Best Crossbody Bag Reviews 2022

Crossbody bags are one of those accessories that are understated but very important. More people are turning to them as a way of keeping themselves organized in a stylish and unobtrusive way. Choosing a crossbody bag can actually get very confusing, if for no other reason than the simple fact that there are just so many brands offering so many options. We thought about a way of making this process easier and decided to start by narrowing down brands. From our search, we found five of the best brands that make top-quality crossbody bags and decided to bring these to you. To give you an idea of what each brand offers, we selected one model from each of the five brands for this review. Each of these brands have a wide selection of crossbody bags so, after looking at the selection we made, if you need to see other options, simply look at the other options offered by the brands. We believe that helping you shortlist the brands will make it easier for you to find a good-quality crossbody bag that will serve you well.
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Our Top Choice
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag
Travelon values customers’ safety and is committed to providing travel accessories and products that are fashionable and trendy, while also making traveling safer and easier.
Well made. Good-quality materials. Slash-resistant body panels. Slash-resilient straps. Adjustable straps. Comfortable. Prevents electronic identity theft. Highly functional.
It may not be large enough for a whole lot of items.
20 color options
About 7
900 D polyester
1 x 12 x 11 inches
Best Value
Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bag
Vera Bradley celebrates women and beauty and has dedicated itself to offering women everywhere the quality of products and accessories they need to look and feel their best.
Made of cotton. Cold machine wash. Adjustable straps. Convertible straps. Fashionable. Beautifully patterned. 52 color options. Highly functional. Ample storage space. Affordable.
This is not for those looking for a large crossbody bag.
52 color options
About 6
10.75 x 11 x 2 inches
Baggallini Criss Cross Bagg
Baggallini understands style and functionality and is committed to offering top-quality bags that completely satisfy these two legitimate needs of its customers.
Well built. Stylish. Sturdy. Easy to clean. Adjustable strap. Lightweight. Waterproof. Many pockets. Organized. Highly functional. Durable.
The compartments may not be large enough to hold some items.
Criss cross
16 color options
About 6
3 x 11 x 10 inches
Hengwin Small Cross Body Messenger Bag
Hengwin understands what real men need and offers top-quality genuine leather bags that are designed to be comfortable and durable, adding to the persona of the ultimate gentleman.
Well built. Sturdy. Authentic cowhide leather. Smooth and soft. Comfortable. Stylish. Detachable and adjustable strap. Compact. Lightweight. Affordable. Durable.
The detachable strap is not made of leather.
Vertical belt pouch
2 color options
About 5
8 x 5.7 x 1 inches
Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag
Scarleton is a supplier of a wide variety of bags. It is not just committed to offering the best quality, but also to ensuring its customers receive the best customer service.
Well-made. Quality material. Sturdy. Soft leather. Stylish. Compact. Adjustable strap. Lightweight. Comfortable. Several pockets. Highly functional. Easy to clean. Affordable.
You may find that it is smaller than the picture may suggest, so check the dimensions given.
Top belt style
6 color options
About 5
Synthetic vegan leather
9.4 x 10.6 x 2 inches

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What is the Best Crossbody Bag?

Now that you have read this far, we do hope you now have a better idea of what you need in a crossbody bag. With this in mind, pay close attention to the products we have reviewed to see if you can find those features you have listed as important to you. Note them and look out for them.
Our Top Choice
The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag offers you complete safety in a stylish package. From its RFID blocking slots that keep your passport and cards safe from cloning, to its slash-proof strap, you have a Fort Knox for your stuff. Does the idea of a convertible crossbody and waistpack bag intrigue you? If it does, try the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Convertible Crossbody and Waistpack.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag with 2 Pockets – Available in 20 Colors

Travelon is a leading manufacturer of exquisite travel products, with over 30 years of experience under its belt. Its products are designed to make traveling safer and easier for its customers and, with over 400 trendy and affordable options to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits both your fashion taste and travel needs. Travelon employs a simple strategy in its bid to meet and exceed its customers’ varied traveling and fashion needs – it constantly researches new ways of delivering top-quality products. It is heartwarming to know that you can enjoy safety without compromising on fashion and style, thanks to the many great designs from this brand.

