Best Crimping Tool Reviews 2022

For those who are frequently around computers and networks, joining and fixing things, a good crimping tool will always be a vital inclusion to your toolkit. For this reason, we came up with a plan: we researched on some of the best crimping tool brands, came up with the top five, and then highlighted a product from each of them. You can just sit back, relax and make a choice! Just know that these brands we have reviewed have other amazing crimping tools aside the ones we focused on.
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Our Top Choice
Channellock 909 Crimping Plier
Channellock is committed to supplying the professional and DIYers alike the best and most varied types of pliers and hand tools that deliver optimally on many jobs.
Cuts and crimps 10-22 AWG wires. Crimps insulated and non-insulated solderless connections and terminals. Durable laser-heated edges. High carbon steel for super performance.
Grips should have come more padded.
Tongue and grove
9.5 inches
High carbon C1080
Best Value
TRENDnet Ratchet Mechanism Crimper
TRENDnet has a vision to keep you connected to the things you value the most by building reliable, easy-to-use networking solutions that you can always depend on.
Crimps, cuts and strips cables for 8 and 6 position modular plugs. Also crimps 8P/RJ-45, 6P/RJ-12, RJ-11. Durable steel construction. Ratchet mechanism keeps tool closed.
Ratchet mechanism might get in the way of work.
7.5 inches
8P/RJ-45; 6P/RJ-12; RJ-11
Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper
At Klein Tools, it is a mission to satisfy the trade professionals as well as other laymen who use their tools with world-class product standards in terms of design and functionality.
Cuts, strips and crimps conductor cables (round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cable). Crimps 4, 6, 8 position modular connections. Ratchet safety release and blade-guard.
Could get a little bit too heavy
7.5 inches
RJ22; RJ11/RJ12; RJ45
High carbon steel
Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper
Success, for Titan Tools, is defined by being able to offer its customers products and services that exceed their expectations in performance, value and appearance.
Ratchet mechanism design. Adjustable crimping compression. Strong, steel jaws. Comfortable grip. Color-coded wire sizes.
Adjustment screw might sometimes be stiff.
Fixed jaw
11.5 inches
12-10; 16-14; 22-18
Irwin Vise-grip Multi-tool Stripper/Crimper/Cutter
Irwin Tools majors in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality hand tools and power tool accessories which deliver superior performance and durability to their users.
Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals. Strips and cuts 10-22 AWG. Induction hardened cutting edge. Pliers-style nose stripper.
Handles are a little too hard.
6; 7; 8 inches
High carbon steel

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What is the Best Crimping Tool?

We gave you the low-down on how to get the best crimping tool in the preceding guide you just read. Choosing one now, shouldn’t be too difficult. Without further ado, rub your palms excitedly and get ready to meet the five crimping tools that we totally love.
Our Top Choice
The Channellock 909 Crimping Tool is an excellent tool you must have. Its edges come laser-heated to keep them long-lasting while they do their job of crimping your insulated and non-insulated terminals effortlessly. There’s another with more comfortable grips; it also cuts 10-22 AWG wire, and comes with high carbon steel for superior performance: the Channellock 909CB Crimping Tool – 9 inch.

Channellock 909 9.5 Inches Crimping Tool With Cutter – Crimps Insulated and Non-Inulated Terminals; Comes in 1-Pack, 6-Pack, 12-Pack, 24-Pack

Since its inception, Channellock, a family-owned business has had a clear-cut vision to increase the number of quality hand tools available in the market. Driven by this vision, the brand has consistently insisted on the best methods, state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent, highly creative staff. The success of any brand is largely dependent upon the wellbeing of its staff also, so Channellock has adopted as a culture, a strong bond among employees which ultimately bounces off on customers. Customer care here is world-class! With all the boxes checked for this brand, including fair prices, we do not need to tell you that it has our stamp of approval, as well as those of millions of loyal customers across different retail platforms, as a brand of distinction.

The Channellock 909 Crimping Tool is really super when we talk about wire crimpers. It has all the makings of a really good crimper, well except the handles that could be a little more comfy, but we could manage, especially seeing the many amazing features this tool offers.

First off, it works for both insulated and non-insulated, solderless connections and terminals. So whatever you’re working on, you’re safe. Whether or not the terminals in question are insulated or not, this crimper will not have you fried like omelet for breakfast. Also your 10-22 AWG wires would be well-handled by this tool. A nice cut and crimp and your wires would be good to go.

Yes, these are things that many crimpers can achieve but see how you know that the Channellock 909 Crimping Tool stands out from the rest: it comes with laser-heated edges which means that the edges will last pretty long. In fact, so long you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.

