Best Crutch Bag Reviews 2022

We understand how inconvenient it is to use crutches, and we also understand that your hands are doing enough work already by holding the crutches. You need something you can use to carry your items along with you. You are probably here because you’re wondering how to find the best crutch bag for you. We’ve compiled this review and buying guide to help you through the process of figuring that out. We picked some of the best crutch bag brands, selecting one product from each to illustrate what the brand offers. Feel free to check out other crutch bags from these brands as well.
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Our Top Choice
Crutch Buddies Crutch Pocket and Carry-all
Crutch Buddies has a mission of customer satisfaction. Its goal is to provide affordable, comfortable crutch accessories with stylish designs.
Easily attachable. Deep pockets. Can be used to carry some personal items. Three colors available.
Can squeeze up with frequent use.
Polar fleece
6” x 0.5” x 9”
Attaches to handle with Velcro
Best Value
Vive Crutch Bag with Velcro Fastener
Vive understands your need to live comfortably and its sole mission is to ensure that you only have medical and health products that are the highest quality, at great values.
Velcro fastener secures bag’s contents. Well-made and durable. Great customer service. Universal fit is convenient. Caribiner included.
Doesn’t come with instructions.
6” wide; 12” circumference
Side & handle straps
Crutcheze Washable Crutch Bag
For over a decade, Crutcheze has offered customers well-designed, cushy, and affordable healthcare products.
Durable. Pliant. One size adapts to all types of crutches. Stain-resistant. Machine-washable. Adjustable and easy to attach. Four colors available.
A zipper to seal the pocket top would have been much more convenient.
Imported stretch fabric
6.5” x 9”
Adjustable side straps
EZ-ACCESS Universal Crutch Pouch
EZ-ACCESS is driven by a commitment to make lives richer by providing the products with which the barriers to a full lifestyle are overcome and completely removed.
Velcro and zip fasteners keep items secure. Well-made, sturdy, and durable. Holds an interesting variety of items.
Slides down when secured below the handgrip.
5.5” x 1.8” x 10”
Velcro & zip
Adjustable side straps
Maddak Inc. Ableware Vinyl Crutch Bag
Maddak is a brand to reckon with when it comes to products for people with disabilities. It’s at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations in the industry.
Pockets are attached to the crutches’ sides. Durable and machine-washable. Users' hands are free to operate crutches.
Contents have to be light for adequate balance.
8” x 2” x 8.5”
Attaches to handle with Velcro

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What is the Best Crutch Bag?

To determine the best crutch bag for you, you need to have an understanding of what purpose the crutch bag will serve. After viewing our guide, we believe you have established the purpose and now know what to look for. With this understanding, check out our top five products and see if any of them meet your requirements.
Our Top Choice
The Crutch Buddies USA Made Carry All Crutch Bag is made with polyethylene terephthalate fiber material, for comfort and non-chafing for the underarms. It also has deep pockets that can be used to carry some personal items. You may like the extra comfort that crutch pads and handgrip covers bring; check out the Crutch Buddies Blue Crutch Covers and Pads—compliments the bag too.

Crutch Buddies USA Made Carry All Crutch Bag – Available in 3 Colors

Crutch Buddies was established to assist crutch users with crutch challenges and related soreness. This brand began as a little company in Michigan, using materials such as fabric and textiles that were also manufactured in the USA. Crutch Buddies products are known worldwide for their superior performance; the company’s covers and paddings help to prevent joint and limb problems, while its crutch bags are the exact accessories needed to carry your personal items.

The Crutch Buddies Crutch Pocket is a great product for beginners or new crutch users. It's built with a fiber substance called polyethylene terephthalate to provide quality comfort at an affordable price. Crutch users will experience less discomfort, as the pouches are designed with mild soft fiber materials to help relax the axillary fossa or underarm. These crutch bags come in three nice colors, with an attractive look to charm and cheer users.