Fashion and safety are two words you will not commonly find together in one sentence. When people hear the word safety, they rarely picture something stylish and fashionable. They usually picture something built like a tank. The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag, however, brings a new perspective to the word safety, as it prominently features style and fashion. Many have had their vacations ruined simply because they lost their cash or cards, or their bag was snatched or cards cloned. With this crossbody bag, you have no such fears. First, it is designed with a slash-proof strap that totally rules out the possibility of it being cut and snatched from you. Secondly, the bag has a panel that reinforces it. This panel is made of top-quality steel mesh, which renders it slash-proof as well. All the would-be thief who plans to cut your bag will end up with is a dull blade. Now, let’s move on to the high-tech stuff.

Did you know that tech thieves can clone your credit cards without taking them out of your bag? Yeah, they can. You could be feeling perfectly safe with your cards in your bag while transactions are being carried out with the card because it has been cloned. Now, that’s not something you have to worry about with this bag. Surely they can try, but the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking slots ensure every such cloning attempt hits a blank wall. Since you can be sure that everything you put in this bag will be kept safely, you will likely be tempted to cram a lot of stuff into it. Not to worry, it has enough space to hold a lot of the stuff you need to keep around you on that journey. With the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag, the complete safety of your belongings is assured without you having to compromise one bit on style and fashion. Just check out this bag in its 900 D polyester material that is offered in about 20 colors and you will agree that your fashion needs have been fully taken into consideration. Finally, someone has succeeded in marrying safety and fashion.
Best Value
Take your style to a whole new level with the beautifully patterned Vera Bradley Hipster bag. With its shoulder-to-crossbody convertible strap and multiple storage compartments, you are set to hit any location in style. Would you like one with RFID? If so, try the Vera Bradley Rfid All in One Crossbody.

Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bag – Available in 52 Colors

Vera Bradley is a brand committed to adding value and beauty to the world through its carefully designed and expertly manufactured products, which include bags, cologne and other accessories. These products are top-quality and designed specially to meet the needs of women everywhere. Having been in operation for 35 years, Vera Bradley has continued to grow in the ingenuity, tenacity, and optimism with which it relentlessly pursues its goal of creating durable, stylish, and affordable products that will add a touch of beauty, elegance and brightness to anyone who uses them. Vera Bradley makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to get its products by offering them directly to end users through a variety of easily accessible distribution channels.

Standing out in a simple but distinctive way is easy with the Vera Bradley Hipster crossbody bag. Its colorful and uniquely patterned design is exceptional, accentuating your elegance and style. Let's take a break from its gorgeous look and take a peek into its functionality. First off, the strap is convertible, which means you can either wear it as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag, depending on what suits you at the time. For storage, it provides you with six pockets store different items. You have the slip pocket in the front for quick access and the zippered front pocket for a more secure storage. At the back you also have a zippered pocket for securely storing your items, while inside you have three slip pockets for even more storage. While this may not be big enough to carry a house, you certainly have enough space to carry everything you need for those quick trips around town or your strolls while on vacation.

This bag comes in an amazing 52 color pattern options. Yes, you read right, 52! Your only problem here will be choosing a pattern from all the beautiful options. Maybe you should just get a couple so you can easily match them with whatever outfit you have on. You do not have to worry about taking care of this bag. A simple cold machine wash on gentle cycle without any chlorine bleach will take any stains off, restoring your bag(s) to its pristine state. Now, you can go place your order.
The Baggallini Criss Cross Bagg is a uniquely designed bag that combines elegance with real functionality. Its lightweight and waterproof body offers full protection, while its many pockets offer sufficient storage space. Do you need the added security of an RFID blocker? If so, try the Baggallini Pocket Crossbody with Rfid.

Baggallini Criss Cross Bagg – Available in 16 Colors

BAGGALLINI was born out of the real needs of two flight attendants who, as seasoned travelers themselves, understood exactly what travelers need. What started as an attempt at meeting this need for themselves ended up turning into a major brand that now meets the needs of many more travelers around the world. Having been in business now for over 20 years, it has continued to produce top-quality bags that are beautifully designed to help the everyday user keep their items organized, whether they are traveling thousands of miles or just some blocks away. With bags from Baggallini, you are assured of full comfort, extreme functionality and utmost satisfaction.