Again, to ensure that this dude gives you the highest performance possible, the blades are made of high carbon C1080. So every time, you work, you get an excellent job done with little or no effort. Finally, the entire metal part of the crimper is electronically-coated in order to delay and in fact prevent rusting altogether.

Obviously, there is a lot of detail put into the manufacturing of this tool and if by now you aren’t thinking of getting this tool already… Really?!
Best Value
The TRENDnet Crimping Tool is the real deal! It comes as a 3-in-1 tool that allows you to crimp, cut, and strip cables for 8 and 6 positions plugs, plus its rugged, all-steel construction, assures you of durability. Would you also love to add a comprehensive cable tester to your cart? This one comes with an accuracy for cables of up to 1000 feet! See the Trendnet VDV and USB Cable Tester.

TRENDnet RJ-11/RJ-12/RJ-45 Crimping/Cut/Strip Tool with Ratchet Mechanism

Since 1990, TRENDnet has earnestly pursued one vision and that is to connect people to the things they value the most. Apparently what this brand values the most are its customers, as it has evolved over the years to become a go-to brand when reliable, easy-to-use networking solutions are an absolute must. From baby steps in Torrance, California, TRENDnet has taken bigger steps and gradually, it is becoming a leading global brand in terms of manufacturing of networking hardware. Included in its product line are: wireless, wired, surveillance, connectivity and peripheral devices. This brand’s claim to global relevance can hardly be termed as mere claims as it has had a number of recognitions to its belt for quality, performance and an excellent response support.

The TRENDnet Crimping Tool is a great 3-in-1 tool that you just have to get. It cuts, crimps, and strips cables 8, and 6 position modular plugs. And even comes with a super ratchet mechanism that keeps your tool closed when not in use. If you’re familiar with your tools, then you know that the ratchet mechanism is an added feature also put in place for your safety.

Whether you’re working with Ethernet or telephone cables or you’re working with an 8P/RJ-45, a 6p/RJ-12, or an RJ-11; this crimper tool offers a heavy-duty steel construction that makes it quite reliable and easy-to-use for your cutting and crimping needs. This all-steel construction also ensures that your crimper lasts a long time, even under rigorous use.

In fact, this tool is so super that for every time you need to crimp or cut, a single press is enough. Now you can get your job done faster and get on to other more interesting activities other than installing sound systems and fixing computers.

Working becomes way easier, not only when your tools are topnotch but when they are really comfy to use. This tool comes in a compact design with easy handles and grips. This means that you get to cheat on fatigue a bit and work for longer on whatever job you’re on.

You so have to get this dude on your team. Only a few stands out the way it does!
Here’s a crimper you can depend on for a solid performance: its Klein Tools’ Ratcheting Modular Crimping Tool. Its heavy duty and crimps 4, 6, 8 position modular connectors without distorting the plastic connector. How about a more affordable crimper that crimps UR/UY/UG insulation displacement connectors, and cleanly strips 23 and AWG? See the Klein Tools Crimping Long-Nose Pliers.

Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper/Stripper/Cutter with Ratchet Mechanism and Blade Guard for Safety

With a clearly defined mission, it’s quite easy to figure out how Klein Tools has easily gained industry-wide relevance in the world today. The brand seeks to satisfy both the trade professional, as well as the layman who might be interested in picking up its tools with products that not only deliver optimally on the job, but equally come in a great design that facilitate a much easier and convenient use of its tool. From production to marketing, the brand is committed to keeping its customers happy. Even with its industry-standard manufacturing methods, Klein Tools has still managed to make processes cost-effective such that the pricing of goods is so competitive. Customers have found Klein Tools to be a household name that brings dependability and excellence to mind and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

The Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimping Tool is a heavy-duty appliance that always delivers one hundred on solid performance. It cuts, strips, and crimps conductor cables whether round STP/UTP or flat-satin phone cables. So it’s a 3-in-1 tool that you don’t want to miss.

Talking strictly crimping: this guy works great with 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors (same as your RJ22, RJ11/RJ12 and RJ-45). And it does all the above without ever distorting the plastic connector. Hurray! Because Klein Tools cares, it has made its crimping tool with a ratchet safety-release and a blade guard to reduce any chance of you hurting your pretty fingers while you get to work. This is great as it means that you have at least, one less worry about working with a sharpie like a crimper/stripper/cutter. Yea, it could be terrifying sometimes.

Now the handy man has no worries whether he is replacing an RJ-45 or the telephone R-11, this heavy-duty tool will make the work so easy and efficient for him.