Awesome deep pockets by the sides provide users with more independence, as they can carry small notes, car keys, remotes, phones, and other gadgets, as well as hold bottles of drinks. The crutch pockets are also reinforced with excellent, easily attachable and detachable straps, made in the USA by a publicly trusted veteran-owned company. Satisfaction is assured, as this crutch bag comes with a refund guarantee.
Best Value
The Vive Crutch Bag with Caribiner Ring and Velcro Fastener is made with waterproof vinyl to keep your stuff safe from the elements as they sit in the ample space its two pockets provide, leaving your hands free and mind at peace. If you’re looking for really comfortable armpit and handgrip pads for your crutch—and of course, to go with this bag—we recommend the bestselling Vive Crutch Pads.

Vive Crutch Bag with Caribiner Ring and Velcro Fastener

Vive Health has been in the business of making life comfortable for all ages and lifestyles for the better part of half a century. It employs a team of experts who constantly ensure that it keeps you supplied with the highest-quality medical equipment and home health products. It develops and manufactures its products and takes all the necessary steps to create products that are some of the best in its industry so that you, like its other numerous customers, keep coming back for more. This company deals directly with its customers, offering support and guarantees that are geared toward giving you the best and keeping you satisfied.

The Vive Crutch Bag features six latching loops which can be used to securely and easily attach the bag to your crutch. It’s designed to provide a universal fit, that is, it’ll fit both adult and youth crutches so that whether it’s a young person who needs a place to store their phone, ear buds, and similar accessories or an adult who wants to carry keys, wallets, purses, pocket books, and other paraphernalia of adulthood, this bag will not only fit the crutch but stay on as well.

All that talk about carrying stuff in the bag brings us to the how much room it has. This Vive Crutch Bag comes with two pockets and each has a Velcro fastener that prevents your items from falling out of the bag and unwelcome, errant hands from going in. Each pocket has ample room; the front pocket is about 6 inches wide and will accommodate water bottles with a 12-inch circumference, and even small books.

It’s made with a long-lasting vinyl material that is also waterproof. This feature keeps your items protected from the rain so you don’t have to worry when the sky becomes unexpectedly overcast. There is also a caribiner ring attached to one of the bottom corners of the bag; you can keep your keys and any other item safe with a ring by attaching them to it.
The Crutcheze Washable Crutch Bag is made with stain-proof and water-resistant material that’s treated to inhibit bacterial growth and odor. If you want a different color, check out the Crutcheze Black Crutch Bag. It has large pockets for transporting your items.

Crutcheze Washable Crutch Bag – Available in 4 Colors

Crutcheze is a USA-based company and a top producer of well-designed crutch and walker merchandise. Since 2003, it has manufactured and sold orthopedic products that are cushy, operational, stylish, and low-priced. Crutcheze products are designed by a team of masters in medicine, and produced by sewing professionals. This company is keen on developing the most dependable, quality, cushioned crutch coverings, crutch pockets, reinforced hand holds, and walker bags.

The Crutcheze Crutch Bag is made of anti-microbial medical performance materials. The pouch textile is water-resistant and has been toughened to withstand bacteria, render odor protection, and repel stains. This bag has been tested by independent users before being released to the market, resulting in thousands of satisfied customers.

The crutch bag's pouch features an inside liner pocket you can use to securely carry and access your cell phone or other electronics. The top opening of the bag has been reinforced to support the straps, closures, and weight of the bag. Further, the main body of the bag stretches across the width to provide ample room for items. The bag's look and feel may vary depending upon the user’s contents. Just attach the Crutcheze Crutch Bag to the hand grip, using the regulated straps at the top, and the Velcro straps sideways for a guaranteed fit.

Other crutch bags from Crutcheze for your consideration include:
  • Crutcheze Zebra Crutch Designer Bag: Primary pocket is lightweight, stretchy
  • Crutcheze Sport Teal Crutch Bag: One size fits all types of youth and adult axilla crutches
  • Crutcheze Digital Snow Camo Crutch Bag: Highly stretchable
  • Crutcheze Sport Purple Crutch Bag: Lots of storage for personal contents
All of Crutcheze’s crutch bags are anti-bacterial and water- and stain-resistant. You can buy the featured one in a choice of four colors, though we personally love the hot pink color.
The EZ-ACCESS Universal Crutch Pouch with Adjustable Straps and Hooks gives you plenty of room, via its 4 pockets, to store your items conveniently. It’s made with latex-free nylon and boasts a universal fit. If you’re looking for something different, perhaps something that can be attached to a walker to conveniently carry stuff with, take a look at the EZ-ACCESS Small Carry-On Universal Tote.

