Best Cup Warmer Reviews 2022

For most people, tea, coffee, cocoa, and soups all have one thing in common: if they must drink them at all, then they must drink them hot! Sadly, they never stay that way forever and then after that, it just becomes punishment to take even a sip. But good news! A cup warmer can turn that frown upside down. And to broaden that smile (‘cuz you’ve earned it), we’ve worked hard to give you the five leading makers of some of the best cup warmers available. If none of the featured products is your cup of tea, then by all means, check out other products from your favorite brand. Happy browsing!
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Our Top Choice
Mr. Coffee Beverage/Mug Warmer
Mr. Coffee, America’s original coffee maker, is truly obsessed with delicious coffee and ensuring it lands in your hands and in your mouth—at favorable prices.
Comes with an on-light indicator. Slim and compact for easy portability. Surface wipes clean quite easily. Features an on/off switch.
Beverage won’t get extremely hot.
Extended cord length
3.25 inches
1.3 x 5.2 x 8.6 inches; 0.6 lbs
17 Watts
Best Value
Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer
Disney (who doesn’t know this brand, that’s all about creating excitement?) brings its familiar characters to life via engaging products targeted at the young and young at heart.
Gets beverage really hot. Extended cord length for convenient use anywhere. Comes in a charming and attractive design. Lightweight and portable. Comes with a cute mug.
Gives off offending odor during first use (but hardly ever after that).
With Mickey Mouse cup
3.75 inches
5.3 x 5.3 x 5.2 inches;1.1 lbs
30 Watts
Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer
For kitchenware of the highest caliber, made from only the best raw materials and employing cutting-edge technology, Norpro is definitely your go-to brand.
3.75-inch heat pad for any-sized mug. On/off switch to regulate heating process. On-light indicator included. Compact enough for travel. 24 watts of power.
May heat up the surface it sits on (a trivet might be a good idea).
Light indicator; on/off switch
.3.75 inches
5 x 5 x 1.2 inches; 0.9 lbs
24 Watts
Evelots Electric Cup & Beverage Warmer
With a commitment to research, testing, and consultations, Evelots delivers great products at great prices, while offering the best customer service possible every time.
42-inch extended cord length for convenience. Comes with on/off switch, plus indicator. Can sit cups up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Attractive design.
On/off switch is inconveniently located.
Light indicator; on/off switch
3.5 inches
5 x 5 x 1 inches; 0.4 lbs
Durable plastic
17 Watts
Darice Cup and Candle Warmer
Charming customers with its darling familial approach to business, Darice has consistently served its loyal customers with only the best products for over 60 years.
4.25-inch surface. Burns candles with no flame or soot. Feet are covered with felt to protect delicate surfaces. Keeps beverage warm for a long time. Two functions.
On/off switch is inconveniently located.
Felt-covered feet
4.25 inches
5.3 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches;0.4 lbs
17 Watts

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What is the Best Cup Warmer?

Chances are that in the time that it took you to read this guide, your coffee already started to lose its flavor and delightful heat—but chances also are that you now know exactly what you want in a cup warmer. So, go ahead to the reviews now and pick “the one” from the fantastic options.
Our Top Choice
The highly commended Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home Use comes with an extended cord length that allows you to conveniently enjoy your coffee, warm and delicious, from anywhere at all. Would you prefer a weight-activated beverage warmer with an extended cord length and a wide surface for all your mugs? Then check out the Mr. Coffee Mug Activated Beverage Warmer.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home Use

Priding itself as America’s original coffee maker, Mr. Coffee has, since 1970, insisted on bringing only the richest, most delicious coffee experience to the home of every single American. Product after amazing product, Mr. Coffee makes a statement reiterating its brand promise to its customers. Its love affair with coffee, and all things coffee, is only trumped by one thing: the beloved customers. The team over at this brand ensures a unique and personal relationship with customers, while all the time seeking new ways to meet their individual coffee needs in the most trendy and stylish way possible. Favorable prices aid its standing out from the competition, but even more so is its laser-sharp focus on doing its own thing, which it loves: making coffee!

The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is a cute and convenient way to go for all you tea/coffee lovers. It comes complete with everything you need in a mug warmer and more.

