Best Croquet Set Reviews 2022

Are you looking for a fun game your family can play this summer from the comfort of your backyard? Croquet sets come with the right number of mallets and balls to suit all your family members, but since finding the right set might be difficult, we’ve researched top five croquet set brands on the market, showcasing a model from each, to help you find one that suits your specific needs.
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Our Top Choice
Amish Toy Box Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set
Amish Toy Box is a family-owned business founded in 2010 to manufacture wooden toys such as doll houses and games.
Colorful design. Lightweight and durable. Mallets come in three handle sizes and two storage options. Easy-to-use and perfect for the whole family.
Not ideal for experienced players. A bit costly.
8 mallets, 8 balls & 2 stakes
8 players
2 x 7 x 9 inches
Beginner play set
Maple hardwood
Best Value
Franklin Intermediate Croquet Set
Founded in 1946, Franklin is a sporting company that manufactures innovative sports gear and games for indoor and outdoor family fun.
Ideal for players aged eight years plus. Mallets and balls are uniquely colored for easy identification. Affordable & made from hardwood for durability.
Lightweight & flimsy mallets.
6 mallets, 6 balls & 2 stakes
6 players
2.8 x 5.4 x 26.5 inches
Intermediate players
Uber Games Croquet Set
Uber Games uses sustainable materials such as hardwood to manufacture premium indoor and garden games for the whole family.
Beautifully crafted with premium hardwood for durability. Stylish looks. Customizable design. Easy to set up and play. Variety of sets - from pro to family versions.
Kids outgrow the smaller mallets in the family set.
4 mallets, 4 balls & 2 stakes
4 players
2.25 x 9.5 x 38 inches
Depends upon set
Baden Deluxe Croquet Set
Baden is a trusted, third generation family-owned sporting company founded in 1979 to manufacture various games.
Fast and easy to set up. Nylon bag for storage and carrying around. Reasonably-priced. Great for players of all ages.
Not durable enough to support professional matches.
6 mallets, 6 balls & 2 stakes
6 players
3.5 x 10 x 28 inches
All ages and levels
Solid hardwood
Hape Color Croquet Set
Hape is a leading wooden toy manufacturer with products ranging from educational and bamboo toys to outdoor toys.
Colorful and fun design promotes engagement and active play. Helps kids learn as they play. Promotes development of physical skills.
Tall kids might experience difficulty.
2 mallets, 2 balls & 4 wickets
2 players
3 x 10.2 x 20 inches
Kids’ play set
Wood, water based paint

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What is the Best Croquet Set?

Choose a croquet set with the right number of mallets and balls for each player. Make sure it’s suitable for your intended use; if you’re a beginner, pro or intermediate player, find a set meant for you. Let’s see if one of our recommended croquet sets is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Amish Toy Box Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set features eight mallets, eight balls, two stakes and nine wickets for total family fun over the weekend. It’s also ideal for kids who love playing croquet. If you want a similar croquet set with six balls and six mallets, for six players, opt for the Amish Toy Box Deluxe Maple-Wood 6-Player Croquet Set. It’s crafted from hardwood for durability, is available in three handle sizes and comes ready-to-use out of the box.

Amish Toy Box Deluxe Wooden 8 Player Croquet Set - Available in 3 Handle Sizes and 2 Storage Options

Amish Toy Box has been manufacturing toys and games for almost a decade now. Ranging from board games and lawn games to doll furniture and scooters, the company has a large portfolio of toys to meet the needs of different kids at different ages. It uses high quality materials such as hardwoods to craft premium toys that last many years, with a company focus on safety for kids.

The Amish Toy Box Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set is made for friendly competition and family fun over the weekends or summer holidays. The eight wooden mallets are hand painted in sectioned rings in colors that match their respective balls. They’re also lathe-turned, with each end of the mallet head featuring two rings with a brass finish to prevent smashing and cracking of the wood.

Similarly, the two stakes are lathe-turned and hand-painted to feature multi-colored sections. With a diameter of 5/32”, the nine metal wickets are vinyl-coated for added strength and durability. Measuring 3-5/16” in diameter, the eight balls are made from plastic polymer for high durability. Available in three lengths, the handles are ideal for young adults or youths.

