Best Crutches Reviews 2022

Crutches are vital medical devices when one is recovering from an injury and requires mobility support. But where do you start when shopping for crutches for the first time? First, shopping for crutches can be overwhelming, especially because of the different types and brands available on the market. Secondly, learning to use crutches and getting the desired results can also be complicated. To help navigate this crowded market, we’ve compiled the five best crutches brands and featured a unit from each of them. Read through and get the pair that is best for you. And perhaps, the ones we featured don’t quite work for you. Worry not, just check out other crutches from the featured brands.
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Weight Limit
Our Top Choice
Ergoactives Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches
Ergoactives Brand is known for developing a wide range of unique and high-quality orthopedic devices. Ergobaum Junior Crutches for kids are adjustable and fully ergonomic.
They’re adjustable. Features shock absorbers. Works well on different surfaces. Enhanced security through LED lights and a horn button. Built-in knee platform. Enhanced stability.
They’re pricey.
Up to 250 lbs.
Kids & Junior Adults
34 x 9 x 4 Inches; 6.5 lbs.
LED Lights, Leg Rest Platform
Best Value
Carex Folding Crutches with Standard Hand Gripgrammar
Carex specializes in bath safety, personal and home healthcare mobility products. The Carex Folding Crutches feature a folding system and accommodates young, adult and tall users.
They’re foldable. Travel-friendly and easy to store. Lightweight. Can be used by short, youth and adult users. Comfortable grips.
Folding for the first time is tricky.
Up to 250 lbs.
Universal (41" - 58")
41-59 x 8 x 2 Inches; 4.5 lbs.
Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutches
Millennial Medical manufactures a wide range of products, targeting individuals who need mobility support. The Foreman In-Motion Crutches are great for both child and adult users.
Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors. Ergonomic handle. Heavy-duty construction. Comfortable and stable when using. Features spring action to aid movement.
They’re a bit heavy.
Up to 350 lbs.
Universal (3’6” to 6’3”)
27 x 3 x 8 inches ; 6 lbs.
Fully Molded Cuffs
FDI Ergotech Lightweight Forearm Crutches
FDI is a brand known for quality and exceptional foreman crutches. The Ergotech Forearm Crutches is probably one of the lightest crutches you can find on the market.
Have replaceable grips, pads, and tips. They are sold in 3 colors. Made of aluminum. Accept tri-pod accessories and have adjustable cuffs. Lightweight and travel friendly.
Some users feel they’re too lightweight.
Up to 286 lbs.
Adults (4’4" to 6’7”)
14 x 1 Inches; 1.12 lbs.
Adjustable Cuff and Height
Cardinal Health Axillary Crutch for Adults
Cardinal Health is an Ohio-based, Fortune 500 health service provider. The Axillary Crutch is made for adults of up to 300 lbs. body weight.
Made of comfortable thermoplastic rubber. Resists peeling and are durable. Affordable. Adjusts easily. Impressive look and design.
Not the best if you’re looking for the latest in crutch technology.
Up to 300 lbs.
Adults (5’2” – 5’10”)
62 – 70 Inches; 2 lbs.
Peeling Resistant

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What is the Best Crutches?

Now that you’ve taken the time to go through our buying guide, we are so confident that you can easily pick out the best crutches for you. We’ll be heading over to our reviews now. Get ready to make your selection!
Our Top Choice
Ergoactives Ergobaum Junior Crutches come in the latest technology from leading surgeons. These crutches are stronger, fully adjustable and more comfortable, thanks to the shock-absorbing feature. For adults or taller juniors, the Ergoactives Ergobaum® Prime Forearm Crutches are adjustable from 5' to 6'6'' and comes in 6 color options.

Ergoactives Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches – Ergonomic, Adjustable (3'9 to 5'), Comes in 3 Colors, Also Available in Adult Sizes

Ergoactives is a trendsetter and a leading name in the medical devices industry. The brand designs, manufacturers, and markets patented medical devices to aid mobility-challenged users. Ergoactives’ success is attributed to its founder, Dr. Birnbaum, who worked as a surgeon for 3 decades before starting the company. Dr. Birnbaum says that when he was a doctor, he held thousands of discussions with customers, who were using already existing orthopedic devices, and were always complaining. Ergoactives went ahead to design medical devices to address these specific challenges. Apart from crutches, other Ergoactives products include braces, sit-assist commodes, boots, levelers and casts, crutch tips and canes.