First of all, its cord is of an extended length (about 65 inches, plus!). This affords you the luxury of plugging in your warmer anywhere while your beverage warms. Whether you’re working, or multi-tasking several jobs at a time, your warmer can easily sit at the center of it all, within reach. This way, you don’t get carried away by all the work and forget about your coffee because it’s out of sight.

It also comes with an on/off switch to control the warming process. Individuals are unique and like their tea at different degrees of hotness. With the switch, you can conveniently switch off the warmer when the temperature of your beverage is just right for you. (PS: there’s also a cute little on-light indicator that assures you that your warmer is actually on when it is on).

Although the manufacturers do not expressly state, the surface temperature of this warmer as observed by one or two customers is about 174 degrees Fahrenheit (which is hot enough to warm any beverage. Actually, the National Coffee Association recommends a serving temperature of 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit for a cup of coffee, so...).

The surface of this warmer is also quite wide (about 3.25 inches), so you can be sure that any of your mugs will most likely sit conveniently on its surface without issues. In the eventuality of an accidental spill, which we all know will happen, the surface wipes easily so you don’t have to worry. A moderately damp cloth will suffice to wipe the mess. So, no biggie.

With a wattage of 17 watts, this warmer won’t cause a huge dent in your general power consumption, and ultimately your energy bill. Understandably, some heat is lost to the plastic frame of the warmer and your table, but customers have found the appliance to direct the greater part of the 17 watts to your mug. So, save the expected heat loss (which is so little, by the way), the warmer efficiently manages the heat produced to heat your coffee instead of the surroundings.

This warmer will not necessarily bring your beverage to a boil. It’s supplied by a meager 17 watts, after all. And it’s a warmer, not a hot plate. A device as small as this cannot possibly come with a burning red burner. So, bring down your expectations on that score. Aside from that, for the function it was made for, this device works wonderfully.
Best Value
The charming Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer comes with a beautifully designed surface measuring 3.75 inches, making it well able to conveniently hold your mugs of any size. Think Minnie rocks better than Mickey? Then try this device with a black/hot pink color combo, extended cord, and a cute Minnie cup—the Disney Minnie Mouse Mug Warmer.

Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer – Available in 2 Styles

Disney has become a name synonymous with quality and wholesome entertainment for the whole family, and indeed the whole country too. The gravity of being a household name and its attending responsibilities has not held this brand down at all. In fact, gravity doesn’t seem to exist for it as it continues to soar and spread its wings into diverse areas with success. Its line of consumer products has received a hearty welcome with great gusto by millions of adoring fans all over the globe. The way these products have brought favorite ‘toon’ characters closer to home for their fans is admirable to watch. Expectations by customers were not disappointed at all either, as the products have been proven to meet and surpass the standard for quality and utility.

The Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer is an awfully cute mug with its Mickey Mouse design that we can’t stop “oohing” and “aahing” over. Aside from its charming aesthetics, this mug warmer has proved to be highly functional as customers happily comment.

First, it comes with a surface that measures about 3.75 inches, which ultimately means that you don’t have to ditch your favorite mug just because of its size. This mug warmer takes care of that. It’s highly doubtable that your cup, regardless of its size, won’t find a hot seat on this warmer.

Like most mug warmers, this product is lightweight and quite compact. And for added convenience, the manufacturers have made sure to make the cord length quite extended to ensure that your choices aren’t limited with this guy. You can put your warmer anywhere or move it around to make room for other stuff on your work table—without bothering so much about its proximity to your power outlet.

Be careful with this device though, because it can get really really hot. While this calls for extra caution, especially around your little kids, or pets, or even yourself, this is also great news, especially for those of us that love our beverage scalding hot!

Although not expressly stated by the manufacturer, a few customers observed that the warmer can heat up to 291 degrees Fahrenheit! This way, your coffee/tea gets hot, and stays hot for a long time. You won’t have to go back and forth, placing and replacing your mug on the warmer to retain heat.

You might observe on first use of this product that an offending odor oozes out. Do not bother. It will only happen that one time. If you purchase this otherwise-exceptional device, you only have to put up with the smell that one time. It hardly ever reoccurs. We surveyed customers’ comments for you and found that a leading percentage confirmed this. So, this does not have to be a larger-than-life issue.

