Best Crossword Puzzle Book Reviews 2019

If you want to engage in knightly bouts of intellectual prowess every now and again, you've got two choices ahead of ya: 1) chess - confusing, you swallow the figurines, and it often ends in violence (hasn't happened to us, though, we've, ehrm, heard it happened to a friend actually) and 2) crossword puzzles - trains your brain and leaves you mostly unscathed! Do make the right choice, and pick up a crossword puzzle book! You get hours of leisurely fun and it makes you feel all smart afterward! So that said, take a look at our picks from the top crossword puzzle book brands!
Book Type
# of Puzzles
Our Top Choice
Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book
The Simon & Schuster company has been responsible for some pretty impressive publishing undertakings in recent years.
Well-assembled bundle of 300 puzzles with a varying degree of difficulty. 336 perforated pages. 16th edition.
Some customers have reported that they felt a bit stupid because they couldn't complete some of the puzzles.
Crossword Puzzle Book
Easy to Advanced
Large Print
Best Value
USA Today Crossword 3
The USA Today not only has a name that's well-known across America, but more importantly—a name that rhymes!
3rd issue. Contains 200 puzzles. Difficulty varies from easy to chucking the darned thing out the window in anger difficult!
The layout may appear to be a little bit off for some people, and it may take some getting used to.
Crossword Puzzle Book
Easy to Advanced
Regular Print
Stanley Newman The Million Word Crossword Dictionary
Stanley Newman has been responsible for quite a few crossword books. This time around, he's joined by one Daniel Stark to deliver to you the ultimate crossword dictionary!
2nd edition. Contains over 1,300,000 answers in a variety of categories. 500,000 synonyms. 20,000 examples of famous people’s names.
The glue holding the whole thing together could have been of a better quality, in all fairness.
Crossword Dictionary
1,300,000 Answers
Regular Print
PIL Brain Games Crossword Puzzles
The Publications International Ltd. is a company specializing in publishing all kinds of books, from cooking guides to pieces about the history of automotive industry!
Spiral-bound book. 80-ish gradually more difficult puzzles. Large, easy-to-read format. Other formats available.
Some customers found that 80 puzzles wasn’t enough for the price.
Crossword Puzzle Book
Easy to Advanced
Large Print
Kappa Books Publishers Crosswords Puzzle Book
Kappa Books Publishers is a well-known publishing company that mostly deals in coloring books and puzzles for kids and beginner-level adults.
Lots of easy- to medium-difficulty puzzles. Printed in a large font for easy reading! Great for beginners.
May be just too easy for some professional crossword-solvers.
Crossword Puzzle Book
Easy to Medium
About 80
Large Print

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How Do I Choose the Best Crossword Puzzle Book?

If you're a reader who thinks “crossword puzzles are just a way to kill time,” please reconsider! There are so many collocations, odd town names, and cheeky small filler words you can learn, that solving crossword puzzles should be integrated into the US education system as an official subject! Consider further—sages of yore have been meddling with words rampantly before SpongeBob was but a sketch on an artist's paper… before, also, the Second World War we think, and most importantly—before Kanye West stormed the stage in awkwardness for the very first time! In this section of our buying guide, we'll acquaint you with the most notable features of a well-written and organized crossword puzzle, so read on with the alertness of a startled meerkat!

First of all, the difficulty of the puzzles. According to the current standards widely-accepted by both the publishers and the reading 'n' solving audiences, crossword puzzles come in three roughly-outlined categories: easy, medium, and difficult. The 'easy tier' is usually reserved for children or beginners in general, as they usually feature simple words and phrases used in everyday parlance. Also, a crossword puzzle that can be considered of easy difficulty typically features a simple layout with large print, so that the person solving it doesn't get lost in various footnotes and other complications you can see happen with some of the more advanced collections.

The second thing to pay attention to would be the kind of paper; that is, the pages you get in your crossword puzzle book. An increasing number of publishers nowadays print their crossword collections with perforated pages, so that you can simply tear out a single sheet and have a single puzzle you can solve while commuting, for example. This is great news for people who aren't too eager on carrying the entire book with them when they're headed somewhere where it can be boring. If you'd like to get yourself a crossword puzzle for educational purposes, so to speak, you may also want to check out some of the gems of literature such as world atlases, cookbooks based on having a rice cooker, and pregnancy books and guides for good measure! For purposes of defeating even the most difficult of crosswords, though, a comprehensive crossword dictionary will probably help you the most!
As tricky as it may be to choose the right sort of crossword puzzle book, the good news is that whatever you decide to go for at the end of the day won’t be too expensive. Since crossword puzzle compilations, so to speak, assume the simple form of a book, publishers don't need to spend a lot of money to make it, so the vast majority of these publications is fairly inexpensive.

