Best Crochet Pattern Books For Beginners Reviews 2023

Crocheting is one hobby that you’ll definitely get hooked to! Through this craft, the number of items you can create are limitless. To start on your crocheting journey you’ll need good guidance, which is why we here at Top Products have brought you five products from some of the best crochet pattern books brands around. In case you’re already an experienced crocheter and want to learn new techniques, we also have a review of crochet pattern books to help you do just that.
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Crochet Type
Book Type
Our Top Choice
Judith Durant and Edie Eckman One-Skein Wonders for Babies
Judith Durant and Edie Eckman are both passionate about crocheting and knitting and are keen on helping others learn the skill.
Easy to understand. Numerous practice projects. Uses one yarn per project. Less time consuming. Each design is explained using charts, schematics, and detailed instructions.
The yarns recommended by the writers are hard to find.
One skein
Kindle and paperback
Baby patterns
101 designs
288 pages
Best Value
Country Bumpkin Publications A to Z of Crochet
Country Bumpkin Publication has published needle works since 1985 and has given readers the inspiration to complete their needle projects.
Ultimate guidance; Step by step outline; Numerous pictures; Real life examples
Not ideal for left-handed crocheters.
Afghan, beads, circular
Combined patterns
22 designs
160 pages
Kitty Moore Crochet for Beginners
Kitty Moore is a talented author who loves writing about various crafts and providing inspiration by engaging readers in fulfilling hands-on projects.
Useful information. Easy to follow guidelines. Clear directions. Useful tips for beginners. Covers all the fundamentals.
There aren’t too many pictures in this volume.
Beginner crochet
Kindle, paperback, audio book
Beginner patterns
15 designs
86 pages
Linda P. Schapper Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs
Linda P. Schapper is an author whose artistic eye is evident in all her wide range of creations, which include patchwork quilts and crochet items.
Good instructions. Well-organized. Easy navigation. Pictorial guidance. Contains both traditional and innovative designs.
Reader needs prior knowledge of crochet stitches.
Crochet stitch
Hardcover, paperback
Classic patterns
500 designs
352 pages
Leisure Arts A Year of Doilies Book
Leisure Arts started out in 1971 with the purpose of creating art designs that add value to everyday living.
Delightful designs. Unique patterns. Great interior decoration ideas. Large, colorful pictures. Good for intermediate and advanced knitters as well.
Fewer designs than other books.
Thread crochet
12 designs
44 pages

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What is the Best Crochet Pattern Books For Beginners?

The choice of the best crochet book will depend on a number of factors. Let’s continue exploring these factors that’ll help you in getting the right fit.
Our Top Choice
The Judith Durant and Edie Eckman One-Skein Wonders for Babies is the ideal guide to learning how to crochet since the 101 projects contained in it are simple and easy to accomplish. If you’d like to try a different knitting technique, we believe that the Judith Durant Increase Decrease Knitting Project Book will make a great read and an exciting new challenge for you.

Judith Durant and Edie Eckman Crochet One-Skein Wonders: 101 Projects for Babies and Toddlers – Available in Kindle and Paperback

Judith Durant and Edie Eckman are seasoned legends in the world of yarn, having given us tremendous patterns that are easy to work on. Judith has written numerous books on knitting that have seen her stamp her position as one of the best knitters there is. Edie, on the other hand, is a much loved diplomat in the fiber industry, and has come up with numerous highly rated designs on her own. She combines both knitting and crocheting and works extra hard to show yarn enthusiasts that both are equally achievable.

These two great authors have come together to help beginners learn how to hook by editing the Crochet One-Skein Wonders for Babies book. As a rookie in crocheting, there’s no better way to take up this hobby other than making some cute little gifts for babies. One thing that stands out in this book is that each of the 101 projects contained in it uses only one skein of yarn, hence they’re quick to finish. The majority of the patterns require just a few hours to finish which will help you feel proud of your achievement.

Here’s more to appreciate in this book:
  • 54 designers contributed to this book
  • Step by step instructions to guide you
  • Contains schematics that help you crochet accurately
  • There’s beautiful photos that help in visualization
  • Designs are for newborns and even toddlers
  • Has an array of projects for different skill sets
  • Has charts and an appendix cover
Not digging this hard copy version? Well, this book is also available as a soft copy on Kindle.
Best Value
The Country Bumpkin Publications A to Z of Crochet provides the ultimate guide to beginners or experienced crocheters by giving step-by-step outlines on how to crochet. If you’d like a newer edition of this guide, see the A to Z of Crochet: A Complete Manual for the Beginner Through to the Advanced Stitcher!

Country Bumpkin Publications Ultimate Guide A to Z of Crochet, Spiral-Bound

Since being established in 1985, Country Bumpkin has unleashed countless publications that are chock-full of articles and pictures of needlework. When it comes to matters of the needle and yarn, Country Bumpkin has information that’ll add loads to your pool of knowledge. Whether you want information about the latest embroidery patterns or the stitches that are rocking the industry, the brand has got you covered. The company provides you with stitching kits and other merchandise that’ll help with your needle needs.

