Best Crochet Pattern Book Reviews 2022

Whether you like crochet scarves or Afghan throws, you will agree that making them yourselves is a fulfilling accomplishment. Under the guidance of a crochet book, you can try out different patterns and designs. We have compiled five books from reliable authors that will have you hooked to crochet hooking! For beginners, we also have a review on the Best Crochet Pattern Books for Beginners as well as one on knitting books, so go ahead and check them out.
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Book type
Design No.
Our Top Choice
Leonie Morgan 40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet
Leonie Morgan is an ardent crochet designer, business owner, and industry blogger.
Colorful designs. Fascinating stitch work. Includes both block-based and row-by-row designs. Readable charts make it easy to gauge your skills.
Some users find the diagrams a bit small.
Block and stitch patterns
Best Value
Edie Eckman Every Which Way Crotchet Borders
Edie Eckman is a yarn-lover who adores knitting and crocheting with expertise that is admired by companies all over the fibre world.
Detailed instructions. Stylish pattern ideas. Easily interpretable charts. Close-up pictures.
Some may prefer open or lacy borders to the compact edgings detailed in this book.
Customized edgings
Kindle and spiral-bound
Border patterns
Bonnie Barker Celtic Cable Crochet
Bonnie Barker loves to crochet, and she shares her passion with the unique, eye-catching designs contained in her books.
Modern designs. Sophisticated patterns. Easy-to-follow instructions. Beautiful photos.
Cable crocheting technique may some take time to master.
Celtic cable
Kindle and paperback
Celtic-inspired patterns
Kerry Lord Edward’s Menagerie
Kerry Lord is a yarn enthusiast who owns a modern knitwear company offering exclusive designs and patterns.
Unique designs. Clear instructions. Snuggly and soft crochet toys.
For some, designs may be frustrating to crochet.
Kindle and paperback
Animal crochet patterns
King Cole Christmas Crochet Book 2
King Cole is a family business that was started in 1935 to provide the world with innovative yarn products made to meet the highest quality standards.
Colorful designs. Beautiful illustrations. Detailed instructions. Great idea for a gift.
Decorations are seasonal.
Christmas patterns

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What is the Best Crochet Pattern Book?

From the patterns that the author has used to the instructions provided, it’s important to consider the whole outlay of the crochet book. Let's go right to our top picks.
Our Top Choice
Her book, 40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet is packed with fascinating and unique patterns that are full of color and diverse stitch-work. Do you prefer ripple stitch-work to Afghan? If so, you’ll love the colorful patterns featured in Leonie Morgan’s 100 Colorful Ripple Stitches to Crochet!

Leonie Morgan 40 Afghans to Crochet: A Collection of Eye-Popping Stitch Patterns, Blocks & Projects

Leonie Morgan is no newcomer to the world of designing crotchets. Her passion in crocheting is evident her collection of miles and miles of yarn. What makes her work stand out is her love for color, which she easily incorporates into her work. Inspired by her home in Wales, which is historically known for producing fine wool, she has published three books of wonderfully prismatic designs.

40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet will add new inspiration to your next crotchet project. It’s loaded with both block and row-to row patterns, and, whether you are a novice or an expert, Leonie’s designs will help you explore color in an all-new way. Now available in paperback, 40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet has everything you need to build a collection of beautiful crochet blankets.

This book includes:
  • 40 colorful Afghan designs.
  • Advice on color combinations.
  • Color diagrams for easy visualization.
  • An indicator to help you gauge your skills.
  • Illustrations on the yardage necessary for each design.
  • Three possible sizes for Afghans.
  • Tips for properly completing your project’s edgings.
Best Value
Edie Eckman’s Every Which Way Crotchet Borders provides detailed instructions on how to implement 139 new patterns to add style and individuality to your crotchet borders. Are you in need of a book with even more innovative patterns? We think you’ll love Edie Eckman’s Around The Corner Crotchet Borders that comes with 150 patterns!

Edie Eckman Every Which Way Crochet Borders: 139 Patterns For Customized Edgings – Available in Kindle and Spiral-Bound Formats

Edie Eckman started out by selling yarn, but later grew to focus on designing and helping others learn to crochet. Her easy approach to both crocheting and knitting has made her a darling among yarn enthusiasts and the industry in general. With vast experience that is evident in her books, Edie Eckman shares innovative patterns that push boundaries.

