Best Cupcake Stand Reviews 2022

Are you planning a party and wish to entertain your guests with your home baked (or store-bought) cupcakes, but not sure how you can display them? Cupcake stands come in all sorts of sizes, finishes and with a different number of tiers, making picking one no mean feat. We’ve researched five of the best cupcake stand brands on the market, showcasing one from each, to help you pick one.
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Our Top Choice
Hayley Cherie Square Cupcake Stand
Hayley Cherie is a leading manufacturer of wedding and home wares such as cupcake stands, spice jars and shot glasses, among others.
Sturdy, versatile and of premium quality. Stylish, easy to assemble, durable and compact for easy storage. 4-tiers for a large display. Made with clear acrylic.
Must be kept away from sources of heat.
Clear square cupcake stand
4 tiers
1.8 x 13.5 x 14 inches; 3 pounds
40 cupcakes
Best Value
Wilton Stacked Dessert & Cupcake Stand
Founded in 1929, Wilton is focused on inspiring creativity every day, in everyone wherever they are, across the globe.
Affordable, sturdy & easy-to-assemble. Compact & lightweight. Accommodates 36 cupcakes. Made from durable plastic. Nesting design makes for compact storage.
May shed off some of the white coating in the dishwasher.
White circular cupcake stand
4 tiers
12 x 12 x 16.25 inches; 2 pounds
36 cupcakes
Jusalpha 3-Tier Porcelain Cupcake Stand
Jusalpha manufactures functional and decorative premium cupcake stands, display stands, teapots, tea cup sets and tiered serving stands.
Stylish & attractive. Decorative & premium quality. Lightweight & versatile. Uniquely designed. 3-Tiers. Elegant pastel colors. 2 color handles to choose from; gold or silver.
Smaller capacity than other cupcake stands
Multi-colored round cupcake stand
3 tiers
3 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches; 3 pounds
Premium porcelain
10 cupcakes
Juvale Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand
Juvale incorporates unique and innovative designs in its range of products to improve lives by simplifying everyday tasks.
Sturdy & lightweight. Convenient with a retro Ferris wheel look. Affordable & durable. A simple yet attractive design.
Holders don’t fit standard cupcakes; only fits 8 cakes
Silver Ferris wheel cupcake stand
Ferris wheel design
4 x 13 x 17.5 inches; 1.5 pounds
8 cupcakes
The Smart Baker PRO Round Cupcake Stand
Founded in 2009, The Smart Baker manufactures aprons and towels, cupcake towers, cake pop stands and other bakeware.
Adjustable, versatile & reusable. Has a large capacity of 70-90 cupcakes. Compact for easy storage. White finish to blend into any décor.
Priced on the higher side than most stands.
White round cupcake stand
3 or 5 tier options
4 x 20 x 22 inches; 9.3 pounds
PVG plastic
70-90 cupcakes

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What is the Best Cupcake Stand?

Choose a cupcake stand with the right tiers and capacity to meet your unique needs to display cupcakes or any other treat. Make sure it has the look you want in your party or bakery display without interfering with your decorations. Read on to find out if one of our recommended cupcake stands is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Hayley Cherie Square Cupcake Stand is made from clear acrylic with four square panels to create four tiers of cupcakes on display. It can be used in weddings, graduations, holidays, baby showers and dinner parties, among others. Looking for a similar cupcake stand, but in a circular design? Opt for the Hayley Cherie 4-Tier Circular Cupcake Stand that’s premium, versatile and stylish for displaying your food.

Hayley Cherie 4-Tier Square Cupcake Stand with Base Rods & Tote Bag - Available in 2 Sizes

Hayley Cherie is focused on designing products that can help decorate kitchens and parties with food in stylish ways. It mainly uses clear acrylic and glass to make its products that range from mason shooters with handles to four-ounce spice jars. Whether you want a functional and decorative product or simply want a product that delivers on function, the company has you covered. The quality and value offered by Hayley Cherie products is like no other.

The Hayley Cherie Square Cupcake Stand is a perfect platform for you to display your food and impress your visitors in style. Whether you want to display desserts, appetizers, cupcakes, finger foods or any other small foods, this cupcake stand is what you need. It’s made from clear acrylic to ensure all your foods on display are visible from all sides.

The stylish and professional look of this cupcake stand makes it ideal for various parties and events such as weddings, baby showers, holiday parties, graduations, etc. The material it’s made from also makes it perfect for any interior décor or party theme. Although it comes complete as a four-tier stand, you can also use it as a two- or three- tier cupcake stand by removing other panels.