Further, this warmer comes with other functional additions such as an on/off switch and an on-light indicator. Now you can be doubly sure when your warmer is on (you know we can get carried away sometimes). It also comes with a cute mug (also with a Mickey Mouse design. Yay!) at no extra cost, and the warmer works with a wattage of 30 watts.
If you’re thinking functional and convenient, then you should go for the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer with Neon Light Indicator. It provides convenience with its extra-long, 5-foot cord! Would you also like an equally-functional cup warmer, with an extended cord length and wide surface, at a more affordable price? Then check out the Norpro Electric Beverage Warmer.

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer with Neon Light Indicator

Few companies commit the same energy and resources to the fulfillment of their proclaimed vision as much as Norpro. Its team of highly motivated, energetic, and passionate individuals is constantly traveling ‘round; simply to find out what’s new and what’s best for its customers. This dedication to duty has caused the brand to constantly evolve and innovate. With firsthand information on what works right now, it brings its customers the latest technology real-time, thereby staying way ahead of its competition. Adoring customers continue to gush about its impeccably designed kitchenware products, which are made from only the best raw materials, employing cutting-edge technology. For over 40 years, Norpro has been doing this with success, proving over and again that it is truly a brand to beat.

If you want a cup warmer that’s functional and convenient, but still stands out in the aesthetics department, then you should meet the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer. Every feature of this appliance speaks convenience—from the cord length to the compact size.

First off, let’s talk about its amazing cord length of 5 feet. Why?! It’s almost the length of a short-average human being! With this much in length, you have a choice to put your mug warmer anywhere at all without restrictions. Because you’ll most likely work with your mug right next to you, this warmer works sweetly. You won’t even know what to do with all the extra length. Now that’s convenience.

Next, we examine the heat pad that measures 3.75 inches in diameter. If you love your beverage in large quantities and consequently have your proclivities tilted towards extra-large mugs, then that’s alright. Everyone should be permitted their idiosyncrasies. And you still deserve a cup warmer. Simply get the Norpro Cup Warmer. It will take up your mug, probably even with room to spare.

With the on/off switch, you don’t have to interrupt your work every now and then to pull out the plug, and risk the loss of concentration. You conveniently switch on and off at will with the on/off switch by the side. Also, an on-light indicator is placed on this device to confirm that it is truly on.

Cleaning has never been easier for cup warmers. The surface of the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer wipes clean so easily in the event of an accidental spill. A clean cloth will do the trick and it doesn’t even tamper with the functionality of your device.

Understandably, with a power rating of 24 watts, the warmer doesn’t get your beverage scalding hot if that’s how you’d rather have it. It will, however, heat your drink to a nicely warm temp. Somewhere above lukewarm. In essence, not too lukewarm to be ugh! And not too hot to be ouch!

According to customers, the heat pad warms up to roughly 160 degrees at the sides, 245 at the center, and 210 degrees Fahrenheit at the base (do not pick up when on!). With the base that hot, it most likely will get your table hot (one customer observed a temp of 130 degrees. Not hot enough to risk a damage, but…). If this disturbs you, you can add a trivet to your cart.

Aside from that, this device is a mighty fine choice and will function at its optimum for the purpose it was purchased.
The Evelots Cup & Beverage Warmer, in its own little way, offers your already-busy mind one less worry, with unique non-skid feet to support your mug and prevent spills. If you prefer a cup warmer with a longer cord and wider surface, then check out the Evelots Mug\/Cup Warmer with 5.25 diameter and 56-inch cord length.

Evelots Electric Cup & Beverage Warmer – Available in 2 Set Sizes

Every great company goes into business with the aim to add value and profit, and Evelots is no exception. Its consistent successes may appear effortless and seamless, but nothing can be further from the truth. Evelots daily commits to back-breaking work: nights spent researching; days spent testing and experimenting; hours spent consulting with customers—all to improve on the already-awesome products that it offers. Its products are made from the best materials available and are delivered to customers with the most amiable attitude ever. This attribute has endeared many a customer to the brand as they always leave satisfied, and unable to keep from recommending the brand to friends and strangers alike.