Remember Gizmo Man in the animated version of Harlem Globetrotters? I mean the guy with the huge afro who could bring out anything from his hair? If you are too young to know it, then you missed a great show there. Back to the issue at hand, the Baggallini Criss Cross Bagg can almost be compared to Gizmo Man’s hair. This bag is so functional and organized that you will be amazed at the things you can store in it and how well you can store them. First off, this bag is stylishly designed to impress in a simple way. It is made of 100% nylon, and so it is waterproof, keeping everything in it safe and dry regardless of the weather outside.

Overall, this is a lightweight bag that you can easily sling across your body with the 52-inch strap that you can adjust to the length you want it to be. Now, that’s about the general aesthetics and build of the bag. Let’s take a peek into it. It is highly organized inside with multi-functional pockets, four slots for credit cards, a phone pocket that can be accessed quickly, a hidden pocket in the center for storing items that require additional security, an external zippered pocket and more. This is one bag that ladies will love, as it will allow them to get all their stuff into it, and in an organized manner too, without becoming extremely bulky.

More so, if you are one of those ladies who does not like spending so much time digging through your bag searching for an item, or worse still, having to take stuff out to find other stuff, you will so love this bag, as everything is neatly arranged and can be reached without mounting a massive “manhunt” for it. So, the next time you are going on a trip, a vacation or just across town on a leisurely ride or walk, you know what bag to sling across your shoulders for that stylish and fashionable look that doesn’t deter functionality. To further enhance your style, it is available in charcoal/fuchsia, black, apple, beach, pacific, charcoal, magenta and nine other lovely colors.
The Hengwin Men’s Small Crossbody Messenger Bag was designed for the ultimate gentleman. Made of quality leather and functional compartments, it enhances your good looks while keeping your stuff safe and well organized. Would you like to see another design from this brand? Try the Cell Phone Crossbody Purse Premium Leather Men Bag

Hengwin Men’s Small Crossbody Messenger Bag and Vertical Belt Pouch – Available in 2 Colors

Whatever Hengwin does, it does with a passion. Hengwin has its fingers in many pies. It is easily the biggest retailer of smart gadgets around. With products ranging from smart appliances, to home appliances and fashion accessories, you can understand how wide an interest it has. This is not a case of a Jack of all trades but master of none. It is more a case of master of all. Looking at its products, each is made to a high-quality standard. As for its leather products for men, no detail is overlooked and no quality compromised. For this brand, it’s not just about offering a product, but also offering a lasting experience. What’s more, it ensures its products are made available at the best possible prices.

Every gentleman understands the need to take care of how he looks. He always chooses products that are top quality and enhance his appearance. The Hengwin Men’s Small Crossbody Messenger Bag is one such product. Stylish, top quality and highly functional – three important factors that are important to most men. This small crossbody bag helps men stay stylish with ease. Almost every man has to have his cell phone with him at all times. This is aside from wallets, keys and a few other items. Sometimes, your outfit just doesn’t permit you to comfortably keep these items on your person. Say, for example, your outfit does not have pockets or you’re looking trendy in skinny jeans and cannot risk harming your phone by stuffing it into one of the pockets (if it would even fit), this small crossbody bag can come to the rescue.

With several wearing options, which include the use of the removable and adjustable strap (for high or low adjustment) and attaching it to a belt loop or backpack via the included carabiner, you have the power to decide how you want to wear it. Next, let’s look at its storage ability. It has about five different compartments for your Kindle, smart phone, iPod, tablet, wallet, credit cards, IDs, keys, pens, passports and more. These compartments keep all your items well organized so you don’t have to search for anything you need. A zip around the bag keeps it compact and can also be unzipped to allow the bag to expand a bit when it is really full.

Now, everything we have described is presented in high-quality genuine leather that has been specially treated to be stylish and durable. It comes in two matured colors – coffee and black. Choose which suits you and experience a new level of comfort, functionality and style, whether you are traveling, hanging out with the boys or just taking a walk. Hengwin is so confident of the quality of this bag that it offers you a 30-day full money-back guarantee if you do not like it. Who are we kidding? You’re likely not going to be returning this at all.
The Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag offers quality at an affordable price. Made of top-quality, synthetic vegan leather and lined with fabric, this bag is chic and modern, while also offering ample storage space. Are you looking for something smaller and more casual? If so, try the Scarleton Mini Chic Floral & Stripe Crossbody Bag H1807, with its floral and stripe design.

Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag – Available in 6 Colors

When you need different types of bags, satchels, totes, clutches and more, Scarleton is a brand you can turn to. It is committed to offering its customers the best. This does not just refer to the best products, but also the best shopping experience and customer support. As a customer shopping with Scarleton, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

There’s this general belief that good-quality products have to be expensive. While this is true much of the time, the Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag offers a delightful exception. This lovely crossbody bag is made of top-quality, synthetic vegan leather and lined with fabric. Looking at it, you can see the elegance it exudes from its top belt design to the bronze hardware and external zippered pockets. It all gives off this simple, rustic appeal. To carry it, it comes with a 22.5-inch strap which is, of course, adjustable to your taste. Now, that’s for the outside look. When you get closer and feel it, oh my, does it feel soft or what? The material feels really great and top quality.

Well, if you’ve had enough of the feel, we can now look inside. Taking a peek inside this bag, you may be surprised at the storage space it offers (don’t forget the compartments on the outside). Unless you want to pack a whole lot of stuff in your bag, this offers enough space to easily store all the stuff you need for everyday use. You will easily store your phone, sunglasses and case, cards, wallet and other small stuff you need. The best is that it helps you store all these items in an organized manner. So, now that you are getting ready to order, know that you can choose from six lovely colors: black, burgundy, coffee, cognac, khaki and dark turquoise. Just choose a color that speaks your fashion language and enjoy style and quality at an affordable price.

How Do I Choose the Best Crossbody Bag?

As Bill sat down, he heard the sickening sound of glass cracking. My phone! He exclaimed to himself as he jumped up. Apparently, he had just sat on his new phone and surely the screen was broken, meaning an unplanned expense. Earlier, he had attempted to fit the phone into the front pocket of his slim-fit jeans without success. He tried the back pocket, and it went in a bit easier. Sadly, he forgot to take the phone out before sitting down, resulting in the unexpected and avoidable mishap.

“A phone is ringing somewhere,” the lady thought to herself looking around. She looked at the lady sitting beside her and asked, “Is that your phone ringing?” The other lady listened and said, “Oh my! Yes it is…” Then she proceeded on what was, for all intents and purposes, a manhunt for the phone. She dug deep into her huge handbag, shoved stuff from one side to the other, and still could not find the phone, which was still ringing. She eventually started exhuming stuff from her bag, all in a bid to reach this elusive phone.

While this search was going on, the first lady’s phone rang and she simply lifted the flap of one of the front pockets of her crossbody bag, picked up the phone and took the call. When she finished her call, the second lady was still searching for her phone in the jungle that was her hand bag.

Not everyone likes to carry massive bags, whether on a journey or a trip downtown. When going on long journeys, even with traveling luggage, many still like to have a smaller bag so they can keep the items they need often close to them. It is understandable to want to keep important stuff around you, and that is one reason crossbody bags are important.

Many ladies carry huge bags because they have a lot of knick knacks they need throughout the day. The truth is that a crossbody bag helps you get better organized. You actually do not need to carry a whole cosmetic bag with you. You really just need a few items from it during the day, and these can easily fit into a crossbody bag, keeping you light and efficient. Getting a crossbody bag helps you really decide what you actually need during your day and what is just unnecessary weight.

Men – your pockets may not always be able to hold the items you carry around you – your phones, iPods, sunglasses etc. Most men do not like the idea of carrying bags, especially just to hold these regular items. While some can carry a messenger bag, many prefer to cram what they can into their pockets or, if they are carrying briefcases or knapsacks, they simply stuff it all in. A crossbody bag is a simple solution to this challenge. They are small enough not to be obtrusive and large enough to hold the important items.

In this guide, we will help you find the best crossbody bag for your style and needs. We will look at the important things you should look out for to ensure your choice is right for you. Stay with us as we go on this journey.
Crossbody bags, like most fashion-related items, do not have a fixed price or range. Any number of things can affect the price you pay for a crossbody bag. Some of these include the quality of the material, the size of the bag, the quality of build and even the brand. You cannot expect a product made of top-quality genuine leather to cost the same as one made of fabric.