The price ranges anywhere from 3 to 15-ish dollars, where the books featuring a smaller number of puzzles tend to be on the lower end of the scale, and the ones including more puzzles of higher level of difficulty are typically somewhat more expensive. Also, certain features such as perforated pages and spiral-bound designs usually add a couple of bucks to the overall price.

But we do want to caution you against buying cheap crossword puzzle books, which are likely to lack the convenient features mentioned above and won’t offer you quality puzzles to solve. Spend a little bit more so that you can get yourself a crossword puzzle book you’ll enjoy using (and showing off your smarts with!).
Obtaining a brand-new collection of crossword puzzles in the form of a book is a merry occasion indeed, and would certainly deserve to be carefully considered beforehand. If you're unsure as to what sort of crossword compilation to get yourself or someone near and dear to you, check out the list below, and find out what the relevant features for this category are!

The list of properties to look out for when buying a crossword puzzle book:
  • The Number of Puzzles
  • The Difficulty of the Puzzles (and if it’s Progressive)
  • Large Print
  • Spiral Bound or Glued Design
  • Dictionary or Puzzle Form
Some publishing companies occasionally issue crossword dictionaries, which are compilations of the most commonly-found words used in crosswords! If you'd like to expand your knowledge in the category of crosswords prior to trying to solve a difficult one, be sure to get yourself one of these first!
Construction and Design
As far as design of crossword puzzle books is concerned, it's safe to say that it pretty much amounts to the shape of your standard paperback book or magazine. Some publications feature spiral binding, but that's about as much variation as you can expect. Also, some publishing houses make their crossword puzzles in extra-large font for those who can't see very well, or just find the larger layout more convenient.
Performance and Ease of Use
One of the most important aspects of crossword puzzles, in general, would be their difficulty. So, about the only thing you should pay close attention to when buying one of the crossword puzzle compilations is to get the one that matches your experience level, as you don't really want to end up with 300 puzzles you can’t solve for the life of you! Other than that, just make sure to keep the book away from kids who may draw all over it, and you're all set!

What is the Best Crossword Puzzle Book?

Buying a brand-new crossword puzzle book may present a bit of a challenge if you're inexperienced with this kind of publication; and even though these collections are relatively inexpensive, it can still be irritating to accidentally buy the wrong one. To cut out the guesswork, read through our top 5 list of the best crossword puzzle books currently on the market, and pick up the bundle that fits your skill level the best!
Our Top Choice
The Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #16 is a great collection of puzzles perfect for moments when you have nothing better to do. If you liked the 16th edition we've provided, check out the Simon & Schuster's Mega Crossword Puzzle Book Number 17!
Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #16

Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Books 978-1501138010

From the first day in their newly-acquired offices, the entrepreneurial duo of Max Schuster and Dick Simon decided they would do things their own way. The situation in the field was this: too many publishing companies went on to do things in exactly the same fashion with little to no variation. So, in what must have been a bout of sheer corporate genius, they went on to jump-scare the rest of the market by setting up a rather aggressive marketing campaign unparalleled by anything seen up to that point!

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, they introduced to their new rulebook a paragraph stating that a bookseller could return unsold copies for instant credit, which was an offer that many of their partners simply couldn't refuse. Further on, they ventured to establish America's first paperback publishing firm called Pocket Books, thus enabling themselves to manufacture a great number of easily-accessible copies of the most popular titles of the day, which massively increased their sales! Great stuff indeed, and if you'd like to learn more about this impressive company, head out to its web page and see for yourself!

Now, the Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book is pretty much just what it sounds it might be—a giant piece of non-fiction that you get to write yourself (with some guidance of course)! Although this bundle of crosswords is imagined as a book, you can also use it as individual sheets of paper, as all the pages are perforated, so you can tear them out without damaging them or the book itself.