But sadly though, with the heavy-duty construction of this tool comes a slight disadvantage. It can be slightly heavy. But in view of all its outstanding features, you just have to admit that this tool is great and should already be in your toolbox since last week.
The Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper takes crimping to a whole new level of convenience with its ratchet mechanism and adjustable crimping compression that easily crimps multi-sized connectors and insulators. How about a more affordable option? This features comfortable grips, and crimps both insulated and non-insulated terminals. See the Titan Tools Wire Stripping and Crimping Pliers.

Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper with Ratchet Mechanism, Adjustable Crimping Compression – Quick Change Crimping Set Available

Titan Tools really stands out from the competition for many reasons, one of which being that its products are unique in design and come in dynamic, innovative packaging that customers world over recognize and connect with instantly. Because it is staffed with the best hands, and has established a culture of research and innovation, this brand has had no problems churning out fresh ideas regularly and adding to its product line, tools that exceed expectations on every count. It is a brand loved by many for the quality of tools it produces but even more it is loved for its fair prices and its ability to maintain a five-star customer relationship that most brands still struggle to create these days.

So why do we love the Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper? A lot of reasons actually and we are willing to share them with you.

First of all, it comes with a ratchet mechanism which makes it safe and that’s not all, it also comes with an adjustment crimping compression. This allows you to adjust your crimper to accommodate most any wire of any size. So whether undersized or oversized connectors or insulators of different kinds, you can adjust your crimper to get the job done and why would you not love a tool that’s willing to do that just for you?

Another reason we love this crimper is that it has a really strong pair of steel jaws that last long since they won’t rust easily. And that’s not all. They get the job done really nicely and with little effort on your part. You know how steel rolls now, don’t you?

Because this guy is a multitasking whiz, it comes color-coded so you can easily and conveniently crimp your wires or cables according to their individual sizes. Here are the codes and what they represent:
  • Red: for 22-18 AWG-DIN (0.5-1.0millimeters)
  • Blue: 16-14 AWG-DIN (1.5-2.5millimeters)
  • Yellow: 12-10 AWG-DIN (4-6millimeters)
Of course this crimp did not miss out on the important detail of comfort. It features really comfy and easy grips! You’re going to love this crimper we tell you!
In addition to crimping both your insulated and non-insulated terminals, its Irwin Vise-grip Multi-tool Wire Crimper comes with a sharp, induction hardened cutting edge that helps you cut your wires conveniently. Want something a little more comfy? For a little extra, you can get this crimper that works on insulated and non-insulated terminals. See the Irwin Vise-grip Forged Crimper.

Irwin Vise-grip Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter – Crimps Insulated and Non-insulated Terminals – Available in 3 Sizes

Irwin Tools is no stranger to the hand tool industry as it has been around for over a century! Since its inception in 1885, this brand has remained at the forefront of the industry, contributing its quota to the pool of top quality tools by developing pace-setting products that have earned the brand an impressive track record that will leave you wowed. Its commitment to its mission of delivering professional-grade hand tools and power tool accessories is evidenced in its manufacturing processes as well as its products’ performance in the hands of their users. It’s been over a hundred years of hard work at Irwin Tools and it is yet committed to go another hundred of even harder work to ensure that it reinvents itself and stays relevant to its many users worldwide.

The Irwin Vise-grip Multi-Tool Wire Crimper is amazing for so many reasons. First it’s super affordable and then it goes ahead to be super incredible at what it does—it cuts, strips and crimps.

But even better, it has an induction hardened cutting edge! That’s a big deal because it will stay sharp for quite a while. You won’t have to think of sharpening or re-sharpening this dude or probably even throwing it out altogether because it’s dull and not functional anymore.

With its pliers-style nose, stripping becomes quite efficient since you can pull and loop wires conveniently. As far as strictly crimping goes, this tool will crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals alike without discrimination and without the chance of getting yourself fried, if we might add.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Irwin Vise-grip Multi-Tool Wire Crimper cuts, strips, and crimps. And the various parts of the jaw for the various functions are well labeled for fast and convenient working. This guy will easily cut and strip 10-22 AWG wires and will equally function as a bolt cutter to cut your bolts to size, and leave a really good lead thread. This crimper comes in 6, 7 or 8 inches so you can tackle you DIY jobs with the best tool.

A crimper that works great and is available at such an affordable price hardly stays in the offing for long. You should up and get this wire crimper now!

How Do I Choose the Best Crimping Tool?

You might be mistaken if you think that crimpers are only for those boring technicians that live their lives, heads stuck in the back of a computer, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week trying to fix things. Crimping tools might be more useful to you than you might know and we will proceed to tell you how.