Whereas the thirty-two-inches handles are meant for tall players, shorter players can opt for the twenty-eight-inches handles. For easy storage and organization or transportation, choose the duffel carry bag or a pine wood holder with a handle for carriage.
Best Value
The Franklin Intermediate 6 Player Croquet Set features six wooden mallets, six all-weather balls, two stakes and nine coated wickets for endless family fun in your back yard. Would you prefer a vintage croquet set you can display in your living room for an enhanced appeal when not in use? Opt for the Franklin Vintage 6 Player Croquet Set with six wooden mallets, six molded balls, two stakes and nine coated wickets. It comes with a stylish stand for storage or display.

Franklin Intermediate 6 Player Croquet Set for Recreational Use with 9 Wickets and a Carry Bag

Mr Franklin, a leather expert, worked at various related companies before founding his own. The company first manufactured batting leather gloves many years ago. The gloves were produced in a distinct tri-curve design for a perfect fit. Today, the company has partnered with various leading sports brands such as Disney and NFL to bring pleasure to its customers.

The Franklin Intermediate 6 Player Croquet Set features six lacquered wooden mallets, six molded all-weather balls, two hand painted wood stakes and nine coated wire wickets for all-family fun in your backyard. Measuring 1.8 x 7 inches, the mallet heads are large enough to precisely hit the ball in the direction you want it to go. The wooden mallet handles measure twenty six inches for the right leverage when playing.

The mallets are given a lacquered chestnut finish for smoothness and increased durability. The caps cushion the mallet heads from getting scratched when you hit a ball. The molded balls are 2.75 inches in diameter for use in any kind of weather. You can also use the nine coated bent wire wickets in any kind of weather. The two wooden stakes are hand painted and measure eighteen inches in length.

Use the traditional carry bag to store your croquet set or bring it wherever you go. With the court layout instructions and game rules, even first-timers can easily join in the game and have lots of fun. Whether you intend to play on a playing field or your backyard, simply use the wickets to create a double-diamond pattern and place a stake on either side. You can play in a team of one, two or three – all you have to do is find your way through the court to a stake and hit it to earn points.

Here are a few other Franklin croquet sets to consider:
  • Franklin Classic 6 Player Croquet Set - no lacquered finish on the mallets
  • Franklin Expert 6 Player Croquet Set - for advanced players
  • Franklin Advanced 6 Player Croquet Set – deluxe carry bag, bigger mallets, balls & stakes
The Uber Games Croquet Set features four hardwood mallets, four croquet balls, nine steel hoops or wickets, and two wooden pegs for complete family fun in your back yard, and it’s also available in a set for six players If you want a similar croquet set in a different style, opt for the Uber Games Garden Croquet Set. It has similar features as our featured croquet set, but designed and sized for use in your garden.

Uber Games Croquet Set with Rack, Mallets, Balls and More - Variety of Sets Available including Professional and Family Versions

Uber Games is a household name for family games that can be played indoors or outdoors in the garden. With games ranging from giant chess and indoor skittle alleys to large wooden dice, the company manufactures various games to suit the needs of different families. Available in a wide variety of set types including professional, executive, championship and ones just for family fun, all of Uber Games Croquet Sets are crafted from premium materials which can last for years of regular use.

Let's take a closer look at the Championship Croquet Set which features two sets of uniquely sized mallets with square heads. This ensures two adults in your family and two kids can join in the game without the need for a different croquet set. The four Rosewood mallets with square heads are built with octagonal English Ash handles, with each weighing three pounds. Given a brass finish, the mallets are protected from unnecessary scratches.

With two of the longer Rosewood mallet heads measuring 2-1/4 x 9-1/2 inches, their handles measure thirty eight inches for better leverage. On the other hand, the two smaller mallets have thirty four inch handles and similar sized heads. Measuring only 3-5/8 inches in diameter and weighing sixteen ounces, the four composite balls are durable and lightweight for easy control on the court.

