Best Cruiser Bikes - Women’s and Men’s Beach Cruiser Bikes and Old School, Retro Lowrider Bicycles

When the sun is out and the breeze is blowing, all want you to do is hop on your cruiser and ride along the boardwalk or around the neighborhood, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells you can’t find anywhere else. With their stylish retro lowrider frames, a cruiser gives you the style and comfort that no other bike can. Cruiser bikes are great either for daily commutes or for relaxing rides on those gorgeous summer days through the park or along the beach.

We’ve spent hours reviewing some of the best and most affordable cruiser bikes on the market. When you look at our chosen brands you might be wondering —where’s Schwinn? Yes, there are also many great Schwinn cruiser bikes, but since they are one of the first names that comes to peoples minds when it comes to quality bicycles, we chose 5 brands you may not have heard of before. And if you’re not sure how to choose the right one for you, we’ve also made a detailed buying guide to help you choose your own perfect bike cruiser.

Just in case you were not aware, there is one thing we want to note before we get to our reviews. While cruiser bikes are designed to handle some off-road riding, like cruising on the beach, they should not be confused with cruiser BMX bikes. Unlike a beach cruiser bike, a BMX bicycle is built with a much sturdier frame meant to handle the beating of jumps and stunts. We have highlighted some great BMX cruisers below so you can see the difference (or if that’s what you wanted).

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Wheel Size
Frame Type
Frame Size
Our Top Choice
sixthreezero In the Barrel Cruiser Bicycle
Sixthreezero’s builds all their bikes with style, comfort and ease in mind. The Single-Speed Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser is the embodiment of these three qualities.
Simple, low profile look and design. Comfortable seating. Pedals built for extensive riding. Comes in terrific colors. Good grip. Easily handled. Fits most guys. Easy assembly.
Sprockets could be bigger.
Comfort Bubble Saddle
Best Value
Kent Women’s Rockvale Cruiser Bike
Kent is a family company with over a hundred years in the cycling industry. Their expertise is shown in their bikes such as the 26” Rockvale Women’s Cruiser.
Comes with sport fenders. Sturdy frame. Great for trails as well as paved and unpaved. Good braking system. Modern crankset. Great design.
Not a full cruiser but is a great alternative.
Sport Fenders
Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Firmtstrong creates bikes that are not only simple but also takes care of their owners as much as their owners take care of them. One of those bikes is the Firmstrong Chief Lady Cruiser.
Multiple gear options. Great color choices. Easy to ride. Easy to mount and dismount. Comfortable. Can go long distances without difficulty. Ideal for taller women.
Brakes are hard to adjust.
Chrome Plated Handlebars
Retrospec Women’s Chatham Beach Cruiser
Retrospec is built on the belief that life is better outdoors. Their products such as the Chatham-1 Women’s Cruiser allows you to enjoy nature in all its glory.
Gorgeous design. Quality build. Comfortable. Simple and easy to ride. Comes in multiple colors. Has models with more gear options. Great with attachments like baskets. No cables.
Setup manual is lacking. But there are great assembly videos online.
Critical Cycles Swing back Bars
Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike
Huffy has been creating bicycles for well over a century and with that time, they’ve learned what it takes to make a truly spectacular bike such as the Nel Lusso Women’s Bike.
Simple and attractive design. Multiple attachments for luggage. Comfortable seating. Good braking system. Corrosion resistant rims.
Assembly requires experience. But online tutorials make it easy.
Wire Basket

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What is the Best Cruiser Bike? Read our Reviews to Find Out!

Cruiser bikes are simple, gorgeous and comfortable. We’ve covered all you need to know about them so you can choose the right one for you. Now let’s take a look at those five to see what they have to offer. Or should we actually say six brands? Because you can't forget about Schwinn cruisers!

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Our Top Choice
Sixthreezero’s Men’s Single Speed In The Barrel Cruiser Bicycle is great for guys. It’s sleek with a forward pedaling design for a smooth ride. If you its features but want a model with a more feminine touch, then look at the Around the Block Single-Speed Women's Cruiser Bike. It has an 17-Inch frame and 26-Inch wheels to complement its classic cruiser frame.

sixthreezero In The Barrel Men’s Beach Cruiser Bike – Comfort Bubble Saddle and 26” Wheels


Started in 2005 out of a garage in sunny Hermosa Beach, California, sixthreezero designs bikes that will change the way you view man’s simplest form of transport. Their bikes not only turn heads but they’re affordable without any compromise on quality. On top of that, ease, comfort and style are their top priorities which is why their bikes stand out whether you’re riding them in the city, a park or around your neighborhood.