For instance, say you want to install a sound system or a new HD colored TV in your living room (after the wife and children have ganged up on you to take you on a guilt trip), you will need to do some joining and contouring and the likes and that requires a crimper.

Even the young teenage boy who just got gifted a new car and wants to attract the girls with loud music blaring from his newly installed car speaker would first of all have to get a crimper, or at least get a mechanic who would use a crimper, to install the sound system in his car first.

Yet another example: a handy guy who just likes to fix things around the house, will definitely have a crimping tool in his tool box, or else what would he use to change out the fixtures, check up on the networks, and the likes? So you see a crimper is quite the vital and relevant tool.

Most handy people prefer the 3-in-1 crimping tools that function as strippers, cutters and of course, crimpers. The professionals though might prefer their tools separately because truth is that most of these multi-tool crimpers aren’t for heavy-duty crimping like those that are strictly wire crimpers.

In this guide, we will discuss the various features of crimping tools, and hopefully learn a thing or two about them that you never knew.
Crimping tools come in various prices although generally, they are affordable. Most cost between $12 and $25 for a single unit and these prices vary according to how versatile they are (some are also strippers and cutters) or the presence of certain added features like a ratchet mechanism. Also, the more heavy-duty a crimping tool is, the more expensive it will tend to be.

Cheap crimping tools shouldn’t be on your mind if you intend to get a tool that works effectively and lasts long. Good crimpers should be made of sturdy edges, easy handles and strong jaws, but cheap crimping tools can hardly deliver on any, not to mention all of the aforementioned qualities.
Just before you take your pick of a crimping tool, here are some of the features to look out for that will make sure you get yourself the best type of crimper!
  • Size
  • Ratchet mechanism
  • Ergonomic design
  • Blade guard
  • Ease of operation
Let’s get into the details already.
Construction and Design

The primary feature to look out for in a crimping tool or a wire crimper (however you like to call it) is the size. An average crimper though, comes with different slots so that you can effectively carry out different crimping jobs with one single tool. Most crimping positions easily function for sizes 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors. Plus a few can also cover a range of sizes from RJ11 to RJ12, and RJ45.

For wire gauges, most go up to 50, but for those who aren’t quite familiar with wiring and all, don’t get confused: 50 is actually a measurement for a really small wire. The wires get bigger as the number values decrease.

When a crimper comes with different sizes, it’s better for you, because you get versatility which means that you can do more with just one tool. Got it? And then again, many of them come labeled too so it’s even more efficient.

Ratchet Mechanism

So what’s up with the ratchet mechanism? Okay this is the gist: the ratchet mechanism is a fancy name for something that helps your crimping tool to behave. How? By preventing it from releasing the connector just before it gets the chance to be compressed. Then again, it also makes sure that the wires stay put and get a full dose of the crimps. So see it as a relationship between unruly kids and a schoolmarm. Get the picture? Yep. Now you see why you should seriously consider something that comes with a ratchet mechanism.
Performance and Ease of Use
Comfort and Grip

When it comes to the performance and ease of use of your crimping tool, your hands play a major role. They have to be as comfortable as possible, especially since you are already punishing them with the task of crimping. So in essence what we are saying is that you should get a wire crimper with comfortable, ergonomic handles. For the pros who work all day with these things, we probably don’t have to repeat this more than we already have. Hard handles will chaff your fingers, bruise them and really slow you down.

Bulk too should be avoided. Some crimpers are really heavy-duty so they might tend towards being quite a weight to carry which is fine. But then there’s a difference between using a crimping tool and training for weightlifting for the Olympics. Nuff said.

Safety Guards

And yes people choose life, or at least, a completely, unmutilated hand. Crimping tools come with blade guards, at least some of them do (and those are the ones you should get). This way you’re safe from injury when you have to strip your wires.

Finally, a word for the beginners: it’s okay to be ambitious but it is not okay to get a tool that’s way too complicated for you to operate. The idea is for your tool to help, and not to confuse or weigh you down. So when you choose to get a crimper, please select something that corresponds to your level of know-how. With time, you might develop enough to need a more complex crimper but when you’re a beginner, start with something simple, okay?

Get the Best Crimping Tool of 2022!

The end! Run along now and order the best crimping tool suited for your requirements!

Our Top Choice
Channellock 909 Crimping Plier
Best Value
TRENDnet Ratchet Mechanism Crimper
Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper
Titan Tools Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper
Irwin Vise-grip Multi-tool Stripper/Crimper/Cutter