every business establishment, but Carousel Designs has remained committed to evolving and improving their high-quality products and services to their clients across the globe.
Detailed coral and teal arrows on the front. Coral and teal chevrons at the back. Hypoallergenic polyester fill. Breathable and super soft.
Comes in one design.
Approximately 36 x 46 inches
Cotton / Hypoallergenic fill
Coral & teal arrows
Stephan Baby Reversible Blue Dot Quilt
Being a family-owned business, Stephan Baby focuses on providing parents with exceptional baby products and accessories, with strict adherence to recommended safety levels and comfort.
Measures 36 x 48 inches. Made of 100% cotton. Machine-washable. Can tumble dry. Softens after washing. Vintage, classic design. Machine quilting for durability.
Not substantial enough for cold winter use.
Reversible / Vintage dot pieced
36 x 48 inches
100% cotton / polyester batting
Blue and white
Machine-wash cold; tumble dry low

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What is the Best Crib Quilt?

With hundreds of different crib quilts out there, it can be quite overwhelming to know which model will hold its plush and softness for a long time, and which ones are likely to lose their comfort after a few washes. We’ve given you the specifics on the top-rated brands so you can decide for yourself which model appeals to you. So, go ahead and pick a crib quilt that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
Made of 100% organic cotton jersey, the Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie Quilt is the most breathable, coziest and super-soft cover, and will ensure your munchkin feels comfortable and secure. Willing to pay more to get bedding set instead? Check out the Burt's Bees Baby Organic 5 Piece Crib Bedding Nursery Set that comes with a reversible quilt, changing pad cover, crib sheet, crib skirt, and lovey.

Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie 100% Organic Reversible Quilt - Available in 3 Colors

Burt’s Bees Baby understands how difficult it is to find the best bedding for your little bee. The company is committed to producing the best organic baby products, at affordable prices. Their products include baby clothing, pajamas, bedding, birth essentials, and gift baskets.

The Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie Quilt has a 100% organic cotton shell with 100% polyester fill. This quilt is a mix and match of gentle solids and prints, fit to adorn a beautiful nursery. Furthermore, it is not only good for your little one but for the planet too. The 100% natural cotton jersey knit is, without doubt, the most breathable and coziest fabric that ensures your baby feels both comfortable and secure. Burt’s Bees Baby uses ring-spun cotton and an additional combing process to ensure their organic cotton turns out to be extremely soft to the touch.

Measuring 37 by 46 inches, the Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie Quilt is reversible and versatile, so you can use it as a soft cushion during tummy time, a fancy nursery piece, or anytime you want an additional layer of warmth. With this quilt, you get multiple tacks (stitches through the quilt) to maintain a nice and even fill.

Made of certified organic products, this quilt is crafted using the purest and softest form of cotton, which ensures irritations and discomforts are kept at bay. The best part is that it is machine-washable and dryable, and gets softer with each wash. We’re featuring the stylish heather gray color, but if you want something a little different, this quilt also comes in blossom and heather sky (that’s pink and blue to us normal folk).
Best Value
Featuring quilted circles with chocolate threading and edging, the Bacati Quilted Circles Quilt is a fashionable accessory that will add style and comfort to your baby’s room. Want to save some bucks by taking a different design? Check out the Bacati - MixNMatch Moroccan Tiles Quilted Crib Quilt that also comes in 6 different colors.

Bacati Quilted White and Chocolate Circles Crib Quilt

Founded in 1998, Bacati Inc. believes that home furnishings ought to be exceptional in quality, style, and comfort. They draw their inspiration from long-standing designs in America and across the globe to create unique products at affordable prices. Their collection comprises distinct products made of muslin, luxurious cotton and other fabrics with unique prints and styles.

The Bacati Quilted Circles Quilt will add an element of style and comfort to your little munchkin’s new room. This reversible quilt features quilted circles in chocolate and white material, with chocolate thread, piping, and quilting. Measuring 35 by 45 inches, the Bacati Quilted Circles Quilt is machine-washable and can be used as a play mat during your child’s early stages. You will be happy to know that this quilt comes in three color designs to choose from.
The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Quilt comes in a beautiful patchwork design with a blend of grey and mint dots, coral medallions, and grey and white chevrons, surrounded by a contrasting mint sateen border. Prefer a set instead? Go for the Mint Green and Coral Patchwork 3 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set by The Peanut Shell, which comes with a fitted sheet, reversible quilt, and tailored dust ruffle.

The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Cotton Crib Quilt in Coral Pink, Grey and Mint

The Peanut Shell believes that parents should have elegant products as options for their little one, home and life. The company manufactures products for parents in need of sophisticated design, combined with high-quality construction and fabrics. Their products, including feeding, bedding, toys, on the-go, and baby accessories complement the entire home and lifestyle.

The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Quilt features a blend of silky, 100% cotton sateen prints. The patchwork design is an arrangement of grey and white chevrons, grey and mint dots, and coral pink medallion, with the whole thing framed by a distinct mint, sateen border. This quilt is lightweight and measures 44 by 37 inches. The 100% cotton sateen fabric has a satin-like appearance and feel, and offers optimum mix of beauty, breathability, durability, and ease of care.