In its endeavor to ensure that even beginners get to enjoy the crocheting craft, Country Bumpkin published the A to Z of Crochet, which provides much-needed guidance on how to hook. If you’re a beginner and have always wanted to take up crocheting as a hobby, then this book was written just for you. By getting this book, you’ll get to start with simple crocheting techniques, and then advance to more complex designs.

Here’s some more features to expect when you get this book:
  • Over one thousand photos for illustrations
  • Easy to understand step by step instructions
  • Some photos have real hands knitting real yarn for emphasis
  • Contains most of the stitches common to crocheting
  • Information on the different types of yarn and hooks used in crocheting
  • Contains chapters on how to add edgings
  • 160 pages of reading that have been spiral-bound
The Kitty Moore Crochet for Beginners guide contains 86 pages of useful information that’ll help you learn the basics of crocheting in the simplest way possible. Do you also want your little one to enjoy some lovely crochet apparel? We believe that the Kitty Moore Crochet Patterns for Babies is an ideal fit, as it comes with 41 designs for baby hats, blankets, and other apparel.

Kitty Moore 15 Step-By-Step Crochet Patterns for Beginners – Available on Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook

Kitty Moore loves the world of crafts and decorating her home. Out of this passion she often engages in a number of projects that are geared towards creating beautiful things. She’s also a talented writer who seeks to inspire others by sharing her immense knowledge out of years in stitch work. By exposing individuals to the possibilities that exist in one’s imagination, Kitty has a huge following of craft enthusiasts that love her easy approach to things. Her books are within grasp of even beginners thanks to their reasonable price tags.

The Kitty Moore Crochet for Beginners is just one of the best ways to debut into hooking. When one looks at crochet works, their craft seems complicated and hard to learn. But in this book, Kitty has made it all seem easy to do through some simple steps that give you incredible patterns. Within its cover you’ll find the basics of crochet and all the supply information needed in order to complete a project.

Here are features that as a beginner you’ll get to enjoy:
  • Methodology on how to crochet 5 different stitches
  • Simple instructions on how to craft household items
  • Easy to grasp tips that make crocheting simple
  • 15 designs to practice on
  • Photographs that offer great visual direction
  • 86 pages of invaluable resource
In case you’d like to listen to the instructions rather than read them, you may opt for the audiobook version. In case you have Kindle on your tablet or phone, you can also access this guide.
The Linda P. Schapper Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs consists of 500 works that provide the eager knitter with a wide range of knowledge. Do you prefer crocheting the edges of your garments? Then the Linda P. Schapper Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs will offer you great ways to do that.

Linda P. Schapper 500 Classic Designs Complete Book of Crochet – Available in Hardcover and Paperback

Linda P. Schapper is an artistic individual who has immense experience creating crafts that have a texture-like feel on them. Having visited and taught in over thirty countries all around the globe, Linda is an inspiration to craft enthusiasts. Having authored eight books, with four being about crocheting, Linda is true to her commitment of spreading knowledge to all those in need of it. Her style is folk art, which is a more traditional craft, but it’s still highly appealing to thousands of her followers.

The Linda P. Schapper Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs contains 500 traditional crocheting designs that have been illustrated in the simplest of terms. As a beginner, hooking can be overwhelming but practice helps build your skill. And that’s what Linda wants you to do through this book – practice, practice and more practice. Every page offers you inspiration and motivation to learn the craft, which is what a beginner needs in order to press on with their crocheting journey.

Well, here’s what you can expect from this book:
  • Close up photos that are colored and with great resolution
  • Contains stitch maps that make navigating this book easy
  • Has a pictorial index that allows easy selection of content
  • Diagrams that show the placement of each stitch
  • Suitable for people aged ten years and above
  • Contains 356 pages of crochet information
Not into this paperback design? Well, this book is also available in hardcover, which will enable you to enjoy years of crocheting fun!
The Leisure Arts A Year of Doilies Book is a collection of delightful designs that thread crocheters can choose from, with each month of the year having its own unique doilie. Do you prefer Afghans to doilies? Then you’ll love the Leisure Arts Best Baby Afghans with its beautiful and inspiring patterns!

Leisure Arts 12 Month Doilies Thread Crochet Book

Since 1971, Leisure Arts has helped brighten people’s lives by providing them with publications directed towards the craft of knitting and crocheting. The brand is known to give its customers publications that contain the latest designs in various crafts which has made Leisure Arts a favorite in the industry. Its books contain patterns that have been tried and tested to ensure nothing but the best for the customers. The brand’s aim is to help you create memories through beautiful arts and craft projects.