Every panel or tier is about 4mm thick for stability and strength whereas the smooth edges have undergone hand polishing for a perfect finishing touch. With the four base rods, your stand won’t just be stable, but also raised off the ground or display surface for an elevated look. Solid acrylic has been used on the base and center rods for added durability and strength.

Simply screw the parts together to set up this cupcake stand or disassemble it flat for easy compact storage and transportation. Recommended for hand wash only, you can use a soft wet cloth to easily wipe dirt off the surface of the cupcake rods and panels. When not using this stand at parties, use it in the kitchen to display lightweight items for an appealing look. The tote bag packed with the stand supports easy storage and carriage.

Here are a few other Hayley Cherie cupcake stands you might like:
  • Hayley Cherie 6-Tier Cupcake Stand - acrylic, versatile, circular
  • Hayley Cherie 5-Tier Cupcake Stand – round, acrylic, versatile
Best Value
The Wilton Stacked Dessert & Cupcake Stand is what every home baker and cake decorator needs to display cookies, cupcakes, fruits, mini-sandwiches and treats among others. Are you planning a party for your son who’s a fan of spider man? Opt for the Wilton Spider Hero Dream Party Cupcake Stand with a capacity of 24 cupcakes and in a multi-colored design.

Wilton Stacked 4-Tier Dessert & Cupcake Stand with Angled Tiers & Compact Design

Wilton designs and manufactures the tools bakers and decorators need to easily make beautiful and sweet treats and desserts in fun ways. The company has a large base of customers spread across the globe. Passionate about what it does best, the company doesn’t just inspire the love for baking and decorating in every consumer, but is a global leader in making candies, cake decoration supplies and bakeware and products used in parties.

The Wilton Stacked Dessert & Cupcake Stand is built with four angled tiers to display all your cakes, including decorations, for an appealing look. The design also means you can easily remove or add cupcakes without tampering with the decorations. Don’t worry about your cupcakes falling as the edges are lipped to prevent slippage.

With a capacity of 28 to 36 cupcakes, you have enough space to display your treats. If you’ve got less to display, simply detach some tiers. Easily and quickly assemble the stand for use or disassemble the four panels into a flat nest for compact storage or easy transportation. Embellish your sturdy white plastic cupcake stand with colorful and beautiful treats for a birthday party, wedding treat table or any other event of your liking.

Whether you bake cakes and treats from your own oven or hire the services of a baker, you won’t go wrong with this versatile stand for any occasion. Just be creative to entertain your guests not just to delicious treats, but also let them admire your appetizers even before they can taste them. Just as Wilton inspires creativity in you, inspire good appetite in your guests.

Here are a few Wilton cupcake stands to consider:
  • Wilton Black Border Cupcake Stand - 3-tier, black
  • Wilton Charmed Metal Dessert & Cupcake Stand - 4-tier, metal
  • Wilton Baby Feet Cupcake Stand - 3-tier, unique design
The Jusalpha Porcelain Cupcake Stand stands 14.5 inches tall and features three stylish and appealing, but differently sized platters for displaying your desserts. Do you prefer a 4-tier cupcake stand with a larger capacity and made from acrylic? Opt for the Jusalpha 4 Tier Round Cupcake Stand that’s available in four sizes and has a capacity of about 32 cupcakes.

Jusalpha 3-Tier Porcelain Cupcake Stand for Tea Parties – Available in 2 Colors

Jusalpha cares about how you display your desserts at parties to your guests. It manufactures stylish and functional display stands and teapot sets you can also use for decorative reasons. The company uses premium materials such as acrylic and porcelain to design exceptional products that you can use for many years. With Jusalpha products, you can serve your guests in style.

Are you planning a Christmas, baby shower, thanksgiving, wedding, graduation or a tea party? The Jusalpha Porcelain Cupcake Stand features three stylish platters you can use to display your desserts. The largest platter measures ten inches in diameter and comes in a pink color. The medium green platter measures eight inches in diameter whereas the smallest white platter has a diameter of six inches.

With the embossments on the porcelain platters, the cupcake stand even looks more attractive with a personal touch. This stand is also available in a silver finish for a modern accent. If you’re a DIY interior decoration enthusiast, this stand would enhance your interior space, accentuating it with a classic and elegant look. The porcelain used to make this cupcake stand is of premium quality for a durable display stand.

Here are some other Jusalpha cupcake stands to consider:
  • Jusalpha 3-Tier Square Porcelain Cupcake Stand - square platters, white
  • Jusalpha 5-Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake Stand - acrylic, differently-size platters
  • Jusalpha 3-Tier Round Acrylic Cupcake Stand - round, white, gold version
The Juvale Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand is constructed in a round metal frame with carrier holders to display your cupcakes in a fair or circus themed party. If you prefer a beautiful carousel cupcake stand with a capacity of ten cupcakes, opt for the Juvale Carousel Cupcake Rack Holder. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and comes in a white finish.