While other cup warmers simply warm your beverage and leave it at that, the Evelots Cup & Beverage Warmer goes the extra mile by supporting your mug and protecting your work area from spills. It comes with a unique non-skid feature at the bottom, as well. Now chances of spill accidents are even further reduced and you can work with one less worry in your already-busy mind.

With a plug-in cord of about 42 inches in length, this device conveniently gives you the liberty to choose where you want to place your cup warmer. Restrictions are lifted and you can literally move your warmer to any position that works for you per time. The surface of this warmer is also moderately-sized to hold your cups, with a warming diameter of 3.5 inches.

One slight issue though, is that this device comes with an on/off switch that works quite alright, but is also kinda awkwardly placed. A few customers couldn’t get around the fact that it was so placed, especially since it didn’t offer any kind of positive impact on the device. Aside from this small limitation though, you have a great device.

Another point to note in the use of this product is its power rating. It works with 17 watts of power, which means that the heat supply won’t exactly get your beverage super-hot, but it will definitely keep your drink warm (and keep you from walking across the room for a refill or wasting the drink altogether because it’s turned cold).

The surface of this device is also quite easy to clean. A simple wipe-down will normally do for this device and it’s as good as new. And no, accidental spills will in no way interfere with how your warmer works.

PS: It can double as a candle warmer too!
The fantastic Darice Candle Warmer with Felt Covered Feet offers you the functions of two devices for the price of one, by doubling superbly as a candle and cup warmer at the same time! If you’d prefer strictly a candle warmer with a sturdy, elegant design, and a 76-inch cord, then check out the Darice Candle Lamp Candle Warmer.

Darice Candle Warmer with Felt Covered Feet – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Everything should revolve around family because, in the end, that’s all that really counts, and they are all you’ve actually got. Darice strongly holds this opinion and has consequently made business less bureaucratic and more down-to-earth and personal. Witnessing over three generations of the same family steer the ship to greatness, this brand has soared, drawing employees, customers, and partners into its ever-increasing yet closely-knit family. Products from Darice are made with your family’s satisfaction and pocket in mind; after all, the ups and downs of everyday family life are not alien to it. You’ll definitely be totally enamored with their products, which are pocket-friendly yet highly utilitarian.

It’s really sweet that Darice had the thought to create a utility device such as this. An awesome device that doubles candle-warming with cup-warming is certainly the best thing since sliced bread (or at least the second or third best thing). And to tie the bow on the package, this device offers these two utilities for the price of one!

Scented candles are certainly a delight to have in any home, or therapy room, or any place at all for that matter. Their tantalizing scents, and the inviting ambience they create are totally worth the few extra bucks they cost.

But they could also be potential hazards, especially if you have little kids (and pets. We mustn’t forget pets). With the Darice Candle Warmer, you get to warm your candles and release their scents without flame or soot. That means no blackening and no naked flame for the children to experiment with and test the hypothesis that you are probably an irresponsible parent. Which we know is not true. You’re safe. Lol.

When melting a candle either by flame or with a warmer, the wax will definitely melt like the name of the action suggests. After all, that’s how it gives off its scent. A candle remains one, with or without a flame. Therefore, it’s best and advised to place your candle with its jar or container to maintain the durability of your warmer.

In keeping your beverage hot, this warmer also does an excellent job. No, your cuppa won’t rival a volcano in hotness, but it will be just warm enough to savor the rich goodness of a good old cuppa. And it stays that way for a long time. Plus, with its real wide surface, even your largest mug will have enough room on this device. Like, how large can it even possibly be?

We don’t know the wattage for this device, as the manufacturers do not expressly state, and neither do customers comment. But we can say for certain that the device tends to get pretty hot, as a number of people pointed out. Good thing the device comes with felt-covered feet to protect your table surface. So, worry not about your expensive furniture.

The on-light indicator is quite atypically placed, so be careful not to leave the warmer unattended, as with most electrical appliances. If left unattended for a long time, it could melt, and probably set the opening act for a mother-of-all-electrical-fires play. So, keep an eye on your warmer; not to your inconvenience, but not for extremely long unsupervised hours. Let’s just say pushing 4 hours is pushing it. Far.