From Ergoactives’ crutches, we picked the Kids and Junior Adults Crutches for being designed for young users and for their ergonomic design, which delivers a pain-free use. The crutches are battery powered for some features and feature shock absorbers. These crutches are the only crutches with a fully-adjustable grip handle.

These are the other features you’ll get in these revolutionary crutches:
  • They have adjustable angles and are best for kids and juniors between 3.9 to 5 feet in height
  • They have LED lights for night vision and safety reflectors for enhanced safety
  • In case of an emergency, there are panic buttons to raise an alarm
  • Very strong and supports body weight of up to 250 lbs.
  • The shock absorbers eliminate any pains associated with crutches
  • They have spring-loaded legs to reduce shock from impacts with the ground
  • For added comfort and stability, they have a 4-legged, high-performance tip
  • Features a patented adjustable cushion grip
  • There is a platform to rest your knee when standing
  • Fully-adjustable arm length and height for a perfect customizable fit
We featured the blue version; if you’d like a different color, there are black and pink versions.
Best Value
If you’re always on travel and you have to carry along your crutches, you’ll need crutches that are travel-friendly, like Carex Folding Crutches. These crutches fold in half, so they'll fit in a car and below tables. Carex also offers affordable, quality forearm crutches in case that’s what you were looking for.

Carex Health Brands Standard Folding Crutches – Lightweight, Convenient and Portable

For over 35 years now, Carex Health Brand, a subsidiary of Compass Health Brand, has been a distinguished name in self-care and the home medical product market. The brand’s mission of providing medical products that offer improved quality of life and dignity to their customers is evident in their products. Apart from bathroom safety and personal care products, Carex also has other product lines including mobility, medication organizers, self-care products, enablers, and daily living aids, among others.

From Carex’s crutches collection, which is available in adult, forearm, tall and youth categories, we picked the folding crutches, for being especially travel-friendly and easy to store. Their universal sizes make them usable by adults, youth, and tall users. Apart from these crutches being travel-friendly, the 5-pound weight makes them easy to use and easy to bring anywhere, even when traveling by air.

With an adjustable height between 41-59 inches, the user can achieve a customized height using a strategically placed switch, which adds to user's comfort. Adding to the crutches’ comfort is the blue comfortable grips with pads and supports up to 250 lbs. body weight.
Millennial Medicine Foreman In-Motion Crutches feature a heavy-duty construction and support a body weight of up to 350 lbs. These crutches are available in 2 sizes. For even more variety in sizes, check out the In-Motion Pro Crutches by Millennial Medical, which comes in short, standard, tall and extra tall with other color options.

Millennial Medical Forearm In-Motion Crutches – Available in Short or Tall with 3 Color Options

When one is recovering from surgery, injury or any other mobility disability, a mobility support device is vital. However, some of these devices do more harm than good. That explains why many patients complain of complications from these devices. This is the exact motivation that got Millennial Medical on the market. For example, Millennial Medical crutches have won awards for their contribution to improving patient's life. But what people don't know is that it took the brand 3 years to develop them.

Millennium Medical has 3 types of crutches: forearm crutches, lifetime crutches and in-motion crutches. From their in-motion crutches, we picked the Forearm In-Motion Crutches, which features Spring Assist Technology. Unlike traditional crutches, these crutches are designed in a way so that they reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage. They are available in two sizes—(forearm height) 3’6” to 4’9” (short) and 4’10” – 6’3” (tall)—so you can get one that is for your exact size.

And since you need to look good even when you’re using a crutch, these crutches are available in three colors for you to choose from: red, blue and glossy black. Adding to the crutches’ comfort is that the unit has ergonomic, fully-molded handles. They are usable on different surfaces and provide enhanced stability thanks to the articulating technology.

These crutches have won accolades for being a crutch that works for the user, not against the user, and is often referred to as an industry leader in innovation. So if you’re looking for crutches that will help you maintain a proper posture, mitigate chances of getting injured and relieves stress, these crutches are a great deal.
FDI Ergotech Forearm Crutches are made ready-to-move, smart, and compact, a rare combination to get in crutches nowadays. Despite the crutches weighing just 1.12 lbs., they support a body weight of up to 286 lbs. The Ergotech Forearm Crutches are available in black, white or blue, as well as with different size options.

FDI Ergotech Forearm Crutches – Lightweight, Adjustable from 4'4 to 6'7, Three Color Choices

FDI is a French brand that has been on the market for 2 decades now. The company is known for making innovative walking aid devices, which meet the status of "state of the art" judging by the industry standards. FDI is known for its 3 types of crutches: Opticomfort, Ergotech, and Ergodynamic. These crutches are known for being lightweight with an average weight of 1.12 lbs. and each of them supports up to 286 lbs. All of them are have the same height adjustment range and leg tube. Their differences are in spring rate, shock-absorbing capability, and height, among others.