The sixthreezero bike we decided to feature is the Men’s In The Barrel Beach Cruiser. It’s unlike any other beach cruiser, thanks to its popular matte black color which gives it a sleek and cool look. It has an extended frame and designed for the ultimate comfort so no matter where you’re riding or with whom, you’re guaranteed a riding experience unlike any other. It retails for $299.99 and comes in several different colors which includes mammoth orange and cool gray. This model is a single speed cruiser but there are also 3-speed and 7-speed models available.

Take a look at the In The Barrel’s features:

  • Forward pedaling design
  • A low-profile bike with its parts blocked out for a sleek look
  • Pedals built with rubber block for ideal comfort
  • Comfort bubble saddle with matching grips on the handlebars
  • Riding speed of 3-15 MPH
  • Travel up to 20 miles in one trip
  • You can customize your bike by adding cool accessories such as a basket or bottle holder
  • Stainless steel spokes ensure a lasting look

The In The Barrel Beach Cruiser is a part of sizthreezero’s extensive line of beach cruisers, each with varying gears and fun, popping colors.

Best Value
The Kent Rockvale Women’s Cruiser is a pretty cool bike with its strong frame and quick release seat post clamp, it’s perfect for any woman who enjoys the outdoors. But if you’re looking for something more masculine then check out the 26” Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike which rocks similar features and a killer black and white color scheme to match.

Kent Rockvale 26-Inch Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike - Single Speed, Front and Rear Brakes


Dating all the way back to 1909, Kent is a family-owned business that is the result of one immigrant’s latent love for bicycles. After he moved to the US, he began working in a bike shop in New York City. And after moving on to start his own business, he along with his family has built what is now the 2nd largest supplier of bikes and bike parts in the US.

Kent’s products range from mountain bikes to all terrain bikes for both kids and adults. They also make great beach cruisers and even scooters as well as bike accessories. One product that caught our eye is the 26” Women’s Rockvale Cruiser which to us is a hybrid between a sports bike and a beach cruiser. It’s built for paved and unpaved roads even paths or trails, making it great for a relaxing ride around your neighborhood, some time on the boardwalk or even along your local trail. It’s currently retailing for $149 and offers you more than many others would.

Check out its features:

  • Comes with an enclosed chain cover
  • Great front and rear brakes for easy stop and go
  • Has a quick release seat that’s post clamp
  • The rims are made with 36 spoke alloys painted to add to its overall aesthetic
  • Comes with sport fenders to protect you from any road spray while riding
  • Built with a modern 3-piece crankset

Even though we featured the Women’s Rockvale Cruiser but Kent also has a model designed for men and they’re both a part of Kent’s line of cruisers for Adults.

The Firmstrong Chief Lady 7-speed Cruiser is a great bike with a Shimano Internal Gear System for easy shifting between gears as you ride. But if you want a guy’s cruiser then check out Firmstrong’s Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike with white-wall balloon tires for a riding experience like no other.

Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bike – Steel Frame & Alloy V Brakes


Firmstrong was started in California 10 years ago by a group of adventurous and fun people who loved bikes more than anything. They wanted to design high quality bikes that didn’t break the bank. These bikes would not just be a way to get from one place to another, they’d create an experience for their riders, making each trip something to remember.

The Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser is a great beach cruiser. We chose to feature the 7-speed model but the Chief Lady also has 1-speed and 3-speed models. On top of that, it comes in some great colors which include mint green, black and white with pink rims. The Chief Lady Bike is ideal for taller women and ensures that you comfortable cruising through the city or along the pier. It retails for about $403 and offers you some pretty cool features.

Here’s what you get with the Chief Lady Cruiser:

  • Built for women 5’4” to 6’4” so they can ride in comfort without feeling cramped
  • The front and rear Alloy V brakes are operated via the chrome plated handlebars with synthetic leather grips
  • It has a forward pedaling design which positions your feet closer to the ground
  • You can go up to 35 mph in style
  • Travel up to 35 miles in a single trip
  • Has a dual spring oversized seat for your comfort
  • 7 Gear system is a Shimano Internal Gear System which is easy to shift and maintain
  • Frame is built in a high arching, circular top tube fashion

The Firmstrong Chief Lady Cruiser as a male counterpart and they are both a part of Firmstrong’s extensive line of cruisers built for both men and women to ride in style and comfort.

The Chatham-1 26” Women’s beach Cruiser is a great bike with KT Coaster Brakes and a classic step thru frame. And of course Retrospec makes men's cruiser bikes to, if that's what you are looking for.

Retrospec Chatham Women's Beach Cruiser Bike – 1-Speed with Coastal Comfort Saddle


Based in Los Angeles, California, Critical Cycles is not your average bicycle company. They’re more like your local bike shop than international cycling conglomerate. Each bike is designed, built and tested in house. Afterwards, its shipped directly to you. There’s absolutely no middle man, making it more affordable for you and giving you a more intimate experience.