The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Quilt has a host of uses, both inside and outside the home, and inside and outside the nursery; it is perfect for tummy-time. The polyester fiber fill ensures just the right amount of lightweight warmth. Made with busy mothers in mind, this quilt can be machine-washed and tumble-dried. The high-quality fabric and premium workmanship ensure maximum durability and lasting color.
The Carousel Designs Coral and Teal Arrow Crib Comforter features detailed coral and teal arrows on the front, and coral and teal chevrons at the back, bordered with coral confetti trim. Want to complete your baby’s crib with warm, beautiful sheets? We recommend the Carousel Designs Personalized Custom White and Silver Gray Chevron Crib Sheet, which is 100% organic cotton and super soft.

Carousel Designs 36 by 46-Inch Coral and Teal Arrow Crib Comforter

Founded over 30 years ago, Carousel Designs has never compromised on its quality. It all began as a boutique design studio that saw the company make a mark in the baby bedding marketplace, by creating beautiful crib bedding collections using top-quality materials. Allan Sicat and Jonathan Hartley have been at the forefront of the management and have worked to personalize nursery design experience for expectant mothers, and they deliver unmatched service.

The front of the Carousel Designs Coral and Teal Arrow Crib Comforter is adorned with coral and teal arrows, while the back has coral and teal chevrons. The edges are made with coral confetti trim for a perfect finish. Your baby can enjoy a sweet lullaby with this soft and cozy box-quilted comforter that keeps her warm during chilly nights. During the day, it can serve as a perfect surface for tummy time. It measures approximately 36 by 46 inches, which can fit a wide range of crib sizes.

Since the comforter is made of a recyclable hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill, you can be sure it’s safe and comfortable on your baby’s delicate skin.
Measuring 36 x 48 inches, the Stephan Baby Blue Dot Quilt is ideal for both tummy time and for tucking your baby in at night. Willing to pay some extra coins to get a different design? Consider the Stephan Baby Reversible Pieced Stripes & Dots Crib Quilt that features polka dots, mix-and-match stripes, and solids.

Stephan Baby Reversible Pieced Blue and White Vintage Dot Crib Quilt

Stephan Baby is rich in tradition and was founded by Jan Campbell in 1987, before it was acquired by Creative Brands in 2017. The brand began with a single product, the Boo-Bunnie®, which has remained a best-seller to date. Campbell has always focused on the baby’s first year of comfort, but has gradually expanded to provide hundreds of heartwarming baby gifts, including blankets, toy sets, and plush.

Whether it’s tummy time or cuddle time, your baby will love the Stephan Baby crib quilt as it wraps her little fingers and toes snugly and cozily. The top of the quilt is pieced with an enticing jumble of mix and match polka dots, gingham checks, stripes, and solids. The back side is cheery blue and white with a gingham check. Both top and bottom are made with 100 percent cotton fabric, with intricate machine quilting for maximum comfort. The corners are gently rounded with a tidy polka dot binding, running all around to give it a perfect finish. This crib quilt measures 36 x 48 inches, which makes it ideal for tummy time and for tucking your baby in at night. Since it’s machine-washable cold and tumble-dry low, you can be happy to allow your little one some splats, splurts, drips and drools without worrying about the cleaning.

How Do I Choose the Best Crib Quilt?

A crib quilt is a must-have item on every parent’s list of baby products, especially for newborn babies. Quilts are used in different ways in and out of the baby crib, and choosing the right model for your needs and purposes should be at the top of your priorities. You can additionally use it as a burp cloth, for swaddling, or as a floor blanket for tummy times.

With the myriad of sizes, styles, materials, patterns, and colors out there, choosing the right crib quilt may not be a piece of cake. While some quilts are better suited for cuddling and swaddling, others are better for other purposes, like burp cloths. Each model also incorporates different workmanship, so some choices may not be suited for use within a crib, or they could be too rough against the skin when used for sleeping or swaddling.

Just like baby blankets, some quilts are made with such high-quality materials and workmanship that they can be passed down from one generation to the next, while still maintaining their comfort and warmth. Most kids will feel safe and protected under one quilt for several years, so be sure to pick a model with comfortable features and patterns that the baby can easily fall in love with.

When it comes to baby bedding, you can never have enough. From the crib mattress to fitted sheets, bumpers, mattress pads, swaddle wraps, and wearable blankets, the list is just endless. But make sure you don’t put too much into the crib, to avoid strangulation or suffocation hazards. You can consult your doctor or a reliable baby book for safety guidelines regarding a baby’s crib.

With that appreciation in mind, it’s time to go through the features to look for in a crib quilt, and then you can dive straight into our individual reviews.
Crib quilts are moderately priced, given that most models will last for several years and even be passed down to the younger sibling. However, you need to pay close attention to the workmanship and the material it’s made of. Generally, muslin and cotton quilts are the most common and most affordable options on the market, while fleece, flannel, and some other natural fibers are a little bit more expensive.