Every Which Way Crotchet Borders has garnered 5-star reviews and praise from reputable editors. Having a creative edging on your crotchet project can add life to your work, and this book contains 139 creative patterns! Whether you knit, crotchet, or weave, this collection will help turn your final product into a spectacular work of art!

Here’s what to appreciate in this crotchet border pattern book:
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Symbol charts that ease the stitching process
  • Pictorial explanations on how to knit or crotchet
  • Explanations and illustrations on yardage
  • Advice on how to choose borders for your project
  • Contains 224 pages of invaluable information
  • A wide range of stitch-work and patterns
Are you more into online reading? Well, if you have the Kindle app, this book is available on your laptop or tablet.
Her Celtic Cable Crochet book contains 18 lovely designs that will allow you crochet modern cable garments that are stylish and elegantly stitched. Not digging the difficulty of the cable crocheting technique? Go for Bonnie Barker’s Noggins and Neck book that contains more simplified designs instead.

Bonnie Barker Celtic Cable Crotchet: 18 Patterns for Modern Cabled Garments & Accessories – Available in Kindle and Paperback

Bonnie Barker began crocheting at just seven years old. Her debut into the publishing world came after she received a call from a woman who had seen her work at a local fair and wanted help with copying her patterns. With the help of her husband, she started Bonnie Bay Crochet, a website offering free patterns and instructional videos.

Bonnie Barker’s Celtic Cable Crochet book will help you recreate sophisticated designs to add some warmth to your wardrobe. Cable crocheting is an intricate technique that is made easy through the 18 patterns and 128 pages in this book. These luxurious, modern cable garments will guide you in enhancing your favorite hobby with artisan craftsmanship.

Here’s more to expect once you add this book to your shopping cart:
  • Beautiful and eye-catching photography
  • Step by step guidelines on cable crocheting
  • 18 Patterns for making sophisticated garments
  • Contains a visual stitch dictionary that eliminates guesswork
  • A guide to Celtic-inspired cable crocheting

Prefer e-books to paperbacks? Then you’ll be happy to hear that this book is also available on Amazon Kindle.
Kerry Lord’s Edward’s Menagerie boasts 40 uniquely designed toy animal crochet patterns with clear instructions. Would you prefer to crochet birds rather than these animals? Well, Kerry Lord’s Edward's Menagerie - Birds: Over 40 Soft Toy Patterns for Crochet Birds may be a better fit.

Kerry Lord Edward's Menagerie: Over 40 Soft and Snuggly Toy Animal Crochet Patterns – Available in Kindle and Paperback

Kerry Lord has come a long way since setting up her business, TOFT Alpaca Shop, in 2006. TOFT Alpaca Shop produces fine-quality yarn to make eco-friendly apparel and products. With an enthusiastic team of experienced knitters, their products are all hand-knitted, ensuring that each piece is unique and of the finest quality. They also host seminars and textile courses for fibre enthusiasts.

Kerry Lord’s Edward’s Menagerie: Over 40 Soft and Snuggly Toy Animal Crochet Patterns, rose from the author’s passion in creating fantastic toys for her son over a 12-month period. The snuggly animals include rhinos, elephants, and even a tiger. Your child is sure to fall in love with these adorable animals!

Here’s more about this book:
  • Easy guidelines that are friendly to beginners
  • Each animal comes with a universal pattern
  • Customizable patterns for endless possibilities
  • Contains 128 pages of great knitting techniques
  • Offers tips on using natural colors for authenticity

Prefer to read on your Kindle, phone, or laptop? This book is also available in the Kindle store.
The King Cole Christmas Crochet Book 2 includes twenty-one pages of colorful designs that will add some cheer to your Christmas decorations. Are you looking to crochet some warm clothes for your baby instead? Then we believe that the King Cole Baby Crochet Book would be a great fit!

King Cole Christmas Crochet Book 2 - Amigurumi Toys, Table Runner, Tree Skirt, Garland, Stocking and More

Since its debut in 1935, King Cole has operated under strong family values. During the Queen’s Jubilee year in 2012, the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise which helped cement their position in the industry. Their designs are hailed for being so easy and interesting to do.

King Cole’s Christmas Crochet Book 2 is the second installment of their Christmas collection and an ideal way to help create your own decorations. Whether you want to knit a snowman toy or crochet Santa Clause, this book will elaborately guide you to completion. Wondering what to decorate your door with over the festive season? This books has all the help you need; your family will love your creativity!