The four hoops or stakes are made from steel for sturdy use in professional championships. You can create stable carrots using the hoop drill to dig holes. Rubber coating on the head of the smasher mallet offers protection from scratches. You’ll also find four colored clips, four metal poles and corner flags and a center peg made of wood with a topper in the packaged box. With this set, you’re guaranteed fun for the whole family. Customize it using stencils, paint or laser for a personal touch.
The Baden Deluxe Croquet Set features six wooden mallets, six balls, two skates and nine wickets for use by players of all ages and experience levels. Consider buying the Baden Champions Croquet Set if you want one that’s easy to set up and store. It can be played by two to six players and delivers endless fun for the whole family.

Baden Deluxe Croquet Set with 6 Hardwood Mallets and 9 Steel Wickets for 6 Players

Baden’s innovative and quality products have seen it earn a top place in the industry and consumers’ trust. Founded by sports fans and players, the company knows exactly what consumers look for in their products. Driven by innovation, the company is passionate about developing better games. It rigorously tests its products for safety, value and premium quality.

The Baden Deluxe Croquet Set features six hardwood mallets, six colored balls, nine steel wickets and two stakes for use by everyone in your family or team. With the instructions, you can easily set up the game without prior experience. The mallets are made from solid hardwoods for strength and durability whereas the brightly colored balls are made from poly-resin for easy gliding.

The two skates are sturdy as they’re also made from hardwood. Heavy duty steel is used on the nine wickets and coated in vinyl for a smooth finish and protection from bad weather. Keep the croquet set in the nylon carry bag when not in use for storage or easy portability. It’s durable and comes with all the croquet rules you’ll find handy, especially if you’re a beginner.
The Hape Color Croquet Set features two mallets, two balls and four wickets to enable your children to play with their friends outdoors. Have your kids misplaced their balls? Opt for the Hape Pound & Tap Refill Balls that come in a set of three. The balls are compatible with Roller Derby play sets and our featured croquet set.

Hape Wooden Color Outdoor Croquet Set with 2 Mallets and 4 Wickets

Hape uses sustainable materials to manufacturer eco-friendly products. Other than premium quality and innovative designs, the company’s products meet safety and quality standards in the industry. It integrates responsible ecology with global thinking to come up with safe and innovative designs. With premium materials, the company builds its products to last for many years of use.

The Hape Color Croquet Set is what your kids need to get outdoors and get a life instead of spending the whole day indoors. The mallets, balls and wickets allow two kids to play at a time. With this game, your kids learn to recognize colors, develop motor skills and promote creativity. It’s safe for kids who are at least three years.

In addition to using child safe materials, the company uses non-toxic finishes to ensure your child is safe. Let your kids play in the back yard or garden without any restrictions. Measuring only 3 x 10.2 x 20 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds, the croquet set is your perfect companion for family fun on the go.

How Do I Choose the Best Croquet Set?

The origin of croquet can be traced back to France, where a game called Jeu de Mail was played in the 11th century. The game spread, being adapted into golf by the Scottish, early billiards by Louis XIV, and croquet by the Irish, thereafter travelling to Britain in around 1300. It’s an engaging game that can be played in informal and formal settings. Croquet is a perfect pass time game for individuals and families, supporting two, four, six or eight players.

Unlike foosball, this game doesn’t require special skills to be played, making it easy for everyone. It’s the game where both adults and kids can play together and have lots of fun. Traditionally, croquet sets were made only from wood, but modern variants are crafted from plastic, wood or metal. When not in use, croquet sets can be displayed in the living room for an appealing look. Place it on your sturdy end table to create a unique talking point.

The mallets usually feature colored stripes and balls come in bright colors that can brighten any interior space. If you want to display your croquet set when not in use, look for those that come with display stands to hold the mallets, balls, wickets and stakes. The traditional look of croquet sets is perfect for the modern interiors. In fact, you can buy a cost-effective set purely for enhancing your interior décor if you’re a sports enthusiast.

What’s great about croquet is the fact that it can be played anywhere – as long as you can set up the wickets. Croquet sets are lightweight to carry around for use on the go; for instance, you can bring your set when going camping with your family or friends. Since croquet is also played professionally, the mallets are designed to meet the unique needs of different users.