With a budget of $40 to $70, you should be able to find a good-quality crib quilt that will serve your little one for several years to come, and still last for those who may come after. Though you can still find cheaper crib quilts out there, we strongly discourage you from purchasing such for obvious quality and safety reasons. You don’t want something with poor quality finishes, rough edges, and probably substandard materials that can irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
Crib quilts come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and colors, and most parents will stock different kinds for various tasks involved in caring for a baby. Due to the importance of this bedding, you want to find a model that will withstand the constant use and frequent washes that it will go through before your little one outgrows it. Here are the key features to look for in a crib quilt:
  • Security – Babies can develop strong attachments to specific crib quilts, so you need a high-quality quilt that your little one can cuddle with and sleep on comfortably. It should be durable and soft, since it’s something your baby will keep for years to come.
  • Thread Count – What determines the softness of a fabric is the thread count (the total number of threads in one square foot of the fabric). Higher thread counts mean softer and more durable quilts. A thread count of 200+ is acceptable, but good-quality fabrics should have counts of 300+. The only exception is flannel fabric, which must keep a lower thread count to maintain softness.
  • Material – Crib quilts can be made of cotton, muslin, fleece, or flannel. These details are covered in detail in the following section.
  • Size – Baby crib quilts should be well-fitted to the size of the crib. Always take the measurements of the baby’s crib before you purchase a quilt. Loose quilts can roll up or bunch up, hence posing suffocation hazards.
Construction and Design
Now, quilts are made with different styles and designs, but the most important consideration is the material they’re made of. This is the primary determinant of durability, softness, and ease of cleaning of the crib quilt. Here are the common materials used to manufacture crib quilts:
  • Cotton – Cotton is perhaps the most common material used to make crib quilts. It’s also relatively affordable. They are cool, soft, and breathable. Cotton fabrics are quite durable and can stand up to daily use and washing. You can also find cotton quilts in organic varieties that are manufactured with non-toxic dyes, with no toxins or bleaches. The only drawbacks with cotton are that it doesn’t dry quickly after washing and it can significantly wrinkle.
  • Muslin – Another common material used in crib quilts is muslin. It is made with open weave, making it easy to clean. It’s also quite inexpensive, soft to touch, and breathable. These quilts can be used as burp cloths and for nursing.
  • Microfiber – Microfiber is a synthetic material that is stain and liquid-resistant. They can serve many purposes, including keeping your baby warm just like the traditional blankets. Their upside is their ease of cleaning and extreme durability.
  • Fleece – This lightweight, super-plush and soft material is quite popular with newborns and parents alike. It’s stain-resistant and is made from 100% polyester, which makes it stay dry and warm for a long time. It’s great for keeping your baby warm in the crib, car seat, swing, or stroller.
  • Flannel – Flannel crib quilts are warm and perfect for layering. Their high insulation makes them great for covering the baby when lying in the crib, or in infant carriers outdoors in cooler temperatures. These quilts are made of wool, a combination of wool and cotton, or wool and synthetic material, making them soft on the baby’s skin.
  • Natural Fibers – Natural fibers are, basically, hypoallergenic fabrics that are perfect for kids with allergic reactions to synthetic materials. They are often described as organic materials, non-toxic or eco-friendly crib quilts. They are relatively expensive but can prevent irritation or other complications associated with synthetic materials.
  • Chenille – Chenille crib quilts are made with textured yarns, which are made of cotton, wool, silk, or rayon. These fabrics provide a pile texture like a caterpillar, and are as soft as velvet on the skin.
Performance and Ease of Use
Choosing the best-quality crib quilt can be overwhelming, but when you get the right model, using it should be smooth and fulfilling. The most important thing is to know how to clean and take care of the quilt. Check the label carefully and follow the manufacturer’s recommended way of washing. Is it machine-wash friendly? Should you use cold or hot wash? And what’s the method of drying?

Additionally, adding a softener to the water before you begin the wash can minimize the effects that hard water has on quilts. Hard water is known to roughen up quilts, so pay close attention to the kind of water you’re using. To prevent your quilts from shedding off, especially during machine-washing, put the quilt in a pillow case before you throw it into the washer. Rinse the quilt thoroughly to ensure there’s no trace of detergent that can irritate the baby’s skin.

Get the Best Crib Quilt of 2023!

Baby quilts can sometimes be confused with blankets, but they’re a little larger and thicker. Fancy models are even used as wall decorations, but they are specifically designed for bedding. Parents should, however, take precaution when using quilts in the crib to avoid strangulation or suffocation. Hopefully, we helped you find the best crib quilt for your little one. If you didn’t, feel free to sample other options from these same brands for an ideal choice.

Our Top Choice
Burt’s Bees Baby Dottie Quilt
Best Value
Bacati Quilted Circles Quilt
The Peanut Shell Dot Patchwork Quilt
Carousel Designs Arrow Crib Comforter
Stephan Baby Reversible Blue Dot Quilt