Their bikes are built to not only take you where you want to go but also just take you on the journey even if you have no destination. Bikes like the 26” Chatham-1 Women’s Beach Cruiser is built so you can take a ride anywhere like you were on a boardwalk in LA, glasses perched on your face with the warm Cali sun on your skin. A ride on the Chatham-1 Cruiser is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else and it’s affordable at about $179.99 when we last looked. It’s available in multiple fun colors like seafoam, sand and beach.

Check out its features:

  • Built with a classic hand built cruiser frame which is good for shock absorption and easy mounting and dismounting
  • Your comfort is guaranteed with its wide padded Coaster Comfort saddle
  • Handlebars are high ensuring you’re in a comfortable upright position without any strain
  • Has coaster brakes and a kickstand making stopping an easy feat
  • The 26” Wanda tires are fitted with 30mm Alloy Rims

The Chatham-1 is a part of the Retrospec Chatham Cruiser Bike line which features cruisers for both men and women in one, three and seven speed gears.

The Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser is great for riding along the boardwalk in style. It has coaster brakes and a padded spring saddle for optimum comfort. But, if you want a masculine cruiser then check out the Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike. It has a classic cruiser frame with double density grips and pedals (and is also available in women's and kids styles).

Huffy Nel Lusso 26” Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike – Corrosion Resistant Rims


Started in 1892 with their first bicycle being built in Dayton, Ohio at the George P. Huffman’s sewing machine company, Huffy has had a long history. They’ve been innovating and creating two wheelers that have changed the way people ride for over a century. Maybe you’ve heard about them from your parents or grandparents or maybe you’ve even grown up with a Huffy bicycle. Whether you’re a veteran Huffy rider or a newbie, you’re guaranteed an experience unlike any other.

Huffy has created many great bikes throughout the years such as the Huffy Radio Bicycle. Launched in 1955, it was the first bicycle to bring melodious sound to one of man’s simplest forms of transport. Now, Huffy continues to make great bikes such as the Nel Lusso™ Women’s Cruiser. A simple, elegant beach cruiser that goes for $119 and offers so much for such a modest price. It comes in a gorgeous butter yellow and light blue color which are great summer.

Here, check out its features:

  • Built with a classic cruiser frame and comes with an adjustable rear rack for your luggage
  • Also built with a wire basket, cellphone and a beverage holder
  • The rims are made of a corrosion resistant alloy, ensuring a long lasting crisp look
  • Braking is easy thanks to its effective coaster brakes
  • Comfort ensured throughout the ride thanks to double density grips and pedals
  • Seating won’t be a problem because the saddle is combined with springs and dense padding for additional comfort
  • Has fenders to keep you clean while you ride

Huffy also created a Nel Lusso for men which comes in a cool piano black. They also have many other great cruisers to choose from.

Best Beach Cruiser Bike Buying Guide - Selecting a Cruiser Bike for Women and Men

Most of us learned how to ride a bike at an early age. It’s a part of our childhood. It was more than a way to get around; it was another way to hang with friends, race, and learn cool tricks like wheelies or riding with no hands (even though your mom said not to!).

As a child, no one could quell your excitement when you got a new bike. Sure, learning how to ride it might be no easy task for some, but nothing could beat being able to race up and down the street! You felt like a big kid now, and while you might have to get in before dark and ensure you had your helmet on, nothing could stop you and your friends from owning the neighborhood.

Fast forward to 16 and up, and many of us have traded in our bikes for cars. While there’s nothing better than the freedom that comes with owning your first car, a car just doesn’t give you the same feeling as a bike -- especially a cruiser.

When times are stressful, you might not need a long drive, just a soothing ride -- one where you’re not working hard as if you’re running a marathon or sweating it out on the elliptical, but rather just cruising along, feeling the wind on your skin, hearing the living sounds of your city or the whispers and wonders of the beach.

No car ride can match that.

If you’ve owned a cruiser bike before, you probably know what to look for. But if you’re not sure, or you’re a newbie when it comes to bike cruisers, then no worries! We’ve got you covered. We’ll talk about all the important points of choosing the right cruiser bike for you, from build to features and more.


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Best Way to Commute by Bike. | Courtesy of Shifter

Cruiser bikes have been around for close to a century, if not longer. Their popularity has fluctuated, being big in the 1930’s, 50’s and 90’s thereafter. Shout out to the 90’s kids, even though we aren’t kids anymore.

Back to the topic at hand. In other words, cruiser bikes have been around for a long time, and aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, manufacturers are only making them better – combining the best of the old classic style with modern features to give you the best of both.