Here are a few more things to note:
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Varied measurements between the designs
  • Different crochet hooks are needed for individual patterns
  • Designs allow use of various yarns

How Do I Choose the Best Crochet Pattern Book?

“Baa! Baa! Black sheep, have you any wool?” It’s no secret that the old lady happily knitting from her rocking chair in this nursery rhyme meets the ideal definition of a sweet grandma. For so long, it was always considered noble to be gifted with a hand-crafted baby blanket when you brought a little angel to this world. Knitting and crocheting has kept women busy through the generations, but did you know that, just like fashion, crocheting designs are always changing? Investing in a crochet book will help you get updated on recent trends in the knitting world.

With a crochet book, you will learn new stitching techniques and maybe even perfect the ones that you already know. Whether you love Afghans or just want a stylish scarf to keep you warm during winter, learning to crochet is a plus. When you learn how to weave yarn using a hook, you will get to understand why grandma never used to put her knitting needles down!

When in the market for the best crochet pattern book, keep an eye on the designs that the book contains. Illustrations are important to easily visualize each step. The nature of instructions should be in the simplest form so that you can easily hook your way through the patterns. It’s also important to understand your skill set; it won’t make sense if you buy a book that’s written for more advanced crochet experts while are still a beginner. We don’t want the wrong book to put you off from this lovely hobby.
Taking up crocheting as your hobby doesn’t have to tear your pockets apart. Crochet pattern books are priced between $5 and $30, depending on the number of pages and various other factors. Some books contain many patterns, which adds to the number of pages resulting in a higher price. While not all books have illustrations, some authors have gone a step further to enlist professional designers, which may make the book a bit more expensive.

During our research, we came across some cheap crochet pattern books that we discourage you from getting even when your budget is tight. Most of these cheap books lack clear instructions to help you successfully complete the patterns. In some instances, the design may not be well illustrated or the language used may not be simplified enough to be of adequate assistance.
So many authors have written books providing readers with advice on how to carry out their crochet projects. It’s important to keep the following key features in mind before settling for a particular book:
  • Crochet Styles --There are various stitch types that have different techniques. They include slip-stitching, basket-weave stitching, and even cable stitching, which is among the most intricate.
  • Book Type -- The books can be on paperback, hardcover, spiral-bound, or on Kindle for those who prefer online reading.
  • Patterns -- Whether you want Afghans, Amigurumi, Bavarian, or even Bead patterns, crocheting allows you to try out as many patterns as your skill can allow.
  • Designs -- When getting the book, you should consider the designs present so that you can get the necessary yarn to try them out.
  • Pages -- The more pages, the more details and patterns.
Construction and Design
Crochet pattern books are designed to provide you with guidance in patterns you would not normally be comfortable with on your own. Towards this end, authors have incorporated photographs to ensure that you can easily understand the designs. The photographs are often colorful to help accurately visualize how your end-product should look. The photographs are also often right next to the instructions so that you can follow along easily. Some books may also have charts d to guide you as you hook through your project.

The book may come as paperback, spiral-bound, or in hardcover, depending on the publisher. Some authors have embraced technology and published e-books available on Kindle. The number of pages present in a book varies greatly; depending on the author, a shorter book tends to indicate fewer patterns. In terms of the contents, the designs illustrated vary but most authors have brought fresh ideas into crocheting.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most crochet pattern books will have you recreating beautiful designs in no time, thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions provided by the authors. Before starting your project, go through the book to ensure that the designs match your skillset and make a note of the necessary tools as well as the recommended yarn.

To get maximum satisfaction from the book, make sure that you follow the given instructions. Keep the book in an accessible place since you will need to refer to it every so often until you can create the patterns without guidance. Crocheting is a journey, a fulfilling journey, and we hope these books can help guide you along the way.

Get the Best Crochet Pattern Book of 2022!

Hopefully, you have found this review useful in your quest for the best crochet pattern book that will have you crocheting all day. If you still haven’t spotted your ideal pattern book, these authors have other books available to choose from.

Our Top Choice
Leonie Morgan 40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet
Best Value
Edie Eckman Every Which Way Crotchet Borders
Bonnie Barker Celtic Cable Crochet
Kerry Lord Edward’s Menagerie
King Cole Christmas Crochet Book 2