Juvale Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand/Carrier Rack for Birthdays and Weddings

With innovative, unique and cutting-edge designs, Juvale isn’t just able to offer cost-effective products, but also eases the lives of its consumers with a comfortable touch. It also offers convenience and peace of mind by ensuring each customer gets value and quality for each penny spent on any product. In addition to smart everyday solutions aimed at transforming interior spaces with functionality and beauty, the company caters to the unique needs of each customer.

The Juvale Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand is constructed with eight carrier holders to display your cupcakes as the wheel rotates, meaning your guests can easily access their favorite treats. Whether you’re planning a fair or circus themed wedding, birthday or holiday party or a small gathering or any kind of celebration, this display rack is your best bet.

The wheel has a stylish retro look that won’t just display your cakes in style, but can also enhance your interior décor. Measuring only 4 x 12.5 x 17.5 inches and weighing 1.5 pounds, you can easily transport this cupcake stand to your desired destination. When not using it to display your cupcakes, you can display it in your kitchen or living for a traditional yet charming look. The compact design means it won’t take up so much storage or display space.

Here are a few Juvale cupcake stands you might like:
  • Juvale Circular Steel Cupcake Stand - 12 inches in height, metal rack design
  • Juvale Mini Pedestal Cupcake Stand - 5 inches, capacity of one
  • Juvale 2-Pack Cardboard Cupcake Stand - 3 tiers
The Smart Baker PRO Round Cupcake Stand features interlocking pieces in five tiers to accommodate seventy to ninety cupcakes. Opt for The Smart Baker 3-Tier Flower Cupcake Stand if you want a more cost-effective display unit with less capacity. It’s more stylish and has a capacity of 38 to 46 cupcakes.

The Smart Baker PRO Round Cupcake Stand for Desserts & Treats – Available in 3 Styles

Founded by a young couple passionate about baking, The Smart Baker manufactures bakeware and related accessories for smarter, easier and more efficient use. With an apron as their first product when the company was established, the company has grown to boast a large product portfolio, including measurement conversion towels. It uses high quality materials to design premium products that last.

Whether you run a bakery or you’re planning a special event such as a wedding, The Smart Baker PRO Round Cupcake Stand gives you the versatility you need to use it anywhere. Configure it to a desired level to suit your intended area of application by easily adjusting its base. What’s more, you can detach other tiers to use it as a two, three or four tier cupcake stand.

With variable capacity ranging from seventy to ninety cupcakes, you can also rent out this cupcake stand to earn you some extra income when you’re not using it. You can disassemble the cupcake stand flat for easy storage and increased portability. Designed for reusability, simply use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the surfaces of the stand after use.

Display your delicious cupcakes, treats and other desserts in style using the stand when hosting birthday, wedding and holiday parties or other special events. Although the stand is larger and heavier than most cupcake stands, measuring 4 x 20 x 22 inches and weighing 9.3 pounds, it does come with a canvas tote bag to make it easier to transport. The all-occasion and multi-purpose cupcake stand can also display cookies, brownies and other treats.

How Do I Choose the Best Cupcake Stand?

Are you a professional baker or do you just love to bake at home for fun? If either of these apply to you, then you know how much people love eating cupcakes, especially those you bake. They are easily portable, can be made in different sizes, can have different decorations and can be made into many adorable designs. Displaying your cupcakes requires that you have a great cupcake stand for an appealing look.

A cupcake stand enables you to showcase your work whether at home or in a shop. Cupcake stands make it easy for you to serve your cake. Simply place the cakes on the stand and position in a central place for guests to choose their favorite cupcake or treat.

With cupcake stands, you are able to quickly serve many people at a time. No need to cut and serve individual servings from a large cake because cupcake stands take away the fuss. These stands are also very useful in a cake shop because they display your treats to customers. They can also help to boost your business because people tend to buy food products that are well displayed and easily accessible.

Cupcake stands can hold many cupcakes at once and occupy little space due to their tiered and compact designs. They are attractively made to enhance the appeal of your business or the décor in your house whenever you have them on display. They are also favorable for use in events like weddings, get together and graduation parties. The stands can also be used to display other kinds of treats like candy and appetizers depending on the occasion.

Moreover, you can use your stylish cupcake stand to accentuate your interior space when not in use. Consider a stand that matches your other bakeware such as casserole bakeware, baker’s rack and electronic appliances such as stand mixers. This is a review of various types of cupcake stands to help you find the best one for you.
Cupcake stands are generally not pricey. The price can change depending on the material used in the construction of the stand. The price also depends on the size and the finish that has been given to the stand. Cheap cupcake stands should be avoided as they don’t offer the kind of quality you desire. Such cupcake stands might be weak, wobbly, or incapable of serving the quantity of cupcakes you have to serve.