But bike cruisers are not cheap. Sure, you will see some cheap cruiser bikes in stores or online, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” We’re sure you don’t want a cruiser that’s going to break down on you or need constant repairs. That’s why it’s best to invest in a good model up front and save yourself stress down the road.

In terms of cost, you’re looking at maybe $140 on the low end and perhaps $500 on the high end. One of the determining factors of a bike cruiser’s price is its speed and gears, with single speed models being much more affordable than those with multispeed options. Other features, such as the bike’s build and braking system affect its price. There are models that can cost as much as $1500 or $1600 dollars -- a hefty investment, so think carefully before shelling out that much dough. What you want is a cruiser bike that will serve your needs well for years to come.


No two bikes are the same, just as no two people are the same -- the bike that works for you may not be the bike that works for someone else. One of the best things about bike cruisers is their variety. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Now, while cruiser bikes come in a wide range of sizes and designs, there are a few features that you must always consider so you buy the best bike for your needs.

Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a bike cruiser:

  • Speeds – This refers to the gears of the bike which work best for different environments. Bike cruisers are available as single-speed, three-speed, and seven-speed.
  • Size – The best bike for you is one that fits your body and allows you to ride comfortably in an upright position. There are sizing charts online if you aren’t shopping in a store, so you can be sure of the size of your bike.
  • Gender – Cruiser bikes are built differently for men and women to suit their physiques, though if you’re a woman and find yourself wanting a bike cruiser for a man, why not? You want the one that works for you.
  • Weight – Bike cruisers are generally heavier than other types of bikes. However, some are heavier than others and work best in urban areas as opposed to hillier ones.
  • Extras – Some bikes come with extra features such as bells, baskets, and rear racks.
Construction and Design

We mentioned before that cruiser bikes are generally much heavier than road or mountain bikes. This is because cruisers are built with looks in mind and favor aesthetics over speed. While the designs for bike cruisers vary widely, the frames are usually similar, with signature long handlebars so you can ride in a comfy upright position.

The frames are usually made of metal, aluminum, or a mixture of the two. For increased longevity, it’s wise to check for bikes with rust resistant frames, offered by many companies. Bike cruisers also have wide balloon tires to give you stability over uneven terrain like gravel or beach sand. There are two braking options to choose from, the hand brake and the coaster brake. Coaster brakes, activated by your foot, give you a softer stop, while hand brakes can slow you down or give you a more abrupt stop.

While bike cruisers are typically slow and heavy, their comfort-centric design is one of the things that keeps them around today. They are also quite durable and work well for riding around your city, neighborhood or beach. Some cruiser bikes also come with baskets or rear racks so you can carry stuff around.


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Insane Bike Tricks. | Courtesy of Josh Horton
Performance and Ease of Use

When you’re shopping for a new bike cruiser, it’s important to consider where you’ll be riding it. If you’re going to be commuting to and from work or riding in an urban area, then you’ll be quite fine with a single-speed cruiser. On the other hand, if you’re going to be riding around a hilly area, then you’ll need a 3- or a 7-speed cruiser to help adjust the gears for a better ride.

Bike cruisers are a great way to get around the neighborhood or the countryside and enjoy the outdoors. You can get a bike cruiser for the beach, for your daily commute, or for more adventurous rides. Ultimately, where you ride your cruiser will affect the type you get, but with so many terrific options on the market for men, women, and children, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the right one.

Get the Best Cruiser Bike of 2023!

Thanks for reading our review on bike cruisers. These brands are some of the most trusted in the industry, and whether you need a cruiser for urban commutes or for the beach, they’ll have a model for it.

Our Top Choice
sixthreezero In the Barrel Cruiser Bicycle
Best Value
Kent Women’s Rockvale Cruiser Bike
Firmstrong Chief Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Retrospec Women’s Chatham Beach Cruiser
Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bike FAQs

What are cruiser bikes?
Cruiser bikes are a little different from ordinary bikes. Also known as beach cruisers, these bikes usually feature a more straightforward kind of construction and expressive styling. They will also have a more upright seating posture, balloon tires, and a single-speed drive train. This makes them more stable and easier to ride. You can also easily customize them with accessories like lights, saddlebags, and fenders.
What is the difference between cruiser and comfort bikes?
There’s really no major difference between cruiser and comfort bikes. Both bikes are really comfortable and good at absorbing bumps on the road. However, cruiser bikes usually feature a simpler design. They also need less maintenance and have overall higher durability. Comfort bikes, on the other hand, need a little more maintenance but perform better than cruiser bikes on rough terrain, hills, and higher speeds.
Where to buy cruiser bikes?
Due to their rising popularity, you can now buy cruiser bikes from most shopping outlets. However, you stand to get a better selection from online platforms like Amazon. The site is also quite reliable, known for good customer service and delivery. Also, you’ll get a wider variety of prices to choose from.