The list of features for the Simon & Schuster's Mega Crossword Puzzle Book:
  • 300 New Puzzles
  • Perforated Pages
  • 16th Edition of the Series
  • Published in Paperback
All in all, a great phonebook-like batch of crossword puzzles you can use to kill some free time, or maybe also a cockroach if you happen to spot one while wielding the Simon & Schuster's modern-day classic! You can also tear off the pages if you don't fancy hauling the whole thing with you on a field trip or the daily commute.
Best Value
The USA Today Crossword 3: 200 Puzzles with Average of 60 Word Clues is a thoughtfully-made book o' wordsmith's wonders and leisurely times! If you'd like to also lay your eager pencil-wielding hands on the first edition, check out the original USA Today Crossword!
USA Today Crossword 3: 200 Puzzles with Average of 60 Word Clues

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Books 978-1449418274

USA Today is a news and information media business that hopes to bring the people of all fifty states, and all colors and creeds, together and then feed them the latest, the freshest, and don't forget—the spiciest—news stories and articles on a day-to-day basis. Also, an odd crossword puzzle bundle or two, for good measure! That's right, since every reputable news agency should provide a leisurely piece of puzzle-solving paper to their faithful reading and viewing audience, the USA Today group has been doing just that, and with a great success rate, no less!

With its online platform, the USA Today news agency provides well-covered news articles on a variety of topics—from sports and traveling to tech and money! Also, you can find plenty of high-quality videos, as well as a section about the weather! If you'd like to learn more about what makes this business work and its plans for the future, feel free to check out its webpage—we're sure you're going to like it!

As for the USA Today Crossword Puzzle Book, it's a pretty little collection of papers that can be of great value to anyone who is passionate about the ancient art of solving puzzles! These are papers of value, they are! Within, you get not 100, not 300, but 200 puzzles of the highest quality. You can wreck your brains about and enjoy resolving whenever boredom strikes!

The list of the most prominent features of the USA Today Crossword 3:
  • Made by USA Today News Corporation
  • Collection of 200 Puzzles
  • Published in Paperback
  • Created for all Skill Levels
As far as crossword puzzle books 'n' bundles are concerned, the USA Today is one of the best (if somewhat unlikely) sources of these exquisite pieces of leisurely paper-based gems! With 200 different puzzles, you will have plenty of material to amuse yourself for a straight fortnight—or more if you're not exactly an expert at this kind of game!
Coming from two of the most prominent experts in the field of crossword puzzles, Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark, the Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition is possibly the best book of this kind currently on the market! If you'd like just a regular crossword puzzle book, check out the Lazy Weekends Crosswords on Paperback!
Stanley Newman The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Stanley Newman Crossword Puzzle Books 978-0061689017

As the third entry on this list, we've got ourselves a rather curious company comprising of, well, Stanley Newman. This guy is a mathematician specializing in statistics hailing from Brooklyn, New York and has been making high-quality crosswords for the Newsday's Sunday and daily issues. Other than creating a bunch of crosswords on a regular basis, Newman is infamous as an avid crossword and puzzle solver, and actually holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest completion of a New York Times crossword—just under 2 minutes and 14 seconds!

Nowadays, this impressive man has his own web page where he publishes his work, promotes the paperback variations of it, and also invites you to go on a luxurious cruise with him so that you can sharpen your puzzle-solving skills under his guidance. For those of you curious to find out more about this sailing offer, head out to his official web page where you can get more details. Also, you might as well solve the daily puzzle once you're out there!

The crossword puzzle book we're about to present to you is actually a collaboration of Stan's and one of his friends named Dan Stark, and it's actually—a dictionary (the puzzle book, not Stark)! Its goal is to cover a wide area of different topics that you can typically see in today's crosswords, so that a person who reads it can learn just the right stuff to solve even the most difficult versions of this beloved word game.

The list of features for The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, 2nd Edition:
  • Contains 1,300,000 Answers
  • 500,000 Synonyms
  • 3,000 Literary Works
  • 3,000 Films
  • 20,000 Famous People
  • 50,000 Fill-in-the-Blank Clues
All in all, a pretty well-made compilation that can help you become a proper connoisseur of 'crosswordery' if you're not already one! With over 1,300,000 entries, a crossword dictionary like this will be a major ally in your efforts to complete even the most demanding of the puzzles!
The PIL Brain Games Crossword Puzzles is a neat little bundle of 'crosswordery' bound to keep you at your wits' end for hours! If you'd like to get yourself a 2-in-1 combo, be sure to pick up the Brain Games® - 2 Games in 1 - Crossword Puzzles.
PIL Brain Games Crossword Puzzles – Available in Several Formats & Editions

PIL Crossword Puzzle Books 978-1412777612 – Spiral-bound, Published 2009

Printing more than 20 million books every year, Publications International, Ltd. is a renowned business that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The company was founded back in 1967, when a bloke called Louis Weber established a private business dedicated to publishing and printing books belonging to various categories mainly related to some domestic themes, such as the automotive history and cookbooks! Also, you can find volumes of interesting books about interactive learning, sports, and, of course—crossword puzzles!