With its long cable, using either of its features (candle or cup warmer) is made much easier and more convenient. It simply stays on any flat surface and begins its work as soon as you give the command.

How Do I Choose the Best Cup Warmer?

So, we got some strange but juicy information. At the risk of sounding incredible, it has been discovered that a good way to cool down can be to take a cup of warm coffee. Yes, you heard right. Warm coffee. Not cold coffee. Apparently, some researcher at University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetics by name “Ollie Jay”, discovered that warm coffee reduces heat levels in the body, thus cooling you down. Of course, this is the short explanation he gave to mere mortals like us. There’s probably a lot of scientific hullabaloo going backstage that we don’t know about. But anyway, that’s not our focus for today.

Back to cup warmers. Many times, by the time our alarm goes off at 4 or 5 in the morning, we most likely haven’t even slept a wink at all. But either way, we still have to drag ourselves outta bed and onto the road straight to the office. Nobody can definitely be blamed for relying on a good old cuppa to sail them through the day. Those things are swirling miracles!

Truth be told, beverages are actually the real “best thing” after sliced bread. Look at it; they are a more perfect match than all the other wannabes that keep trying to jostle for the space. It’s quite devastating, therefore, that these liquid miracles that are best taken hot will, defiantly, not remain hot. Like, have you tasted cold coffee? No, not that specially-made cold coffee. Like “I was once hot coffee”? Ugh! Tastes like the salty tears of a disappointed circus animal.

A good cup warmer can make all the difference between a pleasant and a disappointing tea experience. With it, you don’t have to keep interrupting work (and risk losing your train of thought) to walk to the coffee machine for a refill; or throw it out because it has lost its burn; or for the more prudent ones, down it all in one gulp so as not to waste money spent on a good beverage. Like eating, drinking is an art that should be savored. You know—swirl around all parts of your mouth to taste all its richness with all parts of your tongue.

A good cup warmer is definitely not too difficult to find if you know what to look out for. To an untrained eye, though, it’s magic.

This buying guide hopes to give you the inside scoop on cup warmers—what’s in and what’s out. We will tell you what the manufacturers will not tell you and ultimately protect you from the ravenous wolves in the guise of exploitative marketers. So, grab some OJ and continue down this page. You’ll probably be too annoyed with your hot cocoa when you get carried away with this buying guide and forget to drink it while it’s hot.
A basic, good cup warmer is not at all expensive (except you want it to be). Really, if it goes any lower than $7, then even you should be suspicious. But if you’re still looking for a tangible reason not to get a cheap cup warmer, you might want to recall that this is an electric, heating device. Pick your side carefully. A cheap device can be made of anything, can contain defective wires, and can light up your house like a Christmas tree without any of the cheer. A good warmer, though, will deliver excellence and still won’t exceed about $30. And that is if luxury is how you’d rather go.
You need a good cup warmer, no doubt; but before you rush out to buy the first one off the catalog, you might want to know some of the features to look out for. We’ve under-listed them here and gone ahead to explain them in detail in the two sections following.
  • Size
  • Wattage
  • Diameter of heat pad
  • Cord length
  • Extra functional features
  • Other purposes served
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
There are a few things to consider when it comes to the construction and design of your cup warmer and they can be summarized in four main categories.

Shape - Typically, mug warmers are circular-shaped, closely resembling drink coasters. You know, those things you put on the table to protect your tabletops from those nasty water rings. Expectedly, they’re thicker than drink coasters, considering the kind of work they’re cut out for. They also have a wider circumference.

Size - Although designed with mugs and coffee cups in mind, nothing says you can’t use your soup bowls on them too. What you need to consider are the diameters of the heat pad and your vessel. Normally, the smallest mug warmer should have a diameter of at least 3 to 3.5 inches. So, generally, almost any warmer will be good for your mug.

Now, for the huge fans of all things beverage, so much so that their cups look like something that’ll serve as an apt Super Bowl memento (in few words, their mugs are large): You will, of course, need a wider warmer. There are actually quite a few devices that give a leeway of up to 5 inches butt groove for your cup or bowl (but people, it’s just tea. Why that large?).