Having said this, we found that with a budget of roughly between $20 and $80, you can get a good crossbody bag. This may neither be the most expensive nor the least expensive, but you will at least get something that will offer you good value. If you want something of much higher quality, you may find it at a much higher cost and, if you are looking for something much cheaper, you may also find it. We will only advise that you beware of cheap crossbody bags, as we cannot vouch for their quality. You may get one and regret it immediately.
Choosing a crossbody bag does not have to be difficult, especially if you know exactly what you are looking for. The only way to know what you are looking for is to identify some important factors that you need to consider. This will help you understand which features are important to you and which are not, and make the right choice. Some of the features you need to consider include:
  • Gender
  • Design
  • Material
  • Size
  • Compartments
  • Security Feature
  • Color Options
  • Maintenance
Let’s now look at these.
Construction and Design
What’s the first thing you want to look at when choosing a crossbody bag? While you can look at any feature first, it would be wise to first confirm whether it is for a man or a woman, or if you’d prefer a unisex bag. You certainly do not want to get a women’s crossbody bag if you are a man, and vice versa. With that out of the way, we can look at the material.

Crossbody bags can be made of different types of materials, from fabric to synthetic leather and real leather. Most men prefer genuine leather, as it is both good quality and conventionally associated with manliness. Generally speaking, leather crossbody bags are more expensive than those made of other types of materials. They also tend to last longer. Look at the material of the crossbody bag you are considering and decide if it fits your style.

The design of a crossbody bag is usually closely related to whether it is for men’s, women’s or unisex use. The bag could have a strap which, in many cases, is adjustable. In some cases – usually with men’s bags, the strap can be entirely detached and the bag hooked to the belt loop with a carabiner. Be sure to ascertain the design and wearing options to know if it is something that is ideal for you.

The whole point of having a crossbody bag is to be able to keep certain important items close to you in an organized manner. Depending on the number of items you’d like to have in your crossbody bag, you will want to find out how many compartments it has. Get a bag with enough compartments to carry your stuff. This is also closely related to the size of the bag. While a crossbody bag is not meant to be as huge as hand-held and shoulder bags, you need to be sure that the bag you choose is big enough for your needs. Do not be content with looking at the image of the bag alone. You could be easily misled into thinking the bag is bigger or smaller than it really is. The best way to confirm the size when buying online is by looking for the written dimensions.
Performance and Ease of Use
Aside from looking at the number of compartments, you may also want to know where these compartments are located and how easily you can reach some items like your phone, cards etc. Quick access pockets may be very important for some and not for others. It all comes down to personal choice.

One reason to get crossbody bags is to keep important items safe. The extent of safety provided by a crossbody bag is an important issue to look at. Are the external pockets zippered? Can the straps be cut? How much protection do my cards have? Some crossbody bags have RFID blockers, which protect against electronic identity theft. Some others come in slash-proof materials so a thief cannot slash your bag for its contents, while others also include cut-proof straps. All these are safety features you will find, and you should decide if you need them.

A bag, aside from any other use it may have, is a fashion accessory. That means it has to look good on you, match your outfit and style, or simply match your color. One of the things you will need to look at is the color options provided by the brand. Most men’s bags come in black, brown, coffee, and others regarded as masculine colors. Women’s bags come in many colors and patterns, so you may even want to get a crossbody in different colors to match your favorite outfits. Make sure the choice you make will satisfy your color preference.

Finally, you want a crossbody bag that is easy to maintain. It should be easy to clean or machine wash, depending on the material. Consider all these points, and you will be well on your way to getting a crossbody bag you can be proud of.

Get the Best Crossbody Bag of 2022!

It has been a pleasure bringing you this guide and review. We do hope you found it informative and now know exactly what you need in a crossbody bag. It is time to take that next step by placing your order now, so you can have your stuff organized and close to you.

Our Top Choice
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Crossbody Bag
Best Value
Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bag
Baggallini Criss Cross Bagg
Hengwin Small Cross Body Messenger Bag
Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag