Best Cross Stitch Pattern Book Reviews 2022

Ever seen table cloths that look like pictures have been stitched into them? Well, such items are made using a unique form of craft known as cross-stitching, which has been around since the early centuries and continues to thrill people to this day. Getting the right pattern book with great designs can be a daunting task. Here at Top Products, we have compiled five books from some of the best cross-stitch pattern book brands and authors out there that will give you great results.
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Visual aid
Our Top Choice
Donna Kooler’s 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs
Donna Kooler, owner of Kooler Design Studio, is a passionate designer and author of many craft books.
A variety of themes; Colorful charts; Attractive patterns; Detailed instructions
Some patterns maybe difficult to read at night.
Christmas designs
Hardcover and paperback
555 patterns
Color charts, photos
Best Value
Maria Diaz Ultimate Cross Stitch Projects
Maria Diaz is a renowned author of numerous cross-stitch pattern books and has a passion for craft that shows in all her designs.
Unique patterns; Beautiful, colorful designs; Detailed instructions; Colorful guide charts
Might not be suitable for beginners.
Inspirational designs
Numerous patterns
Color charts, photos, key
Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs
Better Homes and Gardens Books is a brand dedicated to providing people with information that will add value to their living space.
Invaluable stitching advice; Countless designs; Specialty diagrams ; Helps eliminate guesswork
Some users find the pictures too small.
Reference book
Hardcover and paperback
2001 patterns
Color chart, key
Mary Engelbreit Cross-Stitch for All Seasons
Mary Engelbreit loves to draw and has created a company around her passion for art, which has grown remarkably since it was incorporated.
Variety of patterns; Lovely illustrations; Alphabetical charts; Detailed instructions
Some users find the language a bit rude.
All-season designs
Color chart, key
Angela M. Foster Cross Stitch Patterns from 1730
Angela M. Foster is a creator, designer and author, who is passionate about various forms of art and craft.
Timeless designs; Accommodates multiple crafts; Allows creation of individual patterns
Some may not relate to the book’s antique style.
Antique designs
Graphed patterns

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What is the Best Cross Stitch Pattern Book?

You will realize that several factors have to be considered before you choose a particular book, such as the nature of the designs. Let’s explore more tips and pointers that’ll help you in your endeavor.
Our Top Choice
Donna Kooler’s Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs come in five different themes, with over 555 patterns to choose from that will help you make countless items for Christmas. Do you prefer stitching stockings only? Then Donna Kooler’s Stocking Collection Cross-Stitch Design will give you a wide range.

Donna Kooler’s Full Colored 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs - Available in Hardcover and Paperback

Donna Kooler is part of the team at Kooler Design Studio Inc, which she founded in 1985 to help advance arts and crafts. She diligently wears many hats, such as designer, creative director and author of many stitch design books. Her studio aims to provide stitching enthusiasts with unique and beautiful items to adorn their homes. Her designs range from embroidery, and needlework, to kits and charts. She has also written numerous books on cross-stitching, quilting, knitting and crochet. She has also partnered with many companies to help advance various agendas in the craft industry. She’s passionate and dedicated to everything about stitching and craft in general.

With her book, 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs, you will get to try out countless patterns that will for sure bring merry to the festive season. It’s packed with five different themes, namely: folk art, Santa Claus, inspirational Christmas, general Christmas and nature Christmas. With this book, you will get to stitch endless items, from a charming Santa to cute little turtles. The beauty of this book is that it has over 500 designs that are fully colored, which helps with clear visualization of the different patterns.

Here’s more about this book:
  • Each design has detailed info on the stitch count.
  • There’s also a full-color chart with the floss code for each design.
  • There’s an option of incorporating motifs into the designs.
  • Anchor thread enthusiasts will benefit from a conversion table.
  • A quick glance at designs helps accommodate busy crafters.
  • Meticulous charting of motifs in color
  • There are photographs showing the end result for most designs.
Not into the paperback aspect of this book? Well, you can enjoy years of stitching by getting the hardcover version of this book.
Best Value
Maria Diaz’s Ultimate Cross Stitch Projects will help you create unique and highly acclaimed patterns that will act as beautiful gifts for your loved ones. Do you prefer different motifs? Then we believe that Maria Diaz’s Design Cross-Stitch Motif Series will be a great alternative.

Maria Diaz Colorful and Inspiring Cross Stitch Projects Paperback Pattern Book

Maria Diaz has over 20 years’ experience in needlecraft, and has always been passionate about stitching. Having learnt the craft from her grandma, she proceeded to study fine art and later joined DMC in 1989, where she shared her creativity with the company. Her designs are known to be unique and beautiful, which has endeared her to many in the industry. She has dedicated her life to stitching and mastering everything the needlecraft world has to offer. She’s also the author of many books, in which she helps others learn the craft of cross-stitching and crochet.