To showcase what FDI crutches look and feel like, we picked the Ergotech Forearm Crutches, which weighs 1.12 lbs. and supports up to 286 lbs. of body weight. Considering what you get from this pair of crutches and how they compare with other competitive crutches, the $75 value is a great deal.

Like the other two FDI crutches, these crutches come in black, blue and white colors, and have a 1-year warranty. They’re all latex-free and CE compliant. All of them have an open cuff and an aluminum backbone to make them strong. There is no specific crutch for the right or left side. For convenience, the grips and tip are replaceable.

This is what else you get from Ergotech Forearm Crutches:
  • Their height is adjustable up to 2.5 cm, making them great for different sized users, while the cuff height adjustment is 1.6
  • The weight of 1.12 lbs. offers the users the convenience of its light weigh
  • Unlike the other 2 crutches from this manufacturer, the crutches’ cuffs are adjustable
  • Unlike the Opticomfort and Ergodynamic crutches, the crutches have replaceable forearm pads
  • However, the crutches have no integrated shock absorbing system, a feature found in the Ergodynamic crutches only
Cardinal Health Axillary Crutch delivers more than a traditional crutch by having a thermoplastic rubber, instead of the traditional foam rubber. If you are looking for crutches for a child or a shorter person, the CA901YTH Axillary Crutch is adjustable from 52” to 62” and has the same weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Cardinal Health Adult Axillary Crutch - Aluminum, Supports Up to 300 Pounds

Cardinal Health is a giant in the medical industry. The company was founded in 1971 and is a Fortune 500 Company. This is no mean feat. Fortune 500 is a compilation by Fortune Magazine, ranking the largest 500 US companies according to revenue. So, Cardinal Health making it to this list speaks volume about its performance. The brand specializes in medical products and serves over 100,000 locations. Specifically, the company offers medical services, consumer products, and professional products.

Cardinal Health Crutches come in both forearm and axillary styles. These crutches are available in different sizes, including child, youth, tall users, and adult options.

From their home and health care products, we picked the Axillary Crutches, which have an adjustable height of between 62 to 70 inches and supports up to 300 lbs. of body weight. These crutches stand out for addressing one of the challenges that many crutches don’t. See, when one is using crutches, it will tend to be an everyday device and hence one must be able to feel comfortable each day. However, many users complain of the crutches being uncomfortable after days. To address this, the Axillary Crutches have a synthetic blend, which, unlike other crutches, is softer and resists peeling, so the crutches last longer.

These are other features in these crutches:
  • They are made with comfortable hand grips
  • They have slip-resistant tips to offer a cushioned support
  • Sturdy construction, lightweight and doesn’t require any assembly
  • Made of aluminum and is adjustable, making it ideal for users of between 5 ft. 2 in. to 5 ft. 10 in.

How Do I Choose the Best Crutches?

Especially for those into sports or who have really active jobs, the risk of injury is quite high. Accidents happen, and there’s nothing we can do about that. It’s just life. Sometimes, these accidents can make moving around quite difficult, and that’s just contrary to human nature. We love to move about unhindered! No one likes to depend on another for most everything.

It’s a good thing that there are several types of medical equipment to help injured people get around a little more easily, as this not only satisfies the natural human urge to move around, but also helps psychologically. Patients who are able to move around unassisted are less likely to be irritable and this, of course, make things a lot easier for their caregivers.

There are all kinds of medical equipment that aid people in moving around, and the most popular ones are, of course, the wheelchairs, the scooters, the walkers, as well crutches and canes.

Today, though, we will be looking exclusively at crutches. Crutches look pretty straightforward, until you buy the wrong ones, then the tremendous pain and discomfort quickly deliver your first lesson on crutch-using: always get all the information possible about a particular pair of crutches before you get one.

Luckily for you, we have prepared a detailed guide that takes you through the step-by-step process of picking a good pair of crutches. You’ll have to consider things like your physical fitness and how well you’ve been keeping up with your yoga, cos that will indicate how much of your balance you’ve perfected and, consequently, what kind of crutches to go for.