Design - Most mug warmers come in plain, boring designs for the tight-laced guys, but there are many creatively designed warmers for those of us who love to live life vivaciously. Depending on your preference, you can pick any mug warmer that best defines your personality, and you can even save more and get some that come in sets of two or three.

Material - Cup warmers are little more than plastic with metal heating coils in them. Agreed, they are usually made with high-quality plastic (the good ones, that is) but the point is this: these devices are not heavy-duty. They are made to heat up your simple pleasures of life (beverage, soups) not your heavy 3-course meals. Those should go to the microwave. Do not overload your device with heavy items, in order to sustain longevity of life.
Performance and Ease of Use
First of all, people, bring down your expectations. Cup warmers work excellently if you’ll just acknowledge and understand that they are not made to bring your drinks to a boil. They “warm” or “maintain the temperature of” your drinks. A few customers have complained that their devices failed to deliver, in that they didn’t make their coffee scalding hot. But if everyone would just simply pause and understand the workings of a cup warmer and how it differs from a hot plate or kettle, we would all be heavily impressed with this device.


That said. An important feature of a cup warmer that possesses the power to make you hate or love your device is the wattage or power rating. Do not purchase if you don’t know the device’s wattage. Manufacturers might not state on the site or on the retail site, but customers will definitely talk if you ask. So find out. And this is why:

The wattage determines how much heat your device will supply. This ultimately means that a lover of volcanic eruptions in a cup, aka scalding hot beverage, cannot be going for a warmer with a wattage of 17. He’ll hate it. He should be looking at something towards 30+ watts. The young lady who prefers just above lukewarm coffee doesn’t need to bother with a 30-watt warmer. What will she do with the remaining 13 watts of power? Not like she can sell it, instead it even demands that she pay for it. So, wattage, as you have seen, is probably the first thing you want to know about a mug warmer.

Cord Length

There are varying cord lengths for various warmers from various brands. Why is the cord length important?

So, you’re sitting at your desk working, and of course coffee is needed considering that you didn’t sleep a wink last night. But “I was once hot” coffee is just ugh! So, you place it on your cup warmer. Genius. However, your wonderful mug warmer is just about 1 foot in length. So, it isn’t long enough to extend from your power strip outlet to your worktable. So, you now have to get up to get your coffee every time you warm it on your device. You get the picture, don’t you?

Why not just up and get yourself a fresh cuppa already? What’s the point standing to get warmed coffee, when you can equally stand up and get yourself a fresh cup? No sense in that at all. And that’s why your cord needs to be long enough. Think 45 inches and beyond. A little below might be fine depending on your space, but bear in mind that the device might not fit into another space should you move.

On/Off Switch

Other extra functional details you might also want to consider are an on/off switch and an on-light indicator. They might appear so ignoble, but you will be amazed at how much convenience those things will buy you. Imagine you always had to travel to the main switch to power your device on or off. Terrible, yea? So, get one with an on/off switch, preferably on the unit itself. If you get one that’s down the cord, it might be a less terrible idea than having none at all, but you will still experience some level of inconvenience which isn’t what we are shooting for with this device.

The on-light indicator is another tiny but highly effective detail that you want on your warmer. This thing can save the lives of families. With a light indicator, you can be aware of when the device is on, even when you think you switched it off. You know how these things happen. You want to switch off the device and at that selfsame moment, your toddler decides it’s the perfect time of the year to give the loudest wail. So, before you go off wondering: “did I?” “did I not?” or even forget about the whole thing completely, there’s a subtle reminder in the form of a blood-red bulb on your device reminding you—just because everyone needs a little help once in a while.

Multiple Uses

Most cup warmers will double as candle warmers too. So, you can possibly use your cup warmer to melt your scented candles. If you’re going to use your mug warmer to melt your candles, then we bet you aleady know to put your candles in a metal or glass plate first, knowing that the wax will melt onto your warmer’s surface otherwise.

Get the Best Cup Warmer of 2022!

Thanks for all the time you took to read this review. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Please, go ahead and make that purchase!

Our Top Choice
Mr. Coffee Beverage/Mug Warmer
Best Value
Disney Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer
Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer
Evelots Electric Cup & Beverage Warmer
Darice Cup and Candle Warmer