Best Cross Pen Reviews 2022

There’s no one who has good tastes in quality pens that does not know that Cross pens totally rock! Even President Trump uses one of them! In this review we bring to you our top five picks from the plethora of amazing pens this brand offers. When you go through our review, we’re certain you’ll find the best Cross pen to match your style, but just in case you asked, yes we have reviews on fountain pens, sharpie pens and more too.
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Our Top Choice
Cross Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Pen
The Peerless 125 Collection comes simple and elegant just like Cross is famous for, and is one of its finest sets of pens ever made.
Bold, elegant profile. Operates with swivel action to propel or repel. Specially formulated ink flows flawlessly. Comes with tracking device to track pen or track missing phone. Connects via Bluetooth.
Refill cartridge is unusually small.
Swivel action; ballpoint
Bluetooth; tracking device
5.76 x 0.52 inches; 0.09 pounds
Blue; black
Best Value
Cross Tech 3+ Star Wars Multifunction Pen
The Tech 3+ is simply the definition of versatility, style, and convenience, with its ability to work as a multifunction pen on the one end and a stylus on the other!
Unique Darth Vader design details. Polished chrome appointments. Comes as multifunction pen: black pen/red pen/pencil with hidden eraser and stylus. Twist technology for intuitive selection.
Gel ink might tend to bunch up at the tip.
Twist action; ballpoint
Pen; pencil; eraser
5.75 x 0.4 inches; 0.05 pounds
Red; black
Cross Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Pen
What stands out with the Townsend collection is its impeccable design, especially its use of precious metals. And did we mention that it’s the favorite of many American Presidents?
Comes in Star Wars R2-D2 Droid design. Color also based on R2-D2. Medium point tip. Comes in a luxury keepsake box. Also comes with Star Wars collectors’ booklet. Lifetime mechanical guarantee.
Pen’s gel ink might tarnish tip.
Star Wars design
5.8 x 0.5 inches; 0.08 pounds
Cross Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen
With all the grace of the original Classic Century which debuted in 1935, Century II gives even more balance to your writing with its bolder look and wider profile.
Rich black lacquer finish. 23 karat gold-plated appointments. Medium nib. Flawless ink flow that dries quickly. Includes two easy-to-use black fountain pen cartridges. Comes in a gift box.
A bit too big for small fingers.
Click-off cap; ballpoint/rollerball
Gold-plated appointments
5.31 x 0.38 inches; 0.06 pounds
Cross X Marvel Thor Rolling Ball Pen
Specially made for fans of the Marvel Universe worldwide, the X Marvel collection offers superior writing, of course coupled with a super cool super-hero-themed design.
Bold and attractive profile. Design details based on Marvel character: Thor. Also comes with innovative capless slide-off-snap mechanism. Excellent grip. Medium point tip.
Might not be a great idea for a non-Thor fan.
Slide and snap; rollerball
Thor; chrome-plated appointments
5.75 x 0.58 inches; 0.08 pounds

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What is the Best Cross Pen?

Now that you know almost all that there is about pens and their different kinds, it shouldn’t be difficult selecting the best type of Cross pen for you. Now, let’s head over to the reviews and see which pen steals the top spot today!
Our Top Choice
Incredible but true, the Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Cross Pen actually comes with a tracking device like its name hints. Now you can track down your pen’s last location or even your phone if it gets missing! If you want something more versatile that converts easily into ballpoint or felt tip by simply changing refills, then try the Peerless Fonderie Rollerball Cross Pen.

Cross Peerless TrackR Quartz Ballpoint Pen with Chrome Appointments – Available in Multiple Colors & with Pouch

In commemoration of two landmark events in Cross’s history: the debut of the first Peerless pen in 1889 and the introduction of the Century line in 1935, Cross introduced the Peerless 125 series to the market. As a way to mark these two history-making achievements, elements from both classic designs were fused to produce the Peerless 125 Collection. True to character, Cross has offered this collection in its world-famous, simple, yet elegant body language, and customers are going absolutely crazy about it.

Here’s a great way to make a statement with your pen: get the Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Cross Pen. And we’re not even talking about its bold profile that’s equally elegant, although we love that. We’re talking about the engineering behind this pen which we love even more.

Isn’t it amazing how this pen comes with a tracking device such that with an app on your smartphone, you can track down your pen’s last location should it get stolen? And before you give us the stink eye, look at the price of this thing and you’ll realize that any workable plan to protect this baby is totally welcome.

As if that isn’t mind-blowing enough, you could also use it to track your own phone should it get missing by simply pressing a button!

And because we haven’t forgotten that this is still a pen and not some fancy spy device, we won’t forget to tell you that this pen’s ink flows and writes flawlessly.

Other pens in the Peerless collection include:
  • The Cross Peerless New York Ballpoint Pen for the Yorkers!
  • The Cross Peerless 125 Rolling Ball Pen with a heavy gold finish for those who love the shiny things
  • The Cross Peerless 125 Obsidian Black Lacquer Fountain Pen for those who love fountain pens
  • The Cross Peerless TrackR Carbon Black Ballpoint Pen also with a tracking device but now in a black finish for those who prefer it this way
  • And the Cross Peerless 125 Platinum Plate Ballpoint Pen also with gold appointments for a spectacular finish
Best Value
What do you get when you join love for Star Wars with exceptional efficiency? The Tech 3+ Star Wars Multifunction Cross Pen is what! Functioning as a black pen, a red one, and a pencil, this pen is a must-have! Too pricey? Then see this other pen that also works with a twist technology and comes compatible with most capacitive touchscreen devices: The Tech 3 Plus Satin Black Multifunction Pen.

Cross Tech 3+ Star Wars Special Edition Darth Vader Multifunction Pen – Available in Multiple Styles

The Tech 3+ is about the most versatile pen Cross ever released. What stands out from this collection from the many lines at Cross, is its ability to work as a multifunction pen on the one hand, and as a stylus on the other. Its operation is pretty straightforward with a simple twist that changes the pen from black to red or even to a pencil. The stylus end of this pen is pretty amazing too and improves accuracy and precision when interacting with mobile devices.

The Tech 3+ Star Wars Multifunction Cross Pen is the Cross pen for the Star Wars fanatics: a great memorabilia of the epic movie that will forever remain in our hearts.

It features a Darth Vader design, even though he’s supposed to be a villain but oh well, Cross is the boss. And it also features polished chrome appointment.

This pen is just like Darth Vader himself and can take many different forms by a simple intuitive twist of the barrel. It can be a black pen, or a red one, or even a pencil. And it even hides an eraser in there somewhere plus a medium refill. Now that’s a lot!

PS: The other end of the pen is a stylus and it’s compatible with almost any touchscreen device!

Whether you need other more affordable options or a slight upgrade, there are still options to choose from. Have a look at a few:
  • The Tech 4 Performance Black Smooth Touch Multifunction Pen that comes with a flawless ink flow and is smooth to the touch for a comfortable writing
  • The Cross Tech 2 Purple Violet Dual-Personality Pen that’s rightly named for its hot, yet sophisticated look. It also functions as an iPad pen
  • The Cross Tech 2 Marvel Captain America Ballpoint Pen that makes a great gift with its stylus and journal!
  • The Cross Tech 4 Lustrous Chrome Multifunction Pen for those who like to keep it muted and simple
  • And the Cross Tech 3 Chrome Multifunctional Pen that’s a slightly lower from the 3+ but still comes with a stylus
The Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Cross Pen comes in a design and color that’s entirely based on the Star Wars character: the droid, R2-D2. So for the techie Star Wars fans, you tell us, is this pen cool or what? How would you like a more affordable yet elegant option for now? This comes with 23 karat gold appointments! Check out the Townsend Medalist Ballpoint Cross Pen.

Cross Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition Rollerball Pen with Medium Tip – Available in Multiple Styles

The Townsend collection among all other lines of pens at Cross, stands out for its impeccable design, that’s always spruced up with the addition of precious metals. It’s for those who love individuality in their style and so it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite among several presidents of the United States. Its Star Wars edition is in celebration of the epic movie and specifically targeted at die-hard fans who love to show off their Star Wars mania. Highly commendable is the fact that the standard we’ve come to know Cross brand for does not fall even in this special series.

Still for the lovers of Star Wars and maybe the techies too, there’s the Townsend Star Wars Cross Pen. This one is designed based on the R2-D2 Droid. Remember him? Of course you do!

The tip of this pen is a medium point so if you love to write large, this pen is a great option aside its really cool look.

Plus, Cross even took the initiative of throwing a Star Wars collectors’ book in the package for you, all for the love of Star Wars. Awesome!

While you “ooh and aah” over this particular pen, you might want to do some window shopping and we have enough candy for your eyes:
  • The Cross Townsend Quartz Blue Lacquer Rollerball Pen for lovers of the color blue and good writing
  • The Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Ballpoint Pen that comes with gold-plated appointments. Really classy
  • The Cross Townsend Star Wars Stormtrooper Fountain Pen with an 18 karat solid gold medium nib>
  • The Cross Townsend Stylus Ballpoint Pen comes plated with 23 karat gold and also features a stylus
  • The Cross Townsend Year of the Rooster Fountain Pen comes with a mechanical guarantee for the lifetime of the pen
Keeping things elegant and classy, we have the Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen with its rich black lacquer finish and 23 karat gold-plated appointments that immediately levels up your class. Because you love Tony Stark, there’s also this one with Iron Man details and a convertible tip. It’s even more affordable! See the Century II Marvel Iron Man Rollerball Cross Pen.

Cross Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen with 23 Karat Gold Plated Appointments – Available in Multiple Colors & Styles

A modernization of its mother brand (Classic Century), the Century II comes with a bolder look and a wider profile to give more weight and more balance to your hands as you write. Of course there’s the legendary design that can only come from Cross, plus unique finishes that you are sure to love. Customers love this pen, and reviews are over the top with commendations.

The Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen is an amazing option for that cool, calm, and collected you that love to keep things strictly business and still make a statement. With its rich black lacquer finish, and its 23 karat gold-plated appointments and medium nib, what this pen says about you is that you are serious but you got style!

Also coming with this pen are two fountain pen cartridges that are neat and easy to use. There’s also an optional converter if you prefer filling the traditional way through the bottle.

With a great grip to boot, this pen’s fast-drying ink flows flawlessly for an elegant handwriting every time. It even comes in a gift box so it’s a great idea for the next Father’s Day or your nephew’s grad!

Still hoping to look at other options? Here are few you could have a look at:
  • The Cross Century II Captain America Rollerball Pen for lovers of the Captain
  • The Cross Century II Engraved Classic Black Rollerball Pen too if you prefer your pen personalized
  • The Cross Century II Ballpoint Pen works great for those who love the serenity and purity the color white stands for
  • The Cross Century II Royal Blue Fountain Pen looks modern and fantastic if that’s how you like to play it
  • The Cross Century II Premium Value Pens. It comes with a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen all in classic black lacquer and a stainless steel medium nib
Get heads to turn every time you write with the X Marvel Thor Rolling Ball Cross Pen. Bold and attractive, this pen kills it even more with its design details that are based on the god of thunder himself: Thor! What if you could get Captain America, Iron Man and Spider Man together in one place? If that sounds good to you, then check out the Tech2 Marvel 3Pack Ballpoint Pens.

Cross X Marvel Thor Selectip Rolling Ball Pen – Available in Spider Man and Hulk & as a Ballpoint Pen

In a bid to somehow be a part of its customers’ world, Cross found a way for them to express themselves and their mania for their favorite super heroes by introducing the X Marvel line of pens. These pens come in a bold profile and of course individual designs that are based on one iconic super hero or the other, which people can’t help but notice. For all citizens of the Marvel Universe this is definitely a score one for Cross and could be a score one for you too when you gift to any one of them you know.

Here’s to the movie studio that has brought thrills and screams and action to almost every American and indeed almost everyone in the world! The X Marvel Thor Rolling Ball Cross Pen is one of the many pens in the lineup to celebrate this amazing brand.

This particular pen comes in a bold profile and guess who’s on the design? Why? It’s the god of thunder himself! Thor! So Thor lovers, this is for you and don’t worry it’s not as impossible to lift as his hammer so you’ll be just fine. Lol.

And here’s one reason you can give to those who can’t understand your perfectly healthy obsession for Thor: it comes with an innovative slide and snap mechanism, so you don’t have to bother with caps anymore. Just slide it and feel as cool like the boss! Plus, it even gets delivered in a nice gift box.

How Do I Choose the Best Cross Pen?

From time immemorial, there has always been a need to document. This led to the invention of paper, the pencil, the quill, the chalk and its board, the pen, etcetera, in whatever order. But that’s not the moral of today’s story.

Fast forward to our present time and there’s still the need to document but quite differently than before. Technology has taken it upon itself to get the job of documentation done and in really cool ways too; case in point: stylus pens.

But even with the rate at which the world is becoming more and more claustrophobically tiny these days with the advent of technology and computers, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world where pens would have been completely phased out.

The pen is just too part of us to let go of so easily. Even Bill Gates himself uses a pen and he’s practically the father of modern day computers! See?

While we might like to appear all businesslike and talk about how the pen is used to take down notes or stuff like that, we cannot be so grim as to not mention that pens are, without a doubt, fashion pieces these days. We can totally say, show me your pen and I’ll tell you who you are.

On this note ends the controversy: you cannot just get any pen. Not when your social status could depend on it. You need a great one that makes a statement, and Cross makes just the type.
Anyone who is familiar with this brand can tell you that it is a symbol of quality and elitism. So please, in the name of everything you hold dear, you will bear your cross alone if you go looking for a cheap Cross pen. Many of them are poor attempts at imitations of the brand. Even an untrained eye can see through the gimmicks of the rascals. That settled, we now go on to the price range of a real Cross pen. For anything between $25 and well over $300, you can get a fantastic Cross pen but it all depends on the level of sophistication in function and appearance that you demand. For instance, some Cross pens come with a tracking device in them, of course you already know that there’s no way in Zamunda such pens will cost as low as an everyday ballpoint Cross pen, same with special celebration memorabilia types and commemorative editions.
We will briefly look at some of the various kinds of pens offered by Cross and some of the different designs they carry:
  • Types
  • Point type
  • Barrel
  • Cross designs
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are many types of pens but we will discuss the most basic types below:

The ballpoint: This one is a no-brainer; the name already gives it away. This pen has a small ball on its tip that rotates and spreads ink as you write. Gravity is a big issue here as so whether sideways, upside down, at an angle, forget it. This dude won’t write. But then again, it hardly leaks because its ink is quite thick.

The fountain pen Most go for this for the sake of elegant writing. It comes with a nib (the tip you use to write) and the feed (like it sounds), it feeds the nib ink so you can write.

The porous point: They have a soft writing tip which could be made of an absorbent plastic or felt. They are also called soft tip pens.

Roller ball: This one is kinda like a combo of the three we just looked at. So watch this: it has a rolling ball tip, its ink is like the one in a fountain pen, while it writes like a porous point! Pretty cool, right?

For barrel type, the rubberized kinds are always best for a comfortable grip.

So let’s talk a little about Cross pens now that we know a bit about the types of pens.

Cross carries a wide range of all the aforementioned types of pens and you can get anyone you please. An outstanding thing about Cross pens is their unique design range and how there’s something for everyone from the tough business executive to the action movie fanatic, to those in between.
Performance and Ease of Use
On tips…

If you write so tiny and we may need a magnifying glass to read a word of what you wrote, you’ll need a fine tip and if you write so big even the blind can see, then you’ll need a medium point.

A word about Cross pens…

Cross pens generally are a bit high-end so many of them come with warranties to help you feel a little more secure with your purchase.

In fact, with the overwhelming research and innovation going on at Cross, you even find pens that come trackable! Now you never have to lose your precious pen again.

Get the Best Cross Pen of 2022!

So what are you still waiting for? Go on and place that order for the best type of Cross pen to suit your style.

Our Top Choice
Cross Peerless TrackR Ballpoint Pen
Best Value
Cross Tech 3+ Star Wars Multifunction Pen
Cross Townsend Star Wars R2-D2 Pen
Cross Century II Black Lacquer Fountain Pen
Cross X Marvel Thor Rolling Ball Pen