Other than its main undertaking of publishing books, the PIL company has made its ventures into some other veins of development, most notably its own mobile application which can help you organize your cooking routine and find the best recipes for any given category! There are also some pieces of advice incorporated into this app, explaining how you can save some money and use leftover food.

Swinging over to the matters of crossword puzzles, the Brain Games Crossword Puzzles is a spiral-bound book brim-filled with scores upon scores of high-quality crossword puzzles varying in difficulty. The catch is—the puzzles get more and more challenging as you progress through the pages, with the most difficult ones waiting for you at the end!

The list of features for the PIL's Brain Games Crossword Puzzles:
  • Large Format
  • Contains over 80 Crossword Puzzles
  • Puzzles are Set of Facing Pages
  • Spiral-bound
When in need of a simple means of engaging your brain in a friendly game of 'wordsmithery', having a crossword book laying around can be an excellent solution! With PIL's Brain Games Crossword Puzzles in your hands, you can kill some time and also develop some tough problem-solving brain cells of knowledge! What's not to love?
Featuring a large, beginner-friendly print and some interesting crosswords inside, the Large Print Crosswords Puzzle Book from Kappa Books Publishers can be a great way to kill some time and train your brain a tad! If you'd like a version that's even easier than the one we've just described, be sure to check out the Big & Easy Crosswords Puzzle Book - Volume 20, as well!
Kappa Books Publishers Large Print Crosswords Puzzle Book – Available in Multiple Formats & Editions

Kappa Books Publishers Crossword Puzzle Books 978-1559936552 – Paperback, Volume 86

Kappa Books Publishers is one of the market leaders when it comes to all kinds of books and booklets related to leisurely and educational activities such as those made for coloring, learning, and puzzle-solving. The goal of this business is to engage both young readers and adults alike in a variety of activities designed to develop your problem-solving skills, as well as artistic prowess and wit!

To achieve this, the Kappa folks have been doing their best to make high-quality puzzles 'n' quizzes, and then sell them at an affordable price so that virtually anyone can buy their books. Also, another marketing strategy they've been known to employ—and rather successfully—is to make a number of deals with the well-known educational brands such as Sesame Street and Chicken Soup for the Soul. In this way, what you get is a branded coloring or puzzle book that has some background in the world of media!

The Large Print Crosswords Puzzle collection we're presenting here is an example of one of its compilation works, as this volume includes all kinds of crosswords spread on the 96 pages that this book amounts to. The crosswords themselves are of easy to medium difficulty and they've been made in large print for readers’ convenience.

A list of features for the Kappa Books Publishers' Large Print Crosswords:
  • 96 Pages
  • Large Print for Easy Reading
  • Easy to Medium Level of Difficulty
All things considered, the Kappa Books Publishers Large Print Crosswords is a great paperback issue perfect for people who like their crosswords big and easy to read. As the difficulty ranges from easy to medium, this may be ideal for children or adults who just want to solve something quickly and not wreck their brains too much!

Get the Best Crossword Puzzle Book of 2019!

Have you ever solved a puzzle while fending off many aggressive animals at the same time? We at TopProducts have had the pleasure, as we have actually engaged in quite a few bouts of crossword puzzlery while killing scores upon scores of ominous, possibly disease-carrying flies (quite right and forsooth!) We know what true grit is, and have developed skills at solving medium-difficulty crosswords! If you'd like to train your brain and expand your knowledge of celebrity names and colloquialisms, be sure to get yourself a crossword puzzle book. It's bundles of knowledge and leisure we're talking about over here! Hope you liked our reviews—may you have a hassle-free purchase! Check out what else these brands have on offer if you didn’t find what you were looking for.

Our Top Choice
Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book
Best Value
USA Today Crossword 3
Stanley Newman The Million Word Crossword Dictionary
PIL Brain Games Crossword Puzzles
Kappa Books Publishers Crosswords Puzzle Book