Maria Diaz’s Ultimate Cross Stitch Projects is one book that you will want to get, due to its numerous patterns that will have you stitching for hours. The many designs contained in this book will help you stitch beautiful and lovely gifts for your loved ones. Some of the large patterns included here will help you stitch rustic country sides, cute animals, beautiful babies and even flowers full of bold colors.

What else can you expect from this book? Here’s more:
  • Easy-to-follow guide charts
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to stitch each design
  • Colorful photos for better visualization
  • Easy-to-grasp advice on the best stitching techniques
  • 128 pages of non-stop stitching
The Better Homes and Gardens Books 2001 Cross Stitch Designs is a must have for any cross-stitcher, since it’s packed with invaluable advice and 2001 designs that will keep you occupied for hours. Are you looking to work on border patterns instead? Then the Better Homes and Gardens Books Alphabets & Borders will be a great fit.

Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs: The Essential Reference Book – Available in Hardcover and Paperback

Better Homes and Gardens Books is part of the BHG Group, which since 1924 has dedicated its resources to helping people create better living spaces. By providing useful tips and advice, BHG has helped many people transform their homes into beautiful and useful spaces. Their magazines and books offer step-by-step guidance that’s easy and practical. Their customers have found their services beneficial and dependable, as evident through the impressive reviews they receive. Their simple suggestions save money for customers and add value to their households.

The Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs has got everything you need to know about cross-stitching. The 2001 designs contained in this book will give you a wide perspective and countless ways to create your items. The uniqueness of the designs found in this reference book will have people marvel at your work. It’s loaded with tips and ideas on how to go about the craft that will benefit both beginners and experienced cross-stitchers.
You will learn how to stitch animals, Christmas goodies, florals and many other items.

Here are more features you’ll enjoy once you get this book:
  • Has 50 specialty diagrams with detailed instructions.
  • Each motif has a color chart for better understanding.
  • There are useful tips on the different uses of what you create.
  • Color key to help you accomplish the designs
  • Specialty stitching ideas
  • Has 336 pages of comprehensive cross-stitching information.
Not digging the thick, hardcover version of this book? No need to worry; it’s also available in paperback.
Mary Engelbreit’s All Seasons Cross-Stitch brings you 70 projects that showcase the author’s sought-after illustrations that will help you create items for all seasons. Prefer a different design? We believe that Mary Engelbreit’s Cross-Stitch will be a great alternative.

Mary Engelbreit Cross-Stitch Designs For All Seasons Hardcover Pattern Book

Mary Engelbreit’s passion for drawing started when she was a child and continued well into her adult years. At an early age, she learned a lot about art and decided to make it her lifelong career. She launched her name into the industry by illustrating kids’ books. Her greeting cards are well known and loved. Many companies have paid to have her illustrations used on various items, such as mugs, t-shirts, ceramic items and other things. She has also worked as the editor of a magazine for over eleven years.

Mary Engelbreit’s Cross-Stitch for All Seasons is packed with some of the author’s much-loved illustrations, which remain relevant season in, season out. The book has over 70 projects for you to choose from that range from simple designs to more complex ones for experienced cross-stitchers. Whether it’s spring or winter, Mary’s illustrations will always capture your attention. Transferring them into a sampler will not only be fun but will also get you stitching for many hours.

Here are more features in store for you:
  • Has color charts that are accurate.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you
  • Beautiful photos of finished designs for better visualization
  • Provides a unique and funny way of doing patterns.
  • 192 pages bound in hardcover
Angela M. Foster’s compilation of Cross Stitch Patterns from 1730 will provide you with timeless patterns from the early centuries that’ll help bring an antique feel to your creations. Do you prefer much older cross stitch patterns? Then Angela M. Foster’s Cross Stitch Patterns From 1660 will be a great fit.

Angela M. Foster Classic Compilation of Cross Stitch Patterns From 1730 in Paperback

Angela M. Foster is one woman who is passionate about needlecraft, from knitting to crocheting to cross-stitching; name it. Her creativity and designs are versatile, which has endeared her to many that love craft. Her patterns comprise of multiple crafts which tend to take you way back in time. She even has patterns for plastic canvas that designers find fascinating. She has also compiled important books that keep records of past patterns which help you create antique-themed items. She also has a presence on digital platforms, which makes her accessible to her fans.

Angela M. Foster’s Cross Stitch Patterns from 1730 is a compilation of designs from the past that will help you create items with an antique feel. She collected the patterns from another book called ‘Embroidery Patterns,’ which was published in 1730. Yes, that far back! The graphical representation in this book accommodates different crafts, such as knitting, crochet and cross-stitch. The aim of this book is to bring back the joy of working on sampler using your hands, which is what used to happen back in the day.

At the back of this 54-page book, you will find two pages that are blank. What for? Well, the whole idea of leaving them blank is to help you create your own patterns. Isn’t it great when you can reproduce your own sampler that has a timeless look? The antique motifs in this book are precise and engaging, which will delight you for hours. It’s available in paperback, and each page is a journey back in time!

How Do I Choose the Best Cross Stitch Pattern Book?

I had always wondered when my mother would hand me down something that had stayed in the family for a couple of generations. Well, it finally happened when she gifted me a pretty floral quilt in bold green, red and purple after the birth of my daughter. Never had I ever felt such pride and connection to the matriarchal side of my family. So what’s the fuss about family heirlooms? Whether it’s a crocheted poncho or a knitted cardigan, hand-me-downs tend to have great feeling that’s hard to explain. Want to start your own family-stitched gifting tradition? Well, cross-stitched designs are a good way to start.

Both novices and experienced cross-stitchers can learn a thing or two by getting a cross-stitch pattern book. Cross-stitching is a unique way of sewing, in which you form a picture using x-shaped stitches. This craft creates unique and vibrant designs that tend to have a very personal feel to them. Learning how to cross-stitch will not only keep you busy for hours, but it’s a fun way of creating fun gifts for your loved ones. Mastering how to do one of the oldest forms of embroidery will place you a league above the rest due to the intricate, yet fun, styles involved.

There are some important things you need to consider in order to get the best cross-stitch pattern book out there. One such consideration is the layout of the book. The presence of colorful charts and diagrams is important, since it helps you visualize the outcome. Detailed instructions are also important; steer away from complex language and themes. The number of patterns contained in the book is also important, because when it comes to cross-stitching, practice for sure makes perfect! When most people think of cross-stitching, they picture butterflies and flowers. Well, if you are one of the liberal lot that wants to try out more snarky patterns, then you may want to check out Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch, which brings out your sassy side.
Getting a cross-stitch pattern book isn’t an expensive undertaking. With between $5 and $30, or thereabouts, you will be in a position to get yourself a pattern book that will help you work magic on your sampler. The price is determined by a number of factors, such as the details of the designs, photography and the quality of paper. Some authors may get the assistance of professional designers to help them illustrate their work in a more polished manner. Such help doesn’t come cheap and may drive the price of the book up.

You may also come across cheap cross-stitch pattern books that we wouldn’t recommend to you, due to a couple of reasons. Cross-stitching is an intricate art that requires you to carefully master the craft. Most of these cheap books tend to have a poor layout rather than a step-by-step guide that will eliminate guesswork from your stitching. Such cheap bargains aren’t worth your time or effort.
There are many books out there dedicated to the craft of cross-stitching, and it’s important to have an idea of the key features to look out for before you decide on a particular book. Such features include:
  • Themes –Most pattern books have a particular theme(s) and may offer a combination of many patterns. You may find animal, floral and even Christmas themes.
  • Format –The book can be published in hardcover or paperback. Hardcover is very durable, while paperback is easy to carry around.
  • Patterns – The number of patterns contained in the book is also important because the more it has, the more you will get to practice and perfect your designs.
  • Pages –The number of pages is influenced by the content, meaning a bigger book may have more patterns and information to guide you.
  • Visual Aids –A pattern book needs to have photos and charts to help you visualize the design, leading to better stitching.
Construction and Design
Cross-stitching is quite intricate, which is why most authors have included photos to help you. Some books will have several photos of a particular design at various stages of stitching, and even show you the finished product. Color charts are also included to further help you with the stitching. The charts may have a key that acts as a reference point for your craft. The photos may appear after every step, or on the side as you proceed.

Most books are available either in hardcover or paperback. Hardcover books tend to last longer, since the jacket cover protects the pages. The number of pages may vary depending on the author, but doesn’t necessary indicate the number of patterns. Some designs are more antique, while some authors have incorporated modern aspects into their illustrations. The number of patterns is not fixed, but most authors try to base their designs around particular themes, which gives you many options.
Performance and Ease of Use
Even if you are a novice to cross-stitching, most of these books will be easy to understand. To assist you with the stitching, it may have charts and photos for visualization. It’s important to ensure that you look at the contents of the book before you purchase it, to ensure that it matches your skill set. Some of the designs may happen to be more advanced, and if you are a beginner, you may get discouraged into thinking the craft is hard.

When faced with new designs, you need to practice as often as you can, since in doing so, you will eventually perfect your skills. The satisfaction you get from a particular book greatly depends on the nature of the instructions that the author has given. Detailed instructions tend to eliminate guesswork from your stitching, which makes it easier to work. Pattern books have nil maintenance – you just need to keep them safely tucked away when not in use!

Get the Best Cross Stitch Pattern Book of 2022!

Hopefully you’ve found this review informative and even identified the best cross-stitch pattern book for your stitching needs. Not there yet? Well, these authors have more books for you that will give you value for money and engage you in countless hours of cross-stitching.

Our Top Choice
Donna Kooler’s 555 Christmas Cross-Stitch Designs
Best Value
Maria Diaz Ultimate Cross Stitch Projects
Better Homes and Gardens 2001 Cross Stitch Designs
Mary Engelbreit Cross-Stitch for All Seasons
Angela M. Foster Cross Stitch Patterns from 1730