Is your mind already spinning? Just chill. We have done the hard part. After reading the following short sections, you’ll find that picking a good pair of crutches will be a walk in the park for you. Don’t stop reading.
You can get a good pair of crutches for a wide range of prices: $20 to $100 plus (we told you it’s a wide range). Now, if you just want something that gives you the basics and shuts up, then you should know that you’ll be spending much less than someone who’s getting something with spring adjustments, LED lights and all. And of course, you should also know that the more expensive ones will be way cooler and more comfortable, of course, than the less expensive. But anyway, either category delivers the basics, and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

There will always be the temptation to get cheap crutches, but you wouldn’t want to try that. Ask those who have had to walk with crutches, and they’ll tell you that crutches are a little hard to master, especially the forearm ones. And no matter how good your crutches are, they’ll still give a bit of discomfort to your hands and wrists, so you’d best avoid cheap crutches – your leg might heal, but you could develop worse complications.
When in the market for a good pair of crutches, there are quite a few things to consider to ensure that you get the most comfortable set that equally delivers on durability and strength. We’ve listed some of them here. Have a look:
  • Type
  • Fit
  • Crutch Tips
  • Crutch Handles
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
If you know even a little bit about crutches, then you probably already know that there are two types of crutches: the forearm (elbow) and the underarm (axial) crutches. Now, let’s look at which of the two types you’ll be needing.

Forearm Crutches: One major issue with this kind is that it can be quite difficult to master. Its learning curve isn’t quite the easiest on the block. It requires you to exert a lot of physical strength, especially from your upper body. But on the plus side, you control your movements a lot better with these crutches – once you’ve mastered walking with them, that is.

If you’ll be walking a lot in difficult or steep areas like stairs, for instance, you’ll appreciate forearm crutches better. Also, your posture is in safer hands – you won’t drop them only to have picked up bad posture. Because of the way they are designed, users tend to always stand up straighter. Plus, their design doesn’t press into the armpit, thereby reducing the risk of nerve issues in that part of the body.

Underarm Crutches: These are, by far, the more common of the two types of crutches, because they are far easier to use. They do not require as much physical exertion from the upper body as the forearm types. These crutches are best for injuries that are short-term.

Now, when going for underarm crutches, it is an absolute must to ensure that they are properly fitted. If they aren’t, it could lead to health complications, as the massive and constant pressure under your arms can cause issues with the nerves there.

Also, bad posture is another risk, because it is so easy to hunch over while walking with underarm crutches – and this hunching will only lead to more pain. If balance isn’t your strong point, though, these crutches might be your best bet. The only issue is that they’re not exactly your go-to for comfort, even though they’re not difficult to master.

Next, let’s look into the construction of crutches and how they can help alleviate your discomfort.

First, we look at crutch tips:

The crutch tips, as you know, are the points that make contact with the floor as you move. These tips should be rubber and non-slip, for obvious reasons. They also have to be quite sturdy, as they will be supporting your entire body weight and will also be keeping the crutches balanced as you walk. In terms of size, you’d be better off with larger tips, as they will ensure that you have more balance and stability.

Now, we take a look at the handles:

With the use of crutches of any kind, whether forearm or underarm, there will always be a considerable degree of strain placed on the hands and wrists. It would, therefore, be wise to go for something ergonomic, or something with extra padding to increase comfort. Also, aside from comfort, your crutches should also be sturdy and durable.
Performance and Ease of Use
The fit of your crutches is highly essential to how comfortable you’ll be while using them. You have to ensure that the crutches are properly fitted, not just for comfort, but for the sake of your health too.

Normally, while using a pair of crutches, one should be able to stand upright without discomfort while bending the elbow in an angle range of 15 to 30 degrees, with the hands resting on the handle.

As we mentioned earlier, ill-fitting crutches can lead to health issues such as muscle pains, abrasions, and even worse, nerve damage. Especially if you’re using underarm crutches, you have to be triply sure that they are fitted correctly.

Finally, assess yourself correctly. If balance and upper body fitness aren’t your strongest points, then you should choose underarm crutches, as they will give you the least stress. More active patients will enjoy the forearm crutches more though, since they provide the individual with more options for different kinds of terrain.

So, these are the basics to note when choosing crutches. Hopefully, you can now take your pick and, in no time, you will be walking around without needing them anymore.

Get the Best Crutches of 2022!

We’re sure you’ve found what you’re looking for. So why not go on and place that order! And oh, do get better soon!

Our Top Choice
Ergoactives Ergobaum Ergonomic Forearm Crutches
Best Value
Carex Folding Crutches with Standard Hand Gripgrammar
Millennial Medical In-Motion Forearm Crutches
FDI Ergotech Lightweight Forearm Crutches
Cardinal Health Axillary Crutch for Adults