Some croquet sets are only meant for kids and others come with different-sized mallets for use by adults and kids. Some sets are only meant for adults, hence are built with longer handles. You’ll also find croquet sets for beginners, intermediate users, professional players, and those meant for families. Kids who engage in croquet benefit from improved motor skills due to the interactive nature of this game.

If you want to make the most of your family fun time, consider getting a hockey table or a pool table and get the fun going.
Croquet sets are built for different numbers of players, ranging from two to eight. A set is priced based on the number of players it supports, the material it’s made from, size and quality. Croquet sets meant for professional games cost more than those designed for fun family times. A set suitable for all ages that’s lightweight and supports six players can cost anything from $25 to $60.

A set with a simple finishing can cost less. However, a croquet set for four to eight players crafted from hardwood and given a beautiful finish can cost anything from $100 to $300. Premium professional croquet sets for many players with attractive finishes can go for up to $700. The amount you spend on a set depends on how you intend to use it.

Don’t spend a fortune on a croquet set if you’re just a beginner or play the game just for fun. Also avoid cheap croquet sets, especially if you’re looking for strong and durable mallets for regular use.
Whether a croquet set is meant for beginner, intermediate or professional players, they’re built with various features for optimal performance and ease of use. The number of items in a set depends on the number of players supported. Knowledge of the various features of a croquet set is the key to finding a suitable one for your intended use. You need to choose a set built for durability.

Here are the import features to look for in a croquet set:
  • The number of items in a set such as mallets, balls, wickets and stakes
  • Material used such as wood and molded plastic
  • Number of players such as two, four, six or eight
  • The right size in terms of handle length and mallet head dimensions
  • Experience level such as professional, intermediate or beginner
With the right croquet set, you can have the whole family playing indoors in winter or in the backyard in summer, not to mention the benefits your kids can gain from engaging in this interactive game.
Construction and Design
Are you looking for a croquet set? These factors should help you choose the best set based on your needs and working budget:
  • Set – Croquet sets come with mallets, balls, stakes and wickets. The number of balls and mallets in a set is usually equal to the intended number of players. For instance, a six-player croquet set will come with six balls and six mallets. All sets usually come with two stakes and nine wickets (although children’s sets may feature fewer).
  • Numbers of Players – Croquet sets are meant for different numbers of players. If you want a set to be used by four players, buy one with at least four mallets and four balls. If you’re not sure about the number of users, go for a set that supports as many as eight players.
  • Size – Croquet sets come with mallets with varying handles to suit users or players with different heights. You’ll find standard croquet set heights, those meant for kids, tall people and even a mix of different heights so various players can buy or use a single set.
  • Suitability – Croquet sets are designed for families, kids, beginners, intermediate players and even professional players. They’re also categorized based on where they’re intended for use such as indoors, garden, lawns, backyards and even balconies, as well as those suitable for families.
  • Material – Although wood is the most common material used to craft croquet sets, metals and plastics are also used. Wood is lightweight, durable and attractive. Plastic is waterproof and available in more color options, but prone to wear and tear. Experienced players can go for metal croquet sets for their weight and durability.
Performance and Ease of Use
Croquet sets feature mallets, balls, wickets and stakes. Know what to expect in your ideal croquet set before paying for one. The items in a set are usually uniquely colored for easy identification. Lightweight mallets are easy to use, making them ideal for beginner players. Heavier mallet heads support professionals in making more targeted shots.

Experienced players should opt for aluminum, fiber-glass or carbon-fiber shafts for better grips. Wooden shafts are lightweight and ideal for beginners or casual use. Rugged surfaces support intense use of the mallets. Only invest in croquet sets made from hardwoods for durable use. Whichever croquet set you go for and despite your intended use, make sure it’s durable and has all the accessories you need for the right number of players.

Get the Best Croquet Set of 2022!

Whether you’re a professional or entry level player, or simply looking for a croquet set for your family or kids, there’s one out there to meet your unique needs. We hope this guide was handy and you were able to find a croquet set for your unique needs. If you’re looking for another fun outdoor activity, check out our golf set review.

Our Top Choice
Amish Toy Box Deluxe Wooden Croquet Set
Best Value
Franklin Intermediate Croquet Set
Uber Games Croquet Set
Baden Deluxe Croquet Set
Hape Color Croquet Set