Look out for stands that give you quality and the capacity you require. You’ll find cheap cardboard cupcake stands that can hold only a few cupcakes at a time, professional cupcake stands that have large capacities and everything in between. Buy only what you need. You’ll find these stands in the price range of $5 to $100.
Cupcakes are meant to be attractive and delicious. The cupcake stands used to display them should not be anything less. Besides that, the stand should be able to hold as many cupcakes as you want it to. This is especially true when you need it for a big party or for your baking business. Generally, the materials used to make a cupcake stand, its capacity, tiers and general aesthetic are worth considering when shopping for a cupcake stand.

Here are some of the features to look out for in a cupcake stand:
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Whether the paint or finish used is food safe
  • Material used in construction such as plastic, metal, cardboard, etc.
  • Attention to detail for a beautiful and embellished stand
  • Color or pattern on the cupcake stand
  • Versatile stand for use in parties, celebrations, bakeries, etc.
  • Design that suits you whether a classic or unique one
  • Beads for decoration if needed
With a versatile cupcake stand, you can display your cupcakes in your child’s birthday party, wedding of a friend or even during a holiday party.
Construction and Design
Design – A cupcake stand needs to be attractive and adorable to draw attention to your cakes. For this reason, you need a cupcake stand that’s made in a lovely shape and with a quality finish. The design should allow you easy assembly and disassembly. This makes it easy to store the cupcake stand and transport it for events that are away from home.

A good cupcake stand should also have a design that allows you to use it for other purposes. Most cupcake holders can be used to hold other treats so you get more functionality from them. If you need to cover your cupcakes, you might consider a design that comes with a lid or that would be easy for you to cover.

How about the finishing of the stand? The stands come in many different finishes, colors and patterns. The choice here depends, largely, on the theme you have for your event. For instance, if you have a pink color theme, the cupcake stand should not clash and look out of place. It should blend with the theme of the party.

If you have a party for kids, you can get a cupcake holder that has a child-like theme and that is patterned and colorful. For instance, you can choose a Winnie-The-Pooh theme kind of stand. If you need a stand that you can use for many events then one that is a neutral color or transparent would be ideal.

Tier – Do you want your cupcakes to stand tall? Or do you need them to be within reach for children? Cupcake stands come in tiers; the number of tiers usually ranges from three to six. The design of the stand should allow you to disassemble and reassemble the tiers as you need. A tiered stand allows you to assemble it to the required number of tiers for your occasion.

Size – Be sure to check on the dimensions of the stand to ensure that it can fit where you would want to have it placed. Also ensure that the weight of the stand can be accommodated by the table on which the stand will be placed.

Material – Cupcake stands are made of different materials to cater to different needs. For instance, if you need a stand that you can use and dispose of, one made of cardboard would be suitable. The most common materials used in construction of the stands include cardboard, Acrylic, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel and wood. Ensure that the material used is food-safe.

Capacity – If you have many treats to serve or display, you will need a stand that can hold multiple treats at once. Cupcake stands come in different capacities depending mostly on the size of the stand. The bigger the stand, the more treats it can typically hold. The material also determines how much weight the stand can hold. One made of cardboard can hold less weight than one made of acrylic, for instance.
Performance and Ease of Use
Cupcake stands come in easy-to- assemble designs that make setup a breeze. The ability to disassemble them also makes storage and transport simple. The materials and the finish also make it easy to keep the stands clean. All you need to do to use the stand is assemble, place your treats, and clean after use.

The materials used should be safe so that there isn’t any kind of contamination on your cupcakes. The stands can safely be placed on a table and may include a lid to protect the cupcakes from external contaminants, such as at an outdoor event. Whichever cupcake stand you buy, make sure it’s both decorative and can hold your desired number of cupcakes.

Get the Best Cupcake Stand of 2022!

Whether you’re a baking enthusiast and love baking for your family, planning an event or party or want a more professional stand for your baking business, there’s a cupcake stand out there for you. We hope that you found an ideal cupcake stand to display your desserts, treats or just cupcakes. If you want something different, check out our best baker’s rack review.

Our Top Choice
Hayley Cherie Square Cupcake Stand
Best Value
Wilton Stacked Dessert & Cupcake Stand
Jusalpha 3-Tier Porcelain Cupcake Stand
Juvale Ferris Wheel Cupcake Stand
The Smart Baker PRO Round Cupcake Stand