EZ-ACCESS Universal Crutch Pouch with Adjustable Straps and Hooks

EZ-ACCESS is a Homecare Products Incorporated company. It was established by the mother-daughter team of Glenda Everard and Deanne Sandvold in 1984; four years down the line, they were joined by Don Everard (son and brother) who brought his marketing sagacity into the family business. Together, this trio pioneered the ramp market with the introduction of their portable ramps for wheelchairs. Today, the company has grown into a force to reckon with and also into two manufacturing facilities, both in the USA. It’s also working on including door openers, toilet lifts, and vehicle lifts to its product line so that it can truly remove barriers to accessibility in all settings: residential, recreational, commercial, and industrial.

The EZ-ACCESS Universal Crutch Pouch is a handy way to have all of your stuff within reach without impeding your ability to handle your crutches. It comes with loop and hook straps with which it is attached to the crutch; these straps can be adjusted to fit nicely with any crutch. They can also be used to provide a nice fit for canes—and other mobility aids too.

This crutch bag has four pockets: the main pocket, a side pocket with a zipper, a mesh pocket, and a small side pocket adjacent to the mesh. With all these pockets, who needs to worry about moving around the house or outside with all your favorite items at hand, whether it’s a paperback magazine (which will fit snugly into the main pouch when folded) or a bottle of beer (believe it or not, this bag can carry up to 3 of those). You can put your biros, markers, and such in the small pocket that’s off to the side of the mesh, where they can be within reach.

It’s a lightweight bag made from durable, latex-free nylon. The nylon material means that it’s a water-resistant bag and will keep its contents dry. What’s more, it’s easy to care for; simply hand wash with mild soap and cold water, then hang it out to dry on a line. You also get a 360-day warranty with the bag.
The Maddak Inc. Ableware Vinyl Crutch Bag is ergonomically designed for moving around personal items, while leaving one's hands free to manipulate the crutch. Its deep pockets provide plenty of room for your items. If you use a walker instead, go for the Top Glides Universal 6-Pocket Walker Bag. It’s a stylish bag made with durable nylon, easy to wash and install in seconds.

Maddak Inc. Ableware Vinyl Crutch Bag - Available in Blue and Black

Maddak opened in 1971, and today has distinguished itself as the biggest producer of aids for daily living in the United States. Maddak makes many items for people with disabilities. Its principal mission is inventing products that allow people to remain active and function more easily. This company was the pioneer of the raised toilet bowl and many other groundbreaking product developments. Maddak is very much committed to developing and manufacturing the best and most innovative products, based on suggestions from the users of its merchandise.

The Maddak Inc. Ableware Vinyl Crutch Bag (measuring 8-1⁄2 x 8 x 2 inches / 21.6 x 20.3 x 5.1 cm) is the perfect size to fit on any crutch or walker. This beautifully designed and crafted bag can be used to easily transfer and carry your personal belongings, while leaving your hands free to control your crutches. This attractive bag features a large purse to hold keys, notepads, bottled drinks, mobile devices, wallets, and other pocket-sized items.

This crutch bag hangs sideways on a hand crutch, to help prevent interference with physical movement. You can wash this bag easily, either by hand or in a washing machine. This well-designed bag can suit your outfit, and is also great for use with various other types of walkers.

Here are other beautiful crutch bags from Maddak:
  • Maddak Gray Cotton Mobility Bag: Removable strap for holding and removing tote from mobility device
  • Maddak Burgundy Cotton Crutch Bag: Can be used with crutches, rollators, wheelchairs, or walkers
  • Maddak Blue Print Quilted Cotton Crutch Bag: Frees your hands to control the crutches
  • Maddak Folding Cotton Cane Bag: 100% pure cotton

How Do I Choose the Best Crutch Bag?

You have your mobile phone, house keys, wallets, and credit cards to carry with you. The problem is that you also have to use your crutches for support. How is that possible when both your hands are already full, and your clothes don't have pockets for these items? The solution is a crutch bag.

Crutch bags are made in different sizes and shapes, and they come in different colors and designs. The idea is to help keep your hands as free as possible, so you can have a good grip on your crutches. Crutch bags may not come in designer labels (though there may be designer crutch bags in the works, you never know), but you can always get a color, print, or design that appeals to you. You can use some types of crutch bags with a walker or a wheelchair as well, depending on the form of attachment.

Which crutch bag should you buy? Know what needs your crutch bag will be meeting. Consider also the type of crutches you use, such as forearm or hand grip crutches. Know the things you want the bag to contain. When you have a good understanding of these factors, they will help you decide on the crutch bag that best suits you. After you have done this, you can now review our list of features to know which ones your crutch bag needs to have and which will best suit your needs.
“Oh! It’s just a crutch bag. I should pick the cheapest one there is; it doesn’t matter, as long as it can hold my items.” Could this be what you are thinking now? You may be wrong. There are different factors that make a cheap crutch bag what it is. It could be that the material is of low quality, leaving the durability in question. The fittings may be flimsy, which could make them snap at any time. We did not consider these cheap items in our review, but we looked at other inexpensive crutch bags that are of trusted quality.

To get a good crutch bag, you'll need a budget that starts from about $15 up to $25. With such a budget, you will not only be getting a good-quality crutch bag, but you will also be getting choices of very good accessories, different prints, and appealing colors.
There is nothing complicated about a crutch bag, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to select the right one. No one wants to change their crutch bag every other month or to purchase a crutch bag that will add to their inconvenience. Here are some features that we believe you should look for in a good crutch bag. However, the final choice lies with you.
  • Design
  • Closure
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Size
  • Pockets
  • Protective features
Let us look at the relevance of these features and how they can influence your choice of a crutch bag.
Construction and Design
When looking to buy the best crutch bag for you, it’s important to take a look at the general design, closure, material, and size of the bag. Let’s take a closer look at these below.


Crutch bags are attached to crutches in different ways. Some are attached with a hanging rope, and some are attached with a Velcro strip. Others have both options. When you consider how you want your bag to be attached to your crutches, you will be able to decide which design best suits your needs.


Another feature to look at is the closure of your bag. Some have zippers or clip pins, while others have Velcro closure. Obviously, zippers seem like a more secure form of closure, but you may need something easier to open so that you’re not left fiddling with zippers.


Crutch bags are made from different materials, such as fleece, nylon, polyester, leather, and wool. Some people react to certain fabrics, and may need to purchase bags that are made from fabrics that they don’t react to. Polyester fabrics are durable and long-lasting, and are easy to get in different patterns and colors.


Unless your crutch bag is one that carries your crutches when attached to your wheelchair, you’re most likely looking for a portable and lightweight crutch bag. The dimensions and weight of your crutch bag are important. You don’t want to get a crutch bag that will be larger than the frame of your crutches, since it will be hung on them.
Performance and Ease of Use
To get the best use out of your crutch bag, we suggest you take a look at the capacity, number and size of pockets, and any protective features it has. Let’s go into more detail on each of these.


You know the number of things you want to load into your crutch bag, and that will determine the capacity your crutch bag should have. Be careful not to get one that can't hold your items. That would mean owning a crutch bag and still having to carry some items in your hands.


In line with checking out the capacity, you should also look at the number of pockets the crutch bag has. Some have a single large pocket for everything, while others are partitioned into smaller pockets and a large one. Some others yet have only two or more small pockets. Only you can decide the number and sizes of pockets you need.

Protective Features

What protective features does your potential crutch bag have? While some are water-resistant, others are scratch-resistant, and there are some others that have strap systems. Check the protective features that come with your crutch bag to be sure they are what you need.

Get the Best Crutch Bag of 2022!

Now that you’ve got to this point, we believe that you can make a decision on the best crutch bag to go for. You can select your choice and go ahead and make your purchase. Thank you for reading.

Our Top Choice
Crutch Buddies Crutch Pocket and Carry-all
Best Value
Vive Crutch Bag with Velcro Fastener
Crutcheze Washable Crutch Bag
EZ-ACCESS Universal Crutch Pouch
Maddak Inc. Ableware Vinyl Crutch Bag