The Leisure Arts A Year of Doilies Book is the fifth in the brand’s series and helps a beginner learn the art of thread crocheting. With 12 patterns, you’ll be in a position to create a beautiful doilie for each month that you can use to decorate your home. The patterns entail using beautiful colors ranging from white to red velvet and many others. Thread crocheted items have a classic look, since these were especially popular in the 1940s.

Through this book you’ll have access to unique motifs that’ll make your creations stand out. The book gives you step by step instructions on how to do thread crochets. The instructions are easy to follow and well explained. Over a period of 12 months you’ll be able to create lovely cushion covers, center pieces and mats. This 92 page book is available in paperback as well as on Kindle for digital reading.

How Do I Choose the Best Crochet Pattern Books For Beginners?

Ever been to the reception area of an OBGYN’s clinic? Most of the people there are expectant mothers whose faces are beaming with anticipation of the beautiful being growing inside them. Besides this, you’ll also notice that more than a few of them have a pair of knitting needles or a crochet expertly hooking away as they await their turn to see the doctor. Well, if you have no idea what to gift your baby once they arrive, then a cozy crochet blanket is a good start. Mastering this craft requires practice and guidance from a good book.

As more and more people take up crocheting as a hobby, authors with experience in the craft are writing crotchet pattern books for beginners. Such books come packed with the basics of what crocheting entails. They also give you pointers on how to choose yarn as well as on the equipment necessary for you to successfully complete a crochet project.

The best crochet pattern book for beginners is one that contains simple instructions and has close-up photos to guide you. Since you’re new to the craft, you should ensure that the book you choose has simple patterns, since advanced designs may frustrate you. Once you perfect the simple patterns you can also learn how to sew embroidery on your garments, which is also a nice thing to know. Who knows, you may even become so good at it that your friends start asking you to create some items for them too!
Learning how to crochet isn’t an expensive affair. With between $5 and $30, you’re in a position to get a good crochet book that’ll help you learn the craft. The price varies depending on the quality of content as well as the mode of reading. In terms of content, you may find that some authors have incorporated the help of designers who help them illustrate the illustrations in a visual manner. Such services don’t come cheap and this may drive the price up. Publishing a book on paperback or on hardcover is also costly compared to reading a book on an online platform, e.g. Kindle.

In our research, we came across cheap crochet pattern books for beginners which we believe won’t give you the right head start to the world of crocheting. Such books tend to have misleading languages and others lack illustrations which are crucial in helping you learn.
In pursuit of the ideal crochet pattern book for you as a beginner, you’ll encounter numerous authors all seeking to help you learn. However, it’s important to look out for some key features before settling on a particular book. Such features include:
  • Crochet type — There are many ways of crocheting such the Afghan way, thread crocheting, cable crocheting and even basket weave crochet.
  • Book type — Publishers present books on paper back, hard cover or spiral-bound. Some books are also available online through applications such as Kindle.
  • Patterns — As a beginner you need to go for patterns that match your skill level since some types of stitching may be quite complicated.
  • Designs — Consider the designs picked by the author and ensure that your skill set is at a level where you can do them.
  • Pages — The number of pages is necessary since the more details present the more the pages and the better for you to try out many patterns.
Construction and Design
Crochet pattern books are designed to provide you with guidance on how to hook. Towards this end, authors have incorporated illustrations using photographs to ensure that you can easily understand the designs. The photographs used are often colorful and help you visualize how your end product will look. The photographs are often right next to the instructions so that you can easily follow along. Some books may have charts which are also used to guide you as you hook through your project.

The book may come as paperback, spiral-bound or even in hardcover, depending on the publisher. Some authors have embraced technology in that their books are available on Kindle. The number of pages present in a book varies greatly, and is dependent on the number of patterns – generally speaking, the more patterns, the more pages. In terms of the contents, the designs illustrated vary, but most authors have brought fresh ideas into crocheting.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most crochet pattern books will have you hooking great designs in no time thanks to the easy to follow instructions provided by the authors. Before starting your crocheting, go through the book to ensure that the designs match your set of skills. In this way, you’ll be in a position to see it through to the end of your project. Before embarking on the project, find out the necessary tools to crochet with as well as the recommended yarn.

For you to quickly learn the craft, you need to practice immensely so that you can perfect your skills. Hooking looks complicated at the start, but with practice, you’ll realize that it’s actually very easy. By starting out with simple patterns, you’ll get to know how to hold the crochet, how to measure your yarn and even other little tricks that practice brings. The most important thing is simply to start learning!

Get the Best Crochet Pattern Books For Beginners of 2023!

It’s our hope that this review has helped you identify the best crochet book for a beginner that’ll help you learn the craft. If not, these authors have more books that you can use to teach yourself how to crochet.

Our Top Choice
Judith Durant and Edie Eckman One-Skein Wonders for Babies
Best Value
Country Bumpkin Publications A to Z of Crochet
Kitty Moore Crochet for Beginners
Linda P. Schapper Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs
Leisure Arts